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Mutations by FIRE in the 21st Century.

Fire in the sky vs Other fires

Timing of FIRE in the SKYevents.

Sky-Fire causes mutation in the hinterland.

The Seeds of Fire

Comets bring evolutionary force.

A new super-ape evolves.

The Lunatic at the genocidal wheel

Asteroids impact on modern life.

Asteroids bring many disasters for earthmen.

Nostradamus' Fire in the Sky + Comets etc.
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My aims for this Paper.

In this page I will be presenting the quatrains that yield the strongest evidence of what Nostradamus meant by Fire in the Sky and show what he states are the result for this century.

Nostradamus' well known interest in comets and other sky objects is strongly evident in his quatrains and his wording implies they fall for a long period at the end of this century and in so doing deliver all the components needed to foster rapid evolution of a new super-ape species on earth.

Fire is a frequent sub -theme of Nostradamus great mutations and it can be expected that the impact of fire from the sky is far more than a mere signal of an ill omen. It also can be anticipated that the effects Nostradamus reveals are far-reaching mutations.

The major Fire events that Nostradamus describes take place in the current century at about the same time as the great Floods and his verses on these events show they combine to hasten war and evolutionary change.

I also want to show how his stories include man's reaction to both a new species and the problems it brings to mankind. In so doing I will illustrate where Nostradamus says these events will occur and how various countries react or exploit the situation.

My book titled Nostradamus Unlocked provides material showing how this theme interconnects with Nostradamus other story lines.

Great mutations caused by FIRE in the 21st Century.

In many of my other pages on this site I have developed a character picture of Nostradamus, the author of  'Les Propheties'. In the course of this development I have shown how his own words make it clear that his interest is markedly different from popular perception. He is not United-States centric and his interest focuses mainly on France and Europe.

His prophecies donít fit every minor disaster that will befall mankind, instead they focus on the unprecedented changes that will make life for humans different to that which has ever gone before.  

Nostradamusí purpose is not to forewarn since it is impossible for him to do so; it is instead a scientific demonstration of a power to see the future. The great mutations of interest to Nostradamus go beyond Napoleon, Hitler, J.F. Kennedy and their epochs since these have truly minor impacts on the long-term future of man. 

In every age people rate prominent figures and events as being relevant to all future men and so inevitably Nostradamus mentions some of them to maintain interest by each generation in his work. However his primary documentation is about the great mutations of which Nostradamus rated unprecedented floods as having the biggest effect on our future. I have also shown that Nostradamus sees a great war based in religious failings. This war will be triggered by the interaction of fast changing technology held back by the glacial pace of evolution in manís societal structures.

Of these structures the ones most out of tune with science are those of religion and it is religious belief that is destined by its inbuilt dysfunction to change in the most cataclysmic way. In this paper I will be presenting Nostradamusí work on mutations caused by fire and illustrating further how the above events interact to our detriment.

No ordinary act of fire is of itself worthy of being called a great mutation since there is no part of history that is free of changes wrought by fire. Even infamous names like Nero, Napoleon, Tamerlane and Hitler whose reigns were marked by infernos didnít change the basic character of man. Pompei, Rome and London have all been razed by fire as have many of the most prominent cities of  the world.

So when Nostradamus nominates fire as a theme we have to see beyond the act of its burning to its impact on something that changes the nature of man. In this coming series I want to show the verses that highlight fire as one of Nostradamusí great themes establish that there are two particular types of fire that are his interest; those involving cosmic, heavenly climatic fires and the debris from atomic fires.  I will also show my reasons for believing these fires are ones that affect the primary mechanisms of manís evolution and that the impact of these fires is once again outside the influence of mankind.  

Fire in Sky vs Other Fires.

Nostradamusí verses can be seen to have two distinguishing aspects based on their placement; one of these is located in the sky while the other is at the heart of human made devices. These two distinct themes are easily seen in the following two verses.  

C5 Q98:

At the forty-eighth climateric degree,
At the end of Cancer very great dryness:
Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic,
Bťarn, Bigorre in distress through
fire from the sky.
A quarante huict degre climaterique
A fin de Cancer si grande seicheresse
Poisson en mer fleuue lac cuit hectique
Bigorre par feu ciel en destresse.

C6 Q65:

The park inclined great calamity
To be made by Hesperia and Insub ria:
fire in the ship, plague and captivity,
Mercury in the Arc, Saturn fenera.
Le parc enclin grande calamite
Par l'Hesperie et Insub re fera
Le feu en nef peste et captiuite
Mercure en l'Arc saturne fenera

The main focus of this page will be on  the fire in the sky.  

The timing of  FIRE in the SKY events.

In other pages I show that Nostradamusí own words and his verses set the timing for the great mutations as being the one hundred year period from 2000CE to 2100CE. In the year 2100CE the current Polestar reaches its closest point to the North Pole and from then on the great precession of 25,500 years will carry it away until another star replaces it as the Polestar. The second line of one of Centuries II Quatrain 46, involving fire from the sky, clearly ties in to this event.  

C2 Q46: As the Polestar turns and fire falls genetic experiments go awry.

After great trouble for humanity a greater one is near
The Great Motor renews the ages:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.

Apres grat troche humain plus grad s'appreste
Le grand moteur les siecles renouuelle
Pluye sang laict, famine, fer et peste
Au ciel veu feu courant longue estincelle.

The fire in the sky is clearly part of this century and is to be part of our current and near-future tribulations. This verse is the epitome of Nostradamus interest in the three great mutations and is far more significant than the events covered in many of Nostradamus' quatrains.

Nostradamus mention of meteorites & asteroids.

Fire is a frequent sub -theme of the great mutations and it can be expected that the impact of fire from the sky is far more than a mere signal of an ill omen. It also can be anticipated that the effects Nostradamus reveals are far-reaching mutations. In order to gain insight into the scope of this sub -theme it is desirable that some of the various fire-in-the-sky verses be gathered together so that patterns can be discerned.

I set out to achieve this in the verses below by firstly presenting them without much comment while highlighting those parts that establish their contribution to this fiery group.

However there are ciphers in many of these verses that, merely by the uniqueness and relevance of their presence, tell us what Nostradamus  foresaw.

C1 Q46

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous

A short time afterwards the earth will tremble.

Tout au pres d'aux de Lestore et Mirande

Grand feu du ciel entrois nuicts tumbera
Cause aduiendra bien stupende et mirande
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.

Hidden in the first line of this verse we have one of the two occurrences of an anagram for Meteorites (store et Mir), a truly apt bit of additional information. But in the line is also found deluxe Meteorites rained out spread (ux de Le- store etMir - irande - Tou -pres d'areMotest ordinaTe (store et M - irande To) Meteors rained pastured out (ore et M - irande - Tou - tau pres d).

Both the visible and the hidden words are talking of the extent of an object that falls from the sky. So the first of these verses sets the time and the second tells us the origin and extent. The next verse expands on the above.  

C2 Q43:

During the appearance of the bearded star.
The three great princes will be made enemies:
struck from the sky, peace earth quaking,

Po, Tiber overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore.

Durant l'estoille cheuelue apparente
Les trois grans princes seront faits ennemis.
Frappes du ciel paix terre tremulente
Timbre vn dans serpent sus le bort mis.

Once again the hidden message in the first line ties the verse to the 2100CE Polestar theme since Constellatile wheel appear turneD (w=uu) (ant l'estoille c - heuelu - e appar- e - nte Dur) is found in line one and this fits easily with the turning point of the North Pole. The fourth lineís hidden content reinforces that the fire-in-the-sky sequence relates to our time since in conjunction with the above reference it implies this verse imParts nvmber and presents troubles (rt mis Pa - mbre vn - dan -s serpent - us le bort).  

There is good reason to believe the bearded star is the asteroid named Apophis. The Egyptian god Apophis also known as Apep, Aapeand Apapis was considered to be a serpent-like sky god and Nostradamus alludes to a serpent in line four. The terminology of struck from the sky evokes both a  snake-like action and catastrophic debris from outer space thereby reinforcing the idea that Apophis is the bearded star. The anagram for Aapeoccurs in line 1 and forms a sequence which says Asteroid-tunnel Aapeenter wheel cell.

Apophis is one of the most problematic near-earth-asteroids in relation to striking the Earth with early (now discounted) predictions by 21st C scientists that it could strike in 2029 or 2036. Predictions after these dates will be affected by the unknown distortions that will  occur during these near misses. In addition the ciphers formed by ' ciel frappe' (struck from the sky seem particularly important to Nostradamus. See my paper on Apophis for more)

These verses fit well into the template that I have already established from Nostradamus' work whereby during this century, three religious leaders (princes/kings) will fall out causing a great war just before the onset of the greatest flood of all times.

The above verses also link together providing a framework for the order of the events which include fire in the sky, destruction of pastoral lands, earthquakes, pestilence and flood. And this can be shown to not be an Armageddon event accompanied by the return of Godís emissaries but purely a sequence of natural disasters.

The world has always experienced natural disasters but in Nostradamus' Prophecies some of these are clustered together thereby becoming more prominent. It would appear that such a time lies ahead of us and we can only be prepared for it since we cannot prevent its occurrence.  

There is an order of these oncoming events suggested in the above verse. This indicates that the bearded star is likely in the period from 2054 to 2065 which is the time at which my work shows the man-made major disasters begin. It is this cosmic influence impacting on already established trends that will make these mutations more powerful than anything seen in many thousand years.

We also can see that at the time that peace is shattered, earthquakes will strike to be followed by the overflowing of great rivers. The three verses given above establish the consistency of this sub -theme which I have already set out and they imply that a cosmic event in this century is very relevant to all of the great mutations and explain why these events are immutable.

Mutation in the hinterlands from meteorites and radiation.

Although there are many verses which mention fire I am only going to present a few that give the dimensions of what this theme embraces. Once this is done it will become easier for those interested in Nostradamusí verses to place each into the timetable that both Nostradamus and I set out.

In the previous section pasture was revealed as a hidden word.  There are similar concepts running through the hidden part of the following verse.

C6 Q97

At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leaup,
When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.

Cinq et quarante degres ciel bruslera,
Feu approcher de la grand cite neufue
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
Quant on voudra des Normans faire preuue.

in the second line a crolarge herd few uninfected (proc - her d - e la gr - a - nd cite neuf - uFeu) is to be found in  two sequences of adjacent anagrams which talks of a fire approaching the great new city. And the third line conceals farmland seem  (rand flam - me es -- sparse) apes treasures Saint grant (espa - rse sauter- a: Inst - nt gra) under wording that date it as the instant that a great flame leaps up. In the same line there are also anagrams for uranites (utera Ins) and nItrates (tera Inst) while in the first line there is uranate (uarante) as well as guaranteed (uarante deg).

These represent the atomic setting; an abundance of radioactive material that will be increasingly seen as I progress with my presentation.  What we see is that the great mutation begins in the countryside with those most affected being  animals and crops constantly exposed to the effects of the fire from the sky.

I will show in the next few sections that this fire is a combination of meteor showers and high dosage nuclear radiation released by man in the 2060ís which produces a new genetic allele out of the material found in the meteorites. Resulting from these two factors is the mutation of all living things that live outdoors, including the crops and animals that make uthe human food chain. In the process the food chain will be affected and new diseases and new animal species will be created. Mankind will be supplanted by this newly emergent evolutionary hierarchy.  These things can be clearly identified through the choice of a few more verses.

C4 Q82:

A throng approaches coming from Slavonia,
The Olestant will ruin the old city:
He will see his Romania quite desolated,
Then he will not know how to put out
the great flame.

Amas s'approche venant d'Esclauonie,
L'Olestant vieux cite ruynera
Fort desolee verra sa Romanie
Puis la grand flamme estaindre ne scuara.

The place where the major part of the action in these two verses takes place is most probably Novi Sad in Serbia. In Romanian it was called Novi Sad or the New Plantation when it was founded in the 17th Century and is situated at 45 degrees 15 minutes N. It is one of the few cities in the World that is located at this latitude and is the most likely candidate for the inferno described in C06 Q97.

The first line of the current verse has an anagram that immediately confirms its relevance since díEsclauoni yields the word Deucalionís which is an ancient world-flood term. But it is other anagrams that reveal how close my emerging pattern fits to this verse. In the last line there is farm-land (randflam) a term for which there is only one other anagram in all the verses. In the third line the uniquely occurring word deformation (omanie Fort d) appears and there are also the anagrams for deforest (e Fort des) and famine (manie F)

Through these words the third line tells us clearly that the effects of mutation lead to deforestation, destruction of fertile lands and mass starvation. It is no wonder that Romania is quite desolated as stated in the verse. And in the first line there is one of the three anagrams for Nucleotidase (tdesclauonie) and this is a causative agent for all the damage since it is nucleotidase that has an important function in digestion by breaking down consumed nucleic acids. There are also anagrams for amines and amino in the verse which relate to essential biological chemicals found in all living things.

From these two verses we begin to see the way that the fires produce an impact that can cause a great mutation of mankind.  

The Seeds of Fire.

In the preceding section I revealed an anagram for a vital biological enzyme that is called nucleotidase. There are only two other verses where it occurs and one where the fire-in-the-sky theme is immediately apparent is shown below.

C2 Q96

Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night,
Near the end and beginning of the Rhone.
Famine, steel: the relief provided late,
Persia turns to invade Macedoni

Flambeau ardent au ciel soir sera veu,
Pres de la fin et principe du Rosne.
Famine glaiue tard le secours pourueu,
La Perse tourne enuahir Macedoine.

The relevant anagram is in the first line where (dentaucielso irserav euFl)  forms an anagram sequence for nucleotidase Fuel arrives.

Much of what I deduce is drawn out from verses with several anagrammatic sequences whose meanings inter-cross with each other and that have text as well as themes containing the same reference points and anagrams. Undoub tedly this lack of definitiveness will be decried by some as a weakness however I would argue that my method involves the interwoven nature of the words not their definitive order.

What I am doing is like a word association game where you are asked to give the word you first think of when given a trigger. Given the word cat a valid response is milk or purr but not bone or bark. This is similar to the powerful methods used by internet search engines. The point about the words in the Prophecies that I explore is that I focus on ones that are quite rare.

Constantly I show all sites where the rarest ones are included  and the strong associations they have one to the other. And it goes beyond this since these words build a picture that enhances Nostradamusí text and provide links into a greater framework linking other words of rare-usage. This is particularly true in this and the next next verse in this section.

The line that is highlighted in the verse above contains anagrams that continue on to say nucleotidase Fuel arrives blame radio-nucleates rise (lambe au ardentaucielso irse). But the verse has much more to say since the third line contains a complex sequence saying power sources related Magian-fuel (pourue secours etardle uFamineglai).

The reference to Magian-fuel is pertinent since the Magians were Persians who followed Zoroaster and Persia is referred to in the visible text. In the ancient tales there occurred an incident where proof was demanded of Zoroaster that he was the messenger from God so he created a ball of fire that glowed without any fuel and did not burn anyone when held in the palm of the hand. Magian-fuel is surely then a reasonable allusion for radioactive luminescence which is known to be associated with many radio-nucleates.

So, not only does the word nucleotidase appear in the previous verse talking of fire in the sky, but this verse holds hidden messages stating that radioactive sources are at work. Although the word radio-nucleate is not found in many online dictionaries it is a term increasingly used in the medical and science fields to describe matter that has undergone exposure to radioactivity and become radioactive in the process.

By these links the visible and hidden words are bound into a powerful description of what the fire in the sky involves.

Comets bring evolutionary change.

The next verse presented below also establishes its credentials as part of this fire-in-the-sky theme via its visible text but then it is confirmed by a particularly apt anagram in the second line which forms the word Comets (setCom). There are only five other verses where an anagram for this word occurs.

C5 Q100: Comet induced evolution affects outdoor animals and a super-ape emerges.

The incendiary trapped in his own fire,
Of fire from the sky at Carcassonne and Cominge,
Foix, Aux, MazŤres, the high old man escaped,
Through those of hasse some saxons and Turinge.

Le boutefeu par son feu attrape,
De feu du ciel a Carcas et Cominge
Foix Aux Mazere haut vieillart eschappe
Par ceux de hasse des saxons et Turinge.

There is also an anagram for genomiC (Cominge) in the second line which brings us to the basic code of all living things. There are two strong sequences that arise within the second line and they say Comets arc feedng a ice dew (arc - set Com - inge De f - eudu) caudicle a traces genomiC feD (ducielaC- a - Cominge - rcas et C - Def -). A caudicle is a reference to pollen, one of the most likely components to be affected by fallout from the sky. However there are other confirmatory sequences in two other lines. The last line carries on the themes relation to rural animals by stating oxens ruTting oxens uxe caPer seed heads (xons e - t Turing - e Par c - eux - de has - se de). It also holds assessed ox nuTrients (sse des sa xo - ns et Turin) and eruPTing arc exude (Turinge - ar c - eux de). It is oddly accurate in that the plant called Caper has an ancient tradition of being an aphrodisiac.

Whether or not this small image has relevance here is beside the point for it is clear there is a reference to those activities most loved by all animals; eating and rutting hidden in crisscrossed anagrams and such ideas cannot be dismissed as flippant since it is mutations in these beloved activities that can place the survival of humans at greatest risk.

The first line carries an even more startling reference especially given that it appears that we are dealing with a mutation of the genome. Firstly it contains one of three occurrences of an anagram for fortunate (onfeuattr) and it is part of a sequence saying future-apes fortunate ape (utefeupars onfeuatter ape). And as peculiar as it seems it makes sense of the first line for 'the incendiary trapped in his own fire' could describe our fate, since our creation of a nuclear world enables a new ape's evolution, one that will supplant mankind as the dominant species of this planet.

Of the other two verses that contain an anagram of 'fortunate' one also focuses directly on the fire-in-the-sky theme and its messages fit to the same theme as stated above.

C5 Q32: Divergent fortunes at the end of the 21st C

Where all is good, the sun all beneficial and the Moon
Is abundant, its ruin approaches.
From the sky it advances to change your fortune.
In the same state as the seventh rock.

Ou tout bon est tout bien soliel et Lune
Est abondant sa ruine s'approche
Du ciel s'aduance vaner ta fortune
En mesme estat que la septiesme roche.

The second line of this verse again contains quite evocative anagrams such as abandon thEse uranites (he Est - abondan - t sa ruine), apes bond as these ruin a cro(ruin - e s'a- proc -he Est - a  -bond) and no bEasts stand (e. Est ba - on - dants) Nostradamus' text for this verse also implies that manís destiny is about to change.

Once again greater meaning can be given to the visible text since 'Where all is good, the sun all beneficial and the moon is abundant' accurately represents the wilderness and it is this region that has the greatest exposure to the fire from the sky. But the ruin of the habitat which then comes to these regions also generates the creature that will most affect manís future. 

Recent scientific research has shown that the best placed animal to survive the type of scenario of climatic disaster is the one with the longest uterus. This theme also seems to be part of Nostradamus' hidden message. There is a set of verses that infer the emergence of a super-ape based on its ability to survive the mutative change affecting the birth-survival rate of all species. Notably the anagram for the term super-ape which occurs in five verses is found in several of these verses about fire from the sky (e.g. C1 Q46 L.4 ). The term super-ape is also frequently linked to details of sperm creation and the uterus. 

A new super-ape species evolves.

Although it is not my intent to follow the full extent of the super-ape trail at this moment it is only proper that I show two lines of one verse that show that such ideas can be found  embedded in Nostradamus' Prophecies and their presence is totally consistent with my analyses.

C1 Q81-Line 1

Nine will be set apart from the human flock.
D'humain troupe au neuf seront mis a part

seront m -  is - a - part - Díhumain    = Monster is a part humaníid
pe a  - u neu - uf seront mis - a part   = New ape misfortunes apart
int roupe au -neufseron  = Anti-power unforseen
oupe au n -euf s  - erontmisap     = Weapon fuse spermation.

And the second line of this same verse offers a very apt commentary by Nostradamus' on his construction of the verses hidden content.

C1 Q81 L.2

Separated from judgment and advise.
De iugement et conseil separez.

t conseil sepa - re - z De iug- a     =  poeticalness re-guides 
nt et con - seil - sepa - rezDei    = content lines apes reziDe
nseil separez De  = Depersonalizes
et conseil - sepa - reZdei  = selection apes Dezire

And as is the case with all these themes the constructed story finds confirmation in other verses leading us to more data that enhances, clarifies and defines Nostradamus theme. In the fourth line of C2 Q40 there is a reference to fires linked to animals and in its anagrams we see many issues alluded to in the previous discussions.

C2 Q40: Superape from Africa brings tragic tumult to Europe and the USA.

Shortly afterwards, without a very long interval,
By sea and land a great uproar will be raised:
Naval battle will be very much greater,
Fires, animals, those who will cause greater insult.

Vn peu apres non point longue interualle,
Par mer et terre Sera faict grand tumulte:
Beaucouplus grande Sera pugne n'aualle,
Feux animaux qui plus Seront d'inSulte.

Each line plays its part in the construction of the thematic web via the anagrams it contains

  1. superape non long uterine point /uranite / europeans  pauper / person
    (peu apres - non -  point long  ue inter / inetrua / eu apres no / peu apr / pres no
  2. africa / Seafarer tragic / Seer afar tracing
    (ra faic/ re Sera fa -ictgra /, re Ser - ra fa - ict gran)
    span>Prague/ persuade/unpresaged/ redSea / panurge dangerS 
  3. (era pug /  de Sera pu / de Sera pugn / de Sera / grande S -  era pugn)
  4. unliSted/ repulSions  / Felt 
    (d'insulte / i plus Seron / lteF).

Now this is not truly part of the story of the fall of material from the sky but relates to its aftermath in the centuries beyond 2100 CE and stretching out to 3797 CE. It is the story of man's efforts to eliminate this new race as it spreads from its places of origin.

The lunatic at the genocidal wheel.

My analysis of the great mutations of interest to Nostradamus temporarily requires a new path.

For quite some time I have followed strong streams of interconnected ideas but by pursuing the straight course only the framework is shown. I have been increasingly finding a need to develosome of the detail and side issues so as to integrate this framework into an even greater whole.  This involves some essential elements that I know are present but because they are details not core material their presentation will not be as full as some of those that have gone before.

I want to show for example that one set of mutations is focussed on genes. And at that time I wish to give some idea of the extent to which feasible technical terms from biology and chemistry appear within Nostradamus' writings.

The verses presented are as usual only part of the content that is relevant since there are other verses containing rare anagrams such as anthropogenic (C2 Q22) and neuroendocrine (C6 Q59) that hold consistent references to the ideas in this theme. However here, in this paper, the aim is to show that they do create an informative cluster relating to the evolution of life during this century.

I also want to show that Nostradamus work benefits when we no longer think of his words as being quaintly based on values of the 16th century.   For example, I believe that when Nostradamus mentions the red, grey or black ones he is not always talking of religious orders. In many instances he is describing animals affected by genetic mutation and when he talks of malign influences he isnít making an astrological point but is referring to actual affects in the real world.  Even when an image seems to refer to an astrologic context it doesnít have to imply a belief in astrology as its use can mean that well-known ideas make convenient coding symbols.

Once such symbols are recognised they can provide unmistakable links for different themes. These points are important because Nostradamus' ideas are easily contaminated when the underlying assumptions are based in either prejudice or ignorance as to his ability to read the future. In this respect the assumptions about Nostradamus should be founded in what is discovered and  not by a judgement of the supposed inferiority of 16th century scientific or cosmological thinking.

C6 Q06

There will appear towards the North,
Not far from Cancer the bearded star
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
The great one of Rome will die, the night over

ApparoiStra vers le Septentrion,
Non loing de Cancer l'eStoille cheuelue
Suze Sienne Boece Eretrion
Mourra de Rome grand la nuict diSperue.

This verse holds allusions such as Septentrion for the North and a bearded star for a comet. By referring these back to the same themes found in verses about fire- from-the-sky we can place the time period for this verse in the modern era. And this gains support from the anagrams within the verse for the first lineís anagrams tell us there are several severe meteor showers which disrupt airports and prevent people travelling which is something only relevant to the 20th century and beyond.

The hidden message may vary from what I show but its sense is based in a fixed set of anagram sequences which state several penetrations (a vers le - Septentrion A) reveals airports (paroiStr - a vers le). The second line adds sombre thoughts via non genocidal wheel ((Non loing de Ca - lle c - heuelu), selector ill (cer l'eSto - ill). These anagrams imply that during the period when the comets appear people are culled on the basis of their ill-health. The rest of the verseís messages indicate that the selection of who is to die seems to be based on a computer program developed in Bonne and when taken with the previous line it implies that this is where the choice is made for a lottery or wheel-of-fate.

The third line holds anagrams which reveal Bonne seize routines (retrion Su - ze Sie - nneBo ) while the fourth line has rare and complex anagrams saying something along the lines of german land,  computerised uni, predicts, armoured lunatic more danger (me gran - d lan, uin - ct diSperue Mo, ct diSper, e Mourra d -  e Rom  -e grand-  la nuict).  And by this means the text of the verse now takes on a new slant since the illness may well be cancer as it is named in the text and this illness comes shortly after the appearance of the bearded star.

There is a commonality and poignant relevance to these clusters which are once again of such a rare nature as to belie the chance inclusion of them all in this one verse since many have 0,1 or 2 other occurrences.  There is a peculiar power built into the sequential clusters in the fourth line about a German university in Bonne which once again speaks truth of our time, not the 16th century,  and their appearance in this setting suggest that the dangers of our modern computerised world is not only understood by Nostradamus but able to be identified via a place of rational origin and its inherent 21st-century threat.

This verse is not just repetitious of earlier findings but adds considerable detail to that already narrated. For the first time we see that there is disruption to airports and that decisions are taken in Northern Europe that affect the lives of those further south no matter what their rank.  


Asteroids and their impact on modern transport.  

The reference to disaster at airports is not confined to one verse and although airports is a frequent anagram (occurring 22 times in all) it gains import in many of these verses from the supportive message of the text and the hidden reference points. These binding factors are once again strengthened by the interconnectivity of place and imagery. The following provides a good example of this and also gives detail of the wider and widening scope of the disaster.

C6 Q44: Impact of asteroids on Paris, Russia and Arabia.

By night Iris will appear near Nantes.
By marine arts the rain is aroused.

In the Gulf of Arabia a great fleet will plunge to the bottom.
In Saxony a monster will be born of a bear and a sow.

De nuict par Nantes L ris apparoistra.
Des artz marins SuSciteront la pluye.  
Arabiq goulfre grand classe parfondra.

Vn monStre en Saxe naiStra d'ours et truye.

This quatrain's text presents in a manner that summarises four major themes that Nostradamus seems to tie into the end of this century. The first is linked to a comet, the second to climate change, the third to the war described in my page on American Disaster in the Arabian Gulf while the fourth relates to the forces of evolution released by this grouof events. It is therefore not surprising to find its hidden messages offer detail about life at the end of this century.

In the above verse we have a monster being born in the Saxony region of Germany at a time when there are events in the sky as well as notable rains. All these things tie in with the great mutations that will occur during the 21st century and have close ties to the verse about comets discussed earlier in this section.  And the visible text of the current verse links war in the Middle East to events in Europe.

 There are anagrams that confirm the many links to previous verses including asteroiDs (L.1 oistra De) and the names of places in Northern and Central Europe such as Paris (L.1 ris ap), Russian (L.2 arins Su), and Mons (L.4 monS). And there is a significant amount of enhancing detail on the setting in the Middle East via the names Israel's (L.1 es L isra), Andar (L.3 ndra A) and qabir (L.3 rabiq).

The first line of the current verse hides anagrams from which we can form asteroid, ordinates, 'paris airports induce a', lanterns pact (oistra De, oistra De n, ris a- paroistr -a. - De nuic, ct pa - r Nantes L ).  There are four other anagrams for asteroid in Nostradamus work and one for asteroids. Of these, two also involve anagrams for airports.

Nostradamusí text in the current verse has what is considered by most analysts to be an unintentional printing error in its first line where the lettering L ris is usually interpreted to be líIris but in reality that is not what is there. Once again I would suggest that this supposed-error supports the idea of intentional code used to generate a specific anagram. The text involves a capital L followed by ris and it is possible this holds a special meaning. So the only variation between that traditionally used is that I see it possibly not being the iris or rainbow but is actually an asteroid.  

Asteroids bring manifold disasters for earthmen.

I have indicated there are twenty-two occurrences of anagrams for airports in Nostradamusí Prophecies and this combined with the fact that ten of them come from Nostradamusí frequent use of the term apparoistra diminishes their significance. In many editions the alternate spelling 'apparaitre' is used but in the definitive Benoist edition of 1568 it consistently appears 10 times as 'apparoistra'. However a higher frequency of occurrence doesn't automatically mean its a chance occurrence and when I select the verses that seem relevant I rely on a lot more than a words infrequency.

The associations between the text and the hidden content as well as the links to other similar verses helps me choose whether an anagram merits inclusion on an objective basis. And in addition I require words of significance to have sequential support and not just exist as a single unconnected word. It is by this means I find the following two verses to be of interest and relevance.

C10 Q75: A Christ like figure cloned from relics in India as asteroids fall.

Long awaited it/he will never return
In Europe , it/he will appear in Asia :
One of the league issued from the great Hermes
And it/he will grow over all the Kings of the East.

Tant attendu ne reuiendra jamais
Dedans l'Europe en Asie apparoistra :
Vn de la ligue yssu du grand Hermes
Et sur tous roys des orientz croistra

The above verse contains anagrams for both asteroid and airports in the second line which offers a complete sequence of adjacent anagrams that say lands asteroid appear is European (dans l - urope en A - si  -e appar - oistra De) but it also says a airports rulE saDden (paroistr - a  - Dedans l'Eur). There is another link to the previous verse provided by the name Hermes used in the third line of the current verse. This name has been used in modern times as the name of an asteroid. The significance of asteroid Hermes is boosted greatly by the nature of its orbit as set out in the following report in NASA Science News.

Hermes approaches Earth's orbit twice every 777 days. Usually our planet is far away when the orbit crossing happens, but in 1937, 1942, 1954, 1974 and 1986, Hermes came harrowingly close to Earth itself. We know about most of these encounters only because Lowell Observatory astronomer Brian Skiff re-discovered HermesÖ on Oct. 15, 2003.

 Astronomers around the world have been tracking it carefully ever since. Orbit-specialists Steve Chesley and Paul Chodas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have used the new observations to trace Hermes' path backwards in time, and so they identified all the unnoticed flybys.

"It's a little unnerving," says Chodas. "Hermes has sailed by Earth so many times and we didn't even know it."

"Hermes' orbit is the most chaotic of all near-Earth asteroids," he adds. This is because the asteroid is so often tugged by Earth's gravity. Hermes has occasional close encounters with Venus, too. In 1954 the asteroid flew by both planets. "That was a real orbit scrambler," Chodas says. Frequent encounters with Earth and Venus make it hard to forecast Hermes' path much more than a century in advance. The good news is that "Hermes won't approach Earth any closer than about 0.02 AU within the next hundred years." We're safe for now.  
Hermes was considered to be a messenger of the Gods so it is entirely appropriate that he should be the reference point for materials coming from the skies. This in turn suggests that the asteroid reference in both verses is a timing mechanism that acts as a signal for the arrival of fire from the sky. And the third line of this verse once again hints at the arrival of a new species in the rural regions for it has a complete sequence (from right to left) saying unvillaged herdsmen guard Jesus / issue (e yssu - dugra nd Hermes - Vn de  la lig). The league that generate from the fire of Hermes could then be the mutant animals, viruses and plants born after the arrival of gene-affecting-material from the sky.

Once again we see the integration of new material that expands upon the effects of a nuclear disaster all of which precedes a great mutation. The world constantly undergoes gene-changing radiation and it frequently receives material from asteroids, meteorites and comets but Nostradamusí theme seems to constantly suggest that in this century all this activity goes way beyond the norm.

Not all the occurrences of airports arise from the use of the same French word 'apparoistre' and the following is one of those but its theme is closely tied to the previous two. And of significant import is the fact it also contains the word asteroid. I believe it relates to the period beyond 2100 CE and the state of the Earth at the time the Polestar reaches its ascension in 2105 CE. This is also the time when the last of the devastating sky events occurs. Following this the religious wars will end and the earth will slowly be renewed over the next two millennia.

C3 Q40: Asteroids from Leonids destroy pasture and airports.

The great theatre will come to be set uagain:
The dice cast and the snares already laid
Too soon the premier one will come to toll his tiredness
Beaten down by arcs sheepfolds long remain broken.

Le grand theatre Se viendra redresser:
Les dez jettez et les rets ia tendus.
Trole premier en glaz viendra laSSer:
Par arcs proStrais de long temps ja fendus.

The first line conveys the idea that the Earth (the great theatre) is about to endure events very similar to those that form the plot of legends involving the Gods. And this is also expressed in the anagrams of the first line which say  granted earth lesser threat revise danger larger adherent readdress (e grand t - heatre, esser: L - egrand - theatr, re Se vi, ra redress - r Legra , rand thea). And its message suggests it isn't Hermes itself that poses the threat but one of the large asteroids (such as Apophis) that Hermes' path affects as it passes nearby.

This asteroid then becomes a threat and rates as one of the league issued from Hermes as referred to in L.3 of the previous verse. The last line of the current verse tells us more detail about events that have already been identified since it says 'Crops disaster long asteroids desolating airports lodgement Japs f cars unspared ( cs pro - Strais de - long, oStrais de, ais de long t, proStrais - de longtem -psja - f - endus Par - arcs).

It seems that the fallout is not just radiation but quite heavy material capable of flattening small structures such as fencing and cars. The third line sheds some light on what happens during this period for it suggests that the first ones to act are those with an evangelizing purpose who use the chaos as an excuse to arrest those they regard as dangerous. We see this in a hidden message which says alas reports driven petrol empire evangelizer. Ireland assert re-propel regimen arrests (viendr - a laS - Ser Trop, Trole premie - r en glaz vie, iendra l -aSSer T - role pre - miere ng - aSSerTr). The second line also hints at what is going on since it implies Jetsets, treaties, insuLated seed reinstated letters (z jettez -les, rets ia te, ia tendus L - es de, rets ia tend, t les ret). 

From all the above we gain insight into the nature of the fire from the sky as seen by Nostradamus. In this scenario we have no means of averting the fate that this mutation will invoke and at best we can prepare for a life-style that is greatly changed from what we or our ancestors have ever known.  

Nostradamus Sefirot for Fire In The Sky


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