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Nostradamus C5 Q32: Divergent fortunes at the end of the 21st C.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are verses that concentrate on a time well beyond the 21stC and this is one of them. The messages in the text fit to the theme of events at the end of this century when the Polestar turns in its ascent to the pole. Nostradamus firstly highlights the impact of Rigaud Benoist's sub-editing of his written words and then sketches out with increasing detail the events that surround man's fortunes as the earth is bombarded by meteorites from space.

This verse is united by the thread of fortune affecting a beast or monster which is found in the anagrams of C.01 Q.81 and the anagrams and text of the current verse. Its content also ties it into the ideas found in my paper called Fire in the Sky.

The anagrams providing the bones of this verse include fortunate (ta fortune), timepleasers (la ſeptieſme r), tiresome (tieſme ro), bounties (out bien S), reecho (roche E / e roche), Benoist (t bien So), ideals (iel s'ad).

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

but two tout bones set out Benoist bounties lionise loneliest Nowel
Ou tout bon eſt tout bien Soliel et Lune

Eurasians prop trochees echo beast boast stand on bond as ruin boats
Eſt abondant ſa ruine s'approche

Euclids advance venerate fortuned fortunate
Du ciel s'aduance vaner ta fortune

re-echo men memes
(cultural values) seem equate estate equals episteme (knowledge)
En meſme eſtat que la ſeptieſme roche
Where all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon
Is abundant, its ruin approaches:
From the sky it advances to change your fortune.
In the same state as the seventh rock.
Ou tout bon eſt tout bien Soliel et Lune
Eſt abondant ſa ruine s'approche
Du ciel s'aduance vaner ta fortune
En meſme eſtat que la ſeptieſme roche.
L1: <benoiSt Setout to lie but on nOuuel tell><lonelieSt Subtone let out bit><benoiSt toutS but one lie><one tuuo><but noteS to lioniSe bout><but notes to butto One elite lesion>

L2: <papers echo EaSt auStrian bonD><~prEchoSe apes at Saturnian bond~><~prop EtcheS as uraniteS abandon~><~Satan bond tEacheS apeps ruin~><a Satan bond thESe ruin apes crop><papers echo Saturnian bEaSt><eurasian bEaSt Stand on chore><Satan boaSt / boatS rEecho apeps ruin>

L3: <seleuciD tune for a veteran><~eucliD aduances fortunate raven~><~rate of turn as eucliD unadvance>ideals

L4: <Seem mEn re-echo state episteme (knowledge base) equalS> <hEnce pleaS tireSome><eState equal epiStimeS men rEecho><Seem men reecho timeS elapse><Seem mEn echo timepleaSerS State><hencE temporiSe Sequela>


  1. -
  2. Eurasian(s),  temporise, fortuned, trochees, Butto, lionise, these,
  3. timepleasers, fortunate, loneliest, Saturnian, Seleucid, tiresome, veteran, cave,
  4. toluene, subtone, etches, boast / boats,
  5. aduances, Austrian, bounties, rechose, boat,
  6. sequela,
  7. episteme, fortune, esteems, reecho (2x),
  8. bond,
  9. prechose, Saturnin, teaches, pastel / plates, Austri,
  10. propanes,
  11. abandon, Benoist,
  12. bones, Apeps,
  13. equals,
  14. empties, estate,
  15. -
  16. -
  17. uranites, Euclid, raven, turned,
  18. but, chopper,
  19. bout, elapse / please,
  20. stout, ideals,
  21. tuuo,
  22. beast / beats,
  23. hence.

Eurasians, trochees, temporise, fortuned, but, these, lionise, fortunate, timepleasers, loneliest, Saturnian, tiresome, destiny, Seleucid, veteran, boast, Austrian, bounties, fortune, advances, knowledge, bond, reecho, Benoist, ideals, abandon, Apeps, uranites, empties, Euclid, estate, raven, cave, equals, beast, turned, bones.


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