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Nostradamus C1 81: The fate of the first small group of newly evolved humanids.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is united by the thread of fortune affecting a beast or monster which is found in the text and anagrams of C5 Q32 and the anagrams of the current verse. In this verse the text hints at the idea of human mutants and this idea is firmly entrenched in its anagrams. Its content also ties it into the ideas found in my paper called Fire in the Sky. From the combined references we can see it deals with a small group of individuals that are outside normal human environments and whose strength lies in their isolation. When three of them try to integrate back with human kind they are killed their genetic code is totally obliterated.

Alpha_Beta_GammaThe two verses also contain information about Nostradamus' poetic coding devices and here it is related to the Hebrew process of Albam. In this procedure A and L, B and M, C and N etc are interchanged. Since the text says the number nine is critical as are the three Greek letters given in the last line, then we can surmise the letters which represent the six surviving menbers don't include Kappa (K, C) and Chi (Ch), Theta (Th) and Upsilon (Y) or Lambda (L) and Psi (Ps).

The anagrams that help shape this story include:

new-ape misfortunes refuse panoramist a part in humanid spermation art Europa eruption weapon unforseen
D'humain troupe au neuf ſeront mis a part

men contest selections apeliness [apes line] rejudges precessional tenet
De jugement et conſeil ſeparez

prelatures resort varied advisers denies deepens parented ape result
Leur ſort ſera diuiſe en depart

barons sensing angriness rages agrees speak path it[s] albam bad Mors[e] ban reassign
Kappa, Thita Lambda mors bannis eſgarez.
Nine will be set apart from the human flock,
separated from judgment and advise.
Their fate is to be divided as they depart.
Kappa Thita Lambda dead, banished and scattered.
D'humain troupe au neuf ſeront mis a part
De jugement et conſeil ſeparez
Leur ſort ſera diuiſe en depart
Kappa, Thita Lambda mors bannis eſgarez.
  1. <monSter is a part humani'D><our miSfortunes neuu ape torn apart> <panoramist refuSe uueapon><Spermation fuse> unforSeen minotaur eruption
  2.  <apelineSs reziDue> <men conteSt lieS ape rezidDe><ten SelectionS> <poeticalneSs reziDe><preceSsional / narcolepSies tenet> DeperSonalizeS contentS Section judgeZ perSonaliSe
  3.  <Rule raiSed Sort parented><deepens art><re-sort resuLt><~Sort preLature aduiSer denieS~> <need part ruLe aid roSters /reSortS>
  4.  <mad barons reaSsign aLbam> <insane rageS Kapz path><angrineSs bars path it peaKz /zPeak><bars enSigns> Malta Sensing gases

1: poeticalness, depersonalizes, misfortunes, panoramist, rejudgez, judgez, contest, peakz, zpeak,
2: personalise, selections, ptomains, deepens, judge, graze,
3: narcolepsies, precessional, contents, unforseen, apeliness, fortunes, lesions, lioness, albam, octet,
4: spermation, minotaur, angriness, eruption, humanid, uueapon, sensing, neuu-ape, path,
5: elections, selection, pamias, orfeus, deepen,
6: razed,
7: incloses, rosters, resorts, aneuu, uuane, jug,
8: content, sorts,
9: reassign, 
10: jude, b
11: prelature, barns, hud,
12: parented, barons, refuse, orbs / robs, neuu,
13: notices / section, Malta,
14: enfuse,
15: patras, europa, uaried, lamb,
16: retards / traders,
17: pertain,
18: portune, forsent, aduiser, insane, bans,
19: raze, raze,
20: astride / tirades, apart, gases / sages,
21: derivant, mange,
22: camel,
23: result,

panoramist, rejudges, misfortunes, contest, poeticalness, speak, Albam, deepens, personalise, selections, ptomains, deepens, judge, narcolepsies, precessional, contents, apeliness, unforseen, Minotaur, spermation, humanid, angriness, eruption, weapon, sensing, new-ape, path, judge, reassign, Malta, section, prelatures, parented,barons, Europa, lamb, Patras, varied, lioness, camel, result.


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