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Topics covered in each of Nostradamus' 942 Prophecies (plus links to each verse's analysis).

This presentation gives insight into the outcome of my research and by the completeness of its content brings out reasons why there is the 500 year time gap between its writing and its revelation. The topics reflect those great mutations that Nostradamus said were at the heart of his work and in reading this listing the reader can understand why he was interested in them. It is about evolution of a new species with mental powers that redress those legacies from our primitive ancestors that threaten our own species' demise. It is about the outcomes of our unique cleverness and how it transforms itself into our own destruction. It is about the coming dark age and the re-emergence of the earth under a new life form.

C01Q01: The relationship between the prophet, his source and helpers that shape the quatrains.
C01Q02: The Musical Nature and lineage of the Divine Spirit evoked by the prophet.
C01Q03: Catholic league impact on late 16thC France.
C01Q04: Synopsis of dramatic events at end of 21stC
C01Q05: Litigation increases dramatically over 21st C pollution woes.
C01Q06: Commentary on his preparation of Aquilege liquers.
C01Q07: Cornelius Agrippa's table XIIII of ciphers for the number 12.
C01Q08: The religious divide underpinning the 21stC war of the Holy Grail.
C01Q09: Icelander legends as base for disease in the Eastern Mediterranean.
C01Q10: The northern polestar Ursa Minor as the guiding clock for 21stC Disaster.
C01Q11: Changes that will affect the power relation between the people and their institutions.
C01Q12: Disease and debt at the end of 21stC marks the turning of man's fortunes.
C01Q13: Ruination of Paris and Americans from Persian drugs in the seventies and nineties.
C01Q14: Noah's Sons as allusion for aftermath of 21st C flood period.
C01Q15: The desperate needs of the poor drives a wedge between the clergy and their patrons.
C01Q16: The vertical axle alignment of the Polestar signals many great mutations.
C01Q17: Airlines at Spanish airports suffer because of gundealers,floods and climate change.
C01Q18: Prophet encodes loveliest focus.
C01Q19: The legends that generate the prophets visions of a new ape species.
C01Q20: The musical nation that threatens France.
C01Q21: The astral ciphers that arise from rhetoric labels.
C01Q22: N's commentary on the astronomic code using a specific example from the 21st C.
C01Q23: The beasts engaged in the destruction of a new species of man.
C01Q24: The legacy of Iraq reflects the increasing divide between institutions and the people.
C01Q25: Louis Pasteur represents N's ideal for godless honours.
C01Q26: The wine based medication behind his visions.
C01Q27: The Polar signs that reveal the prophets coding scheme for a hidden lineage.
C01Q28: The allusion to barbarity that dogs the wars of the 21st century.
C01Q29: The five petalled objects from material in meteors wash ashore.
C01Q30: Malpractices that unite women in a war against the export - import trade.
C01Q31: General details about wars at a time of floods and crusades.
C01Q32: Material from a comet leads to a new man-like being
C01Q33: A bridge too far when men seek to be the Gods
C01Q34: The Guise family gene passed on through a rape victim.
C01Q35: The fate of this verse on the death of Henry II of France.
C01Q36: The legacy of the blood line of Christ in Southern France.
C01Q37: Lineage details of clan available through financial crisis of 2017.
C01Q38: Da Vinci portrait pictures provide model for verse numeration.
C01Q39: Emanuel's fate hangs over Mediterranean ports.
C01Q40: Isis uses pseudo-chemistry propaganda to put fear in western consumers.
C01Q41: Lands become fluorescent when the elderly are poisoned via their mail.
C01Q42: At Lake Geneva an oblique fanatical idea raises undead Germans.
C01Q43: Style changes used to illustrate the prophet's method.
C01Q44: The allusion of airborne disease that applies to events yet to happen.
C01Q45: Midsummers Nights Dream, Anne Boleyn and Queen Bette.
C01Q46: Vast Meteorite showers spread nitrous bacteria over a wide area.
C01Q47: Nostredame star image ciphers for Valoix lines.
C01Q48: Prophet's name complicates time ciphers.
C01Q49: The Eastern people who create havoc in the North.
C01Q50: Details on the Western leader of the war at the end of this century.
C01Q51: 2100CE date set by Polaris zenith and Jupiter and Saturn.
C01Q52: Legal battles over genetic alteration of food concentrate on mutation of alleles.
C01Q53: Asteroid minerals impact on ancient oil wells.
C01Q54: On the geopolitical turmoil at the time of one who is not begotten.
C01Q55: The person born with only paternal genes confronts hostile sects.
C01Q56: Conception without a father as the Mediterranean coast is impacted by fallout.
C01Q57: A city falls through gangs destroying its environment.
C01Q58: Nostradamus trances for the sea induced by chants about Hercules eleventh labor.
C01Q59: Workers on a remote oil-rig who speak out about mental illness are murdered.
C01Q60: The prophecies used as a weapon for justifying prejudice.
C01Q61: The republic governed by the Stars of Destiny
C01Q62: The turmoil late in the 21stC that spreads to Africa carried in letter ciphers.
C01Q63: Religious differences and fuel shortages lead to horrendous 21st C war.
C01Q64: How 21stC issues impact on Provence, France.
C01Q65: The flight path of doom and destruction set by cold-blooded seekers of the soul.
C01Q66: The athletic hero who fails to deliver a message in time.
C01Q67: Ideological battles throw the World into lawlessness and chaos.
C01Q68: Terror arrives in Lake Geneva after metallic accident.
C01Q69: The mountain that dominates the Grail legend is the centre for a new movement.
C01Q70: Nostradamus details the occult symbols of war employed by Agrippa.
C01Q71: The intrigues behind the cloning of beings from ancient DNA.
C01Q72: The prophets interest in the early Christian impact on Southern France.
C01Q73: France's non-engagement in the biochemical warfare of our century.
C01Q74: The incidents linked to a sect changing the DNA of viruses.
C01Q75: Insane tyrants use armies to reduce the problem of an ageing population.
C01Q76: The powers of a new man lie in speech as they did in Viking legends of Ragnarok.
C01Q77: Paracelsus as a catalyst for Nostradamus' science.
C01Q78: Parental aspirations and ignorance lead to disastrous cloning experiments.
C01Q79: Polaris sets the date for the petrol wars of zealots.
C01Q80: On the mortal being of Christ and Nostradamus' modern concept of hell.
C01Q81: The fate of the first small group of newly evolved humanids
C01Q82: The Story of Christ as an allegory for a pending Essenian Disaster.
C01Q83: The war over the nature of Jesus becomes nuclear.
C01Q84: The family divisions created by religious issues extend into war.
C01Q85: The strong woman who reacts to the untimely death of her husband.
C01Q86: Marguerite d' Angouleme the forebearer of a modern crusader.
C01Q87: Two very rich cities in Greece and Spain become engaged in a lengthy war.
C01Q88: More of the settings that signal the great mutations at the end of this century.
C01Q89: Biological warfare between oil and atomic energy reliant states.
C01Q90: The precursors to the great war and its resultant mutations.
C01Q91: Those at ease cast down by climate induced squalor.
C01Q92: More of the settings that signal the great mutations at the end of this century.
C01Q93: Spacing amendments needed to read evil meter.
C01Q94: Destiny takes centre stage in the war that tears the Christian world apart.
C01Q95: Account of the Paraclete lineage underpinning the re-creation of Jesus as an evolved clone.
C01Q96: Biological triggers delivered by airplane harm the land.
C01Q97: The genetics of sexuality becomes the means of war.
C01Q98: The Mediterranean refugee crisis leads to genocide.
C01Q99: The debate over free will becomes a source of modern war.
C01R00: Figures in ancient stories serve as ciphers for vast floods in the 21stC.

C02Q01: Terrorism involving Russia Persia Germany and Britain.
C02Q02: Drugs, Chemicals and processes that enhance mortal aims.
C02Q03: When food is damaged by man the hungry turn to the sea.
C02Q04: Chemicals from asteroids that alter evolution in the 21st century.
C02Q05: As the trumpet sounds for the final war a submarine commander opens his orders.
C02Q06: The advent of war comes with the troops of two cities under-resourced.
C02Q07: The end of petrol divides Europe and changes the rules of war.
C02Q08: The harsh cult of the future is not that which is most extreme.
C02Q09: The emaciated leader who is forced into war by ISIL.
C02Q10: The sullen people of the 22nd century flirt with anarchy.
C02Q11: The man who holds the Messia gene is a powerful foreign Francophile.
C02Q12: The practices of new sects upsets the established religions.
C02Q13: The Prophet's secret symbols for the revival of the Christ line.
C02Q14: Microbes released from frozen dinosaur remains become an airborne threat.
C02Q15: Weird forces at work as chemicals pollute the air and the poor are made the scapegoats.
C02Q16: The advent of atomic war changes battle and burial practices.
C02Q17: The battle of Trafalgar and the death of Nelson.
C02Q18: The radioactive metal bubble that leads to financial and moral crises.
C02Q19: The fate of the Eastern lands differs from that of the West.
C02Q20: Under pressure from his partner a patron is asked to ban the Koran.
C02Q21: Superzealous mind behind Nostradamus' coding powers.
C02Q22: The voices of men whose calls begin our demise.
C02Q23: The method behind the madness of studying birds.
C02Q24: The collapse of the Eurozone from 2013 to 2017.
C02Q25: Rape in marriage of an impoverished girl is at the heart of a new lineage.
C02Q26: The grains of modernity emerge from ancient pagan ideas.
C02Q27: Influences on the Prophets' life paper and his Crusade.
C02Q28: The relevance of Turkey in the American led war in Iran.
C02Q29: The asteroid remnant hunt that ends in tragedy.
C02Q30: The reaction at Chernobyl triggered by the great flood in the 21st C
C02Q31: Man's machines of limited help in the great flood.
C02Q32: A future gangster mirrors the traits of Hermann Goering.
C02Q33: Major rivers in France and Italy act as conduits for Disaster when floods wreck nuclear sites.
C02Q34: A family quarrel based on the rape of a female liberator.
C02Q35: Nostradamus' commentary on the personal menace of 16th century astronomic views.
C02Q36: Prophet's need to overcome publishers distortions of lettering.
C02Q37: The Flanders port ravaged by lack of protein when under siege.
C02Q38: Prophet's use of letters,z,m,b in his code.
C02Q39: Paganism destroys the concept of a united Europe.
C02Q40: Superape from Africa brings tragic tumult to Europe and the USA.
C02Q41: Evolution of the soul at the heart of the Prophet's code.
C02Q42: Aged put to death in a cruel manner until euthanasia made legal.
C02Q43: Essenic anagram linked to genetic breeding of humans in 22nd Century.
C02Q44: Women victims of pillage and rape receive little help from society.
C02Q45: The Annunaki weep as mankind enters a nuclear war with Russia.
C02Q46: As the Polestar turns and fire falls genetic experiments go awry.
C02Q47: Poison gases released by Parisian traitors late in the 21stC.
C02Q48: The heretical tales about the story of Christ.
C02Q49: Male clones fertility affected by nuclear origins.
C02Q50: Widespread natural Disasters impact on wars started late in this century.
C02Q51: UK courts make crucial judgements against a religious sect.
C02Q52: Germans and Laplanders involved in starting a Grecian war.
C02Q53: Fanatic female followers are placed in charge of healing others.
C02Q54: How the letters ff are used to encipher the Anjou lifeline.
C02Q55: The biological impact of meteorites affect the Pentagon's plans.
C02Q56: N's life paper converts meteorite hits into dates for Jesus lineage
C02Q57: The trail of death that follows believers in the Christ myths.
C02Q58: The name of the maiden at the end of man's days.
C02Q59: The Drug wars of the 21st Century redressing the imbalance in oil usage.
C02Q60: The input of the people of the Garonne into the emerging future.
C02Q61: Riverside ports adversely affected by local industry and monetary collapse.
C02Q62: The curse of Mabus, whose infection defeats man's higher goals.
C02Q63: The means by which river ports are destroyed.
C02Q64: New gene sciences allow an Essene sect to fulfill the dreams of Christian superstition.
C02Q65: The Sephirotic Choirs of Angels as calendar code for Disaster.
C02Q66: The profanities behind the chaos at the end of the 21stC
C02Q67: The frozen particles that alter man's destiny.
C02Q68: Al Quida's Attack on London that impairs the gene lines of the British.
C02Q69: The Paraclete (Holy Spirit) at odds with modern Science.
C02Q70: The extreme Christian regime that punishes women in the late 21stC
C02Q71: Essenic anagram series showing genetic breeding of humans in 22nd Century.
C02Q72: A league destined to leave the pasture land of Europe in ruin.
C02Q73: A corporate rebel brings about Disaster via an attack on airports.
C02Q74: A new species fights man for their place in the universe.
C02Q75: The manner in which historical religious division rises to disturb our present times.
C02Q76: The birth of a child condemned as black magic by a local church official.
C02Q77: The child born using black magic arts escapes the pursuers.
C02Q78: The monster spawned from laboratories on the Isle d'If.
C02Q79: Mind affecting drugs subdue a cruel populace.
C02Q80: Experiments on the dead as a temptress claims to have been raped by a Pope.
C02Q81: Fire from the sky affects plants and people in very different ways.
C02Q82: A member of the Beaufort family falls foul of Asian lenders.
C02Q83: Travels undertaken by Nostradamus in order to get his Prophecies printed.
C02Q84: Language difficulties beset American troops in its war in Iran.
C02Q85: Those at ease cast down by climate induced squalor.
C02Q86: Nostradamus' life paper uses Mahommetan emblems for the places hurt later in the 21st century.
C02Q87: Dreams of sexual conflicts in the 16th Century.
C02Q88: The cycle of knowledge that leads to war.
C02Q89: The people revolt against corporate pollution of their land and water.
C02Q90: Ascetic sects 21st C war begins in France.
C02Q91: The impact of 9/11 on the Western view of mortalism.
C02Q92: Devastation of Aleppo and Jerusalem from fire in the sky.
C02Q93: Ship of death signifies the End of Days for many in the 21stC.
C02Q94: Despite police action a new species of man reaches Europe.
C02Q95: The aftermath of comets at the end of this century.
C02Q96: Radioactive fire from the sky affects World food production in 21stC
C02Q97: The secrets held in St Remy's 'Les Antiques'.
C02Q98: The followers of signs seed the war against the superape.
C02Q99: The dreaming method that links past to future.
C02R00: Great floods make new autocratic island states where adultery is punishable by death.

C03Q01: The Hautpul-Beaufort line in the thick of a vicious war.
C03Q02: The cult that anoints its members by drinking the liquids of its dead.
C03Q03: The Sephiroth emblem for the period of severe earthquakes.
C03Q04: Man's wastelands used to highlight 21stC science Disasters.
C03Q05: The issue of female fertility troubles the Middle East.
C03Q06: Moslem links to death by actinide radiation of a city.
C03Q07: Murderess at Qantas Gulf-site decarbonises boatsman.
C03Q08: Man's reaction to the genesis of a superior species.
C03Q09: The share crash that ends overseas travel for the average person.
C03Q10: Hunger driven evacuees bring illness to new countries as they are evacuated from their homelands.
C03Q11: Essenic clan's cloning experiments transformed by latent radiation.
C03Q12: The eternal dilemmas of military innovation
C03Q13: Furnace used to clean German city of cholera
C03Q14: Agennos as a key cipher for Jesus lineage.
C03Q15: French investors gain control of the Gawler Craton's great mineral wealth.
C03Q16: A battle for rights to fields sees one of three children die.
C03Q17: Sects motivations arise ot of court actions.
C03Q18: The legend of the Holy Grail affects a modern battle in France.
C03Q19: The spate of pregnancies that precede the 21st C War.
C03Q20: The marriage of young Spanish women into an Islamic cult.
C03Q21: The corporate craftsmen who seek to benefit from the Earth's distress.
C03Q22: The battle in Lille that is the model for a future war.
C03Q23: The importance of Francis I capture and release to Nostradamus.
C03Q24: The dangers when temporal experts tamper with a masterpiece.
C03Q25: The bounds of a future kingdom in southern France.
C03Q26: Navarre printer uses Islum's zero as a secure cipher for sacred code.
C03Q27: How letters are used as numeric icons in the Prophets code.
C03Q28: The queen's piper who causes the royal line to be put in peril.
C03Q29: The son of Abbas who avenges his father's death.
C03Q30: The poor man who becomes a Sunni superstar in the mid 21st century.
C03Q31: Nuclear weapons built in industrial sites that deter inspectors.
C03Q32: Goering mutation experiments on pre-human primate species.
C03Q33: The lone wolf who betrays a city by destroying the people's beeding capacity.
C03Q34: A cloud of dust holds potent petrochemicals that harm the 21st Century.
C03Q35: The eloquent leader who directs a terror operation involving radiation.
C03Q36: An Eastern remedy a queen uses for a sons dementia has its costs.
C03Q37: Islamic attack on Italy launched from the sea.
C03Q38: The corporation that uses space science to conduct cancer experiments on captives.
C03Q39: An Islamic tempest in Italy corrupts the means of reproduction.
C03Q40: Asteroids from Leonids destroy pasture and airports.
C03Q41: A mutant creature born in a rural region due to chemicals in subsoil.
C03Q42: The Mafia carry out an attack that changes man's fortunes.
C03Q43: Attempts to divert a meteor lead to a rise in mutations.
C03Q44: Islamic law imposed on captured nations.
C03Q45: Exploitation of petroleum resources and the consequences affect our future.
C03Q46: The city of Plancus (Lyon) becomes a seaport.
C03Q47: The relics of Edessa as a cause of religious war.
C03Q48: His poetry used to hide astronomic ciphers for man's inhumanity.
C03Q49: Gaulonite rebellion as an allusion for future of new Christ from the Balkans.
C03Q50: Farming the oceans increases the impact of climate change.
C03Q51: The motivating forces behind industrial riots in France.
C03Q52: Misinterpretation of mineral geology causes a plunge in the Middle-East.
C03Q53: Aggrippa's cipher code reveals the numbers of people executed in a future war.
C03Q54: Biodiversity suffers through the actions of a bishop in exile.
C03Q55: The sacred bloodline is linked to Nerac in Southern France.
C03Q56: Isis in France comes down hard on mining companies.
C03Q57: N's astrolabe parameters used to date stages of Ebola menace.
C03Q58: Meteors effect on the countries near the Danube.
C03Q59: Events at the Nicene Council set the tone for cloning experiments on the Christ Gene.
C03Q60: N's astrolabe parameters used to date stages of Ebola menace.
C03Q61: The gathering of cross bearers in Iraq that will trigger a religious war.
C03Q62: Nursemaids son discovers dinosaurs bones in the time of Darius.
C03Q63: Jules Scaliger's approach to the 5th century Arian debate.
C03Q64: The interaction of Mahomedan, Chaldean and Eddic ideas set the poetic tale of Europe's future.
C03Q65: The experimental 'Christ clone' born in mutant form.
C03Q66: Da Vinci, Angevins and the story of the mortal bloodline of Christ.
C03Q67: Motivations that underlie the creation of many sects through five centuries.

C03Q68: European rebels foolishly rely on an astrologers timing.
C03Q69: Father and son settle with their nemesis over a pollution war.
C03Q70: At a time of floods and war the royals genomes are subject to legal issues.
C03Q71: Army in Hormuz Strait awaits war with the northern hordes.
C03Q72: Anne Boleyn, the Lords Calendar and the machine Nostradamus used.
C03Q73: Europe's religious leaders initiate a quarantine to escape accountability.
C03Q74: The influence of his patrons on Nostradamus retelling of the End of Days stories.
C03Q75: The science of astronomy, terrorists and the art of future-seeing.
C03Q76: Diary on Armenian Nestorians torture pagan sects forest revelries.
C03Q77: Paraclete, Pentecost and claims of ossuary miracles resulting in the Savior.
C03Q78: Magdelaine and the mythical lineage of the Savior.
C03Q79: The fate of man affected by antiparticles at the end of the 21st century.
C03Q80: An English gasoline expert is humiliated by ISIL.
C03Q81: A rail bridge spreads the superape gene across a continent.
C03Q82: Minerals and meter as prescient signs of a particular Disaster.
C03Q83: Designer drugs, plus cocaine and brominates affect a nations greatness.
C03Q84: Crete's Minoan desolation recurs in our future.
C03Q85: How monetary fraud leads to war in the 21st century.
C03Q86: The European astrologer whose domination of rural areas brings great fear.
C03Q87: After effects of atomic radiation follows an Islamic attack on Italy.
C03Q88: Henry IV of France enemies at the time he dies.
C03Q89: The aftermath of the 22nd century floods in the Mediterranean.
C03Q90: USA war in Iran brings neurological disease to Americans.
C03Q91: The secret story concealed by the last Templar master.
C03Q92: Napoleon Bonaparte is badly positioned for Waterloo due to parliamentary delays.
C03Q93: The devastating impact on France as the great floods begin.
C03Q94: The prophets calendar system has the Queen's endorsement.
C03Q95: The aftermath of the 22nd century floods in the Mediterranean.
C03Q96: Murder is revenged by a widespread campaign using arsenic based poison.
C03Q97: The bellicose actions of Israel are felt throughout the Middle East.
C03Q98: Terrorism amplifies the impact of climate change.
C03Q99: The map of the Islamic war and future floods in time and space.
C03R00: Explorers fight for honor and glory in the Antarctic.

C04Q01: Ability to raise the dead emerges from modern cloning practices.
C04Q02: The Israeli war at a time when the Argentine militia explore deep space.
C04Q03: Essenean program of eugenics involving chemical changes to the air.
C04Q04: Commercial mining of asteroids leads to war.
C04Q05: Details of the comet that affects man's destiny late in the 21st C
C04Q06: Impact of a Califate on the weather patterns of the earth.
C04Q07: A Royal illness underpins an Islamic war against Jerusalem.
C04Q08: The Gods of water and fate destroy the people of a city.
C04Q09: Jesus clone flees to the dessert while his offspring take refuge in Switzerland.
C04Q10: The Jesus clone accused falsely of abducting another man's wife.
C04Q11: Ancient meter models determine the major ciphers.
C04Q12: As the supersoul evolves Europe's Eastern air routes become hazardous.
C04Q13: A califate exploits gangsters and religious sects to control water supplies and climate.
C04Q14: Melting glaciers and celestial signs at the birth of a cloned religious leader.
C04Q15: Sediment from the Seas helps survival through spontaneous generation.
C04Q16: A new process of inorganic genesis transforms a city kingdom.
C04Q17: Europe's fuels are poisoned in the Strait of Hormus.
C04Q18: People are culled on the basis of their genes.
C04Q19: Modern war where submersiles incorporate rare earths mined from asteroids.
C04Q20: The adverse impact of a corporations hype on its Persian consumers.
C04Q21: The good times are ended by religious war.
C04Q22: People from the Middle East chase out their Christian invaders.
C04Q23: Americans in a Middle East war struck by mental and biological illness.
C04Q24: A destructive radiation released from beneath the earth.
C04Q25: The prophet dreams the Nordic rune song of life and death.
C04Q26: The agents of Aphrodite thwart Hitler's view of love and fertility.
C04Q27: The American sect that takes part in the cloning of a new man from one long dead.
C04Q28: The relationship that bound the Prophet's sect.
C04Q29: The Ritual for initiating and completing the 21stC Comet prophecies.
C04Q30: The Prophet's sect has eleven major family lines.
C04Q31: The value systems of Lucretius, Luther and the Masons underpin Nostradamus' sect values.
C04Q32: The legacy of Marie Curie.
C04Q33: Asteroids devastate Europe's farmlands throughout the month of June.
C04Q34: The Isle of If becomes a military laboratory manufacturing chemicals.
C04Q35: Jeanne d'Albret and the fertile line where women prevail.
C04Q36: The diaspora of the Jesus lineage in Europe and the Greek islands.
C04Q37: The French respond to share manipulation with war.
C04Q38: WWII as the allusion for the persecution of people with different DNA.
C04Q39: The family of the cloned genetic line betray their seed.
C04Q40: A sect poisons the oceans to stem the flow of refugees.
C04Q41: A sexually abused woman inflicts revenge upon her captors.
C04Q42: The search for dark matter is impaired by financial fraud.
C04Q43: The Isle of If becomes a military laboratory manufacturing chemicals.
C04Q44: Agrippa's utility versus the pedantry of the Protestants.
C04Q45: Modern genomics leads to the raising of the dead.
C04Q46: The history of those who nurture the extinct dragon.
C04Q47: Rain making chemicals that affect the genes of growth.
C04Q48: Forewarned of impending meteorite barrages people become irrational.
C04Q49: The undead linger as the skies burn.
C04Q50: Ancient libraries contain nineteen royal treatments for preventing disease.
C04Q51: Star symbols to date critical events yet to happen.
C04Q52: Deep sea polar explorers seek treasure and ignore impacts on divers.
C04Q53: Great Floods at the end of 21stC bring out the worst in some rulers.
C04Q54: Refugees from European Disasters rise up in anger at their treatment.
C04Q55: The laws of cremation invoked in Europe.
C04Q56: Rabelaius' allegory of giants involved in war around the Mediterranean Seas.
C04Q57: The twists of language used to escape the wrath of immediate authority.
C04Q58: Stolen enriched uranium is captured in the Black Sea.
C04Q59: Rain making chemicals that affect the genes of growth.
C04Q60: Children are sacrificially slaughtered to save a son.
C04Q61: People of the palace involved in betrayal and terrors.
C04Q62: Felons and saboteurs attack retail sites with weapons paid for by financiers.
C04Q63: The cause of the Great Floods becomes the base for faith and war.
C04Q64: The monarch whose interest lies in the concept of the Christian soul.
C04Q65: Man sets out to rebuild the World he has destroyed.
C04Q66: Deep sea polar explorers seek treasure and ignore impacts on divers.
C04Q67: The heretical lair in which is cloned the man of the richest tongue.
C04Q68: Research that leads to the cloning of dinosaurs.
C04Q69: The city massacred by radioactive actinides.
C04Q70: The quatrains reliance on Paul's account of Jesus heritage.
C04Q71: The Therapeuts revolt leads to murder at Thadeus wedding.
C04Q72: Nostradamus' critique of those who affect his study of the stars.
C04Q73: The raising of the dead by occult means began in 1999.
C04Q74: The debate behind the cloning of Jesus.
C04Q75: The Benoit family's impact on N's dating mechanism.
C04Q76: Hitler's experiments revisited in the future.
C04Q77: The religious nature of a party that quarrels over oil rights.
C04Q78: Guerillas disrupt the distribution of deadly pellets in Europe.
C04Q79: French people seek refuge in the high country late in this century.
C04Q80: Extremism in France at the time of great Disasters.
C04Q81: Religious refugees in the mountains come under attack.
C04Q82: Famine and floods cause uprisals in the Middle East and eastern Europe.
C04Q83: The valiant captain who tries to prevent loss of life.
C04Q84: Sephirot of the woman held in chains by a Tennessean Clan.
C04Q85: The loyal barytone whose act of arson affects the royal line.
C04Q86: Reincarnation begins before the turning of the Polestar.
C04Q87: When Germany feeds its pensioners fluids, a gundeal and a cloned head create world-wide panic.
C04Q88: The hysteria of the people as the harm of the petrol industry peaks.
C04Q89: The torrent that wrecks Europe and brings out the worst in mankind.
C04Q90: Miners are trapped in space as armies besiege their earthly bases.
C04Q91: The battle by religious leaders to suppress the march of science.
C04Q92: The valiant captain who dies trying to stop an arms deal.
C04Q93: The loyal barytone whose act of arson affects the royal line.
C04Q94: The Magdelaine lineage linking Christ to the Pyrenees.
C04Q95: A reign of terror and nepotism affects bisexual members of a city.
C04Q96: The woman who comes to power through her commitment to a cause.
C04Q97: The Sephirot and the King whose line will not fail.
C04Q98: The prophet proclaims he left special labels for ill events.
C04Q99: Meteor showers signal start of disease based religious war.
C04R00: Quatrains that focus on Prophet's dreams of war fire and floods.

C05Q01: The work of theologians comes under the scrutiny of parliament.
C05Q02: French Parliament deals badly with the crisis of floods at the end of this century.
C05Q03: Devastation caused by nuclear radiation in Belarus and Ukraine.
C05Q04: Northern Europeans turn upon each other in a religious war.
C05Q05: A descendant of Gabrielle d'Estrees active in Middle East fraud.
C05Q06: The Paracletes (Holy Spirit) appears as an Archangel in the vineyard.
C05Q07: Poisons in the bones of the dead affect grave robbers.
C05Q08: A Northern Califate implements biological warfare in the 21stC
C05Q09: The family seeking to bring about Jesus' polar ascension.
C05Q10: A star-like bomb is used by desperate men of wealth.
C05Q11: The time in this century when the myth of the Archangel becomes a threat.
C05Q12: Islamic trends of today affect us throughout this century.
C05Q13: The warrior who goes to war after a great share crash.
C05Q14: Masonic interest in the nature of comets affects the 21stC
C05Q15: The legacy of the popes concerns those who administer their estates.
C05Q16: Trees around airports reveal the damage from modern travel.
C05Q17: Cornelius Agrippas' work serves as code source for 21stC ill events.
C05Q18: The Ancients whose lives parallel nuclear events yet to occur.
C05Q19: Uranium based mutagens affect women seeking to debase their own femininity.
C05Q20: A Russian conscript will capture Tuscany.
C05Q21: Darker references from which N's war tales are drawn.
C05Q22: Bandar Abbas attacked by aquanauts on a religious mission.
C05Q23: Future radiation treatment embraces ancient folklore at a time of war.
C05Q24: Ancient reference points set the bounds of the coming wars.
C05Q25: The date mechanism for the scientific resurrection from the dead.
C05Q26: Paracletus cipher's import for the Jesus legacy of peace.
C05Q27: The five aspects of Atmospheric havoc in the 21st century.
C05Q28: The outsider whose talent makes it possible for the resurrection to occur.
C05Q29: The causes of war in the 21st C.
C05Q30: An assault made on an Africa bound aircraft at an airport.
C05Q31: The wisdom of Greece comes under attack by extremists.
C05Q32: Divergent fortunes at the end of the 21st C
C05Q33: Vietnamese girls tricked into the sex trade in France.
C05Q34: Anecdotic details of the androgynous naval leader prominent in the 21st C war.
C05Q35: Chernobyl creates atmospheric havoc in the 21st century.
C05Q36: Islamic rule turns to ancient alchemy to regulate women's health.
C05Q37: Company directors foreclose on Greek and Middle-East loans.
C05Q38: People forced to live on the oceans to escape the terrors on land.
C05Q39: Bourbon blood line emerges with an ancient bias towards Christ's lineage.
C05Q40: Infanticide haunts the French Royal lineage.
C05Q41: The bounteous realm of Henry IV of France tied to modern wealth generators.
C05Q42: Cabalan Hautpuls, Beaufort and the Magdelaine line affect on daily life.
C05Q43: German courts excuse ethnical cleansing by gang-landers based in Europe.
C05Q44: The 16thC rogue priest whose release impacts on the Prophet.
C05Q45: The manner by which ancient Icelanders encode planets in poetry.
C05Q46: Divisions arise over the morality of resurrecting the dead.
C05Q47: An Arabian defeat through the eyes of a historian.
C05Q48: The sickness of a Pope reignites a religious war on the nature of Christ.
C05Q49: The savagery of El Quida unleashed on African maidens in lectures, cafeterias and parks.
C05Q50: Two brothers cloned from Jesus relics come of age.
C05Q51: West unites to tackle pollution but they start a religious war.
C05Q52: Misguided efforts to overcome pollution empower a ruthless King.
C05Q53: The astronomy of Polaris displaces the planets of Astrology.
C05Q54: A future warrior mirrors the brutal regime of Tamerlane.
C05Q55: Modern chemicals affect our atmosphere and initiate wars between East and West.
C05Q56: A young prelate rises high in the Church despite his rape of a virgin.
C05Q57: The Gaulonite lineage radiates out from the Adriatic Sea.
C05Q58: Regions with a history of invasion will once again fall to a cruel regime.
C05Q59: The 21st C fate of towns in which Nostradamus once lived.
C05Q60: Bernardin de Baux as an early patron of Nostradamus.
C05Q61: The state of the world at the time Christ's clone is created.
C05Q62: The man involved in a chemical accident in the Gulf of Hormuz.
C05Q63: The Christian dysfunction that will lead to invasion by zealots.
C05Q64: Conquered peoples are assembled and forced to take genetic drugs.
C05Q65: Persia to invade Europe late in the 2st century.
C05Q66: The ruins of Roman Glanum as the hiding place for Nostradamus treasures.
C05Q67: Europe's Essenes interest in nuclear artefacts grows.
C05Q68: The descendant of Henry IV who will lead a foreign army into France
C05Q69: The icons for Pegasus that appear in verses on financial Disaster.
C05Q70: The extent to which the impact of an aerial invader is disclosed.
C05Q71: The Prophets interest in the end of commercial whaling.
C05Q72: A great leader is imprisoned in a death-like coma.
C05Q73: The religious war facing the Christian sects.
C05Q74: Euthanasia via chemicals fails to kill a potential leader.
C05Q75: The Earth as seen by the inheritor of the Prophets mantle.
C05Q76: The bisexual sailor whose life mirrors that of the Jesus clone.
C05Q77: Invaders bring paganism back to Rome.
C05Q78: The asteroid miners part in future wars.
C05Q79: The asteroid miners are granted licences despite protests.
C05Q80: The story of world recovery begins.
C05Q81: Islam invades at the time numerous meteorites fall to earth.
C05Q82: Europe's despairing miners fight for survival affects the oceans.
C05Q83: The timing of the great petrol-state fraud set by the stars.
C05Q84: The plotter who poisons summer drinking water with arseniC
C05Q85: The cause of the Northerners Crusade.
C05Q86: The legacy of the North causes rejection of human cloning.
C05Q87: Details of Ages of Terror held in logical use of runes.
C05Q88: The great flood exposes Belarus to Chernobyl's hazards.
C05Q89: Odinist, Freemason sects influence on 21st century events in Europe.
C05Q90: Athletic events unwisely adjust to drug taking as it becomes endemic.
C05Q91: Full details of those involved in the market fraud of the 21st century.
C05Q92: Corporate sex traders active in the latter part of the 21st century.
C05Q93: Belarus, Israel, gold, commerce and round globules.
C05Q94: Drug suppliers, gang-landers, gasoline and viral ills.
C05Q95: Nostradamus increased use of vision enhancing drugs.
C05Q96: The beneficial use of drugs in a secretive child-birth.  
C05Q97: A royal mercy-killing is condoned by changing the usual laws.
C05Q98: Impact of human-induced rise in oceanic arsenic levels during the 21st C.
C05Q99: Information on important issues of the code method.
C05R00: Comet induced evolution affects outdoor animals and a super-ape emerges.

C06Q01: Refugee crisis includes a king who flees to France via Italy.
C06Q02: Sound used in dating method to identify planetary ciphers.
C06Q03: Impact of spermicide on the French royal line.
C06Q04: Floods that drown Cologne and other Europe's cities.
C06Q05: The South of France becomes exempt from French law as impoverished refugees perish.
C06Q06: European computerised genocide used on victims of cosmic fallout.
C06Q07: Refugees in the forests of the Pyrenees resist outside attacks.
C06Q08: Letter size and doublet-triplet formations used for coding normal topics.
C06Q09: Asexual versus sexual ascetism sets base for chemical warfare.
C06Q10: Type-set fonts become an issue for Nostradamus code.
C06Q11: Modern destruction triggered by tampering with petrol.
C06Q12: Modern war allusion to cannibalism in 1st Crusade.
C06Q13: Burial rituals affect the genetic material used for cloning.
C06Q14: The Jesus clone is captured but another is held in his place.
C06Q15: Princely numbers used for the Jesus clone and modern war.
C06Q16: The sect that raises the young to power and threatens gene-based patricide.
C06Q17: Sumerian allusions used for Swedish destruction of evidence.
C06Q18: Hautpouls links to Nostradamus and the Jesus Bloodline legend.
C06Q19: Ritualistic treatment of mythical gene used to produce a clone.
C06Q20: Societal response to super-ape evolution at the time of great floods.
C06Q21: Biassed doctrines behind the Religious Wars of the 21stC.
C06Q22: Racist invaders take control as flood waters rise.
C06Q23: The great flood and fire in the sky affect inland towns.
C06Q24: Morticians advance harsh measures affecting the dead and the poor.
C06Q25: Stars and time at which Jean Bernuy's role as patron began.
C06Q26: Europe's religious leaders quarantined after an outbreak of leprosy.
C06Q27: The prophet's network in south-western France.
C06Q28: The clone from 'Christs DNA' leads his followers into war.
C06Q29: The mother of the Jesus clone has difficulties coming to terms with her warrior son.
C06Q30: The Jesus clone and his army are betrayed to the Northern European armies.
C06Q31: The many evils that accompany the invasion of Italy.
C06Q32: Italian resistant movement employs bacterial and chemical warfare against their enemy.
C06Q33: The Italian war begins at the same time as cloning of animals.
C06Q34: The implantation of the Jesus clone embryo.
C06Q35: Critical secrets about the Jesus clone
C06Q36: The use of meteorite sourced metals in the Italian war.
C06Q37: Jean Bernuy's interest in the prophet's medical foreknowledge.
C06Q38: Massive earthquakes in Italy signal the birth of the Jesus clone.
C06Q39: Actions taken by the Jesus-clone family to protect their child.
C06Q40: Armageddon cipher signalling war and man's evolutionary demise.
C06Q41: On fertility spread by an inebriant treasurer.
C06Q42: The genetic defect passed on by the Jesus clone.
C06Q43: Empress who enrages her people by engaging eugenists to control hereditary diseases.
C06Q44: Impact of asteroids on Paris, Russia and Arabia.
C06Q45: The opponents of cloning from the DNA of historical figures.
C06Q46: Details man's impact on plants and oceans at the end of this century.
C06Q47: Islum and Judaism unite in order to wipe out the Holy Grail legacy.
C06Q48: The metaphor of desire in Wagner's Tristan and Iseult.
C06Q49: The fate of clones as asteroid Bennu draws near.
C06Q50: Jesus' line and the coming war at the end of this century.
C06Q51: Russian commercialism brings various social ills to clone era.
C06Q52: The imprisonment of the condemned Jesus clone in Northern Italy.
C06Q53: The bones of the dead in ossuaries and icebergs searched for DNA.
C06Q54: Important DNA found in old relics held in Italy.
C06Q55: The 22ndC invasion by Arab nations begins at the base of the Alps.
C06Q56: As the flood begins a racial purge seeks to kill the Jesus clone.
C06Q57: The right to claim foreigners property is passed into religious law.
C06Q58: The Islamic Koran used both to justify and condemn the art of cloning.
C06Q59: The clone is conceived as revenge for adultery.
C06Q60: The mayor whose fraud upsets experiments to create a clone from the Bourbon line.
C06Q61: The hunt for sources of the DNA for the Jesus clone.
C06Q62: European financial intrigues over medical treatment costs.
C06Q63: The grieving widow who turns to artificial insemination to resurrect her line.
C06Q64: The disturbances of the 21st C will be far-reaching.
C06Q65: Rebellions in the Pyrenees that precede the major wars of the 21st century.
C06Q66: Virgil provides the allusion for the resurrection from the dead.
C06Q67: The high-up Church official and the woman who betrays his trust.
C06Q68: The Italian Lady whose poisonous liaison with a Jesuit inspires war.
C06Q69: Sefirot transposes calendars when generosity gives way to arsenals.
C06Q70: 21stC battles in France and England mirror those of Henry IV in the 16thC.
C06Q71: Maternal parent of the Jesus clone forms barbaric links when the father dies.
C06Q72: The emotions that drive future visions of religious repression.
C06Q73: Oil deal between East and West based on Knights Hospitallier's practices.
C06Q74: Essene path from Enoch to Jesus' line in modern times.
C06Q75: Rosemary Magdalene Hautpul's chemical links.
C06Q76: Human experimentation on the ill and dying.
C06Q77: A Romanian war affected by military prejudice.
C06Q78: Fertility drugs impede readiness for a Mediterranean war.
C06Q79: Details of the false dust scam used to control the populace.
C06Q80: Arab plunder linked to Radioactive metals involved in religious war.
C06Q81: Cruel metals enrich uranium and thus affect the fate of mankind.
C06Q82: A Pope killed by priests entrenched in ancient divination.
C06Q83: The ritual for investigating mutations in human learning.
C06Q84: Paraclete involvement in genesis of super-ape.
C06Q85: Murder over Drug and oil sources reasons for 21st C crusade.
C06Q86: Essene dream of Jesus lineage becomes a nightmare as the begotten child becomes a gangster.
C06Q87: Forests and lakes become the base for the Jesus clone as the elites seek his demise.
C06Q88: Mayoress who squanders the opportunity to be prepared for rising seafronts.
C06Q89: The Jesus clone struggles with his public and private duties to the Grael and the people's fate.
C06Q90: Concept of hell's fires motivates mechanisms of war.
C06Q91: The feared onset of asteroids determines birth date of Jesus clone.
C06Q92: The royal line and its ties to Nostradamus.
C06Q93: Nostradamus notes he sees his own coded message differently to us.
C06Q94: Greenhouse emissions lead to northern nations murdering eastern refugees.
C06Q95: The link of Malaysian airlines MH370 to nuclear metals numbers and war.
C06Q96: Timescale for great war and Pandora's ill gifts.
C06Q97: Fire in the sky affects the productivity of farmland.
C06Q98: Religious people heighten fears over emerging diseases.
C06Q99: The secret rhythms of the Prophecies.
C06R00: The key of music and ancient poetry needed to unlock the Prophecies.

C07Q01: Dutch inventors harvest DNA from the dead and market it to the rich.
C07Q02: Cabalah for commenting on the human soul.
C07Q03: The Jesus clone draws support from Naval and military sources.
C07Q04: The cipher 'L' and Raimond VI's Holy Crusade.
C07Q05: Late in the 21stC radioactive arsenite rains from the skies of Europe.
C07Q06: The ciphers by which Nostradamus sets his Celestial clock.
C07Q07: Deliberate indebtedness makes people vulnerable to approaching Disasters.
C07Q08: Nostradamus involved in examination of the Dead.
C07Q09: The mother of the Jesus clone conceives when drugged by her guards.
C07Q10: Man's medical response to increased pollution.
C07Q11: An invader's harsh laws cause genetic harm.
C07Q12: Pyrenees leader organises fuel from Hormuz to end war.
C07Q13: Climate change causes uprises led by those with ancient ideological faiths.
C07Q14: He who comes to expose the false topography.
C07Q15: The dragon ciphers for the indestructible, un-burnable Tree of Life.
C07Q16: Three ancient fables are the source for the Jesus clone tale about an Asian Shia rebel.
C07Q17: European missionaries work with Gun-dealers to suppress the Jesus-clone genetic line.
C07Q18: The Jesus clone revels in uproar and intrigue between Islam and the West.
C07Q19: Budapest's governmental factions debate on actinides and other elements.
C07Q20: Oceans become poisoned and sinners are condemned to live on the coast.
C07Q21: The reaction of the Middle East and West to the new super-ape.
C07Q22: Symbols Nostradamus used for a societal timescale.
C07Q23: Persons named as part of Nostradamus' societal timescale.
C07Q24: The Jesus clone comes to prominence after raids on airplanes.
C07Q25: Nuclear options re-emerge in France and the Middle-East during long war in the 21stC.
C07Q26: The germ that hits America after quarantine regulations are thwarted.
C07Q27: A disease carried by meteorites spreads across the World despite vaccination efforts.
C07Q28: Loyal supporters of the sick and dying share their terrible fate.
C07Q29: The great leader captured by a woman using gas upon a train.
C07Q30: A box lent to Singapore signals the start of America's 21stC war in Iran.
C07Q31: Great floods in Europe reverse the flow of 21st C refugees.
C07Q32: Old magic's perils behind a great war.
C07Q33: Ageism lies behind laws to kill the young with minor ills such as obesity.
C07Q34: This verse is part of a series about Essene genetic breeding laws.
C07Q35: Jesus-clone gang attacks armored petroleum facilities.
C07Q36: The evolution of the Soul from Nazi horror to Epicurean trust.
C07Q37: A Dutch clan claiming Links to Enoch uses meteor material to create new genes.
C07Q38: The Olympic equestrians death that causes a 21st C financial crisis.
C07Q39: The French army leader mutilated by his Freemasonic adversaries.
C07Q40: Protestors over Oceanic pollution are legally killed after oil companies sign gun deals.
C07Q41: The rituals of death that unify those who are bearers of disease.
C07Q42: Isis and Poseidon form the shadows behind a multi-birth infanticide.
C07Q73: an extra verse.

C08Q01: Impact of 21stC floods on Nuclear facilities around N's homelands.
C08Q02: Abdominal tumors affect people exposed to the fallout from meteorites.
C08Q03: Futhorc charts necessary to date our sadder times.
C08Q04: Biologically hazardous radiation affects European airports on dates named in N's hidden calendar.
C08Q05: Peacetime preparations for nuclear energy to replace petrol.
C08Q06: The bitter debate of the 16thC where N. sides with Protestants.
C08Q07: Climate change reduces the quality and quantity of food.
C08Q08: Late in the 21stC Mother of Jesus-clone conceives via a rebel.
C08Q09: The bitter debate of the 16thC where N. Sides with Protestants.
C08Q10: Antwerp suffers toluate poisoning leading to riots.
C08Q11: Brutal public executions of rioters at airports follow gundeals.
C08Q12: The breeding experiments that alter man's destiny pass into law.
C08Q13: Suicide is common as the great flood lasting a thousand years draws near.
C08Q14: The wealthy elite exploit the organs of the poor in pursuit of the Grael.
C08Q15: A man woman who gives birth to a new creature.
C08Q16: Fate of Leaders who squander the chance to adapt to climate change.
C08Q17: Atomic waste befouls cities of the Nile Delta.
C08Q18: The new Mary dies in giving birth to the Jesus clone.
C08Q19: The gaseous debacle impacting on Fort Marseille.
C08Q20: A trade deal on food manipulation acts as a countersign to the emergence of a Jewish Messia.
C08Q21: The great floods increase the flow of refugees and ocean-born diseases.
C08Q22: The right is given to kill and use younger migrants and adulterers for organ transplants.
C08Q23: New laws allowing Police to use technology against extremists fail to stop the Jesus clone.
C08Q24: Essenic sections included through Ann Ponsard's guiles.
C08Q25: A woman lawyer aids in bringing about the Jesus clone birth.
C08Q26: The life events of two of Nostradamus 16thC patrons.
C08Q27: A flood-land generates the starflower the sect needs to bring about the Jesus-clone.
C08Q28: The unifying code built into locational attributes.
C08Q29: Caesar's talent and Caepio's gold as guides to modern financial crisis.
C08Q30: Terrors in Middle Eastern Califate.
C08Q31: The rites for raising the Jesus-clone are based on Nordic sources.
C08Q32: A kings commitment to a cult leads to his son's murder.
C08Q33: Genevan radiants affect the ovules of those on whom it falls.
C08Q34: The ethics of the entombment of the Chernobyl core is challenged by war.
C08Q35: Peleus legend parallels modern zealants tolerance of leaders crimes.
C08Q36: The machinations leading to the dreaded Malthusian cataclysm.
C08Q37: Modern civilisation ceases when great lands become islands due to massive flooding.
C08Q38: Arab invaders change French funerary rules as vast floods cover European lands.
C08Q39: Local warlords take control of 22ndC fight against Arab invasion.
C08Q40: 22ndC wars start with harsh racist based laws against pollution protesters.
C08Q41: Descendant of Jesus-clone uses political astuteness and religious legacy to gain control of France.
C08Q42: The events that will transform mankind.
C08Q43: His use of Nordic poetry for the emotions of family gone awry.
C08Q44: Gold and oratory used by the Jesus-clone descendant to win over enemies to his punitive war.
C08Q45: A dualistic view surrounds the rightness of creating the Jesus-clone.
C08Q46: The star code that terrorised France in the 16th Century.
C08Q47: War and the destruction of the Light of the World.
C08Q48: The demise of 21stC culture in the early 22ndC.
C08Q49: More on the occult gene chemistry used by the Jesus-clone cult.
C08Q50: International folklore impacts the Jesus-clone cult's actions.
C08Q51: The Arab welcomed by the oppressed of the West becomes a harsh, cruel tyrant.
C08Q52: Attributes of the Jesus-clones genes causes reputation damage.
C08Q53: The leader that guides the world through the 21st C end-of-days.
C08Q54: A local member of Nostradamus' sect quietens malice intended to hurt the prophet.
C08Q55: The Fuehrer and fuel wars in the Seas off Spain, Sicily and Africa.
C08Q56: The fourteen astrologers who guide a contrite pope on Climate change.
C08Q57: The soldier who leads a campaign against the expansion of religious ideology.
C08Q58: Two Middle Eastern kingdoms bring chemical war to Britain and France.
C08Q59: Asteroids affecting biogens change the nature of 21stC wars.
C08Q60: In the 16thC allergens played havoc with many Soldiers.
C08Q61: Research on the genomic sequence understood by the Prophet.
C08Q62: As in the 17thC avant-garde 21stC scientists face sanctions.
C08Q63: Under a harsh regime adultery is rated worse than murder.
C08Q64: The ruthless deportation of the ill and condemned to foreign lands.
C08Q65: Nuclear threats re-emerge as World order diminishes.
C08Q66: The encryptions in this poetry show the powers of nuclear waste will be tapped.
C08Q67: France's nuclear waste is turned against its people by warlords who take control of 21stC vaults.
C08Q68: The odyssey of a warrior fighting the wind Gods.
C08Q69: How the Jewish Sephirot provides a numbering system to be applied to the Prophecies.
C08Q70: The tyrant invader hunts for members of the Jesus-clone sect.
C08Q71: Scaliger's astronomy and dating methods.
C08Q72: Calvin's writings underpin the war for the soul of the poor.
C08Q73: Mutiny as Man made changes lead to rapid ocean rise releasing toxins and massive tremors.
C08Q74: An invader's treachery is welcomed by people of David's line.
C08Q75: Allusion to Greek mathematician Apollonius and his work on conic sections sets scene for modern murder.
C08Q76: The cannibal king that bleeds the English during a gentler revolution.
C08Q77: The battle of popes and their riva claimants during nuclear war.
C08Q78: During the Cathar Crusade Castenau's gift for twisted words sets a 21stC precedent.
C08Q79: The historically poor manner in which religious crusaders behave.
C08Q80: James Earl Ray (Ramon George Sneyd) assassin and financial conspirator.
C08Q81: Dnieper river as location for desolation of Russia Belarus and Ukraine.
C08Q82: Draconian reaction of fanatics to pathogens borne by Asteroids.
C08Q83: Croatian believers in the holy shroud become predators.
C08Q84: Religious radicalisation of Sicilians happens in the 21stC.
C08Q85: Overly officious leaders in the North-sea region react to the injurious effects of space mining.
C08Q86: A chemical-rich flood containing dormant biogens changes the future.
C08Q87: Technology for mining DNA in space has dangerous flaws.
C08Q88: The triggers to visions of biological mutations at the end of 21stC.
C08Q89: Fate of a man escaping from a ruler who harvested his children's organs in order to be king.
C08Q90: The cloning of a 'Jesus-gene' upsets other religions.
C08Q91: Nostradamus returns to the story of religious war during great floods in order to supply greater detail.
C08Q92: The British leader of a Chinese based army invades Britain.
C08Q93: The legacy of a Priest concerned about environmental change.
C08Q94: Jesus-clone's son leads a crusade in Cathar lands.
C08Q95: The manner by which the Jesus line continues.
C08Q96: The Eastern Madonna who in deliverance is the victim of her talent for war.
C08Q97: League of Terror causes evolution of a new ape species in Southern France.
C08Q98: In the time of flood Children are sold to the rich as unwitting sources for organs.
C08Q99: The Jesus-clone era is linked to rising water and war with Islam.
C08R00: Hautpul family sacrifice a daughter to organ traders.

C09Q01: Prophecies animal based calendars rely on sounds that resonate in the decoders mind.
C09Q02: Corruption is found in Rome's atomic waste contracts.
C09Q03: Rome's improperly dumped Atomic waste causes genetic mutations throughout the country.
C09Q04: Refugees from floods show the extent of radiation damage caused by illegal dumping of waste.
C09Q05: Turkish cult invades Europe causing havoc that destroys ancient tombs.
C09Q06: IS takes technological warfare into Europe and Britain.
C09Q07: Radiation damage transmitted via vineyard chemicals that mutate young minds.
C09Q08: Syria develops protium at a time when comets fall.
C09Q09: The terrible unfortunate fate involving IS late in this century.
C09Q10: Money, opiates and a nearby army cloud the picture of a priestly intercourse.
C09Q11: Jules of Agen and son in the debate on mortal matters.
C09Q12: Geneva experiments to uncover the fundaments of the universe and generate vast wealth.
C09Q13: Highlighting fears from nuclear power as the Polestar passes its zenith.
C09Q14: Nostradamus nightly ritual linked to ancient lunar calendars.
C09Q15: Influences on the accuracy of Nostradamus code.
C09Q16: Places in the high country of South West Europe successfully repel the Arab invaders.
C09Q17: Maria d'Medici, Florentine Queen of France.
C09Q18: The resistance to the Arab invasion spreads to middle Europe.
C09Q19: Darkened skies cause new chemicals to be used in crops to increase their protein content.
C09Q20: European resistance is based in the highland forests despite Arab attempts to deforest the land.
C09Q21: The virtuous view of the tragedies of war.
C09Q22: The military conspiracy that leads to war over the Christ-gene.
C09Q23: A king's son is sacrificed to supply organs for his father.
C09Q24: The organ industry reaches into the branches of the Royal families.
C09Q25: The new rulers of Spain end the organ trade based on children.
C09Q26: The Essene model for sexual practices is adopted in Europe.
C09Q27: Children of the elite become organ donors preferred by traders.
C09Q28: Islamist oil trade pollutes greatly expanded oceans.
C09Q29: Floods change the coastlines marking the known world.
C09Q30: Great floods act as draconian population controls.
C09Q31: The plague that strikes Southern Europe at Easter.
C09Q32: New minerals lead to health outcomes that terrorise people.
C09Q33: Decadence and cancer punished by new laws enforced by the militia.
C09Q34: Luther's impact as a Paraclete on ideology and war.
C09Q35: Bandits desecrate and merchants exploit flood-bound cities.
C09Q36: Aged are encouraged to believe that dangerous operations offer eternal life.
C09Q37: Descendants of Spain's Royal line rescue southern France.
C09Q38: Southern France's long reliance on oil-industries comes to an abrupt end.
C09Q39: Rare minerals replace oil as a basis for war in the 21stC.
C09Q40: People harvesting plants rich in rare minerals gained from asteroids are slaughtered.
C09Q41: 21stC patriarchs take older figures as their guides to warfare.
C09Q42: Adverse sub-polar mining deals affect shares.
C09Q43: Religious battle fought in Marseille lost by Western allies.
C09Q44: Experimental Physics goes wrong at Lake Leman,Geneva in 2065CE
C09Q45: On the terrestrial human soul and how his patrons seek to control it.
C09Q46: Ill-used women replace blood pressure drugs with carcinogen inducing ones.
C09Q47: Events precedent to American nuclear Disaster in Iran.
C09Q48: America produces evidence of Iran's nuclear program and goes to war.
C09Q49: Drugs to treat a wife's illness used for murder of a British king.
C09Q50: A misjudgement of time arises from false profiling by Soviet troops.
C09Q51: The sect behind Martin Luther King's assassination reacts against the newly evolved.
C09Q52: A plot by an arcane sect desecrates the oceans by the misuse of butane gas.
C09Q53: Religious ideas based on virgin birth lead to heroic wars.
C09Q54: The oceans polluted by nitrous chemicals sold by a unscrupulous company.
C09Q55: Pestilence transferred from Middle East to North West France through a War prepared by the West.
C09Q56: The Crusade to destroy the Jesus Gene by Arab invader.
C09Q57: Events from the future involving methanated seas, pestilence and extreme temperatures.
C09Q58: The fate of industrial workers who elect not to fight.
C09Q59: Descriptions of N's patrons who influence the content of his Prophecies.
C09Q60: The decision leading to the shipment of the females of a new ape species to the moon.
C09Q61: Dangerous goods smuggled by Maltese terrorists cause a plane to crash.
C09Q62: Mind affecting drugs used to conceal environmental damage.
C09Q63: Chemical pollution spread by zealots retards normal masculine development.
C09Q64: An invader launches a campaign against Europe's modern ways.
C09Q65: Persians regard environmental genocide as treason.
C09Q66: Exhausted environmental officials turn to teachers for help in combating a genocidal cult.
C09Q67: Genocide used to control the lethal plague that strikes Southern Europe at Easter.
C09Q68: Brothel workers sterilised to stop the spread of disease.
C09Q69: The great 21st C flood covers seventy per-cent of France.
C09Q70: The great mutation of religious sacraments.
C09Q71: Europeans find hairy-animal carcasses in icecaps.
C09Q72: Ancient animal bones the source of many religious relics used by believers in a Christ lineage.
C09Q73: A religious mystery uncovered by an invader in 2105 when Ursae-Minor passes its zenith.
C09Q74: Religious relics are mutilated, cremated and stored in Nordic vaults.
C09Q75: The Paraclete's role (Holy Spirit) role in dealing with the scourge of the nuclear age.
C09Q76: Late in the 21stC air travel is the setting for a leaders murder.
C09Q77: The family line of a murdered leader put to death late in 21stC when many asteroids fall.
C09Q78: A mutant woman carries the gene for special powers of the mind.
C09Q79: Despite their remorse those who failed to oppose a brigand are killed for their riches.
C09Q80: The inferno created by a cult that leads to the fertility problems of men.
C09Q81: The code for Western Europe relies on the Irish runic alphabet.
C09Q82: 2ndC submariners capture a young woman in a monastery who is the vector for Nostradamus dream.
C09Q83: Death and torture to dominate the Earth in the final 21st C wars.
C09Q84: Late in the 21stC the atom bombs terrors again reign upon the Earth.
C09Q85: Dream of 22ndC war stimulated by Norse sounds for Woden.
C09Q86: Dream of 22ndC invader reaching Paris after its traitorous betrayal by a pacifist sect.
C09Q87: The ruins of Cathar strongholds foretell the fate of a 21stC sect.
C09Q88: The poverty of the soul in the presence of depravity and pollution.
C09Q89: The attempt to regenerate Christ from ancient DNA.
C09Q90: Persian gang-leaders distort Israel's super-realism about the art of war.
C09Q91: Nostradamus' ciphers for the viral plague that creates an abyss for world leaders.
C09Q92: A disease ridden city is retaken by triggering landslides on a misty day.
C09Q93: Dynamite is used to create a landslip filled with forest debris.
C09Q94: Details of the participants in the 22ndC Clone-War battles.
C09Q95: A newly converted leader is elected to suppress childbirth in a new species.
C09Q96: Cloning era sees Dinosaurs reappear in Russia at the time as Jesus and other human clones are created.
C09Q97: Asteroid DNA residues trigger ocean borne Viruses which are released as the seas become unstable.
C09Q98: Econometrists cause opponents disease to spread throughout Europe.
C09Q99: Wind borne chemicals bring a war to an end by spreading a fatal disease.
C09R00: Religious ideas from the 16thC influence the conduct of a 21stC war.

C10Q01: Anagrams used by Nost when his dating his verses.
C10Q02: Dangerous modern chemicals brought to France via its south Western ports.
C10Q03: The New ape emerges in an era of climatic and genetic turmoil.
C10Q04: Radioactive elements become tradable through Middle East appeasements.
C10Q05: The prophets comments on Rigaud Benoists altering of his text.
C10Q06: The worst fire and flood events of all time lies ahead of the 21stC.
C10Q07: A Macedonian seeking World domination triggers new ape species in the Pyrenees.
C10Q08: The verse on the Christ child from the original to the clone.
C10Q09: Russian famine,typhoid plague and burning of citizens.
C10Q10: The adulterous queen who commits murder and many crimes against humanity.
C10Q11: To protect the newly cloned species of ape his tribe becomes nomadic.
C10Q12: Europeans timid mediators allows the Vaticans demise.
C10Q13: Uranium and terbium find renewed use as a political military weapon.
C10Q14: Istanbul considers Cauvin's Puritan view on the ascension as impaired.
C10Q15: Northern lands steal energy but are punished by poisoning.
C10Q16: Details from 16thC France that resonate with the period in the middle of the 21stC
C10Q17: The Queen whose daughters attempts to clone a Bourbon ancestor has unfereseen consequences.
C10Q18: The plague that changes the social order of southern Europe.
C10Q19: A woman from humble origins elevated to the throne.
C10Q20: 16thC values become the standard for the 22ndC.
C10Q21: Radiation sickness affects a royal families fertility.
C10Q22: Greek shipping dynasty sends radioactive material to Middle East.
C10Q23: Invaders efforts to appease the peoples fears are rejected.
C10Q24: Waste nuclear material shipped from Italy to Sothern France is a cause for war.
C10Q25: Hector, the great Lady Andromecha,and the Trojan legend in the Nordic tale of Jesus.
C10Q26: The story of the genetic weakness spread by a shipping dynasty.
C10Q27: An attempt to resurrect dead quins arises during a marriage to a cruel uncle.
C10Q28: Attempts to manage defects in newborns to preserve dynastic line.
C10Q29: Arrest of an emancipist considered dangerous causes a scandal.
C10Q30: Sub atomic particle experiments for medical purposes imposed by a new religious hero.
C10Q31: American anti-imperial campaign flounders in Iran.
C10Q32: Asterism cipher routines announced for British Empire story.
C10Q33: 21st C Islamic regime conducts autopsies on European people killed by radiation.
C10Q34: Death of an Olympic equestrian leaves his estate in turmoil.
C10Q35: The Twilight of Europeanism begins with organ transplant laws.
C10Q36: Delusory parents sacrifice unborn children for the war effort.
C10Q37: N's alphabetic lexicon of names used to identify his themes.
C10Q38: Laws not seen in Gospel are passed in Northern lands.
C10Q39: Rows over dyes and indolence make two countris ripe for war.
C10Q40: Nostradamus links to Marguerite d'Angouleme and the French and English royal lines.
C10Q41: Ancient rituals for burying the dead are reinstated.
C10Q42: 22ndC religious leaders instruct a new human-like species be encaged.
C10Q43: 22ndC ignores the Christian heritage to experiment on a new species of human-like apes.
C10Q44: A king orders techniques learned in space to be used for cloning workers.
C10Q45: Creationists rely on Roman laws to impose macabre powers.
C10Q46: Features highlighted by Wagner's music affect breeding rights in later centuries.
C10Q47: Events in 16thC Scotland mirror events in 21stC Russia.
C10Q48: European fiends tested asteroids as Souls transmigration agent.
C10Q49: As the world grows weary the aged suffer.
C10Q50: Men come to believe their genetic experiments anger the Gods.
C10Q51: Names and places affected by damage to their genes.
C10Q52: The Soul becomes focal point of debate on cloning.
C10Q53: A domineering concubine exploits a younger woman's organs.
C10Q54: The girl born from an organ implant will also be traded for parts.
C10Q55: Salafid Islamists create a new entity that thrives on Western disunion.
C10Q56: The English realms benefit from an organ transplant is small.
C10Q57: Cremation as a preferred means of dealing with diseased members of a royal family.religious hero.
C10Q58: The end of a reign signalled by betrayal of human organ sellers.
C10Q59: A nuclear conspiracy in the Balkans triggers Arabic response.
C10Q60: Details of cataclysm that triggers 22ndC greater floods.
C10Q61: In the 22ndC electrons and a further cataclysm create natural clones.
C10Q62: The 1000 years that is dominated by Hitlers ideals and Floods.
C10Q63: Thousand years from 1700 incudes euthanasia accidentsand Earths renewal from massive floods.
C10Q64: A thermonuclear event affects much of the region in Charlemagne's campaigns.
C10Q65: Computerisation of Christ's resurrection line into the 21st C
C10Q66: Disastrous experiments by a Texan affect Scotlish births.
C10Q67: Nordic Emblems and their numeric ciphers used as part of Code.
C10Q68: In 22ndC Ireland once again afflicted by poverty and British invasion.
C10Q69: As the oceans once more subside a new species of man begins.
C10Q70: New species of man evolves as floodwaters decline and the earth is reborn.
C10Q71: New men will be considered Gods and the seas freeze over.
C10Q72: The King of Terror a mankind-induced menace from the sky.
C10Q73: NOur era's scorn recognised as a trigger for disaster.
C10Q74: The story of the percipient species of man begins.
C10Q75: A Christ like figure cloned from relics in India as asteroids fall.
C10Q76: Nostradamus' poem sounds reflect the different stories as oceans deepen
C10Q77: Deaths and burials where misting agents are used to purify the air.
C10Q78: The revolution removing absurdities in religious stories.
C10Q79: The story of Henry IV also acts as a cover for coding methods.
C10Q80: Gates of Paradise and the price of entry for predatory warriors.
C10Q81: Illegal removal of corpses from crematoria causes deadly disease.
C10Q82: Opponents of the new species of man attack their seed vaults.
C10Q83: Ships designed to carry corpses are attacked by protestors.
C10Q84:  Religious arguments embroil those whose belief Nostradamus shared.
C10Q85: The new apes use mental powers to obtain their release when captured.
C10Q86: The new apes are often albinos with red eyes whose mental powers make them militarily invincible.
C10Q87: Paranoia over radioelements is overruled to enable cloning.
C10Q88: Radioelements endorsed to fulfil naive dreams of saving oceans.
C10Q89: Utopian conditions mislead people into believing in renewal of the Earth's abundance.
C10Q90: The inhumanity of Earthmen revealed as leaders order chemical attacks on their citizens.
C10Q91:  N's views on the changing astronomic landscape in the seventeenth century.
C10Q92: Ideologues use genetic tools to achieve ethnic goals.
C10Q93: The Earth undergoes heat and cold causing cities and pastures to be relocated.
C10Q94: The 21st century rejects Nostradamus' visions of man's future.
C10Q95: Arabia female linked to Christ's ressurrection bears a king that conquers Spain.
C10Q96: A Sunni sect with the Name of the Seas lets loose a nautical infection.
C10Q97: Protestors are captured, fattened and sold for profits to North Sea traders.
C10Q98: A queen depends on ruffians who have killed her majestic lover.
C10Q99: The inhumanity of Earthmen revealed as leaders order chemical attacks on their citizen.
C10R00: Nostradamus treatment of the constraints his patrons religious embargoes imposed.



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