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Nostradamus C10 Q75: Christ like figure cloned from relics in India during asteroid strike
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

List of verses in Nostradamus Fire in Sky seriesThis verse takes a place in the series on Fire from the sky because of its containing one of the anagrams for asteroid  and doing so as part of an adjacent sequence that portrays such an event. This sequence in the second line implies European lands asteroid appear (in reverse order: e appar - oiſtra De- dans l - urope en A).

There are many aspects in the text of C10 Q75 that make it a logical part of the trail describing Fire in the Sky but  there is one thread more compelling than any other that causes me to pair it with C6 Q44 since this verse has anagram clusters and wording in its text from which it is possible to see the impact of an asteroid on specific parts and infrastructure of European landscapes.  The type of damage, the involvement of Russia in attacks on Europe after the asteroid strike, the destruction of airfields and nuclear hazards are part of that paired verse.

All of this is consistent with C10 Q75s contribution to defining Nostradamus' message trail but it also presents a very different aspect that also arises out of asteroid strikes. In this case it is implied that such a strike  produces the temperament at a unique time in human history when humans are capable of making long held dreams happen. That is what underlies the message in C10 Q75.

Nostradamus C10 Q75 Aapep Asteroid European airports YesusAs presented in this verse these concepts are consistent with the major story line about the emergence of such a Christ figure shown in earlier and adjacent parts of my trail.

The text of this verse makes the point that this awaited person is expected for a long period by followers who mistakenly believe he will appear in Europe.

The anagrams of this verse suggest that although the tale of the new Christ figure parallels that of Jesus it is in reality the results of cloning based on DNA found in Jesus-branded relics. There are also clues as to where this occurs both in the text and the anagrams and they lead to a region in India close to the Himalayas (such as Achad).

#Jamadar: Indian military officer
#Jamatsani: Himalayan plant.
#Aapep: same as Apep and Apophis, Gk God name now used for an asteroid.
#Amanitas: name of magic mushrooms.
Long awaited he will never return
In Europe, he will appear in Asia:
One of the league issued from the great Hermes,
And he will grow over all the Kings of the East..
Tant attendu ne reuiendra jamais
Dedans l'Europe en Aſie apparoiſtra
Vn de la ligue yſſu du grand Hermes
Et ſur tous roys des orientz croiſtra.
  1. jamadar [ Indian military officer] aTtains><unentered jamaTsani [Himalayan plant] ruined><attendant reneuu><jar amanitas>
  2. <apep is European><lands aSteroid appear><StanDardise rule> <European airportS lanes Dead><apep reopen unsEaled raDiators>appraiSe ratios>
  3. <yeSuS guile enslaVed Hermand drug><~unVillaged Herdsmen guard yeSus~><enslaVed guile Hand yeSuS drug> 
  4. <uuorst traitoreSS rosy desertion><~ostracizer indorses yours to trust~><reSuScitator routs rosy> racEriotS uttErs / truESt StaturE
  1. Jamadar, Jamatsani, standardise, European, enslaved, Hermand, unvillaged, herdsmen, trust, traitoress, ostracizer, resuscitator
  2. Hermes, Amanitas,
  3. attendant, radiators, indorses, ajar,
  4. attains, unentered, allied, Syros,
  5. asteroid, starroute, desertion, stamina,
  6. re-open, appraise, utters / truest, race-riots
  7. reneuu (uu=w), Yesus
  8. Europeans, stature
  9. hand, yours, Yesod, ajam,
  10. unsealed, attuned / taunted, jam,
  11. harden
  12. darted / traded,
  13. unseal
  14. -
  15. uuorst (uu=w), Aapep,
  16. -
  17. triads, dyes,
  18. stouter, vends,
  19. guile
  20. astride / tirades,
  21. taints,
  22. Europe, airports, herd,
  23. -.

Jamadar, herdsmen, standardise, Jamatsani, Amanitas, resuscitator, enslave, European, traitoress, desertion, attendant, Aapep, asteroid, star-route, radiators, re-eopen, stature, appraise, your, hands, unsealed, worst, ostracizer, unentered, raceriots, Hermes, stamina, attuned, attains, airports, Syros, utters, truest, guile, renew, Yesus, Yesod.

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