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Nostradamus C6 Q44: Impact of asteroids on Paris Russia and Arabia
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

List of verses in Nostradamus Fire in Sky seriesThe verses connected to fire in the sky form one of the most dramatic themes of those found in Nostradamus' Prophecies. At the textual and anagram level there is unity in this fiery scheme but the anagrams deliver powerful aspects of that tale. As in many others it is implied that asteroids disrupt life by bringing diseases with them. This is also true of C6 Q44 since it has anagram clusters and wording in its text from which it is possible to see the impact of an asteroid on specific parts and infrastructure of European land. 

Nostradamus C6 Q44 Aapep Asteroid ordinates Russian airportsSpecifically the text relates to a war scenario involving Europe and the Middle East while the anagrams form two powerful clusters relevant to this century. The first anagram cluster is based on an asteroid called Apapis and these are the focus point for the event bringing destruction to the landscapes of Russia, France and Germany. According to the text it also triggers mutation events

This pattern  then provides the reason why I link this verse to C10 Q75 since that verse holds an adjacent sequence of anagrams in its second line that implies European lands asteroid appear (in reverse order: e appar - oiſtra De- dans l - urope en A).

 There are many other aspects that provide cohesion in this verse's anagrams  and one of note involves Russians, Tzar, annexes, landscapes and outcries. Given its past and present actions it is not hard to see that nation using the chaos of an asteroid strike to opportunistically attack its European neighbors..

By night the Rainbow will appear for Nantes,
By marine arts they will stir up rain:
In the Gulf of Arabia a great fleet will plunge to the bottom
In Saxony a monster will be born of a bear and a sow.
De nuict par Nantes L ris apparoistra
Des artz marins ſuſciteront la pluye
Arabiq goulfre grand classe parfondra
Vn monſtre en Saxe naiſtra d'ours et truye.
  1. <paris airports LaNterns inDuce pact><paris LaNterns supraorDinate pact><apapis asteroiD> <appressoriaL (fungal pathogen)><raDiators><paraLipses (emphasise by ignoring)>
  2. <ruSSians contrite><tzar ScrutiniSes pall not arm><~yule plant outcrieS armz traDes Sins~><countrieS Sins> <rotten pall>tolerant
  3. <Arabia frond foul grander landscapes ><profaned class danger><qabir A radon glou>
  4. <~monS (Saxony) enVy truest axeS Saint ardour enter~><truest enVy dour monSter annexeS aStria><Venom enterS radiantS axeS routes>eaStern ornateneSS
1: appressorial, landscapes, paralipses, Russians, annexes,
2: supraordinate, scrutinises, Russian, Arabia, armz,
3: radiators, scandals, profaned, Apapis, axes,
4: countries, outcries, tolerant, profanes, lanterns, venom,
5: contrite, asteroid, realists, profane, relists, ardour, Qabir,
6: ornateness, tortures, dartois, truest / utters, Tzar / ztar,
7: spear of, cuss,
8: ordinates, envy,
9: utter, radar,
10: scandal, classed, spiral, Nisus / sinus,
11: frond,
12: radiants, aroused, dearest,
13: liars,
14: detours, plant, foul,
15: entrails / latrines,
16: lLepuy,
17: Israels, triads (2x),
18: stouter,
19: -
20: astride / tirades,
21: -
22: airports, erotic.

Paris, Russians, Arabia, landscapes, Apapis, asteroid, supraordinate, scrutinises, apprsssional, radiators, lantern, spear of, Tzar, scandal, venom, profaned, countries, tolerant, axes, contrite, realist, utters, ornatenes, envy, fouler, radiants, outcries, tortures, aroused, liars, Israels, airports, triads, astride.


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