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Nostradamus C2 Q43: Essenic anagram linked to genetic breeding of humans in 22nd Century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In C2 Q43 there is a strongly unifying stream of astronomic reference provided by anagrams such as constellatile wheel appear turned (ant l'eſtoille c- heuelu- e appar- e- nte Dur) and timeless (mis Les s), number (mbre vn) that provide dating for the story and this is consistent with events of the later 21st century as described in many of my papers on Nostradamus' Prophecies.

There are other sephirotic-style links between the verse such as that provided by the anagram for Princess that help bind the story into a well detailed account of a series of related events.

The anagrams providing the details essential to understanding the text include:

resultant constellatile wheel appear turned
Durant l'eſtoille cheuelue apparente

sentimentalises garrison timeless stories Essenic princesses seafronts inseminate

Les trois grans princes ſeront faits ennemis

after Apep papers used specialist err fluent meter emul
Frappes du ciel paix terre tremulente

it imparts AUT number and presents sunset temblor
(earthquake) troubles problemist
Pau Timbre vn dans ſerpent ſus le bort mis.
During the appearance of the bearded star.
The three great princes will be made enemies:
Struck from the sky, peace earth quaking,
Po, Tiber overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore.

Durant l'eſtoille cheuelue apparente
Les trois grans princes ſeront faits ennemis
Frappes du ciel paix terre tremulente
Pau Timbre vn dans ſerpent ſus le bort mis.

This verse is part of a series involving verses with an anagram for Essenic- C2 Q43, C2 Q71, C7 Q34, C8 Q24, and C9 Q26.

There are only five verses where the anagram for Essenic can be found in Nostradamus' Prophecies and together they reinforce the theme of sexual intervention in the genetic stream being promulgated by religious groups to the ultimate disadvantage of themselves and the world. Yet little of this is readily seen in the visible text of the verses. Their gentle hints only take on meaning via their sephoritic (linked cipher) streams of anagrams found within their text. Although the text doesn't declare this message openly there is not one that contradicts its possibility. Below I present the translated versions of each of these verses before showing what the original text hides

During the appearance of the bearded star.
The three great princes will be made enemies:
Struck from the sky, peace earth quaking,
Po, Tiber overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore.
The exiles will come into Sicily
To deliver from hunger the strange nation:
At daybreak the Celts will fail them:
Life remains by reason: the King joins.
The French nation will be in great grief,
vain and lighthearted, they will believe rash things
No bread, salt, wine nor water, venom nor ale,
the greater one captured, hunger, cold and want.
The lieutenant at the door of the house,
will knock down the great man of Perpignan.
Thinking to save himself at Montpertuis,
the bastard of Lusignan will be deceived.
Departed by the bitter letters the surname of Nice
The great Cappe will present something, not his own
Near Voltai at the wall of the green columns,
After Piombino the wind in good earnest.

The Essenic theme behind these verses is one of many strong examples of how detail is tied into the anagrams using the Sephirot (Tree of Life) coding method. Two verses hold alternate names for the Essenes in lines independent of the word Essenic. Verse C.7 Q.34 holds Gaulonite/s  which is a name applied to the Zealots of North Galilee, a branch of the Essenes, a non-peace group of which it is claimed, Jesus' brother Judas was the founder. Verse C.9 Q.26 has anagrams for Essenoi, Esseni and Essenian at the end of the fourth line while the anagram for Essenic is in its first line while in the second line of the current verse that same anagram contributes toa sequence saying Essenic front stories sprang ( es trois - grans pr- inces ſe- ront f). These Essenic terms are ones that ancient writers using different languages coined when naming the cult we call the Essenes. The languages used by these ancient writers conform to the geographic pattern in these verses.

  1. <resuLtant uuheel tenD to appear><conStellatile uuheel appear turneD><apep cell returneD a Stellation (extended polygon) uuheel>
  2. <eSsenic front sentimentaLises><sLim princeSs fenestration (creates opening) stories rang> <timeLess norSe sent princess faint roarings> <Lest garrison inseminate princeSses front>
  3. <aFter lune meter err><apep luciFer-seed>
  4. <temblor (earthquake) Stuns Serpens and><iT imParts v-number><and Ss preSent troubleS>
1: sentimentalises, constellatile, fenestration, problemist, stellation, inseminate, resultant, nvmber,
2: pastorium, refluent, terbium, returned, stuns,
3: enraptured, princesses, celloist, garrison, roarings, Seleucid, timeless, bustles, presents / serpents, timber, uuheel,
4: atropism, imports, apparent, temblor, imparts, roubles,
5: troubles, relists, Essenic, papule,
6: seafronts, unrelated / unaltered, princess, scud,
7: tussle,
8: blouses, sunset, 
9: sprang, lobes,
10: talents, pupae, taxi,
11: seafront, serpens,
12: parented, fiats, Apeps, trim, verb,
13: Perseans, toils, exit,
14: afront, smiles,
15: vnder, Aapep,
16: respans, intense, dupes,
17: princes, Euclid, turned,
18: forsent, present / serpent, Timor,
19: -,
20: blues,
21: -,
22: faint,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

problemist, sentimentalises, constellatile, wheel, fenestration, stellation, inseminate, resultant, number, enraptured, princesses, garrison, celloist, roarings, Seleucid, timeless, bustles, presents / serpents, timber, apparent, temblor, troubles, relists, Essenic, seafronts.



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