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Nostradamus C9 Q26: The Essene model for sexual practices is adopted in Europe.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is part of a series involving verses with an anagram for Essenic- C2 Q43, C2 Q71, C7 Q34, C8 Q24, and C9 Q26.

This verse relates to the creation of a new inquisitor who comes down hard upon those lands where mutation is most rife.

The anagrams giving the frame for this verse include:

Essenic esoteric stories routines mourned modern Persian princesses models reset apes sparse intercourses
Nice ſortie ſur nom des letres aſpres

Algerians Graal encapped free fear present serpent intones
La grande cappe fera present non sien

vult[u]red corpse heed echo truly swarm verdures drums creates space aspect
Proche de vultry aux murs de vertes capres

Essenian Essenoi Persian papers limbo problems propels Sapiens mob in Levantine boat
Apres plombin le vent a bon eſſien.
Departed by the bitter letters the surname of Nice
The great Cappe will present something, not his own
Near Voltai at the wall of the green columns,
After Piombino the wind in good earnest.
Nice ſortie ſur nom des letres aſpres
La grande cappe fera present non sien
Proche de vultry aux murs de vertes capres
pres plombin le vent a bon eſſien.
  1. <eSseNic Sparse letr modes><priNceSS trio models eaSters runeS><perSiaNs modern leters courteSies><relates iNtercourSeS modes in preSs><Nice StorieS mourned><aS preceSsioN trieS mourned leters><NecroSis [decay] routineS>
  2. <fear apep serpent carnaged non present Lines> <aLgerian son encapped present fear><graaL encapped present fear><garLand>
  3. <Papers secret chore>
  4. <line problems><mob in levent><propels An eSSenoi boat><perSiAn poles levantine bones>.<persiAn ones inventable><even propels eSSeniAn boat>


1: intercourses, inventable, revouched, courtesies, Levantine, problems, encapped, 
2: Nostredame-rules, San-Benitos, precession, Algerians, molested, verdures, mourned, propels,
3: interprocess, princesses, monsieur, limbo, truly,
4: sapropel, Algerian, capped, Essenoi, caped,
5: necrosis, esoteric, Essenian, models, Essenic, boat,
6: Princess,
7: deleters, sapiens, sincere, served,
8: carnaged, Nemours, cronies, echoed,
9: prechose, mourns, Levent,
10: modern,
11: routines,
12: bones,
13: realign, aspect, epacts,
14: mourn,
15: Persians (2 times), ochred, entones, nieces,
16: respans, creates, modes, capes / space,
17: princes, demons,
18: repasses, present / serpent,
19: eldest, elven,
20: sector,
21: pressed, quilt,
22: capers / pacers / sparce / scrape, caps,
23: crops,

Levantine, intercourses, problems, encapped, Nostredame-rules, San Benitos, precessio, molested, Algerians, verdures, mourned, propels, princesses, interprocess, monsieur, truly, limbo, Essenoi, Essenian, esoteric, necrosis, esoteric, models, Essenic, boat, sincere, served, Sapiens , prechose, carnaged ,modern, routines, bones, realign, aspect, Persians, entones, creates, modes, space, demons, eldest, sector, pressed. crops.



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