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Nostradamus C2 Q40: Superape from Africa brings tragic tumult to Europe
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb2023

List of verses in Superape seriesAt the end of this century Nostradamus foresaw great mutational changes that include vast floods and fire from the sky. Beyond that his work consistently leads to a conclusion that a new type of man evolves but his arrival won't be welcomed by the remnants of our species.

It is notable that the first two lines of text in this verse can be read as start of a new species that upsets humankind. It is of course an indirect reference at best but it is improbable that it would be anything clearer. Even today we have no name for the inevitable creature that will one day lead to the demise of our species. The closest term for our times is superape which is only found in modern fiction. However it is a term found as an anagram in the first line of this verse.

Nostradamus verse C2 Q40 african seafarer origin of European Superape In the anagrams of the verse there is an identification of regions and a reference to Tellurian (interuall) which refers to an inhabitant of earth. The anagram for super-ape (peu apres) reinforces the idea of earthly creatures rather than human ones as the animals mentioned in the fourth line of text. Nostradamus wording indicates these animals cause great insult to man. The story built from this verse and others that are linked to it is progenyof a new human-like species or geniture (ngue inter)  which emerge out of Africa (ra faic). Anagrams for  repulsion (i plus ſeron)  and mania(anima)  imply they aren't welome by Europeans (eu apres no)  and  the peoples of other nations.

This particular verse's anagrams  play a very powerful role in defining the origin and nature of the species that is at the heart of Nostradamus' visions for the coming century. It is for this reason as well as both containing anagrams for geniture that guides my selecting this as the partner for C6 Q18 in the superape series.

Data Section

Shortly afterwards, without a very long interval,
By sea and land a great uproar will be raised:
Naval battle will be very much greater,
Fires, animals, those who will cause greater insult.
Vn peu apres non point longue interualle
Par mer et terre ſera faict grand tumulte
Beaucoup plus grande ſera pugne n'aualle
Feux animaux qui plus ſeront d'inſulte.
  1. <superape uterine non long point><gun Uueap-on reunite all person><uuaterline long point><all reunite gun lotion> tellurian (earthly being) geniture europeans uuinterage uranite pauper pupae
  2. <grand cafeteriaS tumult><tracing Seafarer><Seer grant africa><temPlar tetter><and fearS tragic tumult><see afar>
  3. <dangers Be prague pulpS a couu><allan-uuebe-populace> panurgeS [knaves] unpreSaged perSuade laBel
  4. <~uxa (USA) main Fuxe torn uSes quip unliSted / inSulted~><userS don't Fuxe utenSil> <int'nd repulSions>
1: Tellurian, tracing, seafarer,
2: tragic, uuinterage,
3: repulsions, uuater-line, unlisted, Panurges,
4: geniture, Pergaeus, Leuanael, tumult, lotion,
5: unpresaged, insult, auxin,
6: populus, Superape, Templar, allure,
7: cafeterias, utensil, Panurge, flute,
8: Europeans, label,
9: sporules,
10: tamperer, Linus, pupae,
11: Africa, reunite / uterine,
12: pauper, fleet, lust,
13: tamper,
14: Prague,
15: -,
16: Uranite,
17: -,
18: -,
19: daunt, mania, teeter, left / felt,
20: -,
21: -,
22: -,
23: -.

Tellurian, seafarer, tracing, tragic, winterage, repulsions, unlisted, water-line, insulted, cafeterias, utensil, Panurges, geniture, Europeans, label, Super-ape, tumult, unpresaged, auxin, tamperer, insult, pupae, sporules, Prague, re-unite, Africa, pauper, fleet, lust, uranite, mania, felt, teeter.


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