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N's Life Paper on Comets

Pepys' Great Comet
Comets in 21st Century

Dating of Sky Objects

Apophis: Asteroid with the power to strike the Earth.
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Lucifer, Apophis Apep, Aapep, Apepi(Egyptian) or Apophis(Coptic Greek)  was an evil god in Egyptian mythology,the deification of darkness and chaos and thus the opponent of light and order/truth, whose existence was believed in from the 8th dynasty onwards.

As the personification of all that was evil, Apep was seen as a giant snake, serpent or dragon, leading to such titles as Serpent from the Nile and Evil Lizard.

Apep has his equivalent in the Judaic, Islamic, Christian tradition of Lucifer who is the contra-indicator to the Sun.

Apophis as  Lucifer-Apep.

One of the distinctive terms repeatedly used by Nostradamus in his Prophecies is du ciel frappe meaning struck from the sky. I believe this phrase is a cipher containing its relevance in the anagrams hidden in it. From it emerges Lucifer-Apep (ucielfr appe) as an adjacent set of anagrams that directs our attention to the celestial body Apophis in its manifestations as asteroids, meteorites or comets and as fire from the sky.

The twin naming (Lucifer and Apep) can clearly be linked to Apophis from our knowledge of the alternate names for the evil gods. But there is another aspect and it is that Apep is seen by ancient Egyptians as a snake and the word frappe meaning strike can easily be seen as applicable to that animal. Moreover Nostradamus introduces the word frappe into a total of twelve verses and of these many cover the series of verses about fire striking from the sky.

 Three of the verses where Nostradamus uses frappe are those where du ciel precedes that word but in several others the word ciel for sky is found in other lines of the same verse. When these verses are examined as a group several other themes are found to be consistent all of which implies that these tell an important part of one of Nostradamus' stories.

The choice of the phrase du ciel frappe is deeply meaningful and at another level its anagrams reinforce its importance to Nostradamus since they hold life paper (ielf rappe). This site is presented to show where the evidence for my claims is found.

 C1 Q27

DeSSouz de chaine Guien du ciel frappe
Non loing de la eSt cache le treSor
Qui par longs Siecles auoit eSte grappe
Trouue mourra, l'oeil creue de reSSort
Beneath the oak tree of Guien struck from the sky
the treasure is hidden not far from there.
That which for many centuries had been gathered,
when found, a man will die, his eye pierced by a spear

Reading this verse we can begin to see allusions to a life paper especially in lines two and three.

The third line hides the message Paper  get(s) site (iteS teg rappe) equiPolar signs (peQui parlo ngsSi). At the turn of the next century we have the great rotation of celestial signs as the Polestar gets closest to the North Pole and then begins to move away thus giving relevance to Nostradamus writings describing the gathering of the planets at the time the Polar sign reaches its apex.

Thus both the text and the hidden anagrams in the third line give strength to an astronomic setting around 2100CE. This is the story that underlies my papers on Nostradamus' great mutations and Fire in the sky.

The first lines sequences gives a cryptic confirmation since it contains Lucifer Apep ( ucielfr appe) induce life paper (ienduc ielf rappe) espoused zed (peSessou zde) each genuine (peSessou zde echa neguien) include Apep figure (nduciel Guie-fr appe).

There is more in this verse but it does not deal with the topic of this paper. Once again these anagrams have a rarity that defies their being merely the product of a fertile mind.

 Include occurs only here while polar-signs has only one other occurrence and of the other anagrams Lucifer, espoused and genuine have no more than three other occurrences. The mythology of the Slavic lands such as Siberia, Croatia and Montenegro associated their highest god, Perun, with thunder and lightning as well as the oak tree and a sky of stone and this too is likely to be relevant since we already have reason to note this verses reliance on mythology.

By this means the first line of the verse raises the possibility that the place where this happens is on the eastern lands alongside the Adriatic Sea. There is evidence in other verses to support this idea.

Nostradamus' life paper on Comets

    C2 Q27

Le diuin verbe Sera du ciel frappe
Qui ne pourra proceder plus auant
Du reSerant le Secret eStoupe
Qu'on marchera par deSSus et deuant
The divine word will be struck from the sky,
One who cannot proceed any further:
The secret closed with the revelation,
Such that they will march over and ahead.

This verse has a tone that is distinctly related to those involved in encoding material and from the struck from the sky allusion its topic is linked to Apep and Lucifer. Using the same methods as I employ in every analysis there is a central message able to be found in the anagrams and such a method amplifies and reinforces the visible words as shown below where anagrams from the first three lines are shown.

  1. Lucifer Apep Devil(Lediu) crusade in life paper 
  2. Open our antique Paulus Creed (and) quaint laws proceed
  3. Seer eternal secret select out test

The biblical passage known as Paul's Creed begins in Corinthians 15:12  with “How can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead?”. This same theme arises constantly in Nostradamus hidden messages and manifests itself as a tradition of Southern France whereby Christ's lineage was believed to be present in the Merovingian kings.

At this point I want to introduce a verse that is not part of the struck from the sky series. The reason for this is that the earlier entries are consistently showing links to Nostradamus' writing of his stories. A link to the verse I am about to present is provided by the name 'tempter' which is an alias used for Lucifer. In the following verse it is found in the third line as pte trem. It is only found  in two other verses.

C2 Q86

Naufrage a claSSe pres d'onde Hadriatique
La terre tremble eSmeue Sus l'air en terre mis
Egypte tremble augment Mahometique
L'Herault Soy rendre a crier eSt commis.
Shipwrecked a class (fleet?) too near the Adriatic wave:
and trembles stirred uinto the air then put into ground.
Egypt trembles Mahometan increase,
The Herald surrendering himself is appointed to cry out.

The above verse offers a fair description of  the effects of a large tsunami-generating earthquake off the coasts of Montenegro, Croatia and Italy. This is an event that takes over some of the verses describing the striking of the Earth by an object in the sky.

The above verse also offers a remarkable insight in its fourth line. The text of the line hints at its content and shows an immediate connection to the earlier verses. It implies that Nostradamus as the herald has given way to temptation because of a desire to declare himself.

Uuntil the analysis of this line I have confined myself almost entirely to whole anagrams but here I want to show a split anagram I found very early in my work. A split anagram occurs in two parts of a line and although it increases the frequency with which  anagrams can be found it  still offers a very limited number. In this instance the split anagram only occurs here.

The lettering used for Michel Nostredame, the name under which Nostradamus grew up, is highlighted in the following aggregation of the letters in the line lheraultsoyrENDREAcrieresTCOMMISLHEra.

Immediately to the left of the first capitalized section is a whole anagram of story (tSoyr) which is one of ten occurrence in the prophecies. Also the whole anagrams that are rarest in this verse show those properties of relevance that are consistently found throughout this and other series. There  is esoteric(hidden) layouts carried comets story (iereStco aultSoy dreacri eStcom tSoyr) suggesting that in the hidden message of the anagrams the story of comets is unfolded and that this verse is one dedicated to that purpose. These words occur 5,1,2, 6 and 10 times respectively in the prophecies so in the main they are very rare.

There is one other feature of note; the whole anagram for commits has only one other occurrence in the Prophecies. And the herald who commits to the story has by this cryptic means been named as MICHEL NOSTREDAME and his story has been identified as the tale of a comet.

C2 Q56

Que peSte et glaiue n'a Sceu definer
Mort dans le puys Sommet du ciel frappe
L'abbe mourra quand verra ruiner
Ceux du naufrage l'eScueil voulant grapper
One whom neither plague nor steel knew how to finish
Death on summit ofhills struck from the sky
The abbot will die when he will see ruined
Those shipwrecked wishing to seize the rock.

The above verse has many connections to the preceding ones, it not only contains the struck from the sky linkage but it repeats the image of a wreck involving religious persons.

 Nostradamus uses the term naufrage meaning shipwreck only four times, yet two of these verses appear to hold variants of Nostradamus name. In C2 Q56 the anagrams forming life paper (ielf rappe) are followed by Nostredam (eMortdans).

In the previous verse I showed that it told Michel Nostredame's story about comets and a large earth-strike generating earthquakes and a tsunami. In the event of the earth being struck by a comet it would be reasonable to expect there might be Death on the summit of those hills struck from the sky as well as the events of the last two lines.

By this revelation we possibly can see a basis for the usage of the word naufrage in these two verses for contained in it is an anagram for Rafuna (nuafra) which is the name used for a very small village on a mountain ridge in Serbia. Rafuna is about 150 kilometres inland from the Adriatic Sea and it is possibly this point where the celestial object impacts the Earth and the spot where the earth first lifts then sinks into the surrounds. 

Other anagrams offer snippets that offer directions for further developing this thread.

  • 'Define cause'.. 'enquire feud'
  • 'Deceitful paper dormant'  'poem strand'  'Lucifer Apep'  Yssus 
  • Armour ruin rabble
  • 'evil clues'   'paper grant' 'Apeexcur (=extend)' 

Allusion to Pepys' Great Comet

The next verse does not mention the sky but highlights the cause by saying Struck by Mars through the engraved rod. I believe this is an important change where Nostradamus demonstrated the integrity with which he wrote his work since it is possible to make sense of the verse by treating it as a historical record of an astronomic event.

"The Astronomic calculations are given to the best of my knowledge because the space of times of our first ones, those who came before us,  are handed to me needing the correction of my own healthier judgement."   Nostradamus' Epistle  to Henry 1558.

 C4 Q33

Jupiter joinct plus Venus qu'a la Lune
Apparoissant de plenitude blanche
Venus cachee Souz la blancheur Neptune
De Mars frappee par la grauee branche
Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon
Appearing with white fullness
Venus; and hidden under the whiteness is Neptune
Struck by Mars through the engraved rod.

The first aspect of note is that the planetary choice accords well with the imagery emerging from Nostradamus' story of a fiery object from the sky striking the earth with the result that tsunami's floods and earthquakes occur. In this instance the imagery is in the Gods name by which each planet is known.  Jupiter is the god of thunder and lightning strikes, Venus is linked to the Morning Star's name of Lucifer and hence the asteroid Aapep, Neptune is the God of the seas and Mars was called by the Greeks the fiery planet. 

And if we take this verse as describing an actual sky event it can set a precise date for us to research. It can be read as saying when Jupiter is close to Venus but not covered by it there is also the hard-to-see planet Neptune. At the same time the nearby Mars will be about to set thereby striking the horizon with its rod. It states very precisely that the moon is not nearby and by its absence Saturn is far away.

With this interpretation there is only one time in the period 1BC to 2200BC when all these settings are true. The date is sunset on Thursday 15th 1664 (see sky pictures below. On this same date Samuel Pepys reported on the appearance of another stellar event, the first noticing of what was called the Great Comet of 1664-1665.

great comet

Excerpt from Pepys' Diary: Thursday 15 December 1664
 'So to the Coffeehouse, where great talke of the Comet seen in several places; and among our men at sea."

Stars in 1664

Planets (toright)  joined at sunset 15.12.1664

Great Comet toright and planets in Sag 15.12.1664

Although there is no reference to comet in the verse's text its unequivocal identification of the date when the Great Comet appeared offers a compelling reason to believe that was its intent.

But of course in so doing we either have to believe this is all coincidental or ignore that it seems impossible for Nostradamus in 1555 to have written accurately about an object that was not identified by astronomers until 1846. The only way it makes sense is if Nostradamus did see the future and encoded it in exactly the manner he described in his Epistle of 1558.

"And for this (reason), Sire, by this discourse I present these predictions with confusion as to when they will be and the event involved for the enumeration of time that follows has no more than a little consistency in it..  Much that is superior is seen to be astronomical and is the same as in other sacred writings,  using both means I can not fail at all. If I had wanted I could have put the enumeration of time in each quatrain. I might do this but not all would appreciate it, not least those interpreting them. " ... Nostradamus Epistle 1558(HEE19a)

Relevance to this Century

Now the point of a verse highlighting the Great Comet can't be to helus calculate a return date in the future since this particular comet is of the parabolic type and so is not periodic and will never return.

Of some relevance is that there can't be a date set by a prophecy unless it is about inescapable destiny (otherwise an impossible paradox would occur).

Nostradamus refers to verses of the type of verse above as serving to enumerate times and from this we can conclude that the events to which this points is at an indeterminable time when another great comet of the parabolic type passes through our galaxy. 

However the verse has been set uin such a way that it points to a clear number and that is 1664 or 1665. Keein mind Nostradamus statement: I almost bring confusion to these predictions, and when they are seen as being for the advancement of what is placed herein, for enumerating of times which follow, what seems of no use, or little good , changes to a superior model, all of which  is seen by Astronomic ideas, but by others are seen the same as the Sacred Scriptures.

There is good reason to believe we are looking for a sky object and an asteroid in particular. Asteroids are given a number known as their designation and the asteroid that bears the number 1664 is 1664 Felix . This asteroid has an orbit of 10.6 years. It is mainly made of iron and has a mass of 5.5 million million tonnes. However while it retains its present orbit it poses no threat to the Earth. So this is a remote possibility as a candidate but only once the event is underway will we be able to understand the relevance of that number to whatever comet fulfills the verse.

There is no way that I can analyse Nostradamus' work and deliver a prophecy with both the name of the place where it happens and the objects involved for this would go against nature. However what I can conclude is that late in this century a non-periodic great comet will appear and in its traversing of the sky it will cause various asteroids to deviate from their courses. There will be a sequence of objects of large size falling in the lands surrounding the Adriatic and off the western coast of France. So great will be their impact that severe tsunamis and earthquakes will follow with a great sub sidence of the land masses of Europe with the sea then covering them up to a level of 200 metres higher than today.

These objects will deliver new DNA into the oceans which will will trigger the next major set of evolutionary steps upon this earth.  So my work is not without detail it is just that it can't be of a nature that enables people to stoits happening.

The celestial precision in Nostradamus' Story

In my paper on Fire in the Sky I discussed several verses that also talk of the themes raised above. I don't intend to discuss them in detail once again but instead I show them in summary form below.

C1 Q46

  Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky
for three nights
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvelous
A short time afterwards the earth will tremble
Tout au pres d'aux de Lestore et Mirande
Grand feu du ciel entrois nuicts tumbera
Cause aduiendra bien stupende et mirande
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera

Hidden in the first line of this verse we have one of the two occurrences of an anagram for meteorites (estoretMir), a truly apt bit of additional information. But in the line is also found Meteorites rained spread to remotest ordinate pasture. Both the visible and the hidden words are talking of the extent of an object that falls from the sky.

C2 Q43

  During the appearance of the bearded star.
The three great princes will be made enemies:
struck from the sky, peace earth quaking,
Po, Tiber
overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore.
Durant l'estoille cheuelue apparente
Les trois grans princes seront faits ennemis
Frappes du ciel paix terre tremulente
Pau Timbre vn dans serpent sus le bort mis

Once again the hidden message in the first line ties the above verse to the 2100CE Polestar theme since Resultant constellatile wheel appear turned (w=uu) is found in line one and this fits easily with the turning point of the North Pole.

The fourth line’s hidden content reinforces that the fire-in-the-sky sequence relates to our time since it says it imparts nvmber and presents present troubles.  

In respect of these verses there is good reason to believe the bearded star is the asteroid named Apophis.

The Egyptian god Apophis also known as Apep, Aapep and Apapis was considered to be a serpent-like sky god. The terminology of struck from the sky evokes both a snake-like action and catastrophic debris from outer space. The anagram for Aapep occurs in line 1 and forms a sequence which says Asteroid-tunnel Aapep enter wheel cell. Apophis is one of the most problematic near-earth-asteroids in relation to striking the Earth with early (now discounted) predictions by scientists that it could strike in 2029 or 2036.Predictions after these dates will be affected by the unknown distortions that will  occur during these near misses.

    C6 Q44

De nuict par Nantes L ris apparoistra
Des artz marins SuSciteront la pluye
Arabiq goulfre grand classe parfondra

Vn monStre en Saxe naiStra d'ours et truye.
By night Iris will appear near Nantes
By marine arts the rain is aroused  
In Gulf of Arabia a great fleet plunges to bottom
In Saxony a monster  born of a bear and a sow

In the above verse we have a monster being born in the Saxony region of Germany at a time when there are events in the sky as well as notable rains.

All these things tie in with the great mutations that will occur during the 21st century and have close ties to the verse about comets in the previous section.  

In the visible verse we see a linking of the Middle East to events in Europe . But underneath the verse there are anagrams that confirm the many links to previous verses including asteroids (L.1 oistraDe) and the names of places in Northern and Central Europe such as Paris (L.1 risap), Russia (L.2 arinsSu), Mons (L.4 monS). And there is a significant amount of enhancing detail on the setting in the Middle East via the names Andar (L.3 ndraA) and Qabir (L.3 rabiq).

The first line holds anagrams that can be read as (Asteroid ordinates) (Paris airports induce lanterns pact)  realists induce Israel’s part pact. It also holds Asteroid Apapis induce part lanterns suggesting that it lights uthe sky in some places and darkens it in others.

The Egyptian god Apophis was also known as Apep, Aapeand Apapis.  The anagram for Apapis in this line has modern relevance since Apophis is one of the most problematic near-earth-asteroids in relation to striking the Earth with now discounted predictions by scientists that it could strike in 2029 or 2036.Predictions after these dates are affected by the unknown distortions that will  occur during these near misses. 

The following two verses refer to asteroids and yield more about the names of those involved:

    C10 Q75

Tant attendu ne reuiendra jamais
Dedans l'Europe en Asie apparoistra
Vn de la ligue yssu du grand Hermes
Et sur tous roys des orientz croistra
Long awaited it/he will never return
In Europe , it/he will appear in Asia :
One of the league issued from the great Hermes
And it/he will grow over all the Kings of the East.

The above verse contains an anagram for asteroid  in the second line which offers a complete sequence of adjacent anagrams that say lands asteroid appear is European (dans l - E -urope en A - si -e appar - oistra De).

There is another link to the previous verse provided by the word Hermes. This name is found in the text of the third line and it has been used as the name of an asteroid. The significance of asteroid Hermes is boosted greatly by the nature of its orbit as set out in the following report in NASA Science News.

Hermes approaches Earth's orbit twice every 777 days. Usually our planet is far away when the orbit crossing happens, but in 1937, 1942, 1954, 1974 and 1986, Hermes came harrowingly close to Earth itself. We know about most of these encounters only because Lowell Observatory astronomer Brian Skiff re-discovered Hermes… on Oct. 15, 2003 . Astronomers around the world have been tracking it carefully ever since. Orbit-specialists Steve Chesley and Paul Chodas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have used the new observations to trace Hermes' path backwards in time, and so they identified all the unnoticed flybys.

"It's a little unnerving," says Chodas. "Hermes has sailed by Earth so many times and we didn't even know it."

"Hermes' orbit is the most chaotic of all near-Earth asteroids," he adds. This is because the asteroid is so often tugged by Earth's gravity. Hermes has occasional close encounters with Venus, too. In 1954 the asteroid flew by both planets. "That was a real orbit scrambler," Chodas says. Frequent encounters with Earth and Venus make it hard to forecast Hermes' path much more than a century in advance. The good news is that "Hermes won't approach Earth any closer than about 0.02 AU within the next hundred years." We're safe for now.
Hermes was considered to be a messenger of the Gods so it is entirely appropriate that he should be the reference point for materials coming from the skies. This in turn suggests that the asteroid reference in both verses is a timing mechanism that acts as a signal for the arrival of fire (Hermes) from the sky.

Nostradamus 21stC ciphers for Apophis Apep striking Earth

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