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Nostradamus C4 Q33: Asteroids strike farmlands throughout the month of June.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The form of the verse tells us that it belongs with a group consisting of C4 Q25C4 Q28, C4 Q29, C4 Q30 andC4 Q33 and to the lead verse of the series C2 Q13. Their narrative is meant to be for internal consumption of a small band of his contemporaries and in this group of verses the planets, stars and the parts of the body including the spirit and the soul (ſouz l) are interchangable ciphers referencing members of Nostradamus' sect.

This verse is one of several where Nostradamus uses the image of fire from the sky striking the earth as markers for verses containing the goals for his prophecies. This theme is developed in more detail in my paper called Apophis. The anagrams carry images that are consistent with the fall of an asteroid at a time of unmatched prosperity, an era well-matched to our own. The time and place is identified by the anagrams as West Germany in June while the astronomy in the text invites a comparison to the comet of December 1664. The full resolution of the future date isn't set out in this particular verse and is reliant on the links to verses carrying the same clusters of anagrams.

The anagrams providing the story line on which later prophecies build include:

sun [e]quals all June introject plutonics venu[e]s
Jupiter joinct plus Venus qu'a la Lune

Apep appear Saints desperations planet united inapproachable adroitness
Apparoissant de plenitude blanche

uneven venues sun caches zealous souls banal rune relaunch pen tune
Venus cachee ſouz la blancheur Neptune

farmers dreams Apep appear graal grave bear encharmed
De Mars frappee par la grauee branche.
Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon
Appearing with white fullness:
Venus hidden under the whiteness of Neptune
Struck by Mars through the engraved rod.
Jupiter joinct plus Venus qu'a la Lune
Apparoissant de plenitude blanche
Venus cachee ſouz la blancheur Neptune
De Mars frappee par la grauee branche.
L1: <aLl June jupiter Venus plutonic (molten rock)> <injector pit June>unequals introject join

L2: <~inApproachable plenitude stands~><Apep in untabled asteroid-planes><Appeach (accused) untabled> <line Apep dispensator debut> Appear Aachen (W Germany) desperations adroitness aapep arsonist

L3: <caches put uneVen channelure [grooved bullet head]> <peN relaunch tune><each tune zealous peN churnable><unreachabl-e Soulz><banal Soulz>

L4: <farMers branched paler apep><appealer argue bear encharMeD><DreaMs peep far><branched fraMes a paler paper argue>


  1. 'all June', injector, introject, Plutonic, inapproachable, desperations, untabled, plenitude (also as 'plenitude'), channelure, encharmed
  2. equals-sun /unequals, Aachen, dispensator, uneven, launcher, zealous, churnable, farmers, frames
  3. Jupiter (+4 as 'Jupiter'), adroitness, branched, appealer
  4. -
  5. appeach
  6. debut, peep
  7. Venus (+19 as 'Venus'), stands
  8. caches<+2 as 'caches')
  9. -
  10. soulz (z=s)
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. prune, venue,
  15. arsonist, united, banal, Aapep,
  16. join
  17. oasis, bled,
  18. blade, heap,
  19. -
  20. dreams
  21. June
  22. Medea, Bearn
  23. -

all June, Plutonic, inapproachable, desperations, introject, untabled, channelure, encharmed, souls, Aachen, equals-sun, Jupiter, uneven, dispensator, zealous, launcher, frames, farmers, adroitness, branched, Venus, stands, united, prune, Aapep, avenue, banal, arsonist, join, June, dreams.



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