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Nostradamus C04 Q28: The relationship that bound the Prophet's sect.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The form of the verse tells us that it belongs with a group consisting of C4 Q25C4 Q28, C4 Q29, C4 Q30 and C4 Q33 and to the lead verse of the series C2 Q13. Their narrative is meant to be for internal consumption of a small band of his contemporaries and in this group of verses the planets, stars and the parts of the body are interchangable ciphers referencing members of Nostradamus' sect.

The first line of this verse has anagrams for soul oracles wrote which can be linked to Venus and the Sun in the text. In this context the soul is likely Marguerite d' Angouleme, the enlightened queen whose court lay a few kilometres from Agen where Nostradamus once lived for several years. The reference to the Sun becomes her brother King Francis II whose release fom captivity she engineered. The hidden form in the second line is most probably Nostradamus himself, while Mercury may  be Jean Bernuy of Toulouse who was the only one in France to pay the ransom demanded for the King's release. I

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include: 

rule-out queues even sounds are souls loss oracles codes wrote
Lors que Venus du Sol ſera couuert

cult boletus (mushroom) spell ensured measure come from forearms
Soubs l'esplendeur ſera forme occulte

few fuel welfares sacred crusade codes mercature wrote
Mercure au feu les aura deſcouuert

Beirut libel queers Islam armies equaliser insult pubertal ape
Par bruit bellique ſera mis a l'inſulte
When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.
Lors que Venus du Sol ſera couuert
Soubs l'esplendeur ſera forme occulte
Mercure au feu les aura deſcouuert
Par bruit bellique ſera mis a l'inſulte
L1: < suuordleSS Venue couuer a Lot><eVen oracleS qorus ruLeout><touuer Scare / careS Soul> louuercaSe coarSe

L2: <fearS endure boletuS spells><forearm(S) endure(S) / enSured spells><~So subspell come for cult endureS~><sleeps Safer under boletuS cormcule><bless louueSt><~So spleen reUsed far more occult blues~>

L3: <Mercature fleuu ouue sea cruSade><ursae codeS a uuelfare cure><cruSade touuer / feuu uurote a seal recur><touuer Scared usa><codeS auras>

L4: <raPe equaliSer inSult islam><quill eraSe mislain Pubertals><ruPturable quill bite Slain armies><querieS bell aims><quill eraSe islam utenSil bite><reliqueS aims rebuilt><beirut bar unSPelt seer quill ><islam quaereS inSult libel><mislain equaliSer rebuilt> meaSure
1: rupturable, uuater-cooler, suuordless, elder-runes, forearms,
2: louuer-case, mercature, pubertal, uuelfare, spells,
3: uuelfares, uueals,
4: uuar-codes, equaliser, unspelt, louuest, queve,
5: boletus, insult,
6: rebuilt,
7: mislain, ruleout, utensil, spleen, curare,
8: reliques, blouses, crusade, ensured / endures, Beirut, sacred / scared, venues, suds,
9: uuafer, fraser,
10: measure, cult, loss,
11: -
12: souls, from / form, lust,
13: oracles,
14: venue,
15: queries,
16: coutures, quill,
17: -
18: quaeres, losers, recur,
19: auras,
20: Islam, blues,
21: petal / plate, belt,
22: solute, libel, bless,
23: couture (2x).

rupturable, water-cooler, elder-runes, lower-case, spells, pubertal, welfare, lowest, queue, forearms, war-codes, swordless, mercature, equaliser, unspelt, insult, rebuilt, mislain, reliques, boletus, utensil, spleen, curare, blouses, crusade, ensured, Beirut, sacred, venues, ruleout, libel, cult, measure, souls, loss, from, lust, quill, queries, oracles, venue, coutures, auras, recur, Islam, blues, petal, solute, bless, couture, belt.



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