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Nostradamus C1 Q46: Vast Meteorite showers spread nitrous bacteria over wide area
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

Nostradamus on Fire In Sky in 1555 PrefaceThis verse that openly refers to 'Fire from the sky' in its second line contains an anagram for meteoritesList of verses in Nostradamus Fire in Sky series near the end of its first line.  There is only one other that also has this anagram and there are none that hold anagrams of  'meteorite'.

This very high  level of cohesion is also highly informative and  via a moderm term transforms a sixtenth century allusion into a specific type of events for which our century still uses the same words.  For this reason this verse is paired with C5 Q40 in the sky Fire series because it is the other verse with the meteorites anagram.

List of verses in Superape seriesNotably other anagrams in this verse such as barrage, umbrates, remotest, terminated,  nitrous and radiance have relevance to a fiery objects path, contents and effects.

But the current verse also has ties to the superape series since it contains an anagram for superape (peu apres ) in its last line. Now there are only six superape/s anagrams in the verses and they occur in settings that tie in with the environmental settings that accompany the emergence of a new species with powers that lead to mankinnd's demise. In this respect this current verse has another tie for its third line contains an anagram for End Time (nde et_mi).

There are also a series of anagrams that relate to a coordinated effort to reap the harvest from falling objects. Nostradamus C1 Q46 Superape evolves when Fire in Sky Nitrous End TimeThis is conveyed through Mediterrane barrage funded instructions determine remotest time use bacteriums radiance .

The links between the evolution of living things on earth and meeorites is seen by reference to chemicals essential for life

The following extract from Acta Astronautica Vol 5 1978 is an abstract  in Chul Park's report on his computation of Nitric oxide production by the Tunguska meteor of 1908 . It clearly indicates that meteorites can contribute as suggested in the above to the burden of nitric gases formed along the path of a meteorite.

"The nonequilibrium chemical processes of nitric oxide formation are computed for the wake of the Tunguska meteor of 1908. The wake characteristics are derived by carrying out an optically-thick radiation field analysis for ablation of the meteoroid. The wake flow field is approximated by a one-dimensional, well-stirred reactor model. Known characteristics of the Tunguska event are imposed as constraints, and three controlling parameters—chemical composition, density, and velocity—are varied over a range around the values derived by Korobeinikov et al. (1976) and Petrov and Stulov (1975). The calculation shows that at least 19 million tons of nitric oxide is produced between the altitudes of 10 and 50 km. The anomalous atmospheric phenomena following the event are attributed to the reactions involving nitric oxide thus produced and atmospheric oxone. It is speculated that the nitric oxide produced by the event fertilized the area near the fall, causing the observed rapid plant growth."

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous
shortly afterwards ther earth will tremble.
Tout au pres d'aux de Leſtore et Mirande
Grand feu du ciel entrois nuicts tumbera
Cauſe aduiendra bien ſtupende et mirande
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.

L1: <unroTated MeteoriteS Led uxa> <reMoteSt ordinaTe spread deLuxe auto><deLuxe deterMinatotorS pastured ouT>Mediterrane TerMinated

L2: <barraGe funded><instruction(s) must be><arranGed><umbrates [shadows] instructions><nitrous bactteriums>

L3: <end CauSe unpremeditate(d)><and determine><upSet end time><radianCe meet a uSe> <~and unaided urbaniteS deepen timer CauSe~>Serbian

L4: <pauper tales err><Bi pen pleasure retreat><raBble later reterm superape>

1: Mediterrane, bactteriums, instructions, determinators, funded, barrage,
2: meteorites, determine, reterminated, umbrate(s), 
3: end time (only this is separated) determinate, endermatic, letterarr, bramble, unceased, Iuadeus, Iudaeus,
4: urbanites, Bernadin, radiance, remotest, nitrous, unaided, donate,
5: terminated, unrotated, aduances, puniest, rabble, deepen, must,
6: nonsterile, palestrae, superape, Luciene, Dimeter, Iadeus,
7: Aeacus,
8: Mediterane (2x), diameter, emirate (2x), unfed, barge,
9: unraided, puts,
10: Ben-Sira, Serbian, touted, caused, pupae,
11: upset,
12: pastured, arrange, pauper, trim (2x)
13: reblame, retreat,
14: ordinate, pleasure,
15: retard / trader,
16: bard,
17: raiment (2x), Euclid, meteor, remote,
18: plaster /psalter, pasture,
19: eldest, brand,
20: arranged, amber,
21: marble, Erbian (2x),
22: prelates, outed,
23: deluxe,

Key Ideas:

Mediterrane, bacteriums ,instructions funded, urbanised, barrage, determinators, meteorites, umbrates, determine, end time, remotest, nitrous, radiance, unaided, rabble, terminated, Super-Ape, Serbian, pauper, pleasure, ordinate, retreat. 


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