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Nostradamus C2 Q96: Fire from the sky affects World food production in 21stC
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Apr 2023


Nostradamus Prophecies Nuclear VersesThe anagrams of the current verse holds powerful terms such as altered / related / alerted power sources (e tard le - ſecours -pourue),  and radionucleates (ardent au ciel ſo).  Their presence if found in a modern scientific paper would be taken as saying that products from radio-nuclear activity are sufficiently noteworthy as to require notification to appropriate agencies.


Nostradamus  Prophecies Verse C2Q96 Nuclear Radionucleates Nucleotidase Power Sources Hermaic Daemonic There is another anagram of equal significance and that is the term nucleotidase which is the organic catalyst enabling the four basic DNA components to be transformed into one of the other three. This term is as complex in its lettering as that for radionucleates so finding them together in anagrams from the sixteenth century falls outside normal expections. Yet these terms fall within a narrow band of equally relevant nuclear terms found in other verses.


Importantly the  text openly mentions countries in the Middle East and uses the term famine during a time when a Burning torch will be seen in the sky. Its anagrams hold the distinctive term neuclotidase with adjacent lettering implying nucleotidase fuel arrives (dent au ciel ſo - ier ſerav -eu Fl) . These themes also provide a powerful link link to the set of ten verses shown at top tight. This verse is clearly about Fire in the Sky a major story line in Nostradamus' Prophecies. That story line has been known to exist in Nostradamus' work since the sixteenth century.


Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night
Near the end and beginning of the Rhone:
Famine, steel: the relief provided late,
Persia turns to invade Macedonia.
Flambeau ardent au ciel ſoir ſera veu
Pres de la fin et principe du Roſne
Famine glaiue tard le ſecours pourueu
La Perse tourne enuahir Macedoine.
  1. <nucleotidaSe / radionucleateS Fuel arrives><Feuv roSaries><Feuv inoSculate blame>
  2. <final percipient (telepathic recipient) SoundeR><~line print dealers / leaders dupe ci (101) PerSon~><ReSPonse failed> <~unpeRiodic SerPens preinflated~><PeRson federalise dupe><SoundeR fine-print Presealed
  3. <pouuer Sources related / altered magian-Fuel><Sect-leader pours our Feuu enigma><source adulterieS mingle a Feuu><declareS our pouuers>leaderS / dealers
  4. <reroutes Plane Midocean / daeMonic/ coMedian><LeoPardine hermaic / chimera [fire breathing dragon] routes><Line code oPerates rune>


  1. radionucleates, pre-inflated, unperiodic, federalise, Magian-fuel, mingle, our pouuers, Leopardine
  2. inosculate, percipient, pouuer sources (uu=w), powers source, mid-ocean / daemonic, comedian
  3. nucleotidase, rosaries, operates
  4. response, adulteries, declares, Hermaic / Chimera
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. pre--sealed
  9. enigma
  10. feuv (few)
  11. Serpens, failed
  12. -
  13. altered / alerted
  14. sounder / resound
  15. -
  16. --
  17. -
  18. final, re-routes
  19. blame

unperiodic, radionucleates, pre-inflated, our powers, federalise, mingle, Magian-fuel, power sources, inosculate, percipient, daemonic, adulteries, rosaries, operates, Hermaic, Chimera, response, presealed, enigma, Serpens, failed, reroutes, final, blame.

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