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Nostradamus C5 Q100: Comet induced evolution affects outdoor animals and a super-ape emerges.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

The Codon verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesVerse C5 Q100 offers powerful insights into the future of mankind with a quite logical implication that we will not remain the dominant species on this planet. A super-ape will evolve from human influenced cosmic events at the end of this century. Other verses tell of man's efforts to eliminate this threat but such attempts fail.

The anagrams in this verse relate to material arriving on earth via fire from the sky which is the essence of this verse's second line. The principal anagrams making this conclusion possible are comets_arc_feeding_caudicle ( rca_s et Com_inge De fe _ du ciel a C) and  genomic_traces (rcas et_ Cominge) and they also are all found in the ssecond line. A caudicle is the part of orchids that enables pollination to occur. So the message fits to genetic material from outer space affecting wilderness plants. In this context the anagram for genomic is highly significant because its presence indicates this verse refers to the 21st century or beyond.

Nostradamus C5 Q100 Codon Fortunate Future Ape Genomic Caudicle CAA.pnA parallel message showing it affects the nervous system of animals and other plants is seen in the last line via anagrams implying rutting oxens axons recuperating and seedheads nutrients erupting.

This verse's concentration on codon structures affecting genomic change to plants and animals in the wild at the end of this century is the aspect shared with verse C9 Q40. The other aspect of the genomic process that unites these verses is their mention of super beings. In this context the anagrams in the first line of C5 Q100 highlight why Nostradmus sees it as a significant determinant of mankind's future. It implies these events are the cause behind the origin of a new species of ape; the superape. The incendiary trapped in his own fire is then a metaphor for the massive war humans face as a result of redirecting the path of space objects for easier harvesting of their contents.


The incendiary trapped in his own fire,
Of fire from the sky at Carcassonne and the Comminge
Foix, Auch, Mazares, the high old man escaped,
Through those of Hesse and Thuringia, and some Saxons.
Le boutefeu par ſon feu attrape
De feu du ciel a Carcas et Cominge
Foix Aux Mazere haut vieillart eſchappe
Par ceux de haſſe des Saxons et Turinge.
L1: <fortunate ape><profaneS pretabuLate><future-ape fortunateS operabLe><repeaL fortunateS bout fee>

L2: <Comets arc feeDing deuu ice> <a Caudicle (pollen) feD genomiC traces> <a Caesar euclid><Deeming feud><Coming feeD reacts>

L3: <pape hear all ix (nine) chapterS of uxA Maze><ix chapterS oF uxA maze hear a ill vi-rtue><chaSe ill art><cephaS (Saint Peter) ill art>

L4: <oxens aS ruTting uxe caPer Seed-Heads><eruPTing arc exude (release)><nuTrients ox head aSSeSsed><recaPTuring uxe set on Seed Heads><enTrusting ox uxe caPer head uxe><SeedheadS set recuperaTing axons uxe> <in Truest Page SeedheadS axonS excur><edeSSas axons in Truest Page excur>
1: pretabulate, caudicle, seedheads, operable, nutrients, entrusting, recuperating, rutting, oxens, recapturing, futureape, erupting, chapters,
2: fortunates, genomic, metonic, tonemic, patches, feeding, axon(s),
3: fortunate, assessed,
4: profanes,
5: ruing, bleep,
6: platter, comets, utters / truest,
7: Edessas,
8: comet, maze,
9: shades / heads / Hades, utter,
10: -
11: -
12: chest, Caesar,
13: literal, page,
14: reaping,
15: -
16: ring,
17: Euclid, Cephas,
18: chaps, excur,
19: reducex, Edessa, bout, Arcas, raze,
20: patter, head,
21: cheats / chaste / scheat/ scathe,
22: -
23: -

Key Ideas:

pretabulate, erupting, caudicle, seedheads, feeding, axons,operable, nutrients, entrusting, recuperating, rutting, oxens, Edessa, ruing, comets, profanes, genomic, chapters, recapturing, future-ape, Caesar, truest page, assessed, fortunate ape, reaping, Euclid, Cephas, literal, maze.