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Nostradamus C6 Q65: Events in the Pyrenees that precede the major wars of the 21st century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 6 Quatrain 65 Centuries Greenhouse Tree SeedPelletizedThe verse is full of anagrams linkable to others in the branches of the Sphirot / Trree of Life and notably it carries one of the three anagrams for centuries ( e nuict ſer).

The message of both the text and anagrams is distinctly one for the modern age during a time preceding the wars of most concern to Nostradamus. Events of significance begin in Spain and Southern France and involve rebels at a site called the Temple-Tower.

Anagrams that determine this verse's meaning include:

1. Tribes beuuare brutes urge tree register uurote centuries
2.  Asias assertional pities as ill countries sell pelletized seed outcries ensued
3. Beware pre-war Spains eras repass laser rebel
4. St_
Paul uurote ill zones temple tower grill extrude
And the gray office in half-opened war,
By night they will be assaulted and pillaged:
The office captured will pass through the greenhouse,
His temple opened, two slipped in the plaster.
Gris et bureau demie ouuerte guerre
De nuict ſeront aſſaillis et pillez
Le bureau prins paſſera par la ſerre
Son temple ouuert deux au plaſtre grillez.
  1. <~bureau reGister ouue demi-urge tree~ ><reurGe urea greet tribes uuoe> touuer / uurote

  2.  <~centurieS zeD not aSiAs ill step /pest~><SatanS Sector pelletizeD ills><aSSertional lies><~ill spite neeDz all-SaintS outcries~><~SatanS ill spite countrieS ill zeeD~>lilies unciteD inDucteeS treaSons

  3. <L'bureau err Spain repaSS a laSer><beuuare parSnipS><Spains preuuar laser rebel>

  4. <~plaSter/ pSalter grill zoneS temple touuer uuaxed ~>< griill zoneS uxed temple touuer><pau [S. France] extrude largeSt ouue>
1: assertional, parsnips,
2: pelletized, allsaints, enzued, tzson, zones,
3: unesoteric, centuries, aluueber, stpaul, preuuar, pities, llesz,
4: countries, outcries, register, beuuare, auueber, upsala, grill,
5: subtree, uxdate, spains, girl,
6: persianur, lilies, brutes, rebuts, bureau,  needz,
7: -
8: inductees, uuaxed, uuader, endz, zend,
9: largest,
10: lozes, tubes,
11: tribes,
12: tube,
13: extrude, aueber, brute, rebut,
14: spans,
15: assail, bites, legir, rigel,
16: -
17: duetx, bluer, ruble, uuax,
18: plaster, psalter, satans, but,
19: treasons, pains, spain,
20: busiet, sector, asias, spin,
21: -
22: passes, ills, rebel,
23: auebr, auebr,

assertional, parsnips,  pelletized, allsaints, enzued, zones, unesoteric, centuries, Al-Weber, St -Paul, prewar, pities, sells, countries, outcries, register, beware, Upsala, grill, subtree, Spains, girl, Persian-Ur, lilies, rebuts, needz, inductees, waxed, wader, endz, largest, lozes, tubes, tribes, extrude, spans, assail, bites, Rigel, duetx, bluer, wax, psalter, satans, but, treasons, Spain, sector, Asias, spin, passes, ills, rebel.


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