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Nostradamus C4 Q82: Food riots and floods in the mid-east and eastern Europe.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus' text tells the story of a populace of on the move, driven by ancient forces and once they leave there is an unstoppable flame that burns the land. In the anagrams the focus is sharpened and we see it occurs in a secular mid-eastern country and involves the basic ingredients, nucleotidase ( t d'Eſclauonie), that enable human digestion to occur. There is deforestation ( anie fort deſo) and famines soar ( ſaRo -manie F) with those on farmland ( rand flam) rising up against their rulers all of which amplifies the elements of the text. The term Deucalions ( d'Eſclauoni) refers to a Noah like figure found in the legends of ancient Sumeria and its presence implies the prime cause of disruption is massive flooding.

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

nucleotidase amass as prop echo heaven ascendent even Deucalions  inosculated (intertwined)
Amas s'approche venant d'Eſclauonie 

Leo ventilates Selenolatry tales unexcitative century reallots
L'Oleſtant vieux cite ruynera 

Leo severe deformations rare as Reformation oldest Federations revere
Fort deſolee verra ſa Romanie 

meantimes Mid-Eastern farmland scene cause Graal upraisal
Puis la grand flamme eſtaindre ne ſcuara.
A throng approaches coming from Slavonia,
The old Destroyer the city will ruin:
He will see his Romania quite desolated,
Then he will not know how to put out the great flame.
Amas s'approche venant d'Eſclauonie 
L'Oleſtant vieux cite ruynera 
Fort deſolee verra ſa Romanie 
Puis la grand flamme eſtaindre ne ſcuara.
  1. <copperah (dried coconut flesh) Amass nucleotidaSE (digestive enzyme)> <cAesaropapism (supremacy of empire over church) heaven>dEucalionS unSocial aScEndent inoSculatEd (blended)
  2. <unexcitative SeLenOlatry (worship of the moon)><native nearLy StOle> ventilateS reaLlOtS yearn
  3. <Federation loSe aRomas><leoS deFormation revere><aS a ReFormation revere><or oldeSt Famine Soar><in aRomaS revealer deForest>
  4. <mideaStern Scene lags farmland aura><uPrisal / uPraisal cauSe><Seem farmland diSentrance><Seem farmland uPrisal unaScertained><cenSured Saint> <adrienne farmland meets>meantimeS Sunderance dementiaS inStead
1: Caesaro-papism, unexcitative, heaven, deformation, Reformation, ventilates, Mid-Eastern scene, sunderance, meantimes,
2: inosculated, Selenolatry, disentrance, farmland, unascertained, Romania, revealer,
3: nucleotidase, Deucalions, unsocial, ascendent, federations, upraisal, reallots, censured, unearly, revere,
4: federation, deforest, aromas, amass,
5: grails, Romana, nearly,
6: Mid-Eastern,
7: dementias, calous, Caeneus,
8: oldest, native, yearn,
9: graals,
10: garlands, uprisal, talents, aroma, Arras,
11: anemoi / emonia (2x),
12: caesura, Aniou, Luisa, mass, cxi, xci,
13: Adrienne, lemma,
14: -
15: infame / famine, scaled, cursa, lags,
16: -
17: -,
18: chopper, instead,
19: copperah, ruyn,
20: -
21: Emma,
22: -
23: -

unexcitative, Caesaro-papism, heaven, deformation, ventilates, Reformation, Mid-Eastern scene, meantimes, Selenolatry, sunderance, inosculated, Romania, upraisal, Deucalions, unsocial, revealer, ascendent, federations, reallots, censured, nucleotidase, disentrance, farmland, oldest, native, nearly, deforest.

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