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Climate Change Impact & 21st CWar

N's dates via Perfect Cycles.

Ancient tales role in dating 21stC floods. 

Starting date for FLOOD cycles.

Noah’s deluge & relevance to 21stC

Perfect cycle 79, 1355 1459 & 854yrs.

Did N. foresee climate change?

Update of N's Great Mutation calendar.

N. predicts 200m rise in sea-level.

Verses mirroring flood message in N's 15555 Preface.

N's presage for  Plancus (Lyon).


Nostradamus on Floods in the 21st Century. 
© Allan Webber 2010, 2013

My aims for this Paper.

In this section I want to explore the vast flood and other weather events that accompany the great religious schisms, I will show that Nostradamus foresees the earth's usable surface diminishing for several hundred years. I will also demonstrate his means of dating these events and conclude that the initial floods are a precursor to the Great Wars starting in 2065CE. 

In other pages of this series I have presented some of the important details of events that Nostradamus called the Great Mutations of Mankind. I have also shown how they are to be found in Nostradamus’ works via the prose texts that accompanied his major publications, through both his wording in the Prophecies and by the anagrams that underlie these verses. 

The flood theme is the Great Mutation in which Nostradamus makes the most use of past, present and future settings to build his imagery. The way in which he uses the allegories of the past hints at his heretical religious beliefs. The background on which he draws is a mixture of both classical tales and the legends of the Norse Gods. His classical references cover a broad array of flood stories from Egypt and Babylon as well as the account in the Bible.

In all the narratives he creates there is little that can lead to the conclusion that it is the Biblical Armageddon nor that it involves the second coming of Christ. His tale about the future flood is about the height, the chaos-period of its arrival, its duration and its ongoing aftermath. 

Although the hidden anagrams relating to floods and mutations have much about them that  seems inexplicable, if not impossible, they consistently occur while obeying a set of very simple but demanding rules of analysis. My analysis gains credibility through the disciplined, invariant use of the rules and the structured nature of the anagrams that are found when they are used.  

My book titled Nostradamus Unlocked provides material showing how this theme interconnects with Nostradamus other story lines.

The Impact of Climate Change in the lead up to War.

To pursue the above goals I will begin by discussing some very pertinent sections of Nostradamus’ Preface, dedicated to his son Cesar in 1555.

Its astronomic tone and references to fire and flood are quite notable. The enigma's related to Nostradamus' literary presentation  can be seen in the translation of Nostradamus’ French text given below. I have used my own translation as I wanted to retain words that have no known meaning. I have also tried to make it as literal as possible rather than  impose personal choices. The first paragraph contains the events of floods and fire from the sky that precede the Great Holy Wars while the second and third paragraphs set out important astronomic detail.

  ..and also I find that letters shall undergo such a huge and unparalleled loss and I find that the world before the universal conflagration will experience many deluges with inundations so high that there will be no soil that is not covered by water; and this will be for such a long time that all would be lost except for the records of enographies and topographies. Also before and after such inundations, in most countries, the rains will be in demand, and from the heavens will fall a great abundance of fire and white-hot stones, so  nothing shall remain that is not consumed.

And all this is to occur, in brief, before the last conflagration. For repeatedly the planet Mars perfects its cycle and at the end of its last period it shall be taken up again - but there are ones assembling in Aquarius for several years, and others in Cancer for much longer and continuously. And now that we are led by the moon, since the total strength of God Eternal comes from those which perfect the total circuit, the Sun comes and then Saturn.

Because according to the Celestial signs the reign of Saturn is to return. By  every calculator the world approaches its anaragonic revolution: and  from the time of my present writing before 177 years and 3 months and eleven days by pestilence, long famine, wars and more by the inundations, the world shall by and by enter the prefixed period.

Before and after, on many occasions, there will be such diminution and the world being made smaller the people will not be found who want to take to  the fields, which shall be free for as long a time as they have been worked.

1555 Preface to Cesar (PCE9)
et aussi que ie treuve que les lettres feront si grande et incomparable iacture, que je treuve le monde avant l'universelle conflagration advenir tant de deluges et si hautes inundations, qu'il ne sera guiere terroir qui ne soit couvert d'eau : et sera par si longtemps, que hors mis enographies et topographies que le tout ne soit pery : aussi avant et apres telles inundations, en plusieurs contrees, les pluyes seront si exigues, et tombera du Ciel si grande abondance de feu et de pierre candantes, qui n'y demeurera rien qu'il ne soit consommé : et cecy advenir en brief,

et avant la derniere conflagration :   Car encores que la planete de Mars paracheve son siecle et à la fin de son dernier periode si le reprendra il : mais assemblez les uns en Aquarius par plusieurs annees, les autres en Cancer par plus longues et continues. Et maintenant que sommes conduicts par la Lune, moyennant la totale puissance de Dieu eternel, qu'avant qu'elle aye paracheve son total circuit, le Soleil viendra, et puis Saturne.

Car selon les signes celestes, le regne de Saturne sera de retour, que le tout calculé, le monde s'approche, d'une anaragonique revolution : et que de present que cecy i'escrits avant cent septante sept ans trois mois unze iours par pestilence, longue famine, et guerres, et plus par les inondations le monde entre cy et ce terme prefix,

avant et apres par plusieurs fois, sera si diminué, et si peu de monde sera, que l'on ne trouvera qui vueille prendre les champs, qui deviendront libres aussi longuement, qu'ils sont esté en servitude.

In developing my case it is essential that I show not only that the above dating methodology given by Nostradamus is reasonable but his extraordinarily high flood levels have consistency throughout his work .

I need to show that it is readable in a manner that provides precise dates related to the flood events which precede their appearance in the Preface.

   C1 Q69
The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine, flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities and their mighty foundations
   C9 Q69

On the mountain of Saint-Bel and L'Arbresle
The proud one of Grenoble will be hidden:
Beyond Lyons and Vienne on them a very great hail,
Lobster on the land not a third thereof will remain.
   C2 Q95
The populous places will be uninhabitable:
Great discord to obtain fields:

I therefore begin by presenting the basic details of Nostradamus' tale of floods and fire alongside a column that gives meaning to the astronomic conundrums.

Nostradamus’verses that mirror the flood message of his Preface.

In fulfilling my intent of presenting some of  those verses in the Prophecies that are based on the Flood theme I will also show how closely tied several verses are to the words in the Preface of 1555.

    C01 Q62

Alas! what a great loss there will be to letters
before the cycle of Latona is perfected.
Fire, great floods, by more ignorant rulers;
how long the centuries until it is seen to be restored .

Le grande perte las que feront les lettres

Auant le cicle de Latona parfaict  
Feu grand deluge plus par ignares Sceptres
Que de long Siecle ne Se verra refaict.

..and also I find that letters shall undergo such a huge and unparalleled loss and I find that the world before the universal conflagration will experience many inundations so high that there will be no soil that is not covered by water; and this will be for such a long time that all would be lost except for the records of enographies and topographies…Nostradamus’ Preface 1555  

The above verse has the same emphatic usage of a perfect cycle which characterises the passage in the Preface. There is also the same mention of a great loss and the mention of a long period where the effects of the floods will dominate. This correlation implies the  context of the Latona cycle is to be that of the 854 year cycle where the planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn return to the same position.

    C8 Q16

At the place where HIERON has his shibuilt,
there will be such a great sudden flood,
that one will not have a place nor land to fall upon
the waters mount to the Olympic

Au lie que HIERON feit Sa nef fabriquer
Si grand deluge sera et Si Sub ite  
Qu'on n'aura lieu ne terres s'atacquer  
L'onde monter FeSulan Olympique

This verse ties in to the unusual description of the inundation found in Nostradamus' 1555 Preface. Another notable feature uniting these verses is their use of obscure or unknown classical references such as Latona, Hieron and Fesulan. Nostradamus distortion of words representing names, items and places is a consistent feature amongst verses representing floods.

This is also true of the section on floods in the Preface where Nostradamus uses unknown words such as enographies and anaragonique. The consistency with which this is done suggests it is purposeful and if so it suggests they are code. The purpose of this code, as I shall show in later sections, is to provide the links to connect verses such as these to passages of importance in Nostradamus' Preface and Epistle.

By correctly linking the different works it can be anticipated that the coding methods of Nostradamus will be unveiled.  And the verses already presented show clearly that the passage in the Preface is not only meant to tie in to the Prophecies but to yield  the dating scheme that can be applied to the verses while adding details as to the nature and location of the floods.

"And thousands of other events will come to pass, because of floods and continual rains, as I have set forth fully in writing my other Prophecies, which are drawn out in length, in prose, setting the places and times so that men coming after may see them, knowing the events to have occurred infallibly." Ending of Nostradamus’ Preface, 1555  

Nostradamus’ reference to ancient floods as a clue to the floods in the 21st century.

The flood theme is the Great Mutation in which Nostradamus makes the most use of past, present and future settings to build his imagery. The way in which he uses the allegories of the past hints at his heretical religious beliefs.

The background on which he draws is a mixture of both classical tales and the legends of the Norse Gods. His classical references cover a broad array of flood stories from Egypt and Babylon as well as the account in the Bible.

In all the narratives he creates there is little that can lead to the conclusion that it is the Biblical Armageddon or that it involves the second coming of Christ.

His tale about the future flood is about the height, the chaos-period of its arrival, its duration and its ongoing aftermath. The references to the past provide Nostradamus with the tools by which he describes the scale of the catastrophic water flows and the attitudes of man in such trying times. In this section I present two verses that contain the elements around which I will develop the evidence for my conclusions.

  C10 Q06

Sardon Nemans will overflow to great height,
That they will believe Deucalion reborn:
Into the Collosse the greater part will flee,
Vesta tomb fire to appear extinguished.
Sardon Nemans Si hault desborderont
Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaiStre  
Dans le colloSSe la plus part fuyront
VeSta Sepulchre feu eStaint apparoiStre.

The above verse is one of those providing the classical reference points. In my papers on code I have shown how the theme of the Great floods of ancient times is hidden in the anagrams of quatrains such as CI Q100. I have also shown that Nostradamus' scheme  is broad based taking in flood legends from many classical traditions.  I believe the evidence is compelling but having presented it earlier I will not do do so here. However  my earlier presentation can be revisited at my website in a page titled Inundatory Gods. My earlier work doesn’t include the evidence for Nordic floods but the following verse allows me to show in brief that my claim has merit.

   C02 Q93

Very near the Tymbre presses Goddess of Death,
Shortly before great inundation:
Chief of the shiis taken & placed under guard,
Castle palace is in conflagration.
Bien pres du Tymbre preSSe la Lybitine
Vn peu deuant grand inondation
Le chef du nef prins mis a la Sentine
ChaSteau palais en conflagration.

The fourth line talks of conflagration which is part of the flood message in the Preface. The line contains two critical anagrams, Eschaton (L.4 . onChaste) and Naglfar (L.4..nflagra) . There are only two other anagrams for Eschaton in the whole text and only one other for Naglfar. The word eschaton is an End-of-Days term while Naglfar refers to the ship that is involved in the Nordic End-of-Days mythology.

Naglfar is described in the Prose Edda as a shipmade entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead. During Ragnarök, Naglfar will be freed from the land and sailed to Vígríðr, the battlefield, by Hrym along with an army of jötunn. The ship will lead hordes against the gods in the last war at the end of time, before a new world will arise from the sea.  ...based on Wikipedia entry

These are the images Nostradamus has incorporated in the above verse where we have the inundation similar to that of  the Nordic End-of-Time and we have a shiwhich is linked to the Goddess of Death.  All of which is enough to show that Nostradamus was drawing on a pagan source for another dimension to his tale of future floods.

Naglfar is discussed in stanza 49 and 50 of the Norse poem Völuspá of the Poetic Edda and from this source we can get a strong image of Naglfar as one of many creatures and horrors let loose by the flood and the proponents of war.

"Hrym steers from the east, the waters rise, the mundane snake is coiled in jötun-rage. The worm beats the water, and the eagle screams: the pale of beak tears carcasses; Naglfar is loosed.

That shifares from the east: come will Muspell’s people o’er the sea, and Loki steers. The monster’s kin goes all with the wolf; with them the brother is of Byleist on their course.

In using this reference point Nostradamus is changing the flood from the Biblical beginning-of- time story to the end of time and identifying that like the Nordic tale it isn’t the end of everything. At the end of Ragnarok the land emerges once again from the sea to enter a thousand year golden age. A similar timetable is described by Nostradamus in his preface to the 1558 publication of his works which included, for the first time, Centuries eight to ten.

"By means of Satan, Prince Infernal, so many evils will be committed that nearly all the world will find itself undone and desolated. ....

After this has endured for a long time, there will be almost renewed another reign of Saturn, and a golden age. Hearing the affliction of his people, God the Creator will command that Satan will remain bound for a thousand years, and then all unbound."  Ending of Nostradamus’ Epistle to Henry 1558.

The role of ancient flood tales in dating the coming floods.

The start of Nostradamus' climate mutations is accompanied by a catastrophe producing fire from the sky. I have tied this into the period 2060 to 2065 and located the event as originating in Geneva. Another of my aims for the coming sections is to present verses that show the attributes of the different flood myths that Nostradamus uses to give details of the coming flood. The first verse I present shows an example where, by applying my derived dating scheme, new useful details can be uncovered.

      C1 Q17

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.
For forty years it will be seen every day.
The dry earth will grow more parched,
and there will be great floods when it is seen.  

Par quarante ans l'iriS n'apparoiStra
Par quarante ans tous les iours Sera veu  
La terre aride en Siccite croiStra
Et grans deluges quand Sera aperceu.

The length of the rains given in this verse clearly links it to the major floods that Nostradamus states are the major theme of his writings and which I have dated from his words as starting in 2060 and being completed by 2100. From the association of this verse with the dating scheme we can now extend the scheme to closer to our own time.  And we can know that what we face in the immediate term is extreme drought for an extended period leading up to 2060.

Earlier I nominated two verses to develop my arguments. The first of these CX Q6 involves Deucalion which is an ancient reference to massive flooding but the verse also talks of Vesta’s fire.  This is the first clue that the commencement of the flood is at a time when fire falls from the sky. The anagrams within this verse contribute an ominous attribute about this fire since most of them imply the fire involves nuclear particles

    C10 Q06:

Sardon Nemans will overflow to great height,
That they will believe Deucalion reborn:
Into the Colosse the greater part will flee,
Vesta tomb fire to appear extinguished.  

Sardon Nemans Si hault desborderont  
Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaiStre
Dans le colloSSe la plus part fuyront  
VeSta Sepulchre feu eStaint apparoiStre.

In the first line there is Radon (ardon) the hazardous by-product of nuclear reactions. This anagram is found quite frequently throughout Nostradamus’ verse so it could easily be there by chance but this is not true for the others in this verse.  In the second line are a whole set of related terms on the same nuclear theme. There is Radionuclear (ra Deucalion R), Denuclearisation (Deucalion renaiSt), Nuclear-ion (ucalion ren) and A-radio-Nucleide (ideraDdeucalion). Each of these occurs only in this verse except nuclear-ion which can be found in one other and that verse CVI Q81 is also full of  relationships to this current verse's theme at both the text and anagram levels.

If, as I belief, these radiation related words are meant to describe the nature of the catastrophe then there are powerful allegorical reasons why Nostradamus would select the Deucalion flood as the indicator for the period around 2065 CE.  Deucalion’s father was  Prometheus, who stole fire from Zeus to give it to humans and whose name was applied to the radioactive element Promethium.  

The relevance of floods to nuclear events is developed much more in my paper on Nuclear Events in the 21st C

Noah’s deluge and its relevance to 2100CE.

I have shown in the previous section that the use of the ancient myth surrounding Deucalion was very purposeful and the same can be said of the Noah deluge. There are two verses that even on first inspection seem to relate to the period of the great mutation lasting from 2000CE to 2100CE.

The first is one of the critical verses I used to establish the extent of the Great Mutations which Nostradamus states are his prime goal and which I showed have wording that closely describes the astronomic events of the years 2000CE and 2100CE.

   C01 Q54

Two revolutions made from the evil scythe
making a permutation of reign and centuries
The mobile sign thus moves into its place:
At two [times] of equal worth and inclination.

Deux reuolts faicts du maling falcigere
De regne et Siecles faict permutation

Le mobil Signe a Son endroict Si ingere
Aux deux egaux et d'inclination.

The second  verse brings in the theme of death via inundation accompanied by plague and famine that is consistent with the earlier verses and which I showed are linked by their threads to the period at the end of this century.

  C1 Q16:

Scythe joined to the pond in Sagittarius
at its highest increase/trough of its exaltation.
Plague, famine, death from military hands;
the century approaches its renewal.

Faulx a l'eStang ioinct vers le Sagitaire
En Son hault auge de l'exaltation
PeSte famine, mort de main militaire
Le Siecle approche de renouation.

In the second line of the second of these verses anagrams can be found for Noah (on ha) and Deluge (uge del). Both anagrams are fairly unique occurrences as each has only two other occurrences as true anagrams (deluge occurs several other times as a visible word).

These two words form part of a longer sequence which states Axle enstation(s) Noah deluge (uge de l' - exal - tation En S -on ha) which suggests that this Noah-like deluge is dated by the heavenly axle. The line before it contains anagrams that say verticalness (inct vers le Sa), contrives Giant Axles failure (aire Faul -x a l'eS - tang i - oinct vers).

The axle references together with the visible content of the second line reinforce the idea that this verse, like the first, also deals with the approach of the Polestar to the Celestial North Pole. The last line of text also confirms the event as the current Polestars highest ascent since it will be 2100CE when the century approaches its renewal. The first line of the same verse tells us that deaths (scythe) occur from the inundation (pond) in April (Sagittarius) and the third line states these deaths are carried out by individuals in military service but its tone implies it isn't as an act of war.

It is by these poetic means, allegory and genealogy that I tie the above two verses to the ancient tale of Noah and the great flood of the Bible. I am then able to expand the detail about the flood events 2060CE to 2100CE. For example the first line contains Flaming Dust Glacier Exude as well as Falling Mud, Fluorates and Sulfur oxidase. From these emerge images of a potent chemical mix affecting glaciers. It is from such a mix  that there might arise an unlikely massive inundation of the type implied by Nostradamus. And by his reference to Noah’s deluge we know that the coming inundations will wreak havoc on the population levels of the world.

Did Nostradamus foresee what modern climatologists now predict?

There can be little doub t that Nostradamus’ vision of our future included a deluge of historical proportions. So far I have taken Nostradamus’ words and shown how they lead to dates based on astronomic facts. I have then built a multi-layered picture from his verses and other writings. And underpinning these layers has been the hidden content held through anagrams in his verse. From all these we know that Nostradamus’ vision involves fire, inundation, pestilence, war and government sanctioned murder of the surviving populace. Knowing the scale of what Nostradamus is proposing it is worth examining the plausibility of such vast inundations.

The first aspect we can judge is based on the historical evidence of sea-levels. In an article by Robyn Williams in the ABC’s science show he makes the following points:

"How are ancient sea levels determined? It's with corals. They act as bathtub rings. Ancient reefs now exposed can be dated and placed in time. Sea level has been 100m higher than present, when there were no ice sheets, and about 120m lower than present during glacial periods. The whole mantle of the Earth adjusts as stresses change. The last time sea level was higher, it was 4-6 metres higher, and at that time, the arctic was 3-5 degrees hotter. 125,000 years ago, the reason was changes in the Earth's orbit. So if the same degree of warming was to occur this century, as predicted, a sea level rise of 4-6 metres would be expected. But this time, there'll be contributions from Antarctic melting as well. "

It is apparent from the above that the present ideas on climate change would not generate the body of water described by Nostradamus and cities would not be sub merged and obliterated from memory by a rise of 4-6 meters or even 10 meters. If there is accuracy in Nostradamus’ vision then it entails the complete melting of the ice sheets.

It is in this context that the anagrams I revealed in my previous section are relevant for they imply such an event. The hidden words reveal glaciers sub jected to flames releasing noxious gases. We have to look no further than the volcanic eruptions in Iceland during April 2010 to see that the chemical facts bear the ring of scientific truth.  But volcanic eruptions are not the only thread found in current news reports. The following article is from the ScienceDaily of Jan 12th 2010.

"The increase in temperature in the Arctic , which has already made an impact in the form of reduced sea-ice cover during the summer, may also cause the permafrost to melt. "Large amounts of organic carbon are currently stored within the permafrost and if this is released and gets carried by the rivers out into the coastal waters, then it will result in an increased release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere," says Sofia Hjalmarsson, native of Falkenberg and postgraduate student at the Department of Chemistry.
    Nostradamus on setting dates via the Perfect Cycle.

Nostradamus’ Preface to his Prophecies in 1555, like his Epistle to King Henry in 1558, is a disturbing piece of work because it uses words that have no meaning, it presents astronomy that fits no known pattern and it contains numerations that have no context.

In interpreting these writings analysts tend to ignore the fundamentals that underpins Nostradamus’ words and to hypothesize that the author made errors which they know how to fix. However reason tells us that this is improbable.

The documents presented by Nostradamus are center-pieces, not peripheral writings and they were constructed over periods of many months. Although Nostradamus used classical allusion and had good reasons to conceal much of his thoughts he didn’t need to make things so obscure that they couldn’t be understood.

The amount of purposeful effort involved tells us that these writings are meant to tell us something much more meaningful when we understand their enigmas. It is my aim to reveal how the passage presented in the previous section does have clarity and it is based on astronomy, not astrology.

Because according to the Celestial signs the reign of Saturn is to return. By every calculator the world approaches its anaragonic revolution: and from the time of my present writing before 177 years and 3 months and eleven days by pestilence, long famine, wars and more by the inundations, the world shall by and by enter the prefixed period. (from 3rd paragraph in above table).

In the 2nd paragraph of the earlier table's second column   (in French) the word paracheve is used twice and its literal meaning is to make perfect.

When each planet completes one revolution its relationship to the planets and the other stars always changes. However it is possible to find a time when two or more planets are very close to the same positions in the sky, that recurrence can be referred to as completion of a perfect cycle.

When this occurs at almost the same time in the year we are able to use that period to our advantage since every position of those stars in the next period will be approximated by that held after the same interval in the previous period.

One such perfect cycle is the nineteen year cycle of the Sun and Moon known as the Metonic cycle. This ancient knowledge allowed astronomers to know the expected position of the Moon in the sky and predict the eclipses quite accurately over long periods.

This idea of a repeated-cycle is held in the word paracheve and from its use in another part of the same passage in the Preface we can gain a clear indication that we are meant to notice the perfect cycles Mars makes with different planets.

  • Repeatedly the planet Mars perfects its cycle and at the end of its last period it shall be taken uagain (from second paragraph ).

But my claim is made more convincing by the period stated by another statement found in the 3rd paragraph from Nostradamus’ Preface where it says before 177 years and 3 months and eleven days. Now this period is 177.28 years long. If you divide it by the period of Mars (2.1352 yrs) you see that the number of cycles of Mars during that time equals 83.027 which is quite close to 83 cycles. This means Mars is within nine degrees of where it was at the start of the period.

If we do the same with the period of Jupiter (11.86179 yrs) we find it has performed 14.945 cycles and that Saturn whose period is 29.45660 has performed 6.018 cycles.

Here we have the three planets at the end being in much the same positions as they were at the beginning. It is easy to see why such a period can be referred to as a perfection point.

However, the meeting in this instance is at a different point in the sky as the period involves a part of a year (3 months and 11 days). It is not a totally perfect cycle but a clue from Nostradamus that we should seek a period that is closer to perfection. This idea of a perfect cycle also emerges where Nostradamus says :

And now that we are led by the moon, since the total strength of God Eternal comes from those which perfect the total circuit, the Sun comes and then Saturn.

Here Nostradamus is stating that the Metonic cycle is used to find the perfect cycle involving the Moon, Jupiter (Jove = Eternal God) the Sun and Saturn. As Mars has just been established as the focal point it too is involved. The period that best offers all these criteria is one that is 854 years long. The number of cycles each unit makes in that time is shown below in brackets with the more precise figure for each being shown in the column to their right.:

Sun (854): 854.0 cycles
Mars (400): 399.96 cycles
Jupiter (72): 71.996 cycles 
Saturn (29): 28.992 cycles
Metonic (Sun & Moon: 45 ): 44.947

Now precession of the poles takes about 25,765 years and this means the position of the background stars has moved almost exactly 12 degrees in 854 years. This is about 40% of one zodiac sign so these planets, the time of year and the nearby stars are little changed over that 854 year period.

By this means we can see that 854 years provides a near-perfect time unit for locating the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn from the records of astronomy.  The wording of Nostradamus justifies each of my observations and makes it apparent these are precise astronomic tools and not a set of rambling astrologic incantations.

The starting date for the cycles used to date Nostradamus' floods.

It is easy to see the validity of the 854 year cycle I identified in the last section by examining the pattern of close conjunctions of the three major planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the period 150BC to 2400CE. In each of the two tables below there are two sets (a & b) of three columns (T1,T2 & T3). In each set the columns (T1,T2,T3) have a gaof 854 years. Set b involves retrogression of one of the planets but the 854 year principle still applies.

The patterns become more obvious by using this three column layout and it can be seen that over a long period there is a very slow drift backwards in time (e.g. what happened in Jan drifts back to Dec). The constellation in which the event occurs is shown in brackets and again there is a very slow movement in the location with the longer term movement again being backward (Taurus to Aries etc unless any of the planets are in a regression phase).









1901(Sg in Dec)



670 (Aq)

1524 (Aq)

2378 (Aq in Jan)



491 (Aq)

1345 (Cp)

2199 (Cin Feb)








292 (Ta)

1146 (Ar/Ta)

2000(Ar in Apr)









710(Cn )

1564 (Cn in Jun)









1186 (Vg)

2040(Vg in Aug)





1682(Lo in Sep)





2100 (Vg)



193 (Sg)




Columns T1a and T2a in the above table show the occasions where the occurrence in the stated month  are separated by 845 years

ColumnT3a shows the extra occurrences created by retrograde motion of the planets.

The  last column indicates the location of the Sun in the sky at the time of the conjunction of the three planets.

But Nostradamus focuses our interest when he claims:
" but there are ones assembling in Aquarius for several years, and others in Cancer for much longer and continuously ".

It becomes easy to see in the first of these table that the signs Aquarius and Cancer, mentioned by Nostradamus have occurrences that took place twice in his lifetime i.e. 1524 and 1564. Of these two the one that took place in February 1524 was part of the most spectacular sequence of conjunctions in the same sign ever to be witnessed. The conjunction in February 1524 in Aquarius involved Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter with both the Sun and Mercury close by. From 1522 to the start of 1525 there were also many other conjunctions that took place in Aquarius.

Such a rare collection naturally excited peoples interest and the nature of the 16th Century meant it was fully exploited by the mystics of the time.

The history of man as well as that of the stars is pertinent to the passage in Nostradamus’ Preface so it is natural that Nostradamus would write his work in a way that others were using.

In so doing he may well have just been like all the other mystics but if he needed to disguise his work then this method of presentation would have made the perfect cover. The tone of Nostradamus passage given above is clearly apocalyptic with mentions of flood, inundation and fire from heaven and it fits with the mysticism surrounding 1524 and 1564.

The 20th of February, 1524 was feared by many people for a long time before it arrived and their fears proved groundless, a fact with which Nostradamus would have been well aware . He would have known that the astrologer Johannes Stoeffler had written that the world was to be destroyed by flood on that date and had been totally wrong.

Stars conjunction 1524Stoeffler used the fact that although the conjunction took place in Aquarius this zone was overlapped by part of Pisces which is a water-sign in astrology and this was the logic for the end bringing great floods but people standing on mountain tops around Europe on 20th Feb awaiting the end-of-days were able to testify on the 21st that the world was in a period of heat and dryness not rain and floods.

Stoeffler’s folly is one of the few predictions of the end-of-days that is based on multiple conjunctions in a particular sign. Nostradamus was 21 at this time and he would have been immersed in the myth, hysteria and failure that accompanied that date.

His awareness of its falsehood is enough by itself for us to be cautious that his talk of floods etc is based on astrology or the stars. A more likely reason for his use of conjunctions is his belief in his ability to identify dates seen in the future in a manner that doesn't rely on fickle human calendars. It is the heavenly calendar fixed by nature to which he turns for accuracy.

This process is a reversal of occult and astrological prediction for the event doesn’t proceed from the stars and their attributes, it is the date of the foreseen event that leads to the selection of astronomic future and historical reference points.

Nostradamus’ use of the apocalyptic theme allows us to concentrate on the date of 1524 as the starting point of a calendar that identifies future floods, inundations and fire from the sky.

This claim of mine is strengthened by the observation (using the ‘Sun’ column of the previous table) that February is the month when the position of the Sun is in the same zone and time-
slot as the three major planets when they are in conjunction.

Therefore February 1524 fulfills the other requirement I deduced in the previous section whereby the Sun has to be part of the conjunction alluded to by Nostradamus. And by the foregoing means we can unambiguously conclude that of all the dates for conjunctions that are listed in the above table, February 1524, is the one best matched to the passage in Nostradamus’ Preface.

We can also see that this date of February 1524 is arrived at by whichever calculator, historical or astronomic, we use.
By every calculator the world approaches its anaragonic revolution (see paragraph 3 in the above table from Nostradamus Preface, 1555)
Perfect cycles : 79, 1355 , 1459 and 854 years.

The passage in Nostradamus’ 1555 Preface that I have been analysing has yielded valuable calendar-type information based on the idea of a perfect cycle. I believe Nostradamus is describing a planetarium of the type he used to plot the position of the planets. The passage quoted earlier continues on to say:
.and this accords to the visible judgment of the skies that continues so as we reach the seventh thousand number that perfects everything we approach the eighth where the firmament of the eighth sphere is in the latitudinal dimension, where the great Eternal God perfects the revolution, where the celestial images return to their motor & to the superior motion by which we can render the earth stable and firm, not deviating (in the time it takes / forever and ever) except where to accomplish the result there is no other way,
It is possible to see this passage as a way of describing the perfect cycles that allow astronomers to predict the motion of the stars.

Such a system would need to be manually reset only after it moves away from its perfect alignment as it always will. Using the earlier part of the passage I have shown why I believe a 854 year cycle is the firmament of the motion.

I have also shown perfect cycles of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are also definable. In order to show that Nostradamus words in the above passage makes sense I need to refer to what would make it possible to predict planetary motion using the simple tools available in the 16thC. In order that a perfect-cycle system be used it is important to be able to counteract the distortions created by regression.

This is readily achieved by finding the perfect cycles of each planet in respect to the motion of the sun since this removes the impact of regression (which is virtual movement brought about by being in a different part of the orbit around the sun). And there are very precise perfect cycles for the three major planets at which time the sun and the planet return to almost the same alignment. This is shown below :

Planet alignment

No of cycles of planet Calculation of years No of cycles of Sun
Mars & Sun 37 37 x 2.1352= 79.0024 years    79
Jupiter & Sun 123 123 x 11.86179= 1459.0002 years   1459
Saturn & Sun 46 46 x 29.45660 =  1355.0036 years   1355

It is worth observing that Jupiter and the Sun are only 0.0002 years apart after 123 revolutions so it takes about 22,000 years for its perfect cycle to get out of alignment with the Sun by one degree. This is the same order of time as the precession of the Poles so it is very apt to refer to Jupiter as the Eternal God, a term used in Nostradamus' passage. And there are other points of reference tying these cycles to the passage above. Each planetary perfect-cycle can be used to determine exact locations into the distant future.

Mars can successfully be used during the time of the 854 cycle since knowledge of its position throughout a period of 79 years is very achievable and hence the setting for Mars can be known throughout this 854 year period. As time goes on it will be out of position by an acceptable 8 degrees. It can be therefore used throughout this time without deviation from the 79 years except when we get to the 854 years for Mars will not complete its eleventh perfect cycle at this time and it is the prefect time for it to be reset.

The essential adjustment is achieved by using the perfect revolution of Jupiter (the Eternal God) as the new starting point (the motor). By moving to 854 years and 18 days both Jupiter and Saturn are closer to their respective perfect cycles and the position of Mars can be recalibrated by going back to its position 869 years (11 cycles of 79 yrs.) earlier.
There is no other option to achieve the perfection of the greater cycle (854 years) but to deviate in this way.

Compare this to Nostradamus' words in the Preface of 1555 and it becomes apparent that I can use modern words to describe an astronomic process far removed from astrology and that the words I chose paraphrase those of Nostradamus.

"where the great Eternal God perfects the revolution, where the celestial images return to their motor & to the superior motion  by which we can render the earth stable and firm, not deviating from the time it takes except where to accomplish the result there is no other way."

I have spent some time developing these ideas because this passage is critical to the theme of great change by flood, fire from the sky and inundation. I needed to show that the references in it were not part of some occult rant but a part of a well-thought out scheme. Loose ramblings do not generate confidence but enigmatic, explicable phrases grant us comfort that there is much yet to be discovered. In pursuing these goals I have also produced starting dates and a means of analysis for dating future events. I have also shown the import of history as a reference tool and this will serve us well as we look at the verses relating to these themes.  


The tone of my findings is obviously in line with modern thought on climate change but the level of water is to be much higher than current predictions if Nostradamus’ vision is of a future reality. The sea-level rising by the full 100m possible from melting ice sheets seems impressively large but even with this the land still above sea level would exceed 65% which falls short of Nostradamus' vision of 75% coverage. His vision requires a water level rise in France of about 200m above current sea levels.

But the rapidity of such a change during a single century would be unprecedented which could result in even greater distortions of the land surface since a rapid change in sea levels results in equally rapid changes in hydrostatic pressure on the ocean floors. Whereas gradual hydrostatic change would result in increased seismic events that would occur over a vast period of time a sudden change would result in major upheavals in close succession.  

There is also the likelihood of rapid land sub sidence under the weight of water pressing on the land.  Such a high level of activity would make major tsunamis, earthquakes and storm activity a common event and each would be of a dimension never experienced before.

Unfortunately these are all events that can be readily found in Nostradamus’ verses but for his words to be true the fire from the sky must also have a major impact on the water levels and it must be in the form of a cataclysm whose effects last centuries not just days, months or years. The reason I say this is because the sea-rise needed to meet Nostradamus' levels cannot be reached without a combination of disasters beyond that already known to man.

An unprecedented rise in sea-level predicted by Nostradamus.

In the previous section I stated there are many verses that give a credible scientific support to the idea of an unprecedented rise in sea level and it is my intent to present a few to justify this claim. I begin with one of the many verses in Nostradamus to which it seems impossible to give any meaningful sense. However once you know the proper context of Nostradamus quatrains the obscurity of their wording usually vanishes. This is well illustrated by the next verse whose last line seems impossible because lobsters aren’t expected in the mountains.

On the hilltops of Bailly and the Bresle
The proud one of Grenoble
will be hidden
Beyond Lyons and Vienne
on them a very great hail
Lobster on the land not a third thereof will remain.

Sur le mont de Bailly et la BreSle
Seront caichez de Grenoble les fiers
Oultre LyonVien eulx Si grande greSle
Langoult en terre n'en reStera vn tiers.

If we take Nostradamus words as valid then we must place this verse amongst those which relate to his great theme of floods that are so high that almost all lands are covered.  If we do so it builds a picture that has a creditable scientific consistency since the places mentioned in this verse define an altitude at which a rise in sea-level would leave about a third of the land area of France uncovered which is what is stated in the last line. There are five places mentioned and they range from Grenoble at the foot of the Alps to Bresle and Bailly in the north-east of France, Vienna in Austria and Lyon in central France .

The elevation of each location above current sea-level is:

Grenoble averages 212m
Lyon  airport is at 201m
Vienna’s St Stephan Cathedral is 174m
Bailly, Bourgogne near Auxerre 190m.
The source of  the Bresle lies in hills (monts) near Abancourt at 200m

It is apparent that there is a common element in the elevation of these places as they are all in the range 170  to 220m. This height is outside the range of any previous flood levels in the historic records yet at 200 meters the amount of land left uncovered in France would be about one-third that currently above sea-level.

This scheme doesn’t fit with any projections for our times yet consistently Nostradamus’ flood theme gives settings that imply this level of ocean-rise. Only a rise of such magnitude truly reflects the scale of the myths. And it is only with such a vast increase that you can achieve lands covered so that cities are no longer remembered except via written records.

It requires this height of water for lobsters to be found in the Grenoble region. It is the 200 meter level that meets the claim that only one-third of land remains.  And it is this order of magnitude that creates what is surely the most significant mutation that mankind has endured throughout history.  

There is no historically identifiable source from which such a rise in water level can occur but one logical means by which it could occur is that the rapid melting of the ice is accompanied by a sudden sub siding of the European land mass.

Nostradamus’ vision is no dream; it is a nightmare that he foresaw and he seems to have known that this scenario lies outside reason. In the hidden text there are several clues to this but none more poignant than that in the first line of C9 Q69 which reflects on the nature of his foreboding.

Sur le mont de Bailly et la BreSle
eSurl emontdeBa ill yet laBreSl

rules abodement ill yet relabels
Yet ill abodement relabels rules

Nostradamus’ presage for the city of Plancus (Lyon).

My claims in the previous section regarding sea-levels being based on the towns in C9 Q69 are vindicated by the words of Nostradamus in another verse which is given below.

    C03 Q46

The sky ( of Plancus' city ) forebodes to us
Through clear signs and fixed stars,
That the age of its sudden change is approaching
Neither for its good, nor for its evils.

Le ciel (de Plancus la cite) nous preSage
Par clers inSignes et par eStoilles fixes
Que de Son change Sub it s'aproche l'aage
Ne pour Son bienne pour Ses malefices.

The name of Plancus is the unifying force between the two verses since Plancus was the founder of the city of Lyon and he had a historical link with Grenoble. The following is from the Wikipedia reference on Plancus:

His funerary inscription attests that he founded the cities of Augusta Raurica (44 BC) and Lyon (43 BC)[1] and in June 43 BC, a letter attests to his passage through the village of Cularo (present Grenoble) in the Dauphiné Alps[2].

This isn’t the only link between the verses of Nostradamus presented in this and the previous section. The wording of the first two lines of the above verse reflects the tone of the hidden message that I revealed in C9 Q69 which says Yet ill abodement re-labels rules.

The text of the third line of the current verse bears out my claim that the sea-level is a sudden change and the fourth implies it has nothing to do with the actions of its peoples. In this last line Nostradamus seems to be divorcing the event from the mythology accounts in which the floods were the act of a vengeful God seeking to punish man’s waywardness. Nostradamus’ role can be seen from the wording to be that of a recordist and a setter of dates not a propagator of an almighty agent’s pending wrath.

The anagrams hidden in this current verse are also useful in placing these two verses in the context of the floods. In the first line there are sequences of adjacent words that say eruptions legacies (ite nous pr - e - Sage Leci) and coastline unPlaced (de Plancu - s la cite no). Through these words we can conclude that the shores we associate with our world will no longer apply. But there are other constructions in this line which say Sea eruptions sPeculation rageS and ice gaLeS led Plane precautionS.  

The second line is equally as rich in an imagery related to this theme. Whereas the first openly mentions the act of presage the second contains an anagram of presagient (ignes_et_par). There are sequences which say Sensing ill rise fixes Seaport rePlaces. There is another aspect worthy of comment.

The text of the second line says Through clear signs and fixed stars” and by this we are once more given confirmation of the date of 2100CE. My earlier work already provides a definition of the stars in 2100 CE that give complete sense to this line. The fixed stars are those of Ursa Minor in which Polaris is located and it is their rise that allows the Polestar to reach its ascendant position. The clear signs are the series of conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn plus Mars and Venus during October and November in Virgo. And Virgo is the rising sign in April, the date I earlier identified as relating to the start of the Noah-like deluge.

So once again this template of events that I have built serves to reveal great detail. Just as the opening of a lock shows that the tumblers are correctly aligned we can see that these verses describe the minute events of one and only one great catastrophe. There is more material in the last two lines but as these deal with the nature of the pestilence that accompanies the Disaster it isn’t required that they be included here.    

What I have shown in this series is that the theme of floods represents one of the three main mutations which were of interest to Nostradamus. The clarity of this story can be found in his words of the Preface and his prophetic verses. This story is understandable even if the anagrams are ignored but it is the anagrams by which I found the verses and it is they that enrich its details and show the links between the verses. The tale carries the stamof a real vision but yet it stands outside what science has shown to be true in history.

This is a work that carries the hallmarks of a vision into the future but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. Surely, the most disturbing quality of this work arises from its consistency with real flood causes and effects and also from its anagrams of scientific terms that were unknown in Nostradamus’ day.  It is these elements more than the narrative of a flood of mythical proportion that raise the probability that his quatrains hold more than a fantasy dreamt ub y Nostradamus.

Below are charts (Sefirots) for a cluster of ten verses showing how links between the verses give greater detail of the flood events.

Nostradamus Prophecies chart of 21stC flood ciphers



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