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Nostradamus C2 Q93: Ship of death signifies the End of Days for many in the 21stC.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The fourth line of text in this verse talks of conflagration followed by a great inundation and this same combination is seen as part of the flood message in Nostradamus' Preface to Cesar 1555.

and I find that the world before the universal conflagration will experience many deluges with inundations so high that there will be no soil that is not covered by water; and this will be for such a long time that all would be lost except for the records of enographies and topographies. Also before and after such inundations, in most countries, the rains will be in demand, and from the heavens will fall a great abundance of fire and white-hot stones, so  nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in brief, before the last conflagration...1555 Preface to Cesar (PCE8)

The fourth line also contains two critical anagrams, Eschaton (onChaste) and Naglfar (nflagra). There are only two other anagrams for Eschaton in the whole text and only one other for Naglfar. The word eschaton is an End-of-Days term while Naglfar refers to the ship that is involved in the Nordic End-of-Days mythology.

Naglfar is described in the Prose Edda as a ship made entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead. During Ragnarok, Naglfar will be freed from the land and sailed to Vigridr, the battlefield, by Hrym along with an army of jotunn. The ship will lead hordes against the gods in the last war at the end of time, before a new world will arise from the sea. These are the images Nostradamus has incorporated in the above verse where we have the inundation similar to that of  the Nordic End-of-Time and we have a ship which is linked to the Goddess of Death.  All of which is enough to show that Nostradamus was drawing on a pagan source for another dimension to his tale of future floods....Wikipedia entry

Naglfar is discussed in stanza 49 and 50 of the Norse poem Voluspa of the Poetic Edda and from this source we can get a strong image of Naglfar as one of many creatures and horrors let loose by the flood and the proponents of war.

Hrym steers from the east, the waters rise, the mundane snake is coiled in jotun-rage.
The worm beats the water, and the eagle screams: the pale of beak tears carcases; Naglfar is loosed.
That ship fares from the east: come willoMuspell's people o'er the sea, and Loki steers. The monster's kin goes all with the wolf; with them the brother is of Byleist on their course.

There are also further anagrams of Eddic relevance. These are Odinn and Sybils-tale, the latter of which gives the christianised version of the End-of-Days event.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

by Serpine study Sybil-tales preassembler ability syllabise uptrends
Bien pres du Tymbre preſſe la Lybitine

upend wanted guarante[e] adoring adorning Odinn union
Vn peu deuant grand inondation  

fleeched (cajoled) fund unfed imprin[t]s Islams sentinal assailment
Le chef du nef prins mis a la ſentine

Antiochs chants Eschaton plateau confines Naglfar falcon flagrant action
Chaſteau palais en conflagration.

C2 Q93

Very near the Tiber presses Death:
Shortly before great inundation:
The chief of the ship taken, thrown into the bilge
Castle, palace in conflagration.
Bien pres du Tymbre preſſe la Lybitine
Vn peu deuant grand inondation  
Le chef du nef prins mis a la ſentine
Chaſteau palais en conflagration.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text

  1. <it Be in Syl(l)ables><sTudy it by preaSSembler in><SybiL-taleS><by my represSSable><alLy SeerS><leSSer abiLity> <SealS Libya in it><duTy preaSSembler>
  2. <pen uuanted adorning><donation trading uuaned><odin unguaranteed>
  3. <fLeeched in aSsailment><Salient aims><Sentinal amiss>aS islams Lenient><Lenient aliaSes>unfed
  4. <once naglfar [Norse ship myth] sail it pau eSChaton (end of days)><once antioCh Set pau flagrant alias><graal confines antioChs plateau><pau aCtion haSte>


1: unguaranteed, Sybil-tales, flagrant, ability, Libya,
2: preassembler, assailment, repressable, syllabise, confines, manasils, canonise, Naglfar, salamis, falcon, Islams / missal,
3: donation, nidation, Eschaton, uptrends, plateau, study, fund,
4: adorning, Antioch, trading, Salesian, spurned, peerless, ably, flag,
5: canthos, lenient, duty,
6: ally,
7: sentinal, neuudate, vnion, Odinn,
8: unfed,
9: conines, heats / haste,
10: chasten, uuanted, gaunt, 
11: action, aliases, repress, peeress, ratio,
12: chants,
13: fleeched,
14: uuaned,
15: assail,
16: intense, amiss,
17: sealant,
18: spender, dust,
19: repine,
20: Islam,
21: scathe, alias,
22: -
23: uuade.

unguaranteed, Sybil-tales, flagrant, ability, Libya, preassembler, assailment, repressable, syllabise, confines, Manasils, canonise, Naglfar, salamis, falcon, Islams, donation, Eschaton, uptrends, plateau, study, fund, adorning, Antioch, trading, Salesian, spurned, peerless, ably, flag, canthos, lenient, duty, ally, sentinal, new-date, vnion, Odinn, unfed, conines, haste, chasten, wanted, gaunt, action, aliases, repress, peeress, ratio, chants, fleeched, waned, assail, intense, amiss, sealant, spender, dust,  repine, scathe.


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