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Nostradamus C1 Q54: On the geopolitical turmoil at the time of one who is not begotten
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Calamity verse series in Nostradamus' Prophecies(agennos :from Gk, a=without/ not, gennos=beget implying not begotten .)

Nostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry [HEE7] about decadent eventsC1 Q54 holds an anagram for  degeneration one of the few synonyms for decadence found in Nostradamus' Prophecies. Yet it is a paramount cipher due to its prominence in his statements in the Epistle that accompanied his 1558 publication of his work.

The decadence in this verse is mankind's wreckless exploitation of the Earth's bountiful but finite resources.

The Decadent verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesHence verse C1 Q54 is paired with C3 Q70 in the series on modern decadence based on the synonms for decadence (degeneration and evilness) being found as anagrams in these two verses together with a common thread of manipulation of genetic material determining lineage.

This verse is itself a critical contributor to Ns major story lines since it helps set the century in which Nostradamus' great mutations are scheduled to occur. Like others in the same series it uses the historic event of the Polar star's closest approach to the North Pole (See C1 Q51). In this keystone verse we see the trail from the genesis of religious differences over Jesus' birth status come through to the time of the Polar turning (2105CE).

We also see details of other Nostradamic themes such as how the involvement of various sects increases the impact of fire from the sky, financial turmoil and inundation.

This verse is part of a triad that appears as a small cluster in the middle section of the first one hundred verses of the Prophecies and each of them brings meaningful contributions that place C1 Q51 at the start of a one hundred year period of great mutations. That period climaxes with the continuous precession of the Pole stars bringing the current Polaris to its closest point to the north celestial pole. The text of C1 Q54 clearly complies with this outlined astronomic picture.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C1 Q54 emotion cipher showing religious biome trail for 21st centuryThe significant anagrams in C1 Q54 contribute some independent but crucial elements for the epoch from 1999 to 2105CE which is the  prime focus for the most important of Nostradamus' story lines. The aspect that it deals with is the specific religious institutions and its members that dominate the Jesus begotten/ un-begotten (agennos)  story line.  

In the agennos series I chose to pair this verse with C1 Q56 because of its critical role in setting dates for many of Nostradamus' major themes together with them both bearing the agennos cipher which make them important headstones for the major theme about Jesus' genetic line in the modern era.

Two revolutions made from the evil scythe
making a permutation of reign and centuries.
The mobile sign thus moves into its place:
At two of equal worth and inclination.
Deux reuolts faicts du ma ling falci gere  
De regne et Siecles faict permutation
Le mobil Signe a Son endroict Si ingere
Aux deux egaux et d'inclination.

Extra Info:

All eight of the agennos anagram verses can be accessed through agennos quatrains

Anagram sequences in French text.

  1. <flaming glacier exuDe flourates><ci (101) Degree a falling mud><fascists uxed reuolt align mud>
  2. <Degeneration Site><citeS false gene><genDer mutation><importunate Site gender fascicle [cluster]><trumpet orDinate><orientateD gene>
  3. <agennoS doctrineS mobiLiSe><directionS><a Single Son><reigniteS> <conSiderations><reeling>sibling
  4. <uxA nation uxed no incidental uxage><uxe indictional [15 yr Roman tax cycle] age><ion uxage uuAxed>

In the current era Polaris is currently the most mobile constellation of the so-called fixed stars as it is is changing its ascension and declination angles rapidly and this justifies a title ofthe mobile sign given in the visible words of the third line which says <>The mobile sign thus moves into its place. In March 2105 CE Polaris will be at its closest point to the spot where the imaginary Celestial North Pole's rune-like-sign (N) is placed. This occurs around Easter and it signifies the end of Polaris' ascent to the Pole. It will be over 25000 years before it will once again be as close to the pole. March 2105 CE therefore represents one of the rare moments in astronomic history since it ushers in a Great Mutation of the cycles of the skies.

1:indiscretion, indictional, degeneration, incidental, sibling, Albigensis, directions, mobilise, fascicle, flaming, trumpet, flouts,
2: considerations, importunate, antitumor, gene site, doctrines, fluorates, reignites, falling, mobile, ducts,
3: orientated, mutation, Fascist, limbo,
4: glacier, fecials, agonies, Nordic, flag,
5: Sudam,
6: gasolines, doctrine, malign, biome, uxage, Marut, calf,
7: engender, fang,
8: agennos, iceless, legaci, uuaxed,
9: degree, fast,
10: reeling, boils / bolis, sibl,
11: alumni,
12: Aniou, fiats, linc,
13: oriented,
14: ordinate, mature,
15: anoint / nation, single, boil,
16: redone, false / fleas,
17: align, duetx, lost,
18: alum, dust,
19: peratic,
20: exuder/ reduxe,
21: reneged, Oannes,
22: solute, dreux, Iona,
23: result,

flaming, degeneration, trumpet, Albigensis, indiscretion, mobilise, directions, incidental, flourates, falling, importunate, Fascist, doctrines, reignites, mutation, considerations, glacier, degree, orientated, agennos, biome, anti-tumor, gene site, ordinate, gasoline, usage, malign, single, nation.


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