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Nostradamus C3 Q70: The royal genetic trail of a modern military leader
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

Nostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry [HEE7] about decadent eventsThis verse complements C6 Q40 in the coden series by adding detail to the genomic trail behind the creation of new beings.

The Decadent verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesBut verse C3 Q70  is included in the series on modern decadence based on the synonyms for the terms degeneration and evilness being found as anagrams together with a common thread of manipulation of genetic material determining lineage in each verse.

The Codon verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesIn the current verse the anagrams develop this theme by implying the populace will turn to guerilla tactics at a time when there are great floods. It is is in this context that genetic manipulation is used to ensure the birth of a person they believe will be a military leader within the religous order to which the manipulators belong. This verse offers further interesting details that may be relevant to the foregoing.

The Prophecies' only anagram for Hainaut ( haut a in) is found in the second line of this verse. The name relates to the lineage of UK and French d'Angouleme royals with Marguerite d'Angouleme's immediate family being the members of the line best known to Nostradamus. It is from this line that the Bourbon Kings of France emerged. The relevance of this tie is delivered by anagrams for genomic (igne com) prominences (ne comprinſe) found in the first line. This combination suggests the DNA of a royal line' genetic foundations are Nostradamus' interest rather than the less reliable records of births, deaths and marriages.

Philippa Hainaut arrived in England in December 1327 escorted by her uncle, John of Hainaut, she was married to Edward III at York Minster, on 24 January 1328 and thence became Queen of England.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C3 Q70 Executioner Unforseen Genomic evilnessesnessAmong the other anagrams that for nefandous (d'Auſonne fe) is the one most in need of explanation. That term means something appalling that is best not spoken of.

Something unmentioned In the context of other highly complex and rare anagrams such as recompensing (gne comprinſe), impersonal (omprinſe l'A), evilness (ls ſe vien), unforseen (uſonne fer) and genomic (igne com), prominences  (ne comprinſe) gives a hint of a story line set out in other parts of Nostradamus' work; that of a royal leader born with deformities  such as lameness in one leg. But offsetting these deleterious mutations is a special gift for speech.

The above context gives good grounds for accepting genetic manipulation is one of the decadent practices foreseen by Nostradamus.
The great Britain including England
Will come to be flooded very high by waters
The new League of Ausonia will make war,
So that they will come to strive against them.
Le grand Bretaigne comprinſe l'Angleterre
Viendra par eaux ſi haut a inonder
La ligue neufue d'Auſonne fera guerre
Que contre eux ils ſe viendront bander

L1: <genomic Band rate enspiral><recompenSing irate Band><Bernard geomantic><elegAnt lineS err><triage prominenceS><gentler imperSonAl enLarger> Bertrand tAnger Berating AlienS

L2: <hainaut (part UK Royals bloodline) enVironed Six><~ uxa inVader rape unrationed Shia~><anointed driVen> Vendor

L3: <A unforSeen feud urge a gueriLLa><none fear uSA feud gueriLla urge><reaL guile><feuu argue nefAndous (not to be spoken of)<gueriLla argue>

L4: <barton enter conQuered devilneSs><lxui (lxvi= 66) enter><executioner band not less driven><conQuer extruSiles [things able to be drawn out]> evilneSs / vileneSs counter Queer environed

1: recompensing, prominences, impersonal, geomantic, guerrilla, geomanci, Bertrand,
2: complainers, nefandous, extrusile, genomic,
3: unforseen, vendor,
4: unrationed, berating, anointed, Bernard,
5: guerilla, evilness / vileness / veinless, coinage, leauing, unagile, nouns,
6: conquer, lxui (lxvi=66)
7: Barton, Odinn,
9: environed (2x), xui / xiu,
10: -,
11: gentler, anion,
12: nonvaried,
13: enspiral, gentle,
14: triage,
15: nation,anoint,
16: -,
17: -, 
18: -,
19: reargue, brand, guile,
20: -,
21: Shia,
22: granite, giant, Iona,
23: uuade, Berta, \

geomantic, prominences, recompensing, impersonal, guerilla, Bertrand, nefandous, vendor, complainers, berating, unforseen, genomic, extrusile, Bernard, anointed, coinage, evilness, Odinn, incocted, leauing, unagile, LXVI ,conquer, gentler,nation, elegant, maidens, sensed, enspiral, Shia, reargue, brand.


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