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Nostradamus C1 Q51: 2100CE date set by Polaris zenith & Jupiter Saturn in Aries
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Jan 2023

The  Roots / Astronomy Origins verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThis verse is one of the first of those from which my unraveling of Nostradamus' Prophecies truly began. The cryptic method of star and planet usage is well illustrated in the presentation below. I have also included my more recent presentation of his encoding methods through which he establishes emotional rapport with his spiritual sources.

There is a tale within the anagrams that links the astronomy to stories of Jesus' resurrection and this can be seen through the major anagrams. This verse is clearly a definer of a special epoch which identifies the date via a specific planetary setting in its text.

The  Roots / Astronomy Origins verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesA candidate for that date is April 2000CE as the  astronomy image below illustrates. It is the anagrams that offer the means to confirm that this is the most likely date intended by Nostradamus.

Conjunction in Aries 2100CEOf the anagrams serving this purpose Polaris (is par lo), Polar Sign enclose (par lo_ng Si_ecle Son),  and  close alignment (cle So__n maling te) all found in the beginning of the third line are the most powerful for they relate to a motion that differs from the planets.

This verse is also part of a triad that appears as a small cluster in the middle section of the first one hundred verses of the Prophecies and each of them brings meaningful contributions that place C1 Q51 at the start of a one hundred year period of great mutations. That period climaxes with the continuous precession of the Pole stars bringing the current Polaris to its closest point to the north celestial pole.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C1 Q51 emotion cipher showing planet code exemplarThere is another anagram that acts as an identifier for all verses dedicated to conveying dates and that is the term emotionless. This is a fitting description of the emotion Nostradamus experienced for the astronomy component when his brain was stimulated by his vision of the future.

This verse forms a triad via its links to C1 Q56 and C1 Q54. It also pairs with C8 Q56 in the Astronomy roots series because of the different place each of the two verses has in giving the foundation of the critical date mechanism in Nostradamus' Prophecies as astronomic and not astrologic.

The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn
Eternal God, what changes!
Then the bad times will return again after a long time
what turmoil in France and Italy.

Chef d'Aries, Jupiter et Saturne  
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long Siecle Son maling temps retourne
Gaule et Italie quelles eSmotions

  1. <JudAiser pit eaSter turn><he fed utteranceS><he trunCatesS afired tree><deAf Juries pit natureS tree><henCe Jesu stature afired><he fed etruScan tree><rune treatiSe> raIsed Jesu up

  2. <amulets quell seDition /eDitions enter><son mutilates /stimulate neuter Die><quell oDinist eue amulets enter><ioniseD neuter mutates>

  3. < melting man proteus / posture cloSe Popularise rune Sign><lamenting Son><polaris alignment Sign cloSe uP><encloSe suPine polar Sign route>

  4. <emotionleSs leaGues lIquate><see quell most Gnosia><Some Gaulonites (Essenes) sell equalIti><leaGues sell emotionS equalitI>
1: emotionless, Judaiser, popularise, mutilates /stimulate, utterances, mutates,
2: polar-signs, isoceles, station, alignment / lamenting, solemnal, pigment, Odinist, melting, 
3: mutation(s), pigments,
4: Neuuport, amulets, treatise / treaties, Centaur / untrace, juries, smell,
5: long-pairs, polar-sign, motions, Etruscan, Priapus, chafed, gnosia / Saigon, astute / statue, must,
6: Gaulonites, emotions, posturer, Polaris, malign, Papus, Stuart, 
7: editions / sedition, Jupiter, tempers, Leagues, 
8: elating, Salmone, uprisen, stature, iceless, quell (2x)
9: relosing,
10: uprisal, spiral, Odins,
11: motion, League, mutes,
12: unripe,
13: Moses,
14: supine, moist / omits, prune,
15: -
16: liquate, posture / Proetus / Proteus, sperm,
17: align, most, fad,
18: portune, enroute,
19: Jesu,
20: enclose,
21: omit,
22: -
23: hence.

emotionless, Judaiser, popularise, utterances, stimulate, polar-signs, isoceles, station, alignment, mutates, Odinist, amulets, solemnal, pigment, lamenting, mutation, Newport, treatise, untrace, polar-sign, Polaris, motions, Etruscan, Leagues, astute, gnosia, must, temper, Gaulonites, emotions, quell, sedition, malign, Jesus, uprisal, posture, omits, Easter rune, uprisen, stature.

 The precision of Nostradamus' wording must always be taken into consideration when evaluating his meanings and doing so clears the way for determining the date. However his wording can be taken as a significant listing of parts involved as the verse doesn't say Jupiter and Saturn at or in the Head of Aries and it may well relate to different set of conjunctions occurring simultaneously. 

With this in mind the first line of C.01 Q.51 becomes a good starting point for it's timing is readily identifiable and by using a visible astronomic format Nostradamus is also telling us that the hidden message is likely to contain an astronomic dating system.


There are a very limited number of occurrences of anagrams based on the root 'mutates'. Two of the anagrams are for mutation are actually present in Nostradamus but one of these presents an anagram of 'mutates' as well. All normal variants have been sought and are shown in this page. Quatrain C.10 Q.90 holds one additional variant which extends a true anagram for mutation to become mutational. There are only five verses holding all these occurrences.

Consider the anagrammatic message in line three of C.1 Q.5 which is given below (anagrams formed by regrouping letter clusters below original text). When doing so notice the ease with which the message is formed and how, once the message is known, it has the ability to make sense of the obscurities in Nostradamus' visible text.

C.1 Q.51 L.3.
Puis par long Siecle Son maling temps retourne
 Pu isparlo ngSi ecleSon malingtempsre. to urne
 Up Polaris sign enclose ''''...' to rune
 Enclose Polaris sign up to rune

   Puis par long Siecle Son maling temps retourne
   -------------------- cleSo nmalingte'. ''''''
   -------------------- close alignment'. '''''

Note: Alignment only occurs in one other verse and Polarisoccurs in five other verses.

A comprehensive message arises from the above which is I enclose Polaris route in close alignment to Polar rune sign. This fits closely with the cipher usage that I present in my section on astronomic ciphers in Nostradamus' Code.

Key Ideas:

Jupiter and Saturn, Easter rune, emotionless, Judaiser, popularise, utterances, truncates, mutilates, station, alignment, mutation, simulate, Polar sign, gnosia, Gaulonites, Polaris, editions, quell, leagues, tempers, most, liquate, Odinist, stature, fates, omits, supine, Proteus.


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