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Nostradamus C2 Q95: Aftermath of comets at the end of this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse talks of a time when usable land has been greatly reduced and the largest cities have become uninhabitable. It therefore fits well into Nostradamus' theme of great inundation. He wrote much about this topic and scattered its details in his most prominent works such as the Letter to Cesar and his Epistle to Henry. He also made frequent mention in his text of this particular theme and the verses where this stands out also deliver the means of dating the events of this verse (See my papers on Floodsand Mutations for more).

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

establishables lies sweep Norse pulses hint at hibernations labels
Les lieux peuplez ſeront inhabitables

provision map a rampagious march danger divides savior vision
Pour champ ſauoir grande diuiſion

Caspian student parables persuade captains rebels genes evils  
Regnes liurez a prudents incapables

dangers reformers notionless dissent destines insolent loser roles
Lors les grands freres mort et dissention.
The populous places will be uninhabitable:
Great discord to obtain fields:
Realms delivered to prudent incapable ones:
Then for the great brothers dissension and death.
Les lieux peuplez ſeront inhabitables
Pour champ ſauoir grande diuiſion
Regnes liurez a prudents incapables
Lors les grands freres mort et dissention.
1. <norSe hint a bit><a ninth bit use lies zeroeS Labels><hibernationS stable pulze ><not estabLishable in Seerz lies><inhabit bastiLle><bestial bathin rezoneS>
2. <dreading uiSion><Poison diuide> <rampagiouS uision drained><uSa roaring map uision died><map dreading sauior uision><uSa map eddan uision rigor><ion mapS rigour iS unaided>
3. <elizur gene paRables><capable seeR intrudes><prudent / uptrend caspian rebels><captains pruned Rebels><single ruze sepaRable> <rapez panic student liues> <azure genRe lies>
 4.<less grand reformers> <insisted on remotest><meteors dissent refer><insoLent roleS> <tremors destines Lotion><refers destinies dangers roLls into><notionLess detroit><dangers refer storm tides ion sent>
1: establishable, hibernations, rampagious, notionless, captains, Bastille, insolent, reformers, insisted, noisiest, Caspian, ninth,
2: inhabitable, separable, capable, Detroit, intends, diuide, Elizur, remorse,
3: uptrends, tensions, parables, bitable, stannic, roaring, dissent,
4: remotest, prudent / uptrend, unaided, lotion, negress, bells,
5: inhabit, ancients, destines, bestial, labels,
6: dreading, 
7: reformers,rigour, Bathin, intrudes, rigor, hint / thin,
8: meteors, Ruach, azure,
9: unraided, poison, tremors, rolls,
10: Cahour, panic, reneges, 
11: rezones, phasm,
12: champs, intone, tables / stable, zeroes, rebels, sells,
13: Vienna, augur,
14: -,
15: single, sauior, zeros,
16: drained,
17: turned,
18: losers, table, giro, seerz,
19: upon, raze,
20: habit, died, zees,
21: sides,
22: graels, 
23: apez.

destinies, establishable, notionless, hibernations, Bastille, rampagious, captains, insolent, reformers, insisted, noisiest, Caspian, rebels, intends, divide, Detroit, Elizur, parables, tensions, uptrend, dreading, roaring, dissent, poison, lotions, unaided, Vienna, drained, Graels, single, savior.


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