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Nostradamus C9 Q69: The great 21stC flood covers seventy percent of France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Using this verse in my paper titled Floods I identify the dimension of Nostradamus' floods and show that it represents something greater than has occurred in the past. I do this by showing the unity in the statements made in both his Prefaces and his Prophecies.

Anagrams from which the meaning can come include:

yet ill abodement rebels lately rule bilaterally entombed
Sur le mont de Bailly et la Breſle

Occitan ancestors action catechized genre borne noble lifes fireless creations
Seront caichez de Grenoble les fiers

lout only rely on Vienne lux readings danger loses
Oultre Lyon Vien eulx ſi grande greſle

lout enter Renne Easterner invert natives regulations
Langoult en terre n'en reſtera vn tiers.
On the mountain of Saint-Bel and L'Arbresle
The proud one of Grenoble will be hidden:
Beyond Lyons and Vienne on them a very great hail,
Lobster on the land not a third thereof will remain.
Sur le mont de Bailly et la Breſle
Seront caichez de Grenoble les fiers
Oultre Lyon Vien eulx ſi grande greſle
Langoult en terre n'en reſtera vn tiers.
  1. <omen ruleS deBt Bilaterally><entomBed ruleS ail><yet relaBels ill aBodement><ruleleSS aBodement>.<RebelS rules lately Bailed><leSSer taBle><StaBler omen ruleS yieldable> liaBle Baited
  2. <norSe fires catechized><lifes noble deGreeZ><anceStors fires><fireless accretionS> <lifes creation / reaction Seers Borne><Seers narcotic files><occitan riSes he flees / feels noble Greed>
  3. <elSe regarding><Vienne [Austria] trolley greed SoLe grains lux><six danger>
  4. <veteranS reenter lent reguLations><eaSterner intervals><native Langours reenterS><entraiLs traverSe><aLong intertranSverse re-enter><renneS [NW France]avert> travertineS [ hot rock mineral] triangLes
  1. bilaterally, entombed, lately, stable, yieldable, catechized, degreez, fireless, trolley, travertines, intertransverse
  2. ruleless, abodement, bailed, accretions, regarding, intervals
  3. langours
  4. relabels, narcotic, traverse
  5. baited, Occitan, regulations, triangles
  6. ancestors, veterans
  7. -
  8. native
  9. liable, Easterner
  10. reaction/ creation
  11. avert
  12. rebels
  13. lifes / files, Rennes
  14. borne, Vienne, entrails
  15. -
  16. reenters
  17. -
  18. noble
  19. table
  20. flees / fells

bilaterally, stable, travertines, entombed, Occitan, ill abodement, rebels, lately, catechized, degrees, ruleless , veterans, ancestors fires, fireless accretion, relabels, narcotic, regulations, Easterner, baited, natives, borne, lifes, creation, enters, Rennes, noble, entrails.

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