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Nostradamus C1 Q16: The giant axle of the Polestar times the onset of great mutations.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse goes close to giving a summary of Nostradamus' Prophecies. Its text references an astronomic setting and its themes are consistent with those I set out in Astronomy, Mutations and Nostradamus on War.

The anagrams are also quite powerful and give supporting detail to the same themes. Those for axle signation and verticalness deliver an image of a cross-piece that turns until it reaches a vertical position which is consistent with the Polestar reaching its closest approach to the North Pole in 2105CE.

It is from this dating and the anagrams for Noah's deluge in the second line that I was able to propose a date for the giant floods that Nostradamus prophesied. The anagrams for minimal  militiamen and limit imply there will be peace before the warnings in the text take place. This verses anagrams include:

invocating verticalness cognitive signation contrives regalists axles failures
Faulx a l'eStang ioinct vers le Sagitaire

deluge axle enstation Noah's vault
En Son hault auge de l'exaltation

fates mine immoderate militiamen limit militia minimal respite,
PeSte famine, mort de main militaire

he cheered ovation elations silence especial crop
Le Siecle approche de renouation.

C1 Q16

Scythe joined to the pond in Sagittarius
at its highest increase/trough of its exaltation.
Plague, famine, death from military hands;
the century approaches its renewal.

Faulx a l'eStang ioinct vers le Sagitaire

En Son hault auge de l'exaltation
PeSte famine, mort de main militaire
Le Siecle approche de renouation.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text

  1. <al'egations verticalneSs><contrives giant axleS Failure><a regaliSts cognitive Failure> <noticing leverS><Signation [a sign in the form of a cross]><leSser taleS invocating Flexura [bending]><Stealing icon><antignoStic><ventricles><coining>largeSse eviction ionic Sealant
  2. <axle Enstation noahS deluge> <al-haut deluge exaltation><intonates al-haut Son><antoinE Son exalt al-haut deluge>
  3. <a reSPlite in militiamen fame><immoderate infame [to defame] PeterS militia><morn-time fateS limit maiden><dreamt omen><minimal demoter infame PeterS> feminate mediator manifeSt
  4. <prophecieS-declare><eSpecial eLation><paper echoed><LouiS antoine (dauphin who abdicated 1830+ ) cheered> place SiLence LioniSe / eLiSion>


  1. 'giant axles'. verticalness, al'egations ('=l),regalists, cognitive, noticing, antignostic, invocating, coining, eviction, exaltation (no anagrams), immoderate, morntime, Louis-Antoine
  2. contrives, signation, ventricles, Al Haut, Attila, minimal, militiamen, feminate, mediator, manifest, cheered, elision / lionise
  3. enstation intonates
  4. axles, ionic, axle (2 in this verse)
  5. flexura, stealing, especial
  6. failure, Noah's, militia, elation
  7. -
  8. limit, echoed
  9. demoter, silence
  10. -
  11. largesse / large-ess
  12. -
  13. levers / revels
  14. dreamt, respite
  15. infame, fates
  16. -
  17. sealant
  18. -
  19. -
  20. maiden
  21. -
  22. place

Key Ideas:

giant axles, verticalness, regalist, contrives, cognitive, signation, immoderate, invocating, axle, enstation, Al Haut, morntime, Attila, militiamen, feminate, mediator, manifest, minimal, elation, cheered, especial, failure, Noahs, deluge, intonates, silence, fates, limit, largesse, maiden, dreamt.



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