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Nostradamus C3 Q46: Lyon becomes a seaport during as modern genetics makes great leaps.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The unity of time past, present and futureThe text of C3 Q46 gives the ideal background for highlighting the verses anagrams. The lettering giving the greatest ties to genetic evolution are found in the second line. They present a picture suggestive of the idea that  genesis fixes  lifes presagient seeing parcels ( s inſignes / s fixes / les fi /  ignes et par /  ignes e / s Par cle ). In so doing it hints at a beginning of new human based abilities.

The above clearly identifies that the verse is about genetic evolution.

The Genetics verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesIn keeping with this the anagrams in the third line of C3 Q46 hold a highly potent set of rare, complex words independently related to our current understanding of disease such as cholera (roche l'a), spirochetal (it s'aproche l) and bacteriophagals (bit s'aproche l'aag). These biological components are currently one of the main areas of interest to geneticists.

In additions the connections between this verse's text, quotes in his prefaces and the modernity of topics uniting the anagrams in this verse with many others places it at the end of this century at the time of great floods and astronomic upheaval.

Nostradamus verse C3 Q46- Floods Sky Forebodes Sudden ChangeIn the flood series this verse is  paired with C1 Q17 solely because they each have links to various aspect in other verses in this flood series.

Howevera stronger pairing with C8 Q61 within the Genetic series occurs because they both provide the basis for the evolution of a new species with prescient abilities.

This current verse plays a crucial foundation role for all of NostradamuList of Nostradamus Flood verses tied to Prefaces modern story lines. This means other pairings are also relevant. Via Plancus City (Lyon) C1 Q17 is linkable to C9 69  which like C1 Q89 and C8 Q16 allude to the sea rising up mountains.

C3 Q46 gains its greatest cohesion with the verses in the flood group through its anagrams for flood environment description elements. These flood elements include anagrams for unplaced coastline (de Plancu_s la cite no) and eruptions  (te nous pr) as well as the period defining anagram of Polar-site (t par eſtoil).

The highly complex anagrams for spirochetal bacteriophagals associated with ones for cholera and ills genesis establish this verses connection with modern biological threats.

There are other threads in its anagram clusters that speak of things common to all these verses; they deal with emotions of humans as they experience the events of this period while at the same time beginning new story trails related to the origins of a new species. These aspects will therefore see this verse become a later part of other branches of the trail covering specific events in this and later centuries.

DATA section
The sky (of Plancus' city) forebodes to us
Through clear signs and fixed stars,
That the time of its sudden change is approaching,
Neither for its good, nor for its evils.

Le ciel (de Plancus la cite) nous preſage
Par clers inſignes et par eſtoilles fixes
Que de ſon change ſubit s'aproche l'aage
Ne pour ſon bienne pour ſes malefices
  1. <unclasPed speculation agreeS><unPlaced coastline LegacieS><Super gales inculcates ice led Plan><Sage precautions><Sea eruptions><clan plied eLegaic persecutionS><portunes ageS><tenacious preSages>
  2. <Sensing repeatS rise to fix ill Parcels><Set presagient> <polarSite engineS ><Seaport seeing ill Sins><sex lifes toilS><fixes ill genesiS part to risen Parcels><riSing ill rePlaces fixes to part seen><fixes enSign part to ill Spear relics>
  3. <Agens [J Scaliger's ?] choSen><bits use a crop><encodeS changeS eQual-age><cholera age> <a spirochetal age><buSiest><bacteriophagals uSe>
  4. <siNce europeS nine flames Suborn><eraSmus file><our peN><pourS Nieces on europeS females>
  1. speculation, inculcates, persecutions, spirochetal, bacteriophagals, females
  2. unplaced, legacies, precautions, tenacious, Erasmus
  3. coastline
  4. eruptions, sensing, Polarsite
  5. presagient, flames
  6. suborn
  7. Presages, chosen
  8. -
  9. -
  10. Seaport, busiest, cholera
  11. -
  12. engines
  13. portunes, lifes
  14. -
  15. Nieces
  16. -
  17. encodes
  18. -
  19. Europes
  20. -,
  21. -,
  22. -
  23. -.

speculation, spirochete, bacteriophage, inculcuates, coastline, persecutions, unplaced, legacies, sea eruptions, super gale, Polar site, presagient, flames, suborn, busiest, seaport, sex life, presages, portunes, chosen, ill signs, Europe's, females, nieces, cholera, engines, Erasmus, Scaliger, encodes.




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