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Nostradamus C1 Q69: The mountain that dominates  Grail legend is the centre of a new movement.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text focusses on a great mountain and a clue within the anagrams may well lie in the sequence 'region stated'. There are also anagrams for graal, San Grael (Holy Grail) and Sang-Real (Royal Blood) all of which point towards Mount Bugarach in the Pyrennese where such legends have a long history. This is a region of ancestral interest to Nostradamus for it lies a short distance south of Alet- les -Bains, a town in which he lived when dwelling with his family relatives.

The text and the anagrams then most likely relate to the emergence of an active group in the Pyrennese who have great power and influence greatly affecting the future of humankind.

The anagrams from which the key to this verse comes include:

Garamond damnation papers stated Graals dominant region ended random antigen endorsed dates Montagnard step  garland
La grand montaigne ronde de ſept ſtades

dominant ion afire domination appears Guise urge fairer aim damnation appraise firearm propanes atropine separation
Apres paix guerre faim inondation

albinoism grant our canons traders aroused real oil basin  Baianism,migrants baronial allure
Roulera loin abiſmant grans contrades

mens names quite strange use granted of dominant
seems quaint gesture nominated, amnesties sequestrating monies donation
Meſmes antiques et grand fondation.

#Baianism  belief disputing the divine origin of sin and grace coming from God.
 term used in French Revolution alluding to mountain dwelling people.
#Claude Garamond
sixteenth century type face setter - contemporary of Nostradamus
female figure inGk tragedy who defies cultural norms when burying her brother.
The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine, flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities and their mighty foundations.
La grand montaigne ronde de ſept ſtades
Apres paix, guerre, faim, inondation
Roulera loin abiſmant grans contrades
Meſmes antiques et grand fondation.

L1: <graaLs deepeSt dateS><dominant Steps ended on graaL dateS><random antigen deaLs><region Stated Speed graaLs end><antigone garland endorSe dateS Step><Garamond ended antinegro StepS> Stated deedS atoning sang-reaL (Royal blood) / San-Grael (Holy Grail) damnation negation

L2:<guixe domination Appears fairer><guixe reAppoints a fairer domain><fear minion desperation urge><fairer admonition> <guixe firearm><i refer donation an aim>persia / aspire papers dominant Appraise sepAration

L3: <craton grants ouR man real oil baSin><albinoiSm grants ouR real trades><oil era ban migrantS><binomialS grant a rule> baronial tRaders

L4: <quiet names doMinates fond grant><grandest of amneSties dOminant><~and sequestrating (taking possesion while monies in dispute) Seem doMinant~><and grant of Monies means quitens><dominates Same of inquest granted><seem quaint> gesture

1: sequestrating, domination, admonition, Montagnard, albinoism/ binomials, damnation, separation, ammonites, Baianism, migrants, minion,
2: nominated,
3: donation (2x) nidation, baronial, quietest, endorsed, firearm, stated,
4: reappoints, dominates, dominate, iambs,
5: antinegro, dominant (3x), Garamond, atropine, Albion / albino, Guixe (x=s?),
6: appraise, allure,
7: Antigone / negation, Odinn,
8: amnesties, quietens, cratons, laagers, canons,
9: san-grael / sang-rael, moisten, inquest, appears, gesture, graals, salted, fairer,
10: garlands, propanes, egrets / greets,
11: atoning, antigen, deepest, ended, 
12: aroused,
13: -
14: monies / Simeon,
15: lags,
16: retards / traders, redone,
17: grandma, gets,
18: triad, 
19: gales,
20: inmates, Sepdet,
21: -
22: granite, random, monad, graels, giant, basin, Iona (2x)
23: ignore / Origen / region, apron.

desperation, sequestrating, albinoism / binomials, domination, Baianism, migrants,  damnation, separation, ammonites, nominated, baronial, quietest, donation, endorsed, firearm, stated, reappoints, antinegro, atropine, appraise, allure, Antigone, amnesties, laagers, cratons, canons, moisten, inquest, appears, graals, gesture, salted, fairer, garlands, propanes, atoning, deepest, antigen, aroused, monies traders, lags, triad, grandma, gets, inmates, graels, giant, basin.



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