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Nuclear links to ancient tales of floods and fires 

Nostradamus important Nuclear key words.

Belarus' Nuclear Deals 

Chernobyl; its past, present and future threat,

France's Nuclear path in 21stC

21st C Nuclear incidents.


Nostradamus on nuclear incidents in 21st Century

Allan Webber 2005, 2013

My aims for this Paper.

This paper shows the development of my research into nuclear events involved in the great mutations of the 21st Century. In it I show some of the reasons why I am certain this topic is incorporated into Nostradamus' Prophecies.

However when doing this I don't perceive a nuclear catastrophe as the underlying cause of the events that Nostradamus forecasts for this century but an outcome of other events.

Floods and earth tremors will affect the operation of nuclear facilities including the defunct plant at Chernobyl, whereby nuclear material will be increasingly present in the atmosphere and as a consequence life patterns will be more affected by radiation  and cancer rates will rise.

I can find evidence of all these things in Nostradamus' work and although they have serious impacts they are neither the cause nor the end point of disasters and they aren't the focus of the story-lines. 

I want to show how Nostradamus' nuclear themes link to the theme of floods and how they are consistent with the methodology I use throughout my works.

I will use this paper to amplify the tales discussed in my other papers and flesh out details of the tragedies described by Nostradamus while at the same time showing the resources on which I have come to rely in reaching my conclusions.

My book titled Nostradamus Unlocked provides material showing how this theme interconnects with Nostradamus other story lines.

Nuclear links to ancient stories of floods and fire.

My work on this section begins with Centuries X. Quatrain 6 L.2. a line that embodies why I am interested in the Prophecies and why I give so much time to their analysis. This line contains a set of anagrams that are distinctly nuclear and the unusual nature of so many appearing together in this one verse excites my curiosity. Similar clusters on other topics in other verses provides sufficient reason for my having  committed so much time to what on the surface looks irrational.

I have shown in my Anagrams-3 how the Deucalion (flood) reference provides a link between the visible and the hidden text of this verse CX Q6. I believe this relationshiof a hidden code related to the words everyone sees is ongoing in all Nostradamus  Prophecies and is what makes it possible to decode that which has been hidden for so long. And the most devastating ones are not easily explained by chance as they are of extremely rare occurrence. In addition when these rare and inter-related words do occur in more than one verse the meaning of the visible text in all these verses usually forms a stream of related ideas.

This paper originated as a twin to the one on Floods and Deluge and used the same line of verse for its genesis which is shown below. In the first line of the following table is the original text from Nostradamus verse CX Q6 and in the second line is its meaning in English. The next table shows how the whole anagrams are found in the line.They say Questor induce radio-nuclear, quatreins on radionuclide era, conquer denuclearisation. 

C10 Q06 L.2
They will think Deucalion is reborn.   
Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaistre.

Note:Deucalion is a Gk hero in the time of ancient floods.

Derivation of anagrams in this line:

Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaistre 
on Radionucleide era

Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaistre

Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaistre 
Questor induce radionuclear

This line has many related non-trivial radioactivity-based anagrams such as Radionuclear, Denuclearisation, Radionuclide and Radionuced. Each of these anagrams  only occur once in the whole text. The nuclear words are found in different parts of the line (not anagrams of each other). The line also illustrates the connection between the words in the original and the new revelation. Nostradamus line means "They will come to believe that Deucalion is reborn" and this has a clear link when the name Deucalion is understood. Even the word questor (or quaestor) adds detail for it is is a parliamentary officer responsible for finance and it implies cost factors underpin the move to denuclearisation..

Deucalion is a Greek legendary figure whose father, Prometheus, stole the sacred fire from Zeus. This forms a powerful metaphor for man's use of nuclear energy as both are based on the hidden fire of a special sub stance.

The legend goes beyond this since Deucalion and his wife Phyrra, because of their piety, were spared the vengeance of Zeus. It goes on to relate how a vengeful god flooded the world to teach man to have more respect. This tale has parallels with Semitic mythology and Deucalion's family, like Noah's, built an ark which enabled the rebirth of the world after the floods.

The visible text links to a great re-birth after a devastating flood but it is pertinent that the generation preceding Deucalion gives the setting for a nuclear theme. Deucalion's father, Prometheus stole the sacred fire of the gods  who then, in vengeance upon man for his arrogance, triggered the deluge on Deucalion's generation.

The hidden code is unmistakably about Nuclear affairs (a form of sacred fire) and floods while the metaphors involve father to son relationships found in ancient tales. These form the basis of understanding what is prophesied to happen in the future. For example we can expect a nuclear event to precede great floods by a generation. By this means Nostradamus has built the tools within each verse to unfold the story of what is to come. There are confirmations of my line of reasoning to be found in the full verse of CX Q6 since it brings in the element of the gods of fire in its fourth line.

   C10 Q06

Sardon Nemans will flood so high,
They will think Deucalion is reborn.
In the collossus the greater part will flee,
Vesta's fire appears extinguished in the tomb.

Sardon Nemans si hault desborderont,
Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaistre.
Dans le collosse la plus part fuyront,
Vesta sepulchre feu estaint apparoistre,

Note: Vesta was a Roman Goddess, the guardian of the sacred fire.

When I first found the Deucalion flood trail it was easy for me to follow the flood path. One of the things I was able to achieve was to use the idea of rebirth and link it to a name of an ancient hero / god  Asclepius which in turn I linked to pneumatologies a word that means Gods. I found these in a single verse C1 Q100, a verse that has clear reference to the ancient flood legends. This provided evidence of such relevance that it was near impossible for me to deny its aptness. However I don't follow this trail in this paper. (Go to my paper on floods for this other trail.)

But at the same time as I enjoyed success with uncovering details of the flood messages I suffered frustration by words in the first line of C10 Q6 which says "Sardon Nemans will flood so high." Searches on the internet for Sardon and Nemans proved non-useful since they were obscured by lots of irrelevant links to names of internet games and peoples family genealogies. And past analysts of Nostradamus' prophecies also were no help. Their method was to tie this line of verse to France by claiming Nostradamus had misspelt the names Gardon (Sardon) and Nimes (Nemans). However I was convinced by the successes I was increasingly having that the words were Sardon and Nemans, not the corrupted forms.

Success came in my internet search when I searched for river-sardon and river-nemans as both these entries yielded results. The river Sardon is linked to Philliof Macedonia, father to Alexander the Great. Here was a link to a famous father and a more famous son that was worthy of exploration. The Nemans link looked less promising but it turned out to be particularly useful.

Neman is the name of a river in Belarus running north-west into the Baltic Sea. Belarus is an independent country lying between Russia and Poland and was part of the Soviet empire uuntil the early 1990's. Belarus was one of the regions worst affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. (SEE SARDON & NEMANS for further corroboration of relevance )

It is at this point that I searched for the name Belarus as an anagram in Nostradamus' text. I knew I would find it but I couldn't remember what the lines said. The reason I was sure it was there was that its anagram was one that I had not been able to explain before. This investigation led me to the conclusion that there is a narrative relating to the Chernobyl nuclear Disaster but that it is only a contextual part of a bigger story.


The most important keys in the list of anagrams on nuclear themes.

Over the years I have developed quite powerful programs for finding anagrams and at the same time I have tightened the rules and means by which I identify key ciphers.

By grouping the anagrams in each verse it is easier to find significant patterns. It is when I do this that I reach the conclusion that there are verses that have a nuclear twist but these don't present as though they are the central message in Nostradamus' work.

Below I present a short version of a list of connections I built to helme in my searches. By looking at each entry you gain a snapshot of a possible topic.

For instance, looking at the entry for actinides one sees a cluster that centres on the weapon industry in central Europe. These clusters can tell us more when we see them in place in their line.

This is true of those in the third line of verse VII.19 where we see a most remarkable sequence of anagrams which fills the whole line and says BUDAPESTS GOVERNMENTAL FACTIONS while the original line says This deed will be debated for a long time . In this verse this line is not the only one which has this scale of relationshias the second and fourth lines say it will be overcome by shining metal...strange and fearful for the citizens. Backing these statements there appears in the fourth line anagrams for actinides (a radioactive series of mainly heavy metals) and weapons. And the first two lines hold anagrams for ailment and infector.

There is a compelling aptness to these hidden messages that I believe confirms my conclusions as to the manner in which Nostradamus' Quatrains are constructed. They are themselves reference lists that serve the same end as keywords perform in internet searches.

Such revelations justify the effort of looking at this list as it tells the reader where to look and the nature of what can be found. These tales will form part of this and other papers on my website.

The words shown in brackets in this list of key-anagrams are other related anagrams that occur in the nominated verses of Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Denuclearisation +Radionuclear +Nuclear-Radiation X.6.2 (nuclear-ion, tornados).
Atomic VI.37.3 (cancerous anticancerous, uranyl), X.21.4 (atomic.fuse)
Halflife IV.45.2 (energy, Belarusia),
Actinium X.4.1, Actinides III.6.2 (tumour)  IV.69.2 (storms, domains)  V.4.1 (alcaline, pollute, allegiances)   VII.19.4 (Budapest's, governmental, factions, fluorate, infector, ailment, weapons) , Actinoid I.56.2 (acid, coastline) IV.6.2 (Ukraine, climate )  
Uranyl II.4.3  III.34.4 (Ottawa) VI.37.2 (atomic, cancerous) X.47.1(Russia, factions, transmutes, uranites).
Uranic II.77.4 (nuclei)   II.80.3 (tempests) VI.81.2 (French, illnesses, element Nuclear-ion Laurencium Uranium-C) VIII.30.3 (terrors)  IX.47.1(uranic, nuclear)   X.24.3 (-).
Urania II.1.4 (Prussian, Russian, terrorist, Britain, positrons, germs) IV.96.2  V.19.1(element + radon).
Positrons   I.10.2 (Missourian, terrorises)  II.1.4 (urania, Prussian, Russian, terrorist, Britain, germs Positron IV.16.3 (liberte), Positronium I.47.3 (particles, Lovix, destruction, impasse).
Mutafacient VI.76.3 (fanatic, illnesses, mutate, al.gore, prorogue, weapons ).
Cancer II.65.1 VI.6.2 (lunatic) VI.12.4  (Italy, Montreal, gasoline, parlement)  IX.64.4  Cancers I.50.3  III.38.4 (Eugenesis, cancerous, storms, )   X.27.3 (cruelness).
Cancerous III.38.4 (Eugenesis, cancers, storms )   VI.37.3 (atomic, uranyl).
Anticancerous VI.37.3 (cancerous, atomic, uranyl), Tumour  III.6.3 (actinides)  VIII.6.1, Tumours V.38.1(carnage)   IX.33.4, Tumorous III.87.3 (gang, carnage)    IX.33.4,  Tumoral  I.71.1 (Israel, phages) VII.21.4 (Tehran,  adherent, weapon).
Tumorigeneses  VI.43.2 (eugenist, germinates).
Sarcoma  VI.4.4 (uranites, transmute).
UUeapons  VI.76.2 (fanatic, mutafacient, illnesses, mutate, al.gore, prorogue) , VII.19.4 (Budapest's, governmental, factions, fluorate, infector, ailment, actinides, weapons), UUeapon   I.81.1 (Malta) VII.21.3 (Tehran, adherent, tumoral)  X.3.1 (threat)
Nuclear-Devices V.3.1 (Uqraine, nuclearised).
Thermonuclear   II.33.4 (overscented, genes.exude, nonreasoning, guide, reason, quiesced)   X.64.2 (genearch, pre-nuclear, plenarium, equator).

Belarus and Nuclear deals. 

There is a good case for identifying Belarus as a point of geographical significance in Nostradamus tales. Although it has limited occurrences they do seem to create a unified tale in which Belarus enters into trade agreements that have a biological outcome upon its citizenry.

There are four lines of verse containing the anagrams of Belarus. There are two that contain anagrams for Belarusian but one of these also holds Belarus. There are also two lines with Belorussian and once again one of these also contains Belarus. There are two lines containing Belarusia. This gives a total of eight lines and it is worth reading the visible text of these as a body before proceeding further. On their own they have no common thread but I will show that when viewed as part of the nuclear Disaster at Chernobyl the meaning of most of these lines is quite apt. Note C4 Q45 L2 holds adjacent anagrams for Belarusia half-life (hef fail lira au bes).

Verse Id Translation and Original French Text Anagrams in  Original Text  
C2 Q61 L4 Flashes of fire great murder on the breach.
Pointes feu grand meurtre sus la bresche
ten-figures named point to truer BELARUS epoch  
C4 Q45 L.2 The greatest chief will fail in time of need:
Le plus grand chef faillira  au besoing
BELARUSIA in losing ill affair changed all rules. Half-life pulse  BIOGENS   
C4 Q56 L.1 After the victory of the raving tongue,
Apres victoire de rabiuse langue
PRAGUE victories barred BELARUSIA super-active sub -aerial gun   
C5 Q35 L.3 The English fleet will come under the drizzle
Angloise classe viendra soub s la bruine
Along BELARUSIAN boundaries RADON's scale is driven  
C5 Q88 L.1 Through a frightful flood upon the sand,
Sur le sablon par vn hideux deluge
Labels hide  BELARUS' un-provable sale   
C7 Q41 L.4 The house healthy is inhabited without noise.
Maison salub re et sans bruyt habitee
BELARUS  sanest habit is to bury ENTAMOEBIASIS (bacterial disease)
 East BELORUSSIAN burns 
C8 Q34 L.2 Great slaughter on the mountain of JURA 
Sur la montaigne de IVRA Secatombe
BELARUS craves giant atom use, JURA advisers need normal combat rules   
C8 Q50 L.3 The knightly bastard of the good old man
Le cheualier bastard de bon senille
BELARUSIA leech ill traded dead-born bones

The code Nostradamus hid under the above lines refers to Belarus before and after the break up of the Soviet Union. At that time the Belarusians were left a legacy of Russian presence that still has the potential for disaster, namely the Chernobyl nuclear melt-down.

In addition Belarus held a large number of Russia's strategic nuclear missiles and other materials of war. The lines containing Belarus tell of materials buried along its eastern boundaries that release, amongst other things, bacteria into the atmosphere and radiation whose half-life is long enough to leech the bones of the unborn, leading to many still-births. Much of this may refer to Chernobyl. 

The anagram-based story revealed below is of shady trade practices involving the burial of material along Belarus' boundaries, material that is still capable of releasing high doses of radon. 

In the visible lines we have a healthy house that is inhabited without noise (bacterial / radiation). We also have flashes of fire causing murder through a breech (Chernobyl and a later pentration event). The visible lines also tell of slaughter on the mountains of North East France (JURA) some distance to the south-east of Belarus. 

There are incidents that occurred during the Chernobyl's crisis that provide circumstantial evidence to the tale in Nostradamus lines.

At the time of the Chernobyl melt-down English ships did report increased radiation levels from falling rain and drizzle even though they were far distant from the explosion.

In addition the mention of trade in the hidden message of C5 Q88 L.1 and C8 Q50 L.3 adds historic credibility to the effects that Belarus' nuclear trade deals are ongoing. In 2006 Belarus supported the case for Iran's use of nuclear power for civilian use. It has since entered into similar agreements with Iran in exchange for oil. Below are two events of recent history.

Belarus Voices Support for Iran's Nuclear Plan. News headline: 08.09.2006

MINSK, Belarus: Iran's president promised Belarus greater access to its vast oil reserves Monday as he and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenka pledged to cement a "strategic partnership" between their two countries which are at odds with the European Union and the United States.


CHERNOBYL- its past, present and future threat.

Chernobyl is in the north east corner of Ukraine. The Chernobyl Disaster began at 1.23 a.m. on Saturday 26 April 1986, in a civilian nuclear power station. In this incident a chemical explosion at the station's fourth reactor and an uncontrolled graphite fire that followed led to the release of more than 450 radionuclides. This power station's nuclear core went into melt-down spreading radiation across Europe. The cancerous effects of this disaster are still exacting a lasting toll in Belarus and Ukraine. 

All of this is in keeping with the messages discussed above (e.g Flashes of fire great murder on the breach. hides Belarusia half life). It cannot pass unnoticed that the word radionuclides in C10 Q06 was one of the keys hidden in anagrams that led me on the trail to Belarus. It is also a well-documented fact that Soviet Russia's attitude towards denuclearisation changed due to the scale of this disaster. This term also came from the same line of C10.Q06.

My investigations into this topic don't suggest that Chernobyl is strongly correlated to the story of the great mutations but I believe the events at Chernobyl underpin many of the little incidental stories that create the bigger picture. 

For instance the Chernobyl nuclear plant is less than 16 kilometres from the Belarus border. This gives sense to the underlying code in C5 Q35 L.3 where clearly adjacent anagrams say "Along BELARUSIAN  boundaries" and from the remainder comes " radon's scale is driven" (Angloise classe viendra soub S LA BRUINE). NOTE: the regions around Chernobyl were and are called RADON districts by the Soviets) but there is no direct link in Nostradamus' Prophecies to Chernobyl either by description of the event or naming of the plant.

However the visible message in the verse links into the Chernobyl story even though some of it is about the English fleet and light rain. The radiation from Chernobyl reached England and would have descended in rain and drizzle over the land mass and the English Channel (in 2006 there were still 374 farms under quarantine placed on them because of Chernobyl's fallout in 1986).

It is of further interest that the verse from which the above line  comes (C5 Q35) mentions a stone in the stomach. To most prior analysts this line of verse has had no real meaning but here, in my setting, it takes on special significance as it was the graphite core at the centre of the reactor that caused all the problems and it still poses a hazard. It is possible to see this wording by Nostradamus as a reference to the aftermath of Chernobyl's meltdown. In this regard the following commentary is relevant:

"According to official estimates, about 95% of the fuel (about 180 tonnes) in the reactor at the time of the accident remains inside the shelter. The radioactive material consists of core fragments, dust, and lava-like fuel-containing materials that flowed through the wrecked reactor building, before hardening into a ceramic form." from Wilkipedia

There is another line from my Belarus list (C8 Q50 L.3) that has relevance since it has two anagram sequences that imply that Belarus becomes involved in trade that leads to stillbirths and a leeching of bones via the mothers milk.

These are known consequences of nuclear radiation but such knowledge was only available to man in the last two centuries. Chernobyl was an event of the 20th century but what we know today is that the Chernobyl disaster hasn't ended. The remnant material is housed in an unstable structure and it is an accepted fact that it still constitutes a quite lethal hazard well into the future. It is within the realm of possibility that future events such as major floods may trigger new disasters at Chernobyl.


FRANCE's nuclear path in 21st century.

The story of nuclear reactors is not confined to Belarus although the events in that region are critical parts of the tale. Other nuclear issues seem to arise out of climate change that brings both baking temperatures and floods to Europe. This affects the nuclear plants of France, Germany, Northern and Middle Europe and the Mediterranean. This is not some imaginary dilemma but a reality of our century as shown below in a report from the BBC

 Baking France bends nuclear rules : Monday, 11 August, 2003
-- S BO --> -- S IIMA --> -- E IIMA --> France has announced emergency measures to stave off possible power shortages due to the unusually hot weather affecting much of Europe. Nuclear power plants will be allowed to discharge the water used to cool their reactors at higher temperatures than usual. French environmentalists have condemned the decision. Temperatures in Paris have been above 35C (95F) for more than a week, and on Sunday set a record night-time high of 25.5C (77.9F). The punishing heatwave, which is affecting swathes of Europe, has claimed 50 lives in Paris in the past four days, doctors say. The decision to allow power stations to expel hotter water was taken after an emergency meeting between government officials and energy experts. Nuclear plants pour water back into rivers, but usually once it has been cooled to safe temperature.

In France, about 80% of the country's electricity needs are met by 19 nuclear power stations. The increased use of air-conditioning and refrigeration has put a further strain on the nuclear plants, and the environment minister has warned that power shortages could not be ruled out if problems in the electricity supply continue.
Two states in southern Germany, Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, have also temporarily raised permitted water temperatures to allow their nuclear plants to keerunning. Officials in Switzerland have cut output rather than allow hotter discharges of water into the country's rivers. Italians have already been living with power shutdowns. The Dutch electricity grid operator has warned it may not be able to meet demands for power at peak times from Monday onwards. It is the first time in nine years that a "code red" alert has been issued for the Dutch national grid.

Compare this actual report to a verse in Nostradamus keeping in mind that at Nogent sur Seine and Saint-Laurent-Nouan (both of which are at 48th degree latitude) there are nuclear reactors and these cities are on the Aub e and Loire rivers respectively.  These two sites can be linked to another nuclear plant that would probably have been of great interest to Nostradamus.

At the forty-eighth climacteric degree,
At the end of Cancer very great dryness:
Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic,
Bearn, Bigorre in distress through fire from the sky.

A quarante huict degre climaterique,
A fin de Cancer si grande seicheresse:
Poisson en mer fleuue lac cuit hectique,
Bearn Bigorre par feu ciel en destresse.

Bearn and Bigorre are provinces in the South Western corner of France. Bagneres de Bigorre is the source of the Garonne. The Garonne flows through Valence d'Agen just before Agen where Nostradamus once lived and a few kilometres from where there is today a Nuclear Power Station (Golfech). 

I have found many verses that support the above interpretations.

    C6 Q81

Tears, cries and laments, howls, terror,
Heart inhuman, cruel, black and chilly:
The Leman Isles, the notables of Gennes,
Blood to pour out, wheat famine to none mercy.

Pleurs crys et plaincts hurlement effraieur,
Coeur inhumain cruel noir et transy:
Leman les isles de Gennes les maieurs,
Sang eſpancher frofaim a nul mercy.

In the second line there is a whole anagram of LAURENCIUM (umain cruel ). Now lawrencium is a radioactive element with a half life of 4 hours. This grey-coloured member of the actinide series has a transitory existence and does not exist in the earth's normal environment. 

This verse also contains an anagram based message that seems to tell why Nostradamus was interested in this particular tale. The last line gives a highly personal commentary through its anagrams. async aim for French pages is a linear sequence written backwards (aSync - g espa -ncher F- rof - aim). Together with the words AGENS CRY they surely reveal the fear in Nostradamus' own heart and the black chill his secret message conceals. Of course it would have affected him; this is the prophet's insight into the destiny of a town in which he had lived.

Beyond this personal interest the two verses given above provide the broad framework for much of the content of Nostradamus' prophecies for France in our time. They set the geographical dimensions of the disasters and lay down the foundations of its cause. I believe that most of the names used by Nostradamus (such as Sardon, Neman and Valence) are not intended to be reworked into famous city names but are real places at the centre of the sites involved in the disasters. There are at least two levels of disaster, both brought about by climate change but one path leads to floods and the other nuclear tragedy. This is why the classical reference to Deucalion and gods like Osiris are important clues. They point to two generations affected first by a sacred flame and the other by deluge.

Incidents from the Energy Crisis of the 21st C

There are many verses that reveal evidence of Nostradamus' awareness of the energy crises of the 21st C These are not just about nuclear energy but other technological developments such as geothermal hot-rock generators. The disasters are intimately linked to river systems for these are the key to both the cooling problems and the inundations that threaten the reactors of power plants.

For example C10 Q17 reveals the time frame and the nature of the events:

    C10 Q17

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.
For forty years it will be seen every day.
The dry earth will grow more parched,
and there will be great floods when it is seen.

Par quarante ans l'iris n'apparoistra.
Par quarante ans tous les iours sera veu.
La terre aride en siccite croistra.
Et grans deluges quand sera aperceu.

Then there is C1 Q87 which can be understood when placed in the context of an energy battle between nuclear and geothermal energy, two forms of rock usage involving earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth.

    C1 Q87

Earthshaking fire from the center of the earth
will cause tremors around the New City.
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
then Arethusa will redden a new river.

Ennosigee feu du centre de terre

Fera trembler au tour de cite neufue.
Deux grands rochiers long teps ferot la guerre,
Puis Arethuse rougira nouueau fleuue.

The words in each line always seem to have a deeper meaning when placed into a proper context. None more so than Two great rocks will war for a long time. These are powerful indicators that yield the unequivocal message in Nostradamus' lines and they illustrate why the alteration of names and misspelt/invalid words should not be a primary practice. It is better to find no solution for enigmas than to change to what we believe is true. The name Arethusa is a classical reference and as I have shown before such names are not selected lightly but tend to have immense significance as revealers of the theme. The first evidence of this can be seen as soon as the mythological story of Arethusa is understood. 

Arethusa means "the waterer". She was a nymph and daughter of Nereus. She is connected to Syracuse on the isle of Sicily where her story underlies the existence of a fountain. The myth of Arethusa begins when she came across a clear stream and began bathing, not knowing that this stream was the river god Alpheus. He falls in love during their encounter, but she flees after discovering his presence and intentions, as she wishes to remain a chaste attendant of Artemis. After a long chase, she prayed to her goddess to ask for protection. Artemis hid her in a cloud, but Alpheus was persistent. She began to perspire profusely from fear, and soon transformed into a stream. Artemis then broke the ground allowing Arethusa another attempt to flee. Her stream travelled under the earth to the island of Ortygia part of Sicily), but Alpheus flowed through the sea to reach her and mingle with her waters.

This meaning gives detail to the anagrams in the line bearing the name Arethusa. The anagrams can be read as saying something like Earth use is up. Rusia weep. Iran rogues own awful fuel,. At this point I introduce a verse that has allusions to fire and flowing streams based in the region of Bigorre, south western France. This region was also part of Centuries 5 Quatrain 98 discussed earlier.

    C8 Q1

Pau, Nay, Oloron will be more of fire than blood,
To swim in praise, the great one to flee to the confluence.
The agassas will be refused entry.
Pampon and the Durance will keethem confined.

PAV NAY LORON plus feu qu'a sang sera.
Laude nager fuir grand aux surrez.
Les agassas entree refusera.
Pampon Durance les tiendra enserrez.

The earlier verse (C5 Q98) said Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic, Bearn, Bigorre in distress through fire from the sky. The links between these two verses are immediately apparent as they contain similar allusions to fire and water.

But in addition Pau, Nay Oloron form a triangle of towns in Bearn. Nay is at the headwaters of the Pau River, and is a short distance upstream from the town of Pau. The towns of Oloron and Lorans are on another river that joins with the Pau to become part of the Adour river which flows to the sea at Bayonne.

The reason this verse rouses my interest is based on these and other associations. It contains a very clear set of sequential whole anagrams in the first part of its fourth line where the text says Pampon and the Durance will keethem confined.  Here we have mapond nuclear site (Pam - pon D - urance L -es ti). (NOTE 20/9/08 -The full line reads NUCLEAR POND SITE MAENDS NEAR SERREZ) and Serres is a town in the Alps adjacent to the Durance River. The Lac de Serre-Poncon, fed by the Durance and up aye rivers, is the largest artificial lake in Europe. 

The first line with its reference to the Bearn region may suggest we are dealing with geothermal energy but there is not a large geothermal industry in this region even though its geology has potential.

The hidden code reveals an interesting set of events that seem to relate to tensions between the nuclear industry in Agen and along the Rhone with competitors in the regions of the Pyrenees and Alps. An incident in the near past may be relevant since the nuclear industry when looking for a waste site was thwarted in its overseas search and eventually settled on a site near the confluence of the Pau and Oloron rivers. There are also other waste sites placed as far away as the southern Alps. Such an occurrence would certainly create a debate between the sites chosen to hold nuclear waste and nuclear industries'  fears that radioactive contamination of vital waterways might become a very hot issue.

It is obvious these arguments need greater support than that supplied in a single verse. To provide this I present Centuries 2 Quatrein 33 which contains an anagram of thermonuclear (marcheront leur) in line four. This highly complex and therefore improbable anagram also occurs in CX Q64 but nowhere else.

    C2 Q33

Through the torrent which descends from Veronne.
By then its entry will be guided by that at Pau,
A great wreck, and no less in the Garonne,
When those of Gennes will march on their country.

Par le torrent qui descent de Veronne.

Par lors qu'au Pau guidera son entree,
Vn grand naufrage,et non moins en Garonne,
Quant ceux de Gennes marcheront leur contree.

There is only one place with the name of Veronne. It is a small village in the Alps near to both Cruas and the source of the Durance River (mentioned in previous verse). Cruas is one of Frances nuclear reactor sites. It's not far from St Remy where Nostradamus was born and Salon where he died. The river Drome is fed by Veronne's streams and leads to the Rhone just above Cruas.

The Garonne is mentioned in the third line. It is the river on which the Golfech reactor is located just outside Agen where Nostradamus spent many years. Once again we can see Nostradamus personal interests in these places based on where he lived and we can understand why he would have been concerned about any disaster within the nuclear power industry even though that was 500 years beyond his lifespan.

In this verse it then becomes possible to develoa corroborating sense for the previous verse. The wreck is the failure to shiwaste overseas. It is the wrecking of a shiand the wrecking of a plan. It is then that the company associated with the Laurent reactor (near Gennes-sur-Reich) demands that the government intervenes in the argument with the geothermal industry and compels the construction of waste sites near Veronne and along the Pau River. As a consequence of this a sub sequent deluge does great damage and wrecks much of Southern France.


The relevance of SARDON & NEMANS 

The names Sardon and Nemans are not publishing errors since I can show they are existing places and their lettering enables both the hidden and visible words of this verse to take on relevance.

As a further example of this correlative ability the term deluge occurs frequently throughout the trail I follow and it too is a key reference point. For example Belarus has its own unique claim to 'The deluge". It is an unlikely label applied to a series of debilitating wars at the end of the 17th Century.

NEMAN (alternately Nieman) is another name for Belarus and it is derived from a pagan Goddess of War. Philliof Macedonia and Alexander the Great are both figures of war and the father was badly injured at the River SARDON. So the use of Neman is linked to Belarus and  the deluge on many levels with the uniting theme being the act of war.

Further to this Nostradamus has given us the relevance of the names of Sardon and Nemans. His underlying message in the first line of C10. Q6 tells us to look at the edges of his line for the clues to names of places affected by Radon.

Sardon Nemans si hault desborderont
His adornments saluted on border.
nt Sardon Nem ans -si h  -ault des  - border - on

It also has another meaning that I didn't uncover until later. Chernobyl was in what the Russians called Radon districts, and by chance these were provinces where nuclear material was used or stored. And Chernobyl is just across the border of Belarus. Once again the word has shades of meaning that show the skill of Nostradamus' word-craft.

There are additional reasons why I consider Neman is not misspelt by Nostradamus since it has further links to other lines in the verse where the name appears. In pagan mythology the War Goddess Nieman is sister to Morrigan the Goddess of rebirth and death. There are actually three sisters and the third of the trio is linked to water and death. The themes of these sisters all form part of C10 Q6.

I am tying the three Goddesses of Belarus to these three references in the line as part of my case. In making this tie I lay a case for a future linking to war. It is also relevant to point out that the hidden words in the second line are unusually powerful anagrams and that their theme of nuclear materials and denuclearisation sit wells with this Goddess called Neman.

   C10 Q6

Sardon Nemans will flood so high,
They will think Deucalion is reborn.
In the collossus the greater part will flee,
Vesta's fire appears extinguished in the tomb.

Sardon Nemans si hault desborderont,
Qu'on cuidera Deucalion renaistre.
Dans le collosse la plus part fuyront,
Vesta sepulchre feu estaint apparoistre, 

Vesta was a Roman Goddess, the guardian of the sacred fire.
There is another trail of death when we follow the Sardon trail into Macedonia where the River Sardon was the place of Alexander the Great's father's death.

Sardon offers further support for the case through a classical reference to genealogy since Sardon was the son of Hercules. And here once more this gives a generational link between a father and his son.

There is also the theme of rebirth which comes out of C10 Q6 L.2 since Hercules was reborn (swallowed by Cetus the fish and later spat out) and like Deucalion, Sardon is the son of a legendary figure.

There is also another link through Hercules story since his first task was to fight the NEMEAN Lion. Also it was Hercules who freed Prometheus from his chains and Prometheus' son was Deucalion meaning Sardon and Deucalion were of the same generation.

The Greek Hercules is also identified with the Egyptian god, Osiris, whose connections to Noah and Deucalion are more firmly developed in my paper on the Inundatory Gods These two names, Sardon and Nemans, are therefore established as proper allusion-rich names for this verse to hold.

In summary, Neman leads to Belarus and the river within that country as well as to an ancient pagan Goddess. 

Sardon leads to Greece and a Macedonian river linked to the Greek Hercules.

And these classical ties are bound by the same mythology of wars, with fire and flood affecting succeeding coexistent generations.

This case might seem to fail by the linking of Macedonia and Belarus into a nuclear theme but such a connection already exists. 

American Foreign Policy Council, Washington, DC
Editor: Ilan Berman ALL EYES ON IRAN
Amid growing international pressure on its principal supplier, Iran is looking further afield for assistance with its ballistic missile program. Middle East Newsline (June 28) reports that recent successes by the United States and its allies in choking off North Korea's missile trade have led the Islamic Republic to turn to new sources to feed its ballistic missile program. On the list of emerging missile merchants to Tehran are Macedonia, Belarus and even Taiwan. 
Since this briefing report was issued an embargo has been placed on shipments by various companies from the named countries but the possibility of them being allies in a war-effort still remain.Nostradamus Sefirot for Nuclear linked verses



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