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Nostradamus C10 Q17: The Queen whose mutant grand-child determines mankind's future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 10 Quatrain 10 Soviet Energy demands for germanium atoms used in cloning are vetoedNostradamus' text implies a difficult pregnancy by a Queen to which the term Ergaste is applied. This term is given by Nostradamus and although many interpreters have implied it means 'convict' in order to mould it to the story of Marie Antoinette he would not have needed to use this obscure word to achieve that end. That he put it as he did should tell us it has a more significant meaning that applies directly to Ergaste as a name. Now 'Homo Ergaster' is the name given to a branch of the human line when 'Homo Erectus' evolved in Africa. A similar thread as implied by this name can be found in verses on his most important theme, the evolution of humanity into a new species. This idea of branching is a strong theme amongst the anagrams in this verse.

Another use of Ergaste was in Mysia in ancient Turkey and this was a place name which Galen identified as near a site of glistening metal.

ERGASTERIA is a place in Mysia, on the road from Pergamum to Cyzicus, and 440 stadia from Pergamum. 'Galen, in proceeding to Ergasteria from Pergamum, remarked a great quantity of metallic substance, which he calls molybdaena, Galen,de Medicam. Simp. 9.22.' (Leake, Asia Minor, p. 271.)

This naming possibility with its elemental ties is given some credibility by this verse's anagrams which include the name of a rare element called Germanium and the concept of gas vapours linked to energy supplies. The anagrams build a picture that is consistent with the grievous exposure of an Eastern Mediterranean royal family to vapors given off by Soviet energy supplies. And Nostradamus provides the name d'Angouleme in his text which would make this event part of his new evolution / mutation, an event achieved by cloning of the Royal Bourbon line.

The anagrams giving  a frame to this verse include:

1. Royal males stage Soviet energy veto notative libels fallible
2. Lands granted engraver each clonez atoms
3. Norse Lords  mercy laments dragons lose stable
4. Megarian forget lotcaster stole Germanium
The Ergaste Queen seeing her daughter pale,
Because of a sorrow locked up in her stomach
Lamentable cries will come then from Angouleme,
And the marriage of the first cousin impeded.
La royne Ergaſte voiant ſa fille bleſme
Par vn regret dans l'eſtomach encloz
Crys lamentables ſeront lors d'Angoleſme
Et au germain mariage fort clos
  1. <Seem royaL generateS fallible Saint><a Soviet Energy fill Satan rameLlose [little branches]><~Seem Saint ovateS fillable orAl Energy~><Soviet agrEe rameLloSe inflatableS> <gaS notative failS> <gEnerateS ramoseLy [from many branches> graveSt libel StEerage / EagereSt
  2. <Slanted atomS vaPorz clench><chatSome lands regret clonez><strangled coachmen Set><granted each moleSts nav'rre (Navarre / Varrene)>
  3. <laments bleSs a merCy><norSe tables / stable name><Seem lords laments not Along leSser Cry> meant sArdon [Macedonian River] tenable
  4. <~lotcastEr urge age of mianmar [Burma]~><forget maria remain closE><forget aria locatEs germanium [rare element]> osculatE [come into close contact] agrief [broken hearted]
1: inflatables, germanium, lotcaster, coachmen, fallible, fillable, ramosely, mianmar, vaporz, gravest, clench,
2: chatsome, notative, flabile, molests, amyls, energy, lords,
3: ramellose, germania, megarian, stables, clonez, forget, ovates,
4: osculate, rolands, outages, mascot, tenable, chance,
5: chelon, colts, clots, croft, clot,
6: locates, laments, eagerest, steerage, molest, atoms, mercy, fanst,
7: strangled, soviet, agrief, fill,
8: -
9: fast,
10: angelo, fails, vote, veto,
11: achem, poz,
12: lament, mental, mantle, stable, tables, imager, marian, onyar, fasti, fiats, regret, gates, stage, scry, lays, slay,
13: maria,
14: fantasi, morale, essbel, navrre, gvern, vesta, stave,
15: solmnest, aria,
16: iove,
17: most,
18: table, cry,
19: mania, coma,
20: generates, teenagers,
21: agree,
22: belli, libel, bless, atom, iona,
23: -

inflatables, germanium, lotcaster, coachmen, fallible /fillable, ramosely, mianmar, vaporz, gravest, clench, chatsome, notative, flabile, molests, amyls, energy, lords, ramellose, Germania, Megarian, stables, clonez, forget, ovates, osculate, Rolands, outages, mascot, tenable, chance, chelon, colts / clots, croft, clot, locates, laments, eagerest / steerage, molest, atoms, mercy, strangled, Soviet, agrief, fill,  fast, Angelo, fails, vote, veto, achem, poz, lamen / mental, mantle, stable, tables, imager, Marian, fiats, regret, gates, stage, scry, lays, slay, Maria, fantasi, morale, Vesta / stave, solmnest, aria,  Iove, most, table, cry, mania, coma, generates / teenagers, agree, ibel, bless, atom, Iona.


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