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ANAGRAM Research -3rd paper by Allan Webber

May 2007, modified September 2012

An analysis of keywords related to Nostradamus and his Prophecies.

See the following paper for the Rationale & Rules underlying my work on Nostradamus. 

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In my other research papers I reveal what my computerized ANAGRAM analysis of Nostradamus and other famous texts has uncovered. They concentrate on the statistics of words, the frequency of their occurrence as anagrams and the significance of the frequency based on the complexity of the word.

This paper brings my analysis back to Nostradamus' Prophecies. The results seem so improbable that rather then present a statistical analysis I am displaying Nostradamus' actual lines and their anagrams so that the reader can make a judgment for themself. There are a limited number of whole anagrams in the 3769 lines of the prophecies. The Centuries are made uof 100 quatrains (verses of four lines) but Centuries VII only contains 42 quatrains and Quatrain 100 in Centuries VI has five lines (a header).

The key words underlying this analysis are CENTURIES, PROPHET, NOSTRADAMUS' name(s), ASTRONOMY, QUATRAINS and CODE references.As my presentation progresses I will use tables where the first column links to a more detailed analysis of each line, the second column is the result of my analysis and the third column shows how the most important words fit into Nostradamus actual French text ( by using a matched color code). However the first few verses contain the same information in a linear format. I begin with the first quatrain in the Prophecies: 

 C1 Q01 L.1  (Click left for full analysis)

Sitting alone at night in secret study. (Text in English)
Estant assis de nuit secret estude (Letter positions)
Used-neat test assisted Centuries (Anagrams)

   C1 Q1 L4
Making possible that which will be believed in vain.
Fa it prospere r qui n'est a croire v ain
In Quatreins' properties a faint courier.

The following gives the first set of criteria that will helyou assess each of my presented lines

  1. The ease with which the anagrams fit
  2. The adjacent nature of highly connected words (quatreins properties, Centuries assisted etc).
  3. The strength of the relationships between the selected anagrams. (Quatreins to Centuries, Properties to courier and test).
  4. The consistency of the theme (that they form a message from Nostradamus)
  5. The extent to which they are unable to be explained as a simple by-product of the original words.

There are further criteria which will be developed as this paper progresses. They are:

  1. The extent to which the NEW MEANING reveals or supports the message in the SOURCE line or verse.
  2. The coherence of the stream of ideas that develops from these lines of verse.

If the examples given above were an isolated instance it would be much easier to dismiss my analysis as the result of chance but my case will not fall short through lack of examples. In this paper I present nearly 1% of the text. It should not however, be assumed that the simplicity of these lines applies to every line of verse. My best estimate is that there are at least 10% of verses with very clear, simple anagram structures.

I next present two anagram clusters that typify the many in Nostradamus' Prophecies, extremely rare, highly complex and inter-related to an extent that their occurrence by chance is of the lowest order.
  C3 Q59 L2 (Click left for full analysis)
The greater part of his blood will be put to death.
La plu spart de son s ang mettra a mort.
a plu spart de son sang mettra a mortL
Tetragrammaton transposed.
Paul's mortal matter agennos depart.
  C10 Q06 L.2 (Click left for full analysis)

They will come to think Deucalion is reborn
Qu' on cuide ra Deucalion re naistre
Q'uonc uidera Deucalion renaist reQ'uon
Quatreins on raDionuclear
Denuclearisation conQuer.
The Tetragrammaton is an ancient coding technique where God can be referred to by any one of 72 four letter names. It is relevant to note that the word transposed is also very powerfully connected to code. These two correlated words form an adjacent sequence increasing the complexity of the cluster and Tetragrammaton is one of the most complex anagrams it is possible to construct and only occurs as an anagram in this verse. Transposed occurs four times and in two of these other occurrences the line where it occurs contains an anagram of Nostradamus' name.

The words tetragrammaton_transposed in the first line have additional relevance through Nostradamus' visible text which says "That the greater part of his blood will be put to death" and this is followed in the fourth line of that same verse by "For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead." The idea of death and blood and not being dead ties to the act of communion and to the resurrection of Christ. In so doing it provides links to religious ideas in which the hidden names of God are central. 

The second line in the above table has two distinctly nuclear anagrams hidden within it but there are other non-trivial anagrams of a-radionuclide and radionuced that also can be found. Each of these anagrams only occur once in the whole text and there is no other verse that has as high a concentration of words on this theme. It is important to note the ones in this line are not trivial since they are found in different parts of the line (not anagrams of each other). This line with nuclear references illustrates the connection between the hidden and the visible words whereby the anagrams bring increased meaning to those able to be read in the text. 

Nostradamus line means "They will come to believe that Deucalion is reborn" and Deucalion is a Greek legendary figure whose father, Prometheus, stole the sacred fire from Zeus. Surely this sacred fire is a powerful 16th century metaphor for man's use of nuclear energy.The addition by Nostradamus of the word quatrain suggests he may have seen his work as one of the reasons why denuclearisation will happen. In this line we are therefore given a reason for his writing in this obscure manner.

". and by dark and cryptic sentences tell of the causes of the future mutation of mankind. All had to be written under a cloudy figure, above all things prophetic". Nostradamus comments in his Preface to his Prophecies, 1555.

And later in the same preface he says:

"I have composed books of prophecies of which each contains one hundred prophetic quatrains. I have sought to polish them a little bit obscurely."

This connection of ideas between the code and original line is not a rare occurrence. Some links are so startling as to be almost a total proof in themselves.

 C2 Q35 L.4
The Sun. the Arc, Caper all having dimmed.
Sol l'Arq et Caper tous seront amort is
Astronomer routes equatorial-places
   C3 Q48 L.4 
But not so soon as a dead fifteenth.
Mais non si t os qu'vne quinziesme mort
Mais no
n si t ost qu'  uvnequi in ziesmemor ort

Quotes unique size so it memorizes in astronomi

The sequential anagrams seen in 'Astronomers route' (first line) are an outstanding example supporting my claim. Alongside of it you can see a composite anagram of 'Equatorial-places'. In this line the apostrophe in the original acts as an "e".

By the symmetry of the hidden words and their rapport with the visible text it is absolutely clear that the message Nostradamus left in the first of these lines is about astronomy, but it has an unusual twist. It says "Sun, Sagittarius and Capricorn all will be dimmed."

Now the underlying coded message is quite extraordinary because European astronomers didn't use equatorial placement until a hundred years after Nostradamus' Prophecies were written. The Chinese had used it for over 2000 years but in the 16th century Europeans used an ecliptic system.

The equatorial system is based on pointing the top of the instrument directly at the pole and using the stars at the base of the hemisphere so formed. This method allows an observer to track movements of planets and constellations even though they are below the horizon. Here we have a unique correlation to the words of Nostradamus since these astral objects below the horizon can be considered to be dimmed (i.e. hidden) or through an alternate mythology  a fraction of the stars can be considered to be dead.

In the second row of the table above we have anagrams for 'mansions' and 'astronomi/y', which is once again a remarkable linking and it is also consistent with the equatorial system.

In the Chinese astronomy system their base line was divided into lunar mansions. We also have anagrams for 'Unique size' which is again a link to the 28 lunar mansions which are a different size to that of the 12 ecliptic constellations.

Nostradamus' text says "But not so early as one fifteenth die." so his words also specify the unique size mentioned in the code (one fifteenth). The regions of Sagittarius and Capricorn overlaby about one fifteenth of their combined spread providing another point of interpretation of Nostradamus' text. At about 5 o'clock. on the 10th January (modern date) in the 1550's the sun was setting in this overlaregion and Secunda Gledi was disappearing over the horizon.

This fulfills all the conditions of the two verses and delivers us a fixed date. It implies that Nostradamus uses the first of January (Julian date) as the start of his astronomic year. With this date we are also able to explain the "not too early" reference for if we use the 1st January (our Gregorian date) we are ten days before the January 1st of Nostradamus era.

My methods have more power than just offering ua single unconnected reference. Using the techniques outlined above I am able to extrapolate my search using the clues I have been given. The following line for instance ties the star Al Ghedi's dating mechanism with stories of fear circulating in France. I use this linkage to weave a strongly connected tale between a set of verses as can be seen in my article on Nostradamus' Code.

  C8 Q46 L4

Of the coq, the eagle and three brothers of France.
De coq et d'a igle de France freres trois.

Stories France quoted refer Alghedi date code

Throughout all the above lines we have a highly technical set of English anagrams supported by Nostradamus' visible words. They make sense and although Nostradamus could have known of the equatorial system it wasn't common practice in his time. His placing them in the exposition of his coding methods is therefore unlikely to be a superfluous flair of the author but something he considered essential.

I believe there is enough evidence in the above sections to allow a reader to see that something unusual and unexpected is hidden inside Nostradamus' verses. The remainder of this paper is included to firm uthat seed. 

Through much of the next sections the reader should look at the structures and the integrity of the anagrams and the purpose for which they are placed together and if there is an interest in their specific content this will be found in my papers on each theme. However this isn't the place for me to establish the full import of every line since were I to do so it would detract from seeing the scope of the relationships within Nostradamus' Prophecies and his other writings (See my paper on the Astronomic Code used by Nostradamus for more).

The next set of lines show that we are looking at a revelation of coding techniques.


 Anagrams found by Allan Webber

 Nostradamus text with anagrams highlighted
  C1 Q47 L4 Nostredame star images result (seen) in Valoix lines   Les magistrates damneront leurs loix vaines.
The judges condemn their own vain laws.
  C1 Q48 L4 Prophet role complicates time I name. Ptolemy Solar time   Lors accompli et mine ma prophetie.
Then completed as I state in my prophecies.
  C5 Q53 L3.1 Inappropriate perils tired Prophet    Appropriant l'esprit de prophetie.
Appropriating the spirit of phophecy.
  C5 Q53 L.3.2 I tried the planets prop prior paper reliant Appropriant l'esprit de prophetie

In the above table I have presented lines from four verses and established that the anagrams relate to Nostradamus' prophetic methods. The next series shows extends this coding scheme while at the same time using key words in their text to link each other. In showing this aspect I will not show all the lines hidden content but focus on those that show the stated connectivity.


 Anagrams found by Allan Webber

 Nostradamus text with anagrams highlighted
C1 Q18 L4 Prophet encode loveliest letter-prop confuse true focus Le port Phocen de voilles et nefs couuert.
The Phocen port covered with sails and ships.
C1 Q80 L3 Nostredame hides his best use IN-A STAR is setup
Puis naistra monstre des hideuse beste
Then a monster is born of a hideous beast.
C2 Q21 L2 My-machine encoding powers unrecognised
A my chemin d'incogneus repoulsez
Repelled by my hidden ways.
C5 Q67 L4 Europe's Quatrains use quaint Norse Quand chef Perouse n'osera sa tunique.
When Perouse' head not dare his tunic.
C9 Q13 L4  My codes pursue far worse powers acronyms decoys. Mys descouuers par feu de Burancoys
Put as discovered via fire from Burancoys.

In the text of the first line given above the word couuert (=couvert) means hidden. And 'incognu' in the third line also means hidden while 'descouvres' in the last line means discovered.  And in the second line this same concept appears in the anagrams as hides best use. So it can be seen that there are themed links intertwined between verses through both the text and anagrams.

Another point emerges out of these quatrain lines for they like many others contain references to the Nordic runes and their poetry as the mechanism behind Nostradamus' code. In the first of the lines given above the term letter-props refer to an important part of Norse poetry in which repeated letters replace end rhyme. They are letters in a verse placed in a manner that the initiated can use as a mnemonic device. And as shown at the beginning of this paper Nostradamus' first quatrain states the properties of poetry are the couriers of his code.

In the above table I transform Chepfer from its old French use to the term cipher. Also, as I do throughout my work I have used 'uu' or 'uv' to construct a 'w' (which is a letter not used in 16th C France). It is confidence gained from 15 years of analysis that enables me to make the minor amendments that you see in the above table.

A further note is required on CII.Q21. Line 2 for my analysis also yields another powerful set of words. It has 'unrecognised', 'Europe's' and 'rune coding' in it. 'Europe's Norse' also occurs in the third line  and these two words, like 'rune coding', are an adjacent anagram pair. The issue I am raising here is that there are often extra support words in a line that helto establish the validity of a theme.

By now the reader will know that the anagrams I present are in English not French and it is also apparent that the words are in modern English with reasonable spelling. This seems untenable and it is why I emphasised the need to look at the evidence alone. To do so isn't unscientific, it is what Galileo did when he conducted his experiments on gravity. And Einstein did much the same in creating his theories of relativity.

Current interpretations of knowledge can actually impede logic if they are used as a cloak to hide the evidence but of course new interpretations aren't always true.

So I encourage the reader of this research of mine into anagrams to weigh the evidence and realize that this code has lain hidden for 500 years because of its nature.

In the rest of this paper I will continue to present outstanding examples of simple anagrams filling the criteria I have outlined above. Of course each reader will and should challenge these in their mind and this is most desirable.

Earlier I stated that the line's hidden message is usually related to the text. I want to now return to the last line of Centuries 1 Quatrain 1 to establish how powerful these links are. The hidden message is that 'Faint properties in the quatrains act as couriers'. Nostradamus' visible words are "Making prosper that which should not be believed in vain". To me these two statements are complementary, with each being another wording of the other. The first verse is now seeable as a summary of what Nostradamus work is all about  "Believe the secret that comes out of the hidden properties of the quatrain' lines and your belief will be rewarded."

There are other verses where Nostradamus gets self reflective while still revealing details of the code.


 Anagrams found by Allan Webber

 Nostradamus text with anagrams highlighted
C2 Q28 L1 Prophet sleeuntil seem times mourn proud mens-uuords
Les penultiesme du surnom du Prophete
The penutimate of the Prophet's surname
C6 Q94 L2 Another organised indirect Quatrein guides Snorri re-urged
 (Snorri = Nordic author of Prose Edda)
Quant interdict seront harnois de guerre
When the harness of war will be forbidden
C5 Q03 L4 Around Quatrein according Danes f-song Dans fon giron d'accord nautique Rane
In fon Giron the nautical frog is OK
C7 Q02 L2 Centuries notates dates on old Norse stollens. De nuict seront les soldats etonnes
At night the soldiers will be surprised.

C7 Q32 L3  Michel alarmed seers predecessors copied ill-named process Dresser copie de la marche Millane
Create a copy of the Millane market.

The consistency and trend are what I seek to show within these verses. These lines imply Nostradamus code lies hidden, sleeping until the discovery of how he used Norse/Danish props. In them there are also hints of where his peril arises as he suggests there are errors in the Prose Edda's use of names.

There are many strange words in Nostradamus' text and the choice is as always whether this is intentional and necessary to the code or an error. The word 'girond' for instance proves to be particularly relevant since there is also an anagram of Danes in C5 Q3 L4. Girond is an ancient form of the name of a northern Danish city that is nowadays called Kirunda.

The weirdness of many of the visible messages suggests they were not intended to be understood but instead to be the posts on which the hidden code could be built through allusion and connectivity between the code, the visible text and other linked lines and verses

The last row includes Nostradamus' first name, Michel (possibly the penultimate name of the prophet's surname raised in the visible message of the first row). The inclusion of this name shows another part of the hidden code. He doesn't use just one form but many and some of these forms are abbreviations as well as anagrams.

In this paper I have tried to show that the anagrams have structure and purpose that often exceeds expectation in delivering meaning to the words Nostradamus has penned. It is likely that the allusion in the words is a locator of a place in the Norse saga's from which the art of astronomic dating can be learned. 

The above examples are not freak examples but commonplace in Nostradamus' work as I show in my other papers. 


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