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Nostradamus C5 Q67: Europe's Essenes interest in nuclear artifacts grows.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q67 Ossenes use seven quatrains to set out reason Europe numclearises.The following verse gives Nostradamus' account on the Essene movement's activities during this century. The structure is given by key anagrams which include expressional ( xpolier Sens a), quatrains ( ra ſa tuniq), expounds ( nud s'expo), Ossene ( ſe n'oſe), Austrian ( ra ſa tuni), artistic ( ict Ariſt), precaution ( r poincte au), personalise ( polier Sens a), neuclearises ( lier Sens au c), artifact ( faict Ari), unique ( unique),  town ( out nu), Europes ( Perouſe), questioner ( Seront ique), queries ( ique Ser),  reasons ( n'oſera ſ), racist ( ct Ariſ), prints ( t prins).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Ossene astra quatrains uuaqen Europes  unchafed unique reason
2. Touun neuclearises touuer expounds soundest expressional utterances
3. Aristocratic questioner queries artistic artifact satiric racist print
4. In precaution corpporations repel films fertile romps recoil
When chief of Perugia won't venture his tunic
Sense under cover to strip himself quite naked:
Seven will be taken Aristocratic deed,
Father and son dead through a point in the collar.
Quand chef Perouſe n'oſera ſa tunique
Sens au couuert tout nud s'expolier
Seront prins ſept faict Ariſtocratique
Le pere et fils mors par poincte au colier.

L1:<quatrainS uuaQen oSSene (Essene)><at euroPes unique reaSonS> <auStrian oSSene uuaQen><profuse noSe areaS unquiet><areaS uSe unchafed roPe>

L2: <expressionaL couu used utter out><oceanus Spoiler> <personaliSe sex><expounds nucleariSes touuer / uurote out><touun explod's>

L3: <actor / croat re-queStion itS artifact><norSe AriStocrat prints Step><Artistic actor / croat> querieS no Step print><AriStocratic querieS><fat Satiric actor requiteS><Strait / traitS actor querieS><equatorienS print AriStocrat fiat>

L4: <fertile Leper ecoli precaution><re-occupation / cornucopiate (perfect land)><pantropic (affects many tissues) semiflorets (petal shaped)><precaution recoil>stifle acute

1: cornucopiate, expressional, precaution, pantropic, aristocrat, expounds, 
2: semiflorets, personalise, quatrains, nuclearises, locatiue, artistic, unquiet, satiric, profuse,
3: equatoriens, artifact, questioner, unchafed,
4: lifetree, onerous,
5: Austrian, unique, stifle,
6: fertile, octaue, lifts,
7: nepotic, Oceanus, Arctos / Castor / actors,
8: requites, aconite, Ossene,
9: traits, Croat, utter,
10: spoiler, neuroses, touun,
11: recoil, ecoli,
12: Asatru, Aratus, Clio,
13: racist,
14: prints, uuaqen,
15: queries,
16: -
17: -
18: lift, pox,
19: Europes, Astrea, acute,
20: reasons, aunts,
21: -
22: -
23: -.

expressional, quatrains, expounds, profuse, unquiet, precaution, neuclearises, personalise, artistic, semiflorets, satiric, questioner, artifact, unchafed, stifle, unique, fertile, Croat, town, recoil, Ossene, neuroses, queries, Europe, acute, reasons, racist, prints.

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