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Nostradamus C2 Q21: Superzealous mind behind Nostradamus' coding powers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C2 Q21 My encoding machine denounces Europes powerless superzealous mindsThis verse is another of those that is central to Nostradamus' coding methods. Its anagram based message gives strong hints about his contorted techniques and his relationship with the decoder of the Prophecies. The story of the text is similar to that in many other verse dealing with death, dying and burial / cremation practices. It is about a time when euthanasia is seen as essential which fits to the tales related to the near future when mankind and resources are much diminished.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Embalmers albams you ansuuered assured miserable ape endure
2. My-machine unrecognised encoding superzealous mind powers denouncing Europes surgeon powerless mazes
3. Elders fortune driven on triquetra; remedies redeems quartet rime
4. Portentous portent rouses coders unease hesitance etches euthanasic genre
Cordes et chaines au Negre pont trouſſez
# albam:a substitution method of coding used by Kabbalists - it involves progressively swapping the letters from the middle of the alphabet with those at the end (a for l, b for m etc)
The ambassador sent by biremes,
Halfway repelled by unknown ones:
Reinforced with salt four triremes will come, 
In Euboea bound with ropes and chain.
L'ambaſſadeur enuoye par biremes    
A my chemin d'incogneus repoulsez  
De ſel renfort viendront quatre triremes  
Cordes et chaines au Negre pont trouſſez. 
  1.  <you endure miserabLe rape><repay miserabLe ouuner><seem aLbamS anSuuered / aSSured> <embaLmers rib> <bLames aSSad rime><bLames you aS underSea><aSSad reneuu bLames>

  2. <my-mAchine superzeAlous encoding><encoding pouuers><unrecognised chimney mAzes><in coding runes><europes coning mind> <pouuerless mAze><conden'ing super soul> surgeon generous

  3. <seem elDerS retire><nordien quartet><elSe remeDies not front quartet driven><elDerS front driven on quartet rimer><triquetra redeems><invert remedieS of relenS>

  4. <our portent uSeS Coderz hesitances><portentouS SCorez><Coders euthanasic / eustachian geNre><teach in unease><secret-Code><Coder set portentous eSz chain uNeAse> <see eustachian Cord portentouS eSz geNre> <detaches CroSSez>
1: my-machine, unrecognised, denouncing, superzealous, chimney, mazes,
2: encoding, portentous, euthanasic, eustachian, triquetra, hesitance, ansuuered, embalms, overfit, reendouu, coding, zealous, quartet, surgeon, albams,
3: hesitances, embalmers, albam, mind,
4: pouuerless, supersoul, potent, etches,
5: mabassa, remedies, crested, blames,
6: detaches, sect-head, escorted, generous, undersea, redeems, seemed, zeals, Assad,
7: miserable, portent, reneuu, Abass,
8: quanto, unease, maze,
9: sporules, teaches,
10: recodes, assured, mined, genus, retire,
11: repay,
12: chest,
13: chime, bass,
14: invert, rimer,
15: leperous, lamb,
16: pouuers, cog,
17: proge,
18: ouuner,
19: Europes,
20: China / chain, you,
21: chaste / cheats / scathe, decors / coders / scored,
22: cheat / teach,
23: -.

unrecognised, super-zealous, chimney, mazes, denouncing, my-machine, portentous, euthanasic, encoding, answered, embalmers, hesitance, zealous, surgeon, re-endow, overfit, mind, potent, super-soul, powerless, etches, albam, coding, redeems, generous, remedies, renew, miserable, portent, Europe's, coders, unease.




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