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Nostradamus C1 Q01: The nature of the prophets trance and the properties brought to it by his source and his helpers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus first quatrainC1 Q01

Sitting alone at night in secret study.
Alone I meditate on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the solitude
Making prosper things not believed in vain


Estant aſsis de nuict ſecret eſtude
Seul repose ſur la ſelle d'aerain
Flambe exigue fortant de ſolitude
Fait pſperer q n'eſt a croire vain

Look carefully at the verse in the picture alongside ( Bonhomme edition 1555) and you will notice that it differs markedly from that which is shown above and they do so because they are from different editions of Nostradamus' Prophecies. These differences are critical to the understanding of my analyses.

The aim of my work is to show that Nostradamus' code relies on anagrams and in order to provide a credible base I rely almost entirely on the use of one edition only ( 1568 Benoist Rigaud first full edition). By doing this I can only under represent any code that really exists. To do otherwise would give me license to choose any version that fits my perceptions and thereby over represent and misrepresent any pattern findable in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

I use a strict set of rules for my analysis (See Webbers rules) knowing full well that it will make many possibly meaningful verses impossible to understand. My aim is not to insert meaning where there is none but to give a valid base level of patterns which is above the potential for chance occurrence. It is only when the material is above the credible bounds of chance that re-processing and corrective measures are worthwhile.

In the analysis of this most critical verse I intend to break my current rules and to show why I do so. The reason for this is there is a highly credible logic in the verse when the text of another version is used, a text not uniike that shown in the picture. The major variations beteen these versions are in the fourth line where the meaningless 'psperer q' becomes 'prosperer qui'. in the first line 'nuict' becomes 'nuit'. These changes deliver the anagrams, for 'centuries', 'quatreins' and 'properies' all of which could be expected in an early verse if Nostradamus' work is coded.

When treated in this way there is a modernity to the prophecy implying a deal with the Middle East that goes awry is the centrepiece to Nostradamus' work.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

assistant united secret duets  Satans sides assisted centuries test
ESTANT aſsis de nuit ſecret eſtude

leperous sporules rules Europes uneasier rule read in powerless alleles 
Seul repose ſur la ſelle d'aerain

fortunate Isolde duet attends toluides flame for Guise beflame default detonators
Flambe exigue fortant de ſolitude

via faint properties quatreins courier - ancestor creations require trances
Fait proſperer qui neſt a croire vain

C1 Q1 (based largely on Bonhomme edition 1555)

Sitting alone at night in secret study.
Alone I meditate on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the solitude
Making prosper things not believed in vain
ESTANT aſsis de nuit ſecret eſtude
Seul repose ſur la ſelle d'aerain
Flambe exigue fortant de ſolitude
Fait proſperer qui neſt a croire vain
L1:<uNSEATed teSt aSsisTed centurieS><aSsisTANT united / untied><Secret Site unaSsisTed>

L2:<rouSsel repulSe Seal a leader in><leader eSpouse Sale ruleS><uneaSier deal allureS><Sell iran pouuerleSs laSer>

L3:<blame guixe [Guise] Feud detonatorS lit><fortunate toluideS [aviation fuel from methyl benzene] be Flamed><toluideS be guixe flame>
L4:<q'(u)atre(i)ns covrier><p(ro)pertieS><via Faint p(ro)ps req(ui)re recreationS ><anceStor req(ui)re>
  1. assistant, unassisisted, assisted, pouuerless, covrier, properties (0 in unaltered text), sadists
  2. untested, detonators, flamed, Papist, Escariot, corrivate,
  3. fortunate, default, assist
  4. Centuries (3 in unaltered text), powerless, toluides, Seleurian, feudal,
  5. Quatreins (4 in unaltered text), require (4 in unaltered text), raceriot, Guixe, lunarise,
  6. unseated, neatest, raceriots,
  7. re-creations, creations / reactions, donate, alleeles, dilute, Castor / actors/ Croats,
  8. uneasier / Sauniere, inductees, attends, oldest.
  9. sporules, allures, repulse, Croat / actor,
  10. Cretans / trances,
  11. induces,
  12. vainer / ravine, secrete,
  13. Eastend, Isolde, toils, pits,
  14. afront, Soline,
  15. leperous, lamb, aeria,
  16. -
  17. fled, beam,
  18. Satans, leader / dealer, flame, dust,
  19. espouse, blame,
  20. ancestor,
  21. aleles, sides,
  22. faint,
  23. spouse, Senate.

This verse can also be interpreted in the following manner:

Sitting alone at night in secret study, (Thinking while relaxed and alone.)
it is placed on the brass tripod. ( A Delphi-Oracle like trance is entered with eyes closed)
A slight flame comes out of the emptiness ( Bright flares appear from the depths of the mind)
making prosper that which shouldn't be believed in vain (from these the mind draws meaning,)

Key Ideas:

assistant, assisted, centuries, courier, sadists, properties, corrivate, Isolde, duet, unattested, powerless, detonators, fortunate, quatreins, require, default, toluides, sporules, creations, lunarised, uneasier, trances, attends, donates, Escariot, lamb, Satans, ancestor, assists, Papists, induces, flamed, raceriots, actors, dilute, leperous, alleles, sporules, oldest, Guise.

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