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Nostradamus C1 Q18: Prophet lettering encodes loveliest modern focuses
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

The Genetics verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe following verse has an intriguing set of unusual anagrams that suggest an Eastern origin to Nostradamus's coding device. The device involves a dial or cage that can be aligned according to the poetic methods of Enoch and the Nordic Skalds. It is possible the text story relates to the participants who influenced Nostradamus' choice of this technique. But regardless of its origin his usage is another pointer to a time when mankind is faced by a rapid change in the 'eternal order of the star chain'. In the event of an unpredented change in the alignment of the polar axis the ancient Persian  equatorial system would retain a greater sense of order than the  Polar stars.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C1 Q18 Genic Legend Prophet Loveliest Code Polar DiscThere are other markers which help determine the epoch to which this verse is most relevant. The nature of the text and  anagrams  makes it likely that this verse is related to events in the 21stC when turmoil arises from rising sea levels making it easy for an Eastern invader to sail troops much further into France than is currently possible.

Then there are anagrams such as Essenoi and genic that appear in other verses in settings where modern genetics is an identifiable theme. They too point to the time of great floods and the shifting of the polar axis.

But the anagrams also tie this verse to Nostradamus' writing of the prophecies; they describe poetic mechanisms by which his messages could be properly identified. By all these threads this verse unifies and expands upon the role that the next hundred years play in the evolution of mankind's successors.

# Essenoi: ancient name for the Essenes and also the name of a modern sect that practices the same Judaic traditions as the group thought to have written the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Because of French discord and negligence
an opening shall be given to the Mohammedans.
The land and sea of Siena will be soaked in blood,
and the port of Marseilles covered with ships and sails.

Par la diſcorde negligence Gauloiſe  
Sera paſſaige a mahommet auuert
De ſang trempe la terre et mer Senoiſe
Le port Phocen de voilles et nefz couuert,

Anagram sequences in French text.

  1. <Persia encoderS dial><Polarise a Disc><Sporadical legend><recogniSed> <louiS cage>
  2. <treaSure paSS><aS uueSter rape mahomet image> <aSiaS uuater Spear>
  3. <norSe DeSignateS><Seer later/alter meter preSagement><prelate norSe tree DiSagreement><eSSenoi meter><relate ageDneSs temper>
  4. <Prophet true focuz loveliest ten encode><enoch Letter-Prop><end petroL touuer ePoch><pLotter couuer>
1: sporadical, presagement, recognised, letterprop, designates, focuz, Omaha
2: redesignates, negligence, loveliest, garments, cagoule, disease,
3: disagreements, lapidaries, letter-map, loneliest, Steuuart, niggle, dove,
4: consider, Essenoi, radial,
5: polarise, prophet, uuaterers, plotter, encoder, dials,
6: Mahomet, discord, agedness,
7: encoders, ruleout, Coph, image,
8: Homam,
9: epoch, dial / laid,
10: suture / uterus, cage,
11: austerer / treasure, uuaters, Edessan, legend, disc,
12: encode, Mage,
13: Elouisa,
14: petrol, uuater,
15: eulogias / oil-usage,
16: redone, Iove,
17: olive, aegis,
18: Louise, Reuters, Enoch,
19: Edessa,
20: Asias,
21: coders / decors / scored, petal / plate, terms,
22: -,
23: couture,

sporadical, presagement, recognised, loveliest, garments, letterprop, negligence, designates, focuz,  Essenoi, letter-map, polarise, prophet, encoder, disc, dials, rule-out, Mahomet, epoch, image, treasure, Edessa, legend, agedness.

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