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Nostradamus C5 Q02: French Parliament deals badly with the crisis of floods at the end of this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse provide two story lines one of which is to be found throughout Nostradamus' Prophecies. It implies that as the precession of Ursae (Polestar in 2105 CE) occurs the parliament  d'France has parliamental querulity which is a state of argumentative bickering as suggested by argues, excused, excusal and denial. The cause of this is they have inherited a nulliverse  , a disordered universe where three quarters / quaternity of its land surface is a subaquean underworld. So parliament seeks to blame the bank and force them to assuage the harm of the events. See my paper on Floods for other references in Nostradamus' work.

There are many numbers in this verse with seven, three and two being in the text and anagrams for fourteen and four being in different lines and each number is an important definer of the theme.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Ursae subaquean journ[i]es Juno not frequent until precession fourteen pictureless
Seps conjures au banquet feront luire

Electrons stories lifes letters free herself flee hordes reinvade
Contre les trois le fer hors de nauire

excusal excludes scales argues d'France undo viler lunes excused nulliverse
L'vn les deux claſſes au grand fera conduire

quatrain querulity parliamental parliament a denier for four not  truly quaternity
Quant par le mail. Denier au front luy tire.

C5 Q02

Seven conspirators at the banquet will cause to flee 
The iron out of the ship against the three:
One will have the two fleets brought to the great leaders
As with an email he denies the shot is to the forehead.
Seps conjures au banquet feront luire
Contre les trois le fer hors de nauire
L'vn les deux claſſes au grand fera conduire
Quant par le mail. Denier au front luy tire.
L1: <preceSs until juno ursae banq refute><ursae j (10th) preceSsion><a bureaus jcon not frequent><banq on fourteen pictureleSs sejourn><subaquean sejourn><bureaus equant jcon><a bureaus outerlineS frequent icons><preceSsion luton banq refute>

L2: <onCe eridanus letters><free hordes / rhodes/ herods><electron stories feel eridanus><or eridanus herself loiters><riots feel eleCtrons reinuade><herefords eleCtrons loiters><electron store lifes inuader>asunder

L3: <and laSS argues fear excludes /excused><and cofear ruined><un-rivalled fear excludes dracon><nuLliverse (universal disorder) dracon uxed><~grand farce undo SeaS viler seed excusal~><aSSuager (reliever of pain) calx eludes><d'france undo aSSuagers viler calx>

L4: <parliament Denial><~Querulity (bickering) led parental aim not unfairer~> <Quatrein ampler iDeal truly not unfairer> <four end era in parliamental Querulity><untyl Quaternity (four parts)><fortun-ately in Quatrein ampler ideal><templar era four Quatrein Denial><uQraine trap / part truly no unfairer male>
1: parliamental, quaternity, parliament, querulity, subaquean, frequent, herself,
2: pictureless, nulliverse, precession, Herefords, conjures, bureaus, mailed, queft,
3: excusals, precess, calx, banq,
4: fourteen, outerlines, excusal, assuager,
5: runacode, paternal / parental, unfairer, fortuna, sejourn, 
6: Eridanus, Templar, Uqraine, until, refute, Juno, jcon,
7: tierceron (diagonal vault rib), excludes, querant / quatern, classes, abuser,
8: cofear, Luton (2x), liver / viler,
9: scope, dial / laid,
10: quatrein,
11: gaseus / usages,
12: rvle,
13: d'france, lifes / files / flies,
14: Daniel / denial, lvnes, abuse,
15: lasses, uuears / uuares / suuear, farce,
16: Herods / hordes, Rhodes,
17: argues, lined, Curie,
18: excused,
19: ideal,
20: feels / flees,
21: letters / settler,
22: -
23: electrons, lends.

parliamental, frequent, querulity, subaquean, d'France, herself, pictureless, parliament, nulliverse, conjures, Juno, bank, bureaus, mailed, excusals, assuager, Templar, runacode, quaternity, fourteen, outerlines, precess, until, quatrein, letters, laid, dial, scope, hordes, flees, electrons.



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