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Terror commentary.

Corporate aid to terrorism.

Terror in Geneva

Terror of Tyrants

Nespotism & Terror

French califate contaminates fuel.

Califate promises better water supply.

Stories terrify 21stC France.

Timing of the demise of man.

History of Terror League.

Terror League drives Climate Change.

Terrorists & divinity of Jesus

Positrons in Europe petrol.

Terror League exploits Science.

Islamists victims of oil contamination.

Terrorism as a component in the demise of man.
© Allan Webber January 2015

My aims for this Paper.

I want to place the analytic material for all the verses containing terror-related anagrams into a single paper so that the content may be more easily compared.

I also want to convey how little emphasis Nostradamus placed on the general run-of-the-mill events of terror that have occurred throughout the lives of living beings.

I will relate this material to the themes that run through my other papers especially those of the radioactive wars initiated by the sects whose views on the nature of Christ are incompatible.

The presentation of the nature of terror will also involve the parts played by science, climate change and the control of petrol.

In doing so I will discuss the context of the demise of man and the evolution of a new ape from a recessive gene hiding an extrasensory power.

See the following paper for the Rationale & Rules underlying my work on Nostradamus . 

The Analysis of Terrorism (January 2015).

This paper's aim is to bring together all the verses that contain anagrams for terror and to examine the links between them. As I compiled the entries I became aware I was repeating a process that I have done many time before but it wasn't by choice, it was a product of design. My work is not free to choose what elements it will contain, this is forced by Nostradamus' material. And I was aware that this feature was worth a more detailed commentary than I have given elsewhere.

The rules that I use came about because my earlier analyses (pre 2004) tended to be ill chosen. They were too open to my biases and I could end up telling any tale I liked. But these had a fatal flaw; the stories told in in one often contradicted the tale told in others.

Contradiction is the constraint of research for it tells you when you are wrong. It is an essential part of science that creates filters strong enough to hold across a universal field. Compliance is not easily achieved but both failure and success are parts of any discipline and help define where next to go.

With my current pattern of rules every verse falls into a narrow band of well defined narratives and as I prepare each verse I am often surprised to find the story it holds is part of what I already have written. As a result I have not had to adjust my themes for over ten years.

This narrow narrative has a constant scientific aspect related to the climate and the environments that underpin the evolution of man. You will see this as you read the series on terror presented in this paper.

It also has a social element where the divisive nature of religious belief drives the world to its human holocaust. But the critical division is not between Islam and Christianity it is between those who believe Christ existed as the son of God and those who don't.

In presenting the story there is a detailed coverage of past, present and future, providing a framework that helps define the course of the events by their continuity and reference points.

And there is detail given which concentrates on a narrow cluster of events. These are not random nor are they widely spread, They are stories of the origin of the radiation in Geneva, Chernobyl and throughout the petrol wars of the Middle East. Alongside this there is the history of the division of the Christian Church that influence us today and the inherent factors which jeopardize our future.

With just the framework given above it is possible to discern the interlinking of the verses on terror which I give below.

A Commentary on Terror from the perspective of the Prophet.

Although terror is a popular interest it is hardly worth the time of any prophet to make it his major theme. Terror is too common, it is not new and every epoch preaches it is the threat-of-now in order to achieve its own misplaced, egocentric aims.

Terror is everywhere in the world today whether it be the fear of the stranger, partner, fire, Disaster, disease, extremists or war.

And terrorism is a weird concept when exploited by man. How can anyone really believe that force and terror can bring better lives to all? And war is but another form of terrorism that involves an equally flawed logic for bringing peace.

So when Nostradamus discusses terror it is not likely to be part of the ordinary play of events but ones that will change man forever. It is the telling of the end of a species and the rise of another.

This first verse contains three anagrams with their root in terror, these are terrorists, terrorises and terrorizes. The theme in the anagrams is the location of minerals that are used in products offered by criminal and terrorist networks.

The plunder made upon the marine coast,
In Cita nova and relatives brought forward:
Several of Malta through the deed of Messina
Will be closely confined poorly rewarded.
La pille faite a la coſte marine
La cita noua et parenz amenez
Pluſieurs de Malte par le fait de Meſſine
Eſtroit ſerrez ſeront mal guerdonnez.

The second verse carries anagrams of 'Terminated' and 'Terror' for which there are respectively only five and two occurrences in the Prophecies. The visible text of each seems connected to an event of finality and this quatrain holds to that pattern. The anagrams in the verse tie it into events in 2065CE in and around Geneva (Click alongside for paper on Disaster at Geneva). The text when read in this context takes on a specific meaning whereas without the anagrams the text is too nondescript to be of value.

The second line of the verse holds an anagram for Conines which refers to the poison from buttercups which is commonly called hemlock. This too fits well to the text in lines three and four.

O to what a dreadful and wretched torment
are three innocent people going to be delivered.
Poison suggested, badly guarded, betrayal.
Delivered up to horror by drunken executioners.
O quel horrible et malheureux tourment
Trois innocens qu'on viendra a liurer
Poyſon ſuſpecte mal garde tradiment
Mis en horreur par bourreaux enyurez

The next verse  offers a story of sexual deviance, nespotism war and rebellion as the fundaments of a regime of terror.

The second line carries anagrams for terror and terrorise wrapped around its end.

The realm left to two they will hold it very brief
Three years and seven months passed by they will make war
The two Vestals will rebel in opposition,
Victor the younger in the land of Brittany.
Le regne a deux laiſſe bien peu tiendront
Trois ans ſept mois paſſes feront la gu erre
Les deux veſtales contre rebelleront
Victor puis nay en Armonique terre

The following verse  tells a modern story of nespotism and betrayal that introduces terrors to believers in ancient religions. Its theme fits well with others in the series in this paper.

The old one mocked and deprived of his place,
By the foreigner who will suborn him:
Hands of his son eaten before his face,
His brother to Chartres, Orleans Rouen will betray
Le vieux mocque et priue de ſa place
Par l'eztrangier qui le ſubornera
Mains de ſon filz mangees deuant ſa face
Le frere a Chartres Orl Rouan trahyra

In the next verse terrors emerge in the south of France by the declaration of a califate.

In Toulouse, not far from Beluzer
making a deep pit a palace of spectacle,
the treasure found will come to vex everyone
in two places and near the Basacle.
Dedans Tholoze non loing de Beluezer
Faiſant vn puys loing palais d'eſpectacle
Tresor trouue vn chacun ira vexer
Et en deux locz et pres del vaſacle

The next verse doesn't have a terror based anagram in it but tells how a califate forms that has a considerable impact on how water is distributed within towns. This califate also has a considerable impact on climate and tries to integrate the cyclical patterns of the universe with the needs of the populace. There is only one other verse where the anagram for califates exists and it can be viewed at C8Q30.

By the new clothes after the find is made,
Malicious plot and machination:
First will die he who will prove it,
Color Venetian trap.
D'habits nouueaux apres faicte la treuue
Malice tramme et machination
Premier mourra qui en fera la preuue
Couleur venis inſidiation

The fourth line of the following verse has the only anagram for Ursa Minoris and has another co-joined lettering for Cynosura-time. Both these names are used for the Northern Pole Star. It also holds one of only two anagrams for terrorises. The astronomic feature in this verse is set into an environment where positrons sit alongside modern terms from medicine, archeology and biology (see my paper on astronomy for more). There are also quite disturbing anagrams related to current events in the Middle East. Together they make it clear that this verse is about us and events to come over the near future. Traditionally this verse has been linked entirely with the demise of the French Royal family in the sixteenth century. This older application is still valid but what it also does is provide guidance for the star and planet formations that will reveal the onset of the mutations at the heart of Nostradamus' Prophecies.

A serpent is put into the vault of iron,
where seven children of the king are held.
The ancestors and forebears will come forth from the dead
lamenting to see thus dead the fruit of their line
Serpens tranſmis dans la caige de fer
Ou les enfans ſeptains du Roy ſont pris
Les vieux et peres ſortiront bas de l'enfer
Ains mourir voir de fruic mort et crys

The next verse contains anagrams for terrorise and terrorises and their placement implies this terror is felt in France. This quatrain is one of those that destroyed my innate scepticism as it yields crucial evidence that Nostradamus did build astronomic code as his way of dating the Prophecies. The importance of its content lies in its many astronomic references. It was the basis of one of the earliest of my modern papers (i.e. 2004 onwards). See my paper called Astronomy for the full implications I drew from this verse.

Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rome
the two nearest flee the oppressed monster.
When Mars will take up his horrible throne,
the Cock and the Eagle, France and the three brothers.
Pol menſolee mourra trois lieues du Rosne
Fuis les deux prochains taraſc deſtrois
Car Mars fera le plus horrible troſne
De coq et d'aigle de France freres trois.

The historical reference points of the League of Terror.

This is one of several verses that contain terror related anagrams as well as lettering from which anagrams for league and regular era can be constructed.

The internal content has consistent threads with the time of Herod and the story of Troy in the Norseman's Prose Edda able to be connected via both the anagrams and the text.

C5 Q87 has strong interconnections with C3 Q98, C8 Q97 and other verses in this paper.

The year that Saturn is out of bondage,
In the Frank land he will be inundated by water:
Of Trojan blood will his marriage be,
And he will be confined safely by the Spaniards.
L'an que Saturne hors de ſeruage
Au franc terroir ſera d'eau inunde
De ſang Troyen ſera ſon mariage
Et ſera ſeur d'Eſpaignols circunde

The following verse below tells how the terrorism generated in this century amongst two major religions will result in an extra change of five degrees in the planets normal temperature range. C3 Q98 has strong interconnections with C5 Q87, C8 Q97 and other verses in this paper. Verse C5 Q87 presents the historical orgins of this particular brand of religious terrorism while the other two present its projected manifestations.

My anagram analysis relies on the exact same rules as set out in my paper called Webber's rules.

Two royal brothers will wage war so fiercely
That between them the war will be so mortal
That both will occupy the strong places:
Their great quarrel will fill realm and life.
Deux royals freres ſi fort guerroyerent
Qu'entre eux ſera la guerre ſi mortelle
Qu'vn chacun places fortes occuperont
De regne et vie fera leur grand querelle

Next we have a verse whose text talks of resurrection of the dead. Its anagrams make the connection to the time of Christ through the names Jesu, Jesux, Magdelaine. It ties in closely with the Terror from the Sky mentioned in C10 Q72 through the anagram for terrorists found in the fourth line. The story of the verse is about a modern fervour surrounding the reported resurrection of Jesus, a story completely in keeping with that in the next verse C10 Q75. It is in the setting of these links that the city named Achad (found in the second line) takes on great significance. And as fanciful as these ideas might seem such a resurrection is now at the edges of man's ability with the cloning of a sheep already having been achieved. In addition all these connections are made in C10 Q66 which openly talks of the emergence of an anti-christ and whose content reflects the idea of deliberate experimentation on the replication of individuals.

The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter
Not far from the great millennial age,
When the buried will go out from their tombs.
Au reuolu du grand nombre ſeptieſme
Apparoiſtra au temps Jeux d'Hacatombe
Non eſloigne du grand eage millieſme
Que les entres ſortiront de leur tombe.

The following verse's anagrams hold a story that resonates with our current time. It is consistent with the theme of Nostradamus' text and fits well into his tale of misadventures in this century at Geneva where a positron experiment goes wrong (See Geneva 2065). The anagrams of this current verse gives detail of the protagonists and victims, the means of starving a population and the motivations for doing so. And through its atomic relevance there can be no doub t that it applies to a modern terrorist setting.

Towards Aquitaine by the British Isles
By these themselves great incursions.
Rains, frosts will make the soil uneven,
Port Selyn will make mighty invasions

Vers Aquitaine pars inſuls Britaniques
De pars eux meſmes grades incursios
Pluyes gelees ferot terroirs iniques
Port Selyn fortes fera inuaſions

The history of Science exploited by terrorists.

Science, terorising and terrorised are each found as anagrams in the next verse and this provides a 'tree of Life' link [built from paired verses] to C01 Q17. The text of that verse is dominated by climatic events. The term 'science' in both defines the focus and in this verse there are powerful anagrams for astronomic events. These include supernovae, gaseous, en-vapour and canceriser but these are supported by timing clues that at first seem unrelated.

There is for example a theme of terror carried by anagrams such as terrorising, terrorised and misdeeds. These have ties to the Middle-ages and to an anagram for Sades. The Maquis de Sade comes to mind but he was alive two hundred years after Nostradamus' death and it was Nostradamus who lived at the end of the Middle-ages. The verses anagrams provide the links that make this a very prescient connection since the de Sade family had a connection to Nostradamus' birth place in Provence. Below is an extract from a tourist brochure from St Remy, Nostradamus' birth place.

Other renowned figures associated with the village include the Marquis de Sade, whose family manor the Hotel de Sade is located here (now the Musee Archeologique). St Remy is also the birth place of Nostradamus.
from St Remy Guide

But this still leaves a gap between Nostradamus and the Marquis, a gap that other anagrams help to explain. One of these is telegnosis which means foreseeing events from the future and this is reinforced by anagarams such as predesignates and prechose. So Nostradamus is giving clues that this time period in the eigteenth century is important and that importance lies in the gaseous supernovae reference. In the extract below is a brief extract that sets out the date and circumstance of how such events as supernovae and other non-eternal stellar objects came to be recorded in a scientific manner (Messier objects).

The Messier objects (from Wikipedia) are a set of astronomical objects first listed by French astronomer Charles Messier in 1771.[1] Messier was a comet hunter, and was frustrated by objects which resembled but were not comets, so he compiled a list of them,[2] in collaboration with his assistant Pierre Mechain, to avoid wasting time on them.

The term supernovae has no place in the vocabulary of a 16th century man who died in 1568 since the first supernovae that has a recorded history was observed in 1572 and the term was not applied to this event or any other until some time after this 1572 Supernovae.

So this verse is meant to convey Nostradamus' capability in scientific matters as well as tell a story relevant to the end of this century. This connection to the future is conveyed by the anagrams of the last two lines in which there are strong indications that all the foregoing was meant to lead to the dark and gloomy events that men will see.

 It is much like seeing in a flaming mirror, where the vision of the great events is clouded, sad, prodigious and calamitous. Events that in due time will fall upon the principal worshippers, firstly upon the temples of God; secondly, upon those who, sustained by the earth, approach such a decadence. Also a thousand other calamitous events which will be known to happen in due time.
Epistle to Henry 1558 (HEE7a)

C3 Q75

Pau, verone, Vicence, Sarragousse,
From distant swords lands wet with blood:
Very great plague will come with the great shell,
Relief near, and the remedies very far.
Pau verone Vicence Sarragouſſe
De glaiues loings terroirs de ſang humides
Peſte ſi grande viendra a la grand gouſſe
Proche ſecours et bien loing les remedes.

Islamists as the victims of petrol tampering.

The following verse contains the only anagram for Islamist and its text and anagrams build a picture of oil or petrol used as a means of contaminating the oceans of the world. It is possible the events begin in a port on the North African coast such as Morocco.

The Allied fleet from the port of Marseilles,
In Venice harbor to march against Hungary.
To leave from the gulf and the bay of Illyria,
Devastation in Sicily, for the Ligurians, cannon shots
Voille Symacle port Maſſiliolique
Dans Venise port marcher aux Pannons
Partir du goulfre et ſinus Illirique
Vaſt a Socile Ligurs coups de canons




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