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Nostradamus C8 Q97: League of Terror causes evolution of new ape species in Southern France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is one of several verses that contain terror related anagrams such as terrorise (roiſtre. Re) as well as lettering from which anagrams for leagues orbits (uage les -trois b) can be constructed. In this instance the region where a new ape species evolves is along the Var river at Pau (Southern France). C8 Q97 has strong interconnections with C5 Q87, C3 Q98 and other verses in my paper titled Terrorism. Verse C5 Q87 presents the historical orgins of this particular brand of religious terrorism while the other two present its projected manifestations.

The internal content has consistent threads with a modern tale of cancer and mutation from overexposure to the sun.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

NASAU find war change enlarge top poem
Au fin du VAR changer le pompotans

wierds (Norns) regulates leagues estragole stories strobiles orbits USA enfans renaissant priests
Pres du riuage les trois beaux enfans naiſtre

compensate sunray papule ruin new-ape age PAU wea
[o]ponry apparel compete
Ruyne au peuple par aage competans

plows couri
[e]rs terrorise gene register PAU say change
Regne au pays changer plus voir croiſtre.
At the end of the Var the great powers change;
near the bank three beautiful children are born.
Ruin to the people when they are of age;
in the country the kingdom is seen to grow and change.
Au fin du VAR changer le pompotans
Pres du riuage les trois beaux enfans naiſtre
Ruyne au peuple par aage competans
Regne au pays changer plus voir croiſtre.

L1: <fAustian po (pau S.France) poem><find uVAR change><to enlarge pomp><AnaRCH uVind fAunas><to applemonger naVARch (Gk: ship leader)

L2: <uxa stories be league><PreDisaster uri leagues orbits><PertainS fans><uuierds (norns) estragole (carcinogen) tranSPires>regulates renaiSsant PrieSt

L3: <Runas compete><apparel age><natuRes yen> compensate gaea neuu-ape sunRay papule (skin blemish)

L4: <augen pay changes teRroriSe><riotS enrage pau>< RegiSter corvisor (leather shoe maker) splurge><uReagene riotS> Regrets

1: compensate, strobiles, corvisor, sortilege, interreges, faustian, navarch, 
2: applemonger, transpires, renaissant, naissant,
3: estragole, compete, uuierds (2 in this verse)
4: preDisaster, regulates, register, neuu-ape, uvard,
5: orbits, terrorise, regrets, sunray, papule,
6: rainless, bolyn / nobly, fruit,
7: transpire, apparel, spurred, leagues, reneger, visor, 
8: -
9: find,
10: anarch, cage,
11: pertains / painters, retries / retires, league,
12: changes, regret,
13: tireless,
14: abuse, runas,
15: pays, 
16: chanter / tranche,
17: rioters, atop, eagle,
18: diuerts, final,
19: ruyn,
20: Nasau, Vau,
21: cheats / chaste / scathe, chats, educt,
22: Rachel,
23: poem (2 in this verse)

strobiles, compensate, Faustian, navarch, applemonger, transpires, renaissant, estragole, compete, wierds, register, preDisaster, regulates, neuu-ape, orbits, terrorise, regrets, sunray, papule, rainless, apparel, transpire, spurred, leagues, find, anarch, visor, cage.


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