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Nostradamus C5 Q87: Details of Ages of Terror held in logical use of runes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is one of several verses that contain terror related anagrams. This verse has strong interconnections with C3 Q98, C8 Q97 and other verses in my paper titled Terrorism. The current verse presents the historical orgins of this particular brand of religious terrorism while the other two present its projected manifestations.

The internal content has consistent threads with the time of Herod and the story of Troy in the Norseman's Prose Edda. This is apparent in both the anagrams and the text.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

leaguers Klan use natures unearths Herods verse age
L'an que Saturne hors de ſeruage

runecraft terroriser raiders invade Judaean
Au franc terroir ſera d'eau inunde

astrogeny negatory agents reason Romanias Maria disgree Norsemans strange 'yes no'
De ſang Troyen ſera ſon mariage

Easter assured logicians spreading treasures persuading long circus closing upraised end
Et ſera ſeur d'Eſpaignols circunde
The year that Saturn is out of bondage,
In the Frank land he will be inundated by water:
Of Trojan blood will his marriage be,
And he will be confined safely by the Spaniards.
L'an que Saturne hors de ſeruage
Au franc terroir ſera d'eau inunde
De ſang Troyen ſera ſon mariage
Et ſera ſeur d'Eſpaignols circunde

L1: <~herods / hordes / rhodes LeaguerS natureS quean (impudent woman)~><reaSsured hoe turn angle /angel> <heron aSsured qLan uuaterS> unearth

L2: <iudAean terroriSer uuaned> <Sorrier runecraft> rAfuna undine

L3: <germania reaSonS aSTrogeny ( heavenly evolution)><germania granDeSt reaSonS><nearS romanS negaTory SeeD><a romanS granT DiSagree><Troy Seen><mari Son nearS granDest age><norSemanS aSTrogeny aria> <germania / megarian (Euclidean follower) aroSe>

L4: <~circus upraiSed eaSterS long nEed~><rEaSSured aping><EaSter SprEading uSE> <eaSterS nEed pErSuading> <logicians SpEd treaSures><~a closing runic pErSuades rESted><aSSure circus long dESpair>

1: equ'angular, logicians, runecraft, terroriser, closing, unearths, enuuind, uuin,
2: disagree, Romania, fauuned, Iudaean,
3: Germania / Megarian, reassured, reassured, sorrier,
4: persuading, negatory, circus,
5: spreading, Norsemans, terrorise, squalene, treasures, undine,
6: astrogeny, upraised, reassure, raiders,
7: equants, rafuna, Adige,
8: leaguers, despair, qlan, nun,
9: uuaste, incur / runic,
10: -
11: Nogarets, uuaters,
12: Marian, trance, readers,
13: persuades, heron, Maria,
14: resented, uuaned, hone,
15: aria,
16: hordes / Herods / Rhodes, spade, algae,
17: queans, argues,
18: steered, yesno,
19: -
20: reasons, redress, rioter,
21: -
22: edges.
23: -.

Key Ideas:

logicians, runecraft, unearths, astrogeny, closing, Judaean, win, sorrier, Romania, disagree, Megarian, reassured, persuading, negatory, circus, spreading, Norsemans, undine, runic, treasures, terrorise, leaguers, upraised, despair, reassure, klan, raiders, waste, Nogarets, waters, Marian, trance, persuades, readers, hordes, resented, yes-no, reasons, rioter, redress.

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