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Nostradamus C10 Q72: The King of Terror a mankind-induced menace from the sky.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This infamous verse has been seen as a predictor of modern events for nearly five hundred years with the events in 2001 being seen as vindication of its dire message.. The meaning of this verse is given even greater import when read in conjunction with C10 Q66, C10 Q74 and C10 Q75Nostradamus Prophecies C10 Q72 1999 as start of demonic trail in 21st century

This verse is the header for a topic that is made apparent by commentary Nostradamus makes in his 155 Preface to Cesar and stressed in a clear manner in verse C1 Q02.

It is about the agent in the mind that shapes his thoughts. In C10 Q72 he implants the cipher INFLUENCE while at the same time indicating there are three forms good bad and neutral.

This verse is the header for the 21st century's demonic trail that starts in 1999.

The demonic nature of the trail is highlighted by its pairing with verse C1 Q42 which carries the only anagram for AFFECT.

C10 Q72
The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongol
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf ſept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur
Reſuſciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

This famous quatrain offered men of the past a hint of a dire future which they took to be due to a great war started by one man at the start of this millennium. However reason tells us that it is a greater threat than that of any single short-lived mortal. The anagrams in this verse direct us to the idea that the impact of man on the earth's finite resources triggers war, fire from the sky, flood and disease. These are the great themes of Nostradamus Prophecies as stated in his Preface.

But in order, my son, that I may not wander too deeply for the future capacity of your mind, and also because I find that letters shall undergo such a huge and incomparable loss, I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall not be scarcely any land. And this will be for such a long time that except for enographies and topograpies all would be lost. Also, both before and after these floods, the rains in many countries shall be so slight, and there will be so much fire and white-hot rock shall fall from the sky, that nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in a brief period before the final conflagration. Preface to Cesar 1555 (PCF8)

There can be no doubt that Nostradamus' work wasn't able to be read with any clarity over the last five hundred years but this is exactly as he intended and predicted. If Nostradamus could see the future then we know that each verse plays a part in the telling of the period beyond 2003 CE. We know this because it is a useless exercise if any verse solely tells the story of common incidents from the past that have no bearing on the future or weren't interesting to men in the past. Each quatrain must contribute once it is decoded or else kept peoples interest in Nostradamus' work during the long period of enforced ignorance. And the last five hundred years have been filled with horrific wars, dreadful misadventures, ravages from natural forces and terrible plagues. So we can also know that the period beyond the year 2000 CE holds a story far more damning for mankind than that of World War I or II, influenza plagues, cholera, Napoleon, Hitler, Pol Pot since they are merely part of the dark side of man's history that has always blighted our species. None of these are enough to justify hiding the story of the future for 500 years unless what is to come is far more horrendous than any combination of these threats could offer.

Nostradamus makes it clear that the statements above reflect his own view. The whole narrative of his prefaces make it apparent we face a period of upheaval that threatens but does not extinguish mankind.

This dread verse C.10 Q.72 indicates through its anagrams that the seeds of our destruction lie in our impact on the soil, moisture and air that we have always needed for our survival. Destruction of these basic elements provides the foundation for war, drought, flood, famine, disease and sectarian fervour. Man has many strengths and will attempt to address the underlying issues but it is the flaws in our self-centred mortality that will betray us. If Nostradamus was a prophet then his future visions reflect the best efforts of man as well as the worst and so his foreseen outcomes will happen. Man will act and needs no instruction from Nostradamus but won't avoid the outcome.

Juan Carlos asteroid 2015All the foregoing fits well with the known history of the universe and man and shows the means by which evolution will control our profligate dominance.

In 2015 a Spaniard named Juan Carlos from Madrid wrote an article proposing that this verse relates to the asteroid known as AN10. His reasoning fits into my own findings and I show a picture of his work (with machine translation) alongside.

One of the key anagrams in this verse is that for Platonism and it sets the tone desired by Nostradamus.

The central concept of Platonism is the distinction between the reality that is perceptible, but not intelligible, and that which is intelligible, but imperceptible . from Wikipedia


  1. <man influence soiL><moist maLinfluence> <pLatonism enfuse> miLan noninflueces nonfluencies
  2. <far uuider dRagonry fed><curd evil invader><defy far uuiDer Radon><daffier dRagonry>
  3. <mongoliAs cuRSeS><dRagonry crueltieS> <cuRSeS large daimonology rite><cuRses day Radon looming><citeS SeRious>monAdology [unitary state]
  4. <hebron prearranges uuAr><he prearranges uuAr baron><Auuare rearMs parents>
1: daimonology, noninfluences, malinfluence, monadology, nonfluencies, divinerclue, Mongolias, influence, Hebron,
2: platonism, Mongolia,
3: prearranges, interregal, realtering, cruelties, looming, spermata, isomers,
4: impost, uuierd / uuider, curses,
5: utricles, daffier, uneaten, Defoy, auuare, loom, defy,
6: cruises,
7: Malinis, mislain, cuss,
8: serious, arriued, neaten, curd, urdu,
9: proba,
10: -
11: -
12: presatan,
13: -
14: prearms, moist / omits, enfuse, raffi, hone,
15: uaried, Vrda,
16: rearms, sperm,
17: dragonry (2x), Euclid, arriue,
18: Milans,
19: day.
20: -
21: -
22: -
23: -

daimonology, noninfluences, malinfluence, monadology, nonfluencies, divinerclue, Mongolias, influence, Hebron, platonism, Mongolia, prearranges, interregal, realtering, cruelties, looming, spermata, isomers, impost, wierd, curses,  utricles, daffier, uneaten, Defoy, aware, loom, defy, cruises, mislain, cuss, serious, arrived, neaten, curd, Urdu, presatan, prearms, moist, enfuse, Raffi, hone, varied, Vrda, rearms, sperm, dragonry, Euclid, Milans, day.


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