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Nostradamus C10 Q74: The story of the percipient species of man begins.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 10 Quatrain 74  Jesu-X Magdelaine, gt 7th Number, terrorists traumatiseThe meaning of this verse is given even greater import when read in conjunction with C10 Q66, C10 Q72 and C10 Q75.

Here we have a verse whose text talks of resurrection of the dead.

Its anagrams make the connection to the time of Christ through the names Jesu, Jesux, Magdelaine.

It ties in closely with the Terror from the Sky mentioned in C10 Q72 through the anagrams for terrorists noted rule found in the fourth line and traumatise in the second line.

The story of the verse is about a modern fervour surrounding the reported resurrection of Jesus, a story completely in keeping with that in the next verse C10 Q75.

It is in the setting of these links that the city named Achad, found in anagrams of the second line, takes on great significance. It is placed in a sequence saying Jesus Achad tomb appear and as fanciful as these ideas might seem such a resurrection is now at the edges of man's ability with the cloning of a sheep already having been achieved.

 In addition all these connections are made in C10 Q66 which openly talks of the emergence of an anti-christ and whose content reflects the idea of deliberate experimentation in the replication of individuals.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

lower guard and no mob respite sombre times episteme measure
Au reuolu du grand nombre ſeptieſme

Apep airports Austria traumatise appear Pape had Achad act at Jesux tomb riots
Apparoiſtra au temps Jeux d'Hacatombe

none losing unguarded Magdelaine image seem ill omens loosening guard agenda
Non eſloigne du grand eage millieſme

sequel enters stories terrorists not elude noted route mob rule
Que les entres ſortiront de leur tombe
#Episteme: knowledge providing the basis for true belief.
The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter
Not far from the great millennial age,
When the buried will go out from their tombs..
Au reuolu du grand nombre ſeptieſme
Apparoiſtra au temps Jeux d'Hacatombe
Non eſloigne du grand eage millieſme
Que les entres ſortiront de leur tombe.
  1. <Sombre epiSteme [part of speech]><mob meAsure respite><louuer guard>
  2. <Jesu acHad [Heb] tomb ><riotS Appear><traumatiSe><Jesux Had combat airports Ape>J<auStria Jet-spume>
  3. <~magdelaine urged None loSing menS lie~><~looSening guard image ill SemeN end~> <legionS drug agenda><legionS argued end ill image>
  4. <noted terroriSts rule tomb><seQuel enter Sorts> <mob not led enters true Stories>
  1. Achad, jet-spume,
  2. Jesux, traumatise, terrorists,
  3. sombre, Magdelaine, millage,
  4. Jexu,
  5. loosening, Limonenes,
  6. underaged, triton, Lilies, agenda
  7. episteme, Austria, bondman, combat,  resorts/ rosters, image,
  8. sorts,
  9. Cato, loosen,
  10. measure,
  11. -
  12. Nelso, mage /game,
  13. louu,
  14. respite, empties, tumur, amuse,
  15. Aapep, Selene,
  16. -
  17. argued, mill, beam,
  18. -
  19. Jesu.
  20. -
  21. louuer,
  22. airports, atom, had,
  23. legion, tomb (2x), levees / sleeve.

Achad, Jesus, Magdelaine, tomb, sombre, terrorists, traumatise, mob, Austria, loosening, agenda, sorts, underaged, combat, image, lilies, episteme, rosters, airports, combat, legions, loosen, measure, lower, tumor, Cato, game, Aapep, amuse.

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