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Nostradamus' interest in 21st Century

21stC experiments at Geneva

The Large Hadron Collider.

Disaster in Geneva

Details of the Disaster on the Swiss border

Mass genocide using germ warfare

Disaster in Geneva begins in 2065CE


Nostradamus on genetic genocide in Geneva 2065 CE 

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My aims for this Paper.

My intent is to take Nostradamus' quatrains on Lac Leman and Geneva and show they have a coherent tale to tell.
I will relate this story to past events in the region in order to show that the verses have guidelines based on these and that they are meant to indicate moods and patterns.
By using the anagrams in these verses of Nostradamus I will build a more comprehensive picture of what he most likely foresaw.
The evidence for the breadth of the Disaster is discernible from the material Nostradamus provides and I present it to show its localization.
I also will detail how Nostradamus includes the idea of genocide and fear into the anagrams of these verses and how note the consistency with his story lines.
Finally I want to use the astronomic evidence Nostradamus provides to set a potential date for these events.
I needed to show that the references in it were not part of some occult rant but a part of a well-thought out scheme. Loose ramblings do not generate confidence but enigmatic, explicable phrases grant us comfort that there is much yet to be discovered. In pursuing these goals I have also produced starting dates and a means of analysis for dating future events. I have also shown the import of history as a reference tool and this will serve us well as we look at the verses relating to these themes.

Although the hidden anagrams relating to this tale  have much about them that  seems inexplicable, if not impossible, they consistently occur while obeying a set of very simple but demanding rules of analysis. My analysis gains credibility through the disciplined, invariant use of the rules and the structured nature of the anagrams that are found when they are used.  

My book titled Nostradamus Unlocked provides material showing how this theme interconnects with Nostradamus other story lines.

Nostradamusí interest in the Modern World.

January 13th 2010:  For the past three weeks I have been working on the material I published in my list of anagrams about future events. I have been re-examining the verses in which they are found for plausible inter-connections. It is a time-consuming but necessary task if the quality of the analysis is to advance. It is also very demanding and after several weeks my eyes complain that I should do something a little more relaxing. Writing serves that purpose so although my preparation isnít complete I will use some of what I have uncovered to develop my themes.

My major purpose is the identification of what would rationally excite an author of the 16th century to write obscure prophecies about times in the far distant future. Part of that process involves making sense of the topics found within the anagrams. For instance:  

  • We canít expect every topic and every event that involved change in the last five hundred years to occur in a mere 942 verses. 

  • Also, there is little point in a hidden record that only tells us what we know. 

  • There is not much greater merit in telling us things we donít know and canít change. 

  • Nostradamusí work serves no useful purpose unless it is his way of contributing to the knowledge of mankind. 

  • There is no contribution if it merely catalogues events. 

  • It is only if Nostradamus reveals his methodology for reading the future that his efforts were worthwhile. 

  • It isnít the content of the events but the evidence of an ongoing link between future time and the present that would validate his efforts.

So I believe any merit in Nostradamus record of events must lie in its ability to establish credibility for the art of seeing the future. We can from this conclude that Nostradamusí themes involve things he couldnít have known from any reasonable platform of the past.

For example the idea of atoms and elements was not new even in Nostradamusí day but the concepts of sub -particles and radioactive elements were. Already I have indicated that actinium, positrons, leptons and denuclearisation seem to be a far greater part of the story than are the traditional elements of ancient knowledge. In that context it should not be surprising to find that many locations given by Nostradamus are sites where major novel experiments and events have taken or are taking place.

Specifically, I believe that a cluster of Nostradamus' verses concentrate on Belarus because of the legacy of Chernobyl and its pending environmental aftermath. I also believe that Nostradamus had a special interest in the region around Lake Leman in Switzerland where the Hadron Collider and a large geothermal project are based.  


Nostradamus interest in Experimental Physics in the region of Lake Leman.

The Hadron Collider lies near Geneva at the most southerly point of Lake Leman. It straddles the Swiss/French border near the town of Meyrin. The first of the verses I wish to present as my evidence is clearly located in the same area and it holds numerous interesting reference points.

C1 Q47
The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered,
the days will drag out into weeks,
then months, then years, then all will fail
The authorities will condemn their useless powers.  
Du lac Leman les Sermons faScheront
Les jours Seront reduicts par les Sepmaines
Puis moys,puis an, puis tous deffailliront
Les magiStrats damneront leurs loix vaines.

It is not difficult to envisage that this verse tells the story of the League of Nations. The League was formed to be the voice for world-government to avert the danger of manís self destruction that technological change had made possible. It was created in 1919 and was sited at Lake Leman. In 1935 Germany and other militaristic nations withdrew but by this time the League had been recognized as a toothless tiger unable to fulfill its ambitions for a better brotherhood for all mankind.

It is worth noting that in an earlier discussion on manís inability to bring his cultural structures in line with rapidly advancing technology I stated my belief this theme underpins Nostradamusí prognostications on the great mutations.

In this context The League of Nations is surely the most prominent of symbols to encapsulate this aspect of the tragedy of man. This interpretation also makes the visible text a reference to a checkable past, but it is ours, not that of Nostradamus for it was in his future. That such a connection should be made in modern times does little to establish that this was foreknowledge revealed to us by Nostradamus because our minds can find meaningful patterns in clouds and tea-leaves and there has to be much more than the above for any credibility to emerge.

As usual it is the anagrams that alerted me to the potentials in this verse. The one that first drew my attention is that of positronium (iront Puis mo) in the third line. This is the only occurrence of this anagram throughout Nostradamusí Prophecies. There are two other infrequent anagrams found in this verse that are significantly linked to the concept of positrons, these are particles (icts par le) and destruction (ont reduicts). Now positrons are a form of antimatter as they are the anti-particle to electrons. The predecessor to the Hadron collider, the Large-Electron-Positron collider , was the basis of a particle-research project involving the destruction of an electron by bringing it into contact with its anti-particle, the positron.

Whenever a particle and its anti-particle meet the mass of each is totally annihilated and converted to energy. In the instance when the annihilation occurs a positronium molecule, consisting of an electron and a positron, is usually fleetingly produced and the study of this phantom of the universe was one of the projects goals. This project ceased in the year 2000 to make way for the Large Hadron Collider which utilizes collisions between protons. It should be noted that once again the references in this prophecy to the L-E-project allude to the past.

However by their use I have identified why I saw this verse as a reference point to the Hadron Collider and although there is more in the verse to confirm this link I need to bring in some other verses before proceeding with their presentation.


The Large Hadron Collider

In the previous section I showed how the visible text of C1 Q47 could be seen as a prominent symbol for manís inability to amend his institutions at a rate needed to match the increased pace of technological change. I also showed that the Lake Lemans area was a focal point for research into particle physics.

If, as I further indicated, positronium was detailed by Nostradamus in this quatrain it too represents a powerful symbol regarding his material.

Positronium is about as far out there as you can get with modern technology and represents the massive gap between 16th century capabilities and today. To envisage a 27 kilometer underground tunnel accelerating particles so small that no one had ever contemplated them before the late 1800ís would have fascinated a science trained person such as Nostradamus.

But any fascination was purely for interest sake since it could serve no useful purpose to a man of the 16th C And the Hadron Collider illustrates the chasm between science structures and social structures of man since it involves over 10,000 scientists from more than 100 nations working successfully together, even deep-seated tendencies towards war are put aside in the pursuit of science.

It is for these symbolic reasons that Lake Leman was significant to Nostradamus and still is to us.

But it is time to examine a second verse.  C1 Q10, which contains an anagram of positrons (there is only one other occurrence and that will be discussed at a later date).  

C1 Q10
A serpent is put into the vault of iron,
where seven children of the king are held.  
The ancestors & forebears will come forth from the dead  
lamenting to see thus dead the fruit of their line.

Serpens tranSmis dans la caige de fer
Ou les enfans Septains du Roy Sont pris
Les vieux & peres Sortiront bas de l'enfer
Ains mourir voir de fruic mort & crys.

Whatever other vision may be evoked from this verse its first line is an exquisitely beautiful imagery of for the Hadron collider with its beams snaking through manifold pipes lined with magnets. However this is not the primary  focus of my interest nor is the anagram of positrons (sont pris O) found in the second line. These are important but my present interest is in the astronomy links I have already shown between this verse and C1 Q4

In Nostradamusí Astronomy Sources I show that these two verses involve the movements of the Polestar and I then showed in my paper on Nostradamusí mutation theme that he used the Polestar movements to define the period of the vast mutations that are his concern. The primary period of his interest is from the year 2000 to the year 2100. Interestingly the year 2000 marks the end of the L-E.collider and the commencement of the Large Hadron collider.

To me it seems highly significant that these two verses not only involve the mainstays of the dating system but that each holds the same theme, the history of particle physics at Lake Leman.


In the previous sections I have tried to give depth to Nostradamusí interest in Geneva and its lake, Lac Leman. These names feature fourteen times in Nostradamusí prophecies and there are consistent threads that interlink many of the quatrains in which they occur. Two of the most relevant for my current presentation are sufficient to show the supporting themes. Their visible content is given below.  

C9 Q44
Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn from gold to iron will be changed.
The opposing RAYPOZ will exterminate all
Before it has started the sky will show signs.  

Migres migre de GeneSue treStous
Saturne d'or en fer Se changera.
Le contre RAYPOZ exterminera tous
Auant l'a ruent le ciel Signes fera.

There are many unusual anagrams found in the following  verse (CVI Q81) and they are  extremely rich in scientific terms as shown in the following discussions. Very complex mathematics , chemistry and astronomy are listed together in this one verse and are found only in limited form elsewhere in the prophecies.

C6 Q81
Tears, cries and laments, howls, terror
Heart inhuman, cruel, black and chilly:  
Lake of Geneva les Isles of Gennes mainly affected,
Blood to pour out, Ďfrofaimí, mercy to none.

Pleurs, crys et plaincts, hurlement effraieur
Coeur inhumain, cruel. noir, et tranSy:
Leman les iSles de Gennes les maieurs,
Sang eSpancher, frofaim a nul mercy.

It seems there is a Disaster that lies ahead for Geneva but although it is on a large scale it isnít world shattering. The third line of the second verse and other verses can be considered as defining the region of greatest impact and they describe a triangle based on Lake Leman stretching 115km northwards up to Gennes just east of Besancon and then 65km across and up to Lí Isle sur le Doub s which is just south of Belfort and some 170km from Geneva. The third line of the first of the two verses holds an unfamiliar word RAYPOZ that Nostradamus capitalised. To some this may evoke an image of a ray formed from positrons yet such a device is not possible today.  

Modern day scientistsí interest in positrons is not just academic since it is seen as a potential new ultra-lightweight power source suitable for inter-planetary travel. Just 10 milligrams (which is about 1/6th the weight of a grain of wheat) could supply enough energy to send a current spaceshito Mars. However positron-science is still primitive compared to that of the electron, with our current knowledge comparable to that when only the awe of lightning and the magic attraction from rub bing amber with fur were known.

Our current real issues for positrons involve their production and storage not its uses. However what we will be able to do with positrons in the next one hundred years will probably rival the engineering wizardry that now uses electrons to make rocks speak and show images. And when it happens the marvels underlying these advances will disappear under the unquestioning acceptance of the populace as happened with the invention of those image-showing, sound-issuing rocks that are familiar to all of us as TVís, mobile phones, computers etc.

However even today these devices are still the work of sorcery since most know nothing of how these things are possible. This blissful ignorance of both risk and reward is important since the intrinsic mysteries are discounted and ignored through faith in technology and the contempt bred of over-familiarity. Attitudes are the real issues that underlie these verses as I will show in coming sections.

On reading the first of these verses a reader might feel justified in claiming I am wrong and Nostradamusí purpose was to forewarn the world of potential Disasters but this cannot be so.

 Nobody with any rationality will flee a region on the basis of a vague warning from the past. No this is not a warning but a reporting on the current state of mind. Recently Australia has introduced a category RED for days of potential bushfire catastrophe. This category advises people to flee the area before the risk is real and Nostradamus warning is in the same class. It is not improbable that in the light of a foreseen Disaster that the Swiss, French and German governments would issue a warning ďFlee, flee Geneva every last one of youĒ. Nostradamus is merely quoting the words that will one day be used by leaders who are yet to reach their teens.

Details of the Disaster on the Swiss border with France 

According to my hypotheses such poignant verses as presented in the previous section will contain hidden material that will validate their import. I believe the following material fulfills that expectation. I begin with the third line of C9 Q44 whose hidden content is surely a most remarkable and unexpected validation of my theme for it says Electron ray experimentorz.. Year Expoz(e)Terminator SoulThe origins for this are shown below (the letters are re-clustered in the same order to create new meaning):

C9 Q44  L.3 

The opposing/anti RAYPOZ will exterminate all  
Le contre RAYPOZ exterminera tous

Derivation of anagrams:
Lecontre RAY POZexterminer xxxx
eLectron RAY exPerimentOrZ

Although anagrams for electron/s are quite frequent in Nostradamusí Prophecies there is no other occurrence that lies adjacent to an anagram for ray. There is also no other anagram in the whole text for any word based on the root Ďexperimentí, yet here one occurs in a fashion that forms a perfect sequence of words Ďelectron ray experimentorzí.  There is much more in this line and the other three but that is for later discussion since my aim here is to show why I can have confidence that my theme and explanation of the visible text is supported by the hidden content.

The hidden material in the prophecies serves a variety of roles but its major purpose is to provide detail of the event cryptically presented in the visible text. The detail in C 6 Q81, the other verse presented in the previous section, provides a useful base for what is to follow so I present some of its material below.

Line one of this verse contains anagrams that say planetic element hurts (etplainc - tshur - lemente) and Uranium as a planetic element is a sub stance that offers an adequate reason for the distress at Geneva expressed when considered with other content of the verse and the already mentioned positronium component.  

C6 Q81  L.1 

Tears, cries and laments, howls, terror, 
Pleurs crys et plaincts hurlement effraieur,

Derivation of anagrams:
xxxxxx xxxx et plainc tshur lemente xxxxxxxx
planetic element hurts

Now there are three planetic elements namely Neptunium, Plutonium and Uranium all of which are capable of hurting since each is radioactive but the second line of this same verse convinces me the element meant is uranium. Although several of the anagrams that follow are imperfectly formed their presence together in this verse and rarely anywhere else justifies their acceptance. The series of elements of which these are part is one of the transition series in the periodic table and the radioactive isotopes of this series are of a transitory nature.  This second line has many such anagrams and I show them below the visible text which is worth re-reading to register the aptness of their threat.

C6 Q81 L.2    

Heart inhuman, cruel, black and chilly: 
Coeur inhumain, cruel. noir, et tranSy

uranic (ain cru), 
nuclear-ion (ain cruel no), 
uranium-enrich (eur inhumain cr), 
transitory-e (oir et transy)
(umain cruel)

The third line of the same verse tells us some of the impact from the radiation while offering further reasons as to why those affected will cry, lament and curse. One of the notable occurrences in this line is the appearance of two anagrams, one for maleness and another for malleness, since there is only one other verse where it occurs and in C1 Q47 it occurs in two lines. The second verse is the one I presented at the commencement of this paper and it too deals with the events at Geneva,

C6 Q81 L.3    

Lake of Geneva les Isles of Gennes mainly affected,
Leman les iSles de Gennes les maieurs,

Derivation of anagrams:
Leman les iSles de Gennes les maieurs
Lema n esiSl esde eGen neslesma ieursLe
maLe illneSs seed gene maleness Leisure
maLe Leisure seed maleness gene

The theme of the verse is about the radioactive mutation of genes that affect the reproduction ability of those afflicted in the Geneva incident. There is even more in these two verses from which I am inclined to believe that these events are deliberate actions designed to cull the population.

A hint of this can be seen in a pair of adjacent anagrams found in the line that talks of a Heart inhuman, cruel, black and chilly. The words formed out of letters at each end of the line say unheroic tyrants which is highly consistent with the visible text. There is of course more to add and this I will begin in the next section.

A genocide by germ warfare waged against the populace

The foregoing analysis allows greater insight into verses already mentioned and examining them reveals why these quatrains have such a dire tone.

C9 Q44

Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn from gold to iron will be changed.
The opposing RAYPOZ will exterminate all
Before it has started the sky will show signs.  

Migres migre de GeneSue treStous
Saturne d'or en fer Se changera.
Le contre RAYPOZ exterminera tous
Auant l'a ruent le ciel Signes fera.

The anagrams electron ray experimentorz found in C9 Q44 L.3 give the verse a credibility that makes it worth noting the other anagrams that occur within it. The same line holds an anagram of exterminator (xterminera to) that has its only occurrence here.

Similarly in L.4 there are are several anagrams that are complex and occur infrequently in the text and which seem to bear upon the themes so far revealed. It holds anagrams for farseeing intellectualliser (l'a ruent le ciel - Signes fera), intelligences (nt le ciel Signe) and a natural area (Auant l'a r - era. A). Their existence leaves an impression that a professional thinker such as a scientist is involved.

Presented as they are here these anagrams appear to have less weight than the ones in the third line which arose by following a trail of verses containing the anagram of positron. However I would claim that by following other threads we will be drawn to these same verses and the impact of these sets of words will be better appreciated. My aim here is to give the frame to the events that other verses will then flesh out.

The same is true of the first line of the verse which begins with Ď migres migreí which is a particularly hard set of letters from which to find anagrams. There is however one powerful set that emerges and it fits with the tone of unheroic tyrants that has already been established from C6 Q81. The letters form Ď
grim regimes (migr - es migre)í and these two words are fairly unique to this verse. There is only this anagram of regimes in the whole text and the only other anagram of grim occurs in C4 Q94 which is another of the verses that mentions
Lake Leman .

But the lettering also allows the following anagrams to be created moistures germs (restousMi - gresm) degree ensue (redege - neSue). The anagrams for germs and moisture/s are also rare but it is in the other verses containing them that more confirmatory detail can be anticipated.  

The period of Disaster in Geneva begins in 2065CE

A large part of my efforts over the last year has been given to understanding the dating methods used by Nostradamus. This current series allows me the chance to show the progress I have made.  In C9 Q44 (discussed above) Nostradamus also left visible clues as to the date. However as they stand they are of little benefit.

C9 Q44 L.2   Saturn from gold to iron will be changed
C9 Q44 L.4
Before it has started the sky will show signs.      

To use these lines we need extra information and this is contained in its companion verse, C6 Q81 (also discussed above).  Three lines of this particular verse carry four of the six anagrams based on the root of numeral and numeric. The anagrams are numerical (main cruel), unnumerical (umain cruel n), numeral (a nul mer) and an independent occurrence of numeraLs (urs Leman).

C6 Q81

Pleurs crys et plaincts hurlement effraieur,  
Coeur inhumain, cruel. noir, et tranSy

Leman les iSles de Gennes les maieurs,

Sang eSpancher, frofaim a nul mercy

It also contains a unique anagram for Cynosurae (L.3 ansy Coeur) which is the current Polestar. Now from the emphasis given to numeration we can be confident that important information about numbers is contained in this verse. The Polestar was also found in various earlier verses of this series and was used by me to tie these events at Geneva to the period of 2000CE to 2100CE.

We can conclude from the Polestar reference that the same period is likely to apply here. In my paper on the great mutations I give the evidence for this 101 year period and at the head of that paper is an image of the sky at Easter in the year 2000CE. At this time there is a great clustering of the planets in Aries. Another series of conjunctions involving each of the planets occurs late in the year 2100CE. These are the sorts of signs from the sky that Nostradamus is referring to in this verse. But in this instance the reference applies especially to Saturn and its alignment with Polaris.

I believe Saturn from gold to iron will be changed is Nostradamusí way of nominating a particular ten year period. The metals gold and iron are associated with the zodiac signs of Leo and Scorpio respectively and Saturn occupies any sign for about thirty months. These two regions of the sky are separated by two other signs and so to change from Leo to Scorpio takes about ten years. There are four periods in the years from 2000CE to 2100CE commencing in 2006CE, 2036CE, 2065CE and 2095CE but only in one of these does the sky show signs and that is 2065CE.

Each of these periods is preceded by a date some five years earlier at which our reference stars, Saturn and Polaris, are in alignment but it is only on the 8th April 2060 that there are significant signs showing at the same point in the sky. On that date Polaris ascension angle has changed to 4h 7m   while Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are located between 3h 55m and 3h 56m.  In addition Saturn is at its stationary point of a regression. On the 3rd of May 2060CE Saturn will align exactly with the Polestar and the two other planets will still be near enough to be considered to be in conjunction.

Nostradamusí text says these signs are before the event and this also fits as the disaster period is not in 2060CE but five years later when Saturn first enters Leo.

This date is further validated by work I have done on a separate theme based around specific dates given in a number of verses. It is customary to attribute their presence to an oversight by Nostradamus but that seems highly improbable since he wasnít working to publishing deadlines.

What is notable is that the dates donít match uto events at the specified time, however Nostradamus implies they are set to a different scale to normal. This is highly relevant to the current verse whose fourth line also carries a blemish. There is no such word as frofaim in French but analysts have given it the meaning of wheat-famine based on faim froment. Although it makes no sense in French, frofaim gives perfection to a meaningful code set into English anagrams (shown below by changing the letter/word clusters).  

C6 Q81 L.4
Sang eSpancher, frofaim a nul mercy
Cysan gespa ncherf rof aim anulmer
Async pages French for aim numeral

And reading from right to left yields:

Async numeral aim for French pages.

Although the meaning is not immediately apparent it is precisely the outcome I uncovered when examining the verses containing dates. In earlier work on the dates contained in the quatrains I have identified that those dated 1607 make sense when Nostradamusí instructions are obeyed. In this work I established reasons why 458CE, the date on which an Indian astronomer published the first calendar using a cipher zero, should be used as the zero date. This adjustment led me to believe that Nostradamus saw 2065CE as highly significant. So I have done as implied by the line above, I have arrived at a date for the Geneva events that corresponds to the one obtained using a numeral system for the French pages of Nostradamus that is out of sync with the traditional calendar.  

Geneva disaster in 2065



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