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Nostradamus C9 Q44: Experimental Physics goes wrong at Geneva in 2065CE
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 9 Quatrain 44 Experiments at Geneva using electron rays go very wrong causing Geneva to be evacuated.This verse is one of the many remarkable quatrains that contain anagrams and anagram sequences that have little possibility of being there by chance alone and which deliver ominous detail to the surface message Nostradamus provides.


A fuller analysis of the meaning of this verse and the compliance between the hidden and visible is given in my paper called Geneva 2065.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Grim regimes degree ensue genes greed set true moistures
2. Natures rod infer changes as era turned
3. Electron POZ-ray experimentorz uranolites revelations exterminatorz consolute prayer
4. Natural clientele farseeing intelligences fears intellectualiser fragileness
Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn from gold to iron will be changed.
The opposing RAYPOZ will exterminate all
Before it has started the sky will show signs.

Migres migre de GeneSue treStous
Saturne d'or en fer Se changera.
Le contre RAYPOZ exterminera tous
Auant l'a ruent le ciel Signes fera.

According to my hypotheses many poignant verses contain hidden material that will validate their import. I believe the following material fulfils that expectation. I begin with the third line of C9 Q44 whose hidden content is surely a most remarkable and unexpected validation of my 21st century science theme for it says Electron ray experimentorz...Year Expoz(e)Terminator Soul.  The origins for this are shown below.

C9 Q44  L.3

The opposing/anti RAYPOZ will exterminate all
Le contre RAYPOZ exterminera tous

Derivation of anagrams:

Lecontre RAY POZexterminer
eLectron RAY exPerimentOrZ

Although anagrams for electron/s are quite frequent in Nostradamus' Prophecies there is no other occurrence that lies adjacent to an anagram for ray. There is also no other anagram in the whole text for any word based on the root 'experiment', yet here one occurs in a fashion that forms a perfect sequence of words 'electron ray experimentorz'. There is much more in this line and the other three as shown below.

  1. <Grim regimes><uueSterMost Genes><deGree enSue><germs MoiStures >
  2. <aS fonder nature enchargeS genearchS><re-enforceS eraS turned>
  3. <eLectron POZ RAY u.s. Exterminator><YeAR exPerimentOrZ not oscuLate (come together)><once OZ PRAYer cLose><xZ-meteOr uranoLites (meteorites)><consoLute ArterY remain>
  4. <nAtural farseeing clienteles> <fears intelligenceS> <an intellectualiSer Aura> <frees clientele Sign><farseeing celestt-ial rune>:<A natural fragileness>


1: intellectualiser, experimentorz, intelligences, exterminator, uuestermost, reenforces, regimes,
2: electron rays, fragileness, reuelations, consolute, consulter, moistures, Alentours, clientele, farseeing, grim,
3: encharges, natural, teargas,
4: clienteles, osculate, mariner, prayer, artery,
5: lenticels, unlearnt, counsel, germs,
6: -
7: uranolites, ranches, fonder,
8: unreal,
9: Touraine, Aschere / reaches, interm, degree,
10: encharge / genearch, dirge / ridge,
11: repay, poz,
12: changes, Aratus / Asatru,
13: cheers,
14: releuant, erato / orate,
15: oncelt, single, exert,
16: client, redone,
17: raiment, turned,
18: stouter, miner,
19: ermine, errant, astrea,
20: -
21: degreen,
22: solute, year,
23: electrons.

Key Ideas:

RAYPOZ, positrons, Lake Leman, electron rays, experiments, exterminators, clienteles, farseeing, revelations, intelligences, intellectualiser, fragileness, moistures, uranolites, consolute, clientele, unlearnt, regimes, counsel, germs, natural, prayer, unleant, teargas, osculate, genearch, artery, ridge, repay, POZ, Asatru, relevant. single, client, turned, miner, errant, solute, electron, years .

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