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Nostradamus C4 Q39: The family of the cloned genetic line betray their seed.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 39 Rhodiens demand relief from their heirs with the course set by the Arab Empire righted.The verses C4 Q34, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38 andQ39 represent different parts of a single thread relevant to the major future war that nearly destroys our planet. This thread is detectable even without the anagrams through words in the text that provide visible links.

 Q36 and Q39 are unified by the word Hesperia. This is the tale of a war that begins in Europe with the prosecution of a foreigner for manipulation of stock market companies involved in extracting rare metals and which develops into a major war with the Middle East.

In the current verse. Hydrolase (s hoyrs dela), a term meaning an enzyme that catalyses water to a substrate, provides a modern link to several Greek allusions.  In this context it references a son who clones men from the earth linking him to others who bear names given to heavenly objects such as asteroids.

Key anagrams from which the meaning of this verse will come include:

1. Source holders denies counselor demands Nostredame demontrance demonised
2. Neglected shores selected hydrolase royalised ideals
3. Cronus rancorous closure impel Arab area bearer reveal real reason
4. Aeaceus reshapes sphere realise reuses seers casual periphrase

#Aeaceus: the son of Zeus and Aegina whose most notable legendary feat was to turn ants on the island of Aegina into men or alternately to make men grow out of the earth.
# Arcesilaus: 3rd C BCE Greek pholospher who headed the Academy of Sceptics.
# Alcaeus: name of a main belt asteroid - also links to Heracles son or alternate name.
# Cronus: a Greek heavenly god or Titan, Son of Uranus (Heavens) and Gaia (Earth), father of Zeus. Often depicted with a harp or sickle.

The Rhodians will demand relief,
Through the neglect of its heirs abandoned.
The Arab empire will reveal its course,
The cause set right again by Hesperia.
Les Rhodiens demanderont ſecours
Par le neglect de ſes hoyrs delaiſſee
L'empire Arabe reualera ſon cours
Par Heſperies la cauſe redreſſee.
L1: heRoides demonstrancee ends our ruLes> <ends noStredamen Source> <~SourceLess diHedRons ornamented~> <source needs adornmentS> <Sources ends not renamed> <~denies heRods /hoRdes torn cloSures named~> demands demonised demeanor damned

L2: <she Selected royaliSed gene relapSeS><Sees neglected idealS relapSe><ideal allergen SeePS>

L3: <~Arab cLosure reueal prime reaSon~><~rAre rancorous bear impeLs leaue~><emperiAL bearer scour reaSon><arleS prime Arab counseLor><reueal reaSon repAir bear cLosure>

L4: <aSecular SpHere rise><PerHapS realise cauSe redreSS><israel PeSHer><SeraPH caSual rise redreSS>~See a uSe PeripHraSe scale redreSS~><See see caSual PeripHraSe><israel cauSe reSHaPe redreSS><aSecular Sheep rise>SeraPH
1: demonstrance, hydrolase, dihedrons, periphrase, counselor, demonised, rancorous, neglected,
2: royalised, sourceless, demeanor, perhaps, casual,
3: Arcesilaus, asecular, selected, reshapes, amended,
4: neglect, Alcaeus, Cronus,
5: ornamented, adornment, reshape,
6: adornments, demands, hoses, shoes,
7: simpler, seraph, Aeacus,
8: allergen, hears,
9: counters, demand / damned,
10: Hod,
11: pesher / sphere, peeress, steeds, sheep,
12: emperial, caesura, bearer,
13: -
14: closure (2x), impels / simple,
15: -
16: Herods, hordes, Rhodes,
17: -
18: -
19: renamed, ideal,
20: sources, amends, ideals, realise, redress, harp,
21: -
22: -
23: impel.

Aeacus, demonstrance, hydrolase, demonised, allergen, reshapes, dihedrons, Arcesilaus, rancorous, counselor, neglected, periphrase, royalised, casual, demeanor, perhaps, sourceless, adornment, selected, neglect, asecular, Alcaeus, Cronus, simpler, Seraph, hears, counters, demand, Hod, sphere, impels, emperial, caesura, closure, ideal, sources, amends, ideals.




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