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Nostradamus C4 Q38: WWII as the allusion for the persecution of people with different DNA.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 38 Nazi Manifesto Byzantine captive trail of THE BLOODThe verses C4 Q34, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38 andQ39 represent different parts of a single thread relevant to the major future war that nearly destroys our planet. This thread is detectable even without the anagrams through words in the text that provide visible links.

Captives unites Q34, Q36 and Q38. This carries the tale of a war that begins in Europe with the prosecution of a foreigner for manipulation of stock market companies involved in extracting rare metals which then develops into a major war with the Middle East.

Although the anagrams tell us it is a modern war several verses draw strongly on allusions to different Greek figures to illustrate the character of the war while this current verse draws on the second world war for the same purpose.

In this verse the modernity factor is shown by the terms aerobacter and ferrous chromate while the last line of text implies a modern technique for testing genetic material and hence the lineage of the person tested.

The anagrams providing the basis for undertanding the text of C2 Q49 include:

1. Corduroy tanq cqeyuuord once paper cup era end
2. Nazi  manifesto pact Marathons finest chromate atoms daunt FB
3. German Vultan argument sultana area neutral
4. Bourse refers ferrous aerobacter usury auuards

# Nazi manifesto: In 1920 the newly formed Nazi party drew up a manifesto that held the tenets they would then rely on to justify all that followed.
Torah: a word meaning instruction that is used to refer to parts of the Bible or the teachings of Judaism.
While he will engross the Duke, King and Queen
With the captive Byzantine chief in Samothrace
Before the assault one will eat the other
Reverse side metaled follows trail of the blood.
Pendant que Duc Roy Royne occupera
Chef Bizant du captif en ſamothrace
Auant l'assault l'vn l'autre mangera
Rebours ferre ſuyura du ſang la trace.
L1: <once coRDuRuy end Pauper equant ><cqeyuuoRd a pure pendant> <once Praepuce> <equant end Paper>>

L2: <thrace / chart manifeSto cap dauntz> <nazi duct> <torah nameS if pact daunt> <thrace fineSt / infeSt atom> <a chromate infeSt> <torah famineS> marathons

L3: <neutral manager> <german Area> <argumental Area> <anul garment area> <garmenture anvl> <true anegram anvl><mature anger anvl><susa last>

L4: <obseRuer refer uSury><uSury refer bouRse> <ferrous uSer> <Sudan uuary urs aerobacteR (aerial bacteria) refers> Retrace naturalgaS caReer
1: coachmaster, naturalgas, marathons, manifesto, aerobacter, corduroy, auuards, caput,
2: argumental, trachomas, guaranteal, ceyuuord, reobscure, manifest, argument, argentum, Thomas, ferrous, uuary,
3: chromate, garmenture, drauus, FBI, Surrey, Torah, 
4: praepuce, salts,carat,
5: -,
6: famines, manager, finest  Tzain, atoms, uury,
7: usury, Nazi,
8: assault, curd,
9: pendant, crater / tracer, 
10: bourse,
11: -
12: pauper, 
13: crude / cured,
14: mature, chart,
15: career, furs,
16: -
17: -
18: aslant, slang, Sauls, anvl,
19: daunt,
20: engram, German,
21: mange, feint, 
22: altar, atom,
23: Sudan.

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