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Nostradamus C4 Q37: The French respond to share manipulation with war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 37  Ferrante and Bernuis involved in bourse manipulation based on the impact of moths on linenThe verses C4 Q34,Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38 and Q39 represent different parts of a single thread relevant to the major future war that nearly destroys our planet. This thread is detectable even without the anagrams through words in the text that provide visible links. Insubria and mountains join Q36 and Q37.

This verse implies there will be a war that begins in Europe with the prosecution of a foreigner for manipulation of stock market companies involved in extracting rare metals.

 Although the anagrams tell us it is a modern war several of these verses draw strongly on allusions to different Greek figures to illustrate the character of the war.

In this verse the modernity factor is shown by the term Polaris (lois par) realigned (e grand lie) which is an event due at the end of this century.  And there is a classic Greek connection for the planet Venus via the anagram for Eosphorus (h pouſſero), which references its dawn manifestation.

Ishtar the goddess found in C4 Q35 also refers to Venus. The anagrams stating Sarapis regulator (trer Gaulo - is par ſa) indicate a timing device for a resurrection event. The anagram Terpander (dra penet) in this current verse may also support this connection since that name is used for a particular species of moths a creature suited to Ishtar who is also known as the winged or aligerous (er Gaulois) Goddess of the night.

The anagrams on from which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

1. Regulator invents Polaris pursual argue Terpander Sarapis' aligerous moults
2. Bernuis evil bourse denial obscure cup realigned pure grael

3. Ferrante fond of Paulus proof forsent foster son era enrapture
4. Proconsulates abusers assure Enoch epoch uses Eosphorus omens  gene
# Sarapis: variant of Serapis a Graeco-Roman god of resurrection and abundance.
Eosphorus: an English vatriant on the Greek name for Venus in its dawn phase and thus equivalent to Lucifer.
# Terpander: ancient greek considered Father of poetry and music - also part of the name of a species of moth.
# aliGerous: having wings, winged.
The Gaul  penetrates the mountains by leaps
He will occupy the great place of Insubria
His army to enter to the greatest depth,
Genoa and Monaco drive back the red fleet.
Gaulois par ſaults monts viendra penetrer
Occupera le grand lieu de l'Inſubre
Au plus profond ſon oſt fera entrer
Gennes Monech pouſſeront claſſe rubre
L1: <Saul invents polaris most reGular parented><argue terpander (Gk father of poetry & music) invents polaris most><paris /Sarapis reGulator><aliGerous (those with wings) enter><uSa invaders arGue polaris not repent><arGue enter auras spoil>Greater reGret invest

L2: <grael nebulISer underlaid><~real danger euil lIned Obscure Cup~><~Obscure cup In legendari / realigned duel~><Obscure cup In ireland duel><unrObeS lIe underlaid grael> <bernuIS grael duel denial>

L3: <proof pAulus (Paul / Saul) Son enter Softer era><nodS proof Seafront enrApture><pursuAl Soon enter faSter proof><enter Soon after proofs pursuAl>Softer Soften

L4:<once eoSphorus (Venus in east) Mens gene abuSerS><enoch proconSulateS uSeS Mens Gene><~norSe oMens Genre bur-n caStleS poucheS~><Assure berGen oMens><epoch uSeS torn ScaleS><one pouch Genre Mens abuSerS>
1: proconsulates, ungalleried, Eosphorus, pouches, Phocus, Sarapis,
2: Austral, regulator, greater, 
3: underlaid, pursual, fonts, soft,
4: aligerous, unrobes, abusers, soften,
5: enrapture, darling, nubiles,
6: Reginald, Polaris, obscure, spoil,
7: nebuliser, invents, 
8: preinvade, legendari / realigned, carless, Paulus, burns,
9: Terpander, epoch,
10: Ferrante, Bernuis, bourse, linus,
11: seafront, 
12: unrailed, parented, rapture, regret, lust,
13: -
14: denial / Daniel,
15: faster,
16: -
17: invest, lined, most, soon,
18: forsent, Enoch,
19: errant, auras,
20: proof,
21: -
22: forest / softer,
23: spouse.

Eosphorus, proconsulates, pouches, regulator, greater, fonts, underlaid, abusers, aligerous, pursual, unrobes, darling, nubiles, Reginald, invents, obscure, nebuliser, realigned, Polaris, spoil, proof, Paulus, burns, lust, enrapture, Terpander, epoch, parented, Ferrante, seafront, unrailed, Bernuis, bourse, denial, invest, most, soon, regret, Enoch, forsent, errant, spouse, softer, auras.


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