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Nostradamus C4 Q35: Jeanne d'Albret and the fertile line where women prevail.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 35 Jeanne d'Albret in conflict with Tiletanus evangelistaries over her allelesThe verses C4 Q34, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38 and Q39 represent different parts of a single thread relevant to the major future war that nearly destroys our planet. This thread is detectable even without the anagrams through words in the text that provide visible links. Sword and fire link Q34 and Q35 in a war that begins in Europe.

Although the anagrams tell us it is a modern war this verse draws strongly on allusions to different ancient and modern figures to illustrate its nature. There is the Akkadian fertility-war goddess Ishtar (s trahir) and the modern spokesman Al Gore (orge al), whose presence is supported by terms such as fluorated (t Fouldre a) and allelele (elle La).

The tone of the text helps confirm the anagram for Ishtar as the key to this verse with the references to the night helping to define the female referred to in the first line. There is a also hint of moth-like attributes through her being a night based figure who at times had wings.

The import of this allusion is its linking the deaths of males to the affections of the woman at the centre of the family line in this series.

The name d'Albret (rt de la b) is also found in the anagrams thereby identifying the line while the anagram for Tiletanus (u eſtaint l) helps further confine the period to that of Jeanne d'Albret's son, Henry IV, King of France.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include: 

1. Tiletanus gathers evangelistries feel Ishtar venalities unforetold
2. d'Albret banned ouun allele Pauls grandpa parted
3. Gerard clan fount of fear not regard gory rulez useless
4. Queerest result Al Gore sector endorse encoders unescorted mule

# Tiletanus (Jodocus) (birth name Josse Ravestein): a Roman Catholic writer and a harsh critic of the expanding reformation movement who was prominent at the time that Nostradamus wrote this prophecy. His most notable work was published in 1568, the year of Nostradamus' death and it illustrates his place in religious debate at that time.

# Ishtar: ancient goddess of fertility and war known as Goddess of the Night and shown in carvings as bearing wings and bird-like claws. Those who she honoured with her favours were notoriously destined to cruel fates. Her symbols were a lion on an eight point star.
The fires put out, the virgin will betray
The greater part of the new band
Lightning in sword & lance lone Kings will guard
Etruria and Corsica, by night throat cut.
Le feu eſtaint les vierges trahiront
La plus grand part de la bande nouuelle
Fouldre a fer lance les ſeulz Roy garderont
Etruſque et Corſe de nuict gorge allumelle
L1: <~feeL tiletanuS iron hearts grieves~><Ishtar grieve lest Saint not feeL><evilest Saint regathers iron fLeet><register left / felt on hair><~gatherers evils taint iron fLeet uSe~><revise latin uSe gathers iron fLeet><Lionheart grieves rest set latin>evangilistries reviles levites venalities (able to be bribed)

L2: <pauls grand part banned deal><banal trade ouuned / uuoden / undone / endouu><uuell end on datable paLl> <nouuell end datable leap>.d'albret

L3: <unForetold fear><not regard Foul deferral><else not regard uSe clan ruled of fear><feral Fluorated><gay font order><Flout deferral><fear leSs clean rulex of grade not ruled>federal

L4: <large ungeodetic (no maths) Sector><SeCtored queueS courting legal mule><al gore mule educting (bringing out) SeCtor queueS><large mule rEtell uneSCorted queueS go><ell rEqueSt><large mule got CenturieS-code><i enSured><enCoderS lEt-ter queueS><qreuuS inducteet large Sector go>
1: evangelistries, gathers, unforetold, venalities, courting, gatherers, egressive, deferral, flout, rulez,
2: educting, grieves, givers,
3: d'Albret, banned, unescorted, queues, fluorated, datable, Turqs,
4: register, allele, queuers, got, ventails,
6: grandpas, escorted, tabled, endouu, gray,
7: encoders, vilest, Ishtar, Harri,
8: inductees, veinlets, fronted, request, endures / ensured,
9: inductee, grieve,
10: recodes, Al Gore, earths, hearts, egrets / greets, giver,
11: -
12: ensued, gory / orgy, fleet,
13: cleaner, gerard / regard,
14: retell / teller, revise, foul, order,
15: banal, legal,
16: endorse, pad,
17: grandpa, Nouuell, instate, gets,
18: blade, uuell,
19: aflare / Rafael, left / felt,
20: sector,
21: taints, coders / decors / scored.
22: -
23: -

evangelistries, venalities, unforetold, Lion-heart, courting, egressive, gatherers, flout, d'Albret, rules, datable, deferral, banned, unescorted, givers, queues, register, Turqs, fluorated, allele, queuers, got, Tiletanus, reviles, Levites, fount, regrets, useless, inductees, vilest, request, escorted, Ishtar, tabled, veinlets, encoders, endow, Al Gore, ensured, fronted, hearts, grieve, cleaner, fleet, ensued, revise, foul, banal, orgy, Nowell, order, legal, endorse, gets, well, aflare, federal, blade, taints, left, sector.


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