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Nostradamus C4 Q36: The diaspora of the Jesus lineage in Europe and the Greek islands.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 36 This verse offers a parable for industries found in the Aegaen sea region becoming centred on the Jewish people of Spanin and southern France.The verses C4 Q34, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38 andQ39 represent different parts of a single thread relevant to the major future war that nearly destroys our planet.

This thread is detectable even without the anagrams through words in the text that provide visible links.  Captives unites Q34, Q36 and Q38, Insubria and mountains join Q36 and Q37, while Q36 and Q39 are unified by the word Hesperia.

It contrubutes to a story of a war that begins in Europe with the prosecution of a foreigner for manipulation of stock market companies involved in extracting rare metals. It then develops into the tale of a major war with the Middle East.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include: 

1. JesuX nouu redress uuaves exunge agen elder seers rule
2. Victories relied nebuliser dereliction burns each map Cherubs appearing
3. Speedier omens predestines uuorst routes redemptionless presidents relies
4. Pelasgi truer enigman roaming rabble pleasing gentle Aegipan ringleaders
# Aganippe: Gk myth = Demeter = 'mare who destroys mercifully'.
# Perseides: those born of Perseus & Andromeda - includes Hercules & meteors.
# Pelasgi, Aegipan: Gk ref. to places and history of those in the Aegean Seas.
Aegina :Gk goddess ='goat nymph'. There is an island named after her.
The new sports set up again in Gaul,
After victory in the Insubrian campaign
Mountains of Hesperia great ones tied & trussed
Romania and Spain to tremble with fear.
Les jeux nouueaux en Gaule redreſſes
Apres victoire de l'Insubre champaigne
Monts d'eſperie les grands lies trouſſes
De peur trembler la Romaigne et l'Eſpaigne.
L1: <axunGe rule><eLse jesux nouu redreSS><~Gundealer uxe SeerS auue Less on jexu~>Granule

L2: <cherubs map gain vipers derelIction><underlIes chamber Appearing to vices><cherub map sIn voicepArts relied><Aegipan nebulIser map dire vortices><~Aganippe (fountain of muse) sun chamber victories relIed~> <each map burns Idle victories><breach><cherubs map Aegina vipers)

L3: <relist redeMptionlesS dangers><soMe preSidents generals / enlarges><speedS ringleaders tiMorouSneSses><redEstines moSSes island routes><irelands pedigreeleSs><preSident enlarges MoSes slides>uSeS ModeStness releasing Speedier perSeids(e)

L4: <truer Deep angiometeR ElapSing / plEaSing><moRal trembler pure neeD><oRal enigma><gentile apES gain moRal trembler><moiRa gentle apES>reputeD Roaming Deepen
1: ringleaders, dereliction, predestines, Aganippe, cherubs,
2: redemptionless, pedigreeless, presidents, angiometer, roaming, chamber, Jesux,
3: modestness, appearing, durationless, Perseides,
4: voiceparts, victories, evictors / vortices, gentile, speedier, island, breach, Aegina,
5: underlies, nubiles, Aegipan, paeleste, relists, deepen,
6: gundealer, Perseids / presides, evicts, axunge, vices,
7: nebuliser, granule, reputed, vipers,
8: steeple, burns,
9: releasing, enigma, pastel / plates,
10: Bernuis, aroma,
11: elapsing / pleasing, Irelands, achem,
12: Pelasgi, Magi,
13: gentle, Moses,
14: reaping, slides, 
15: -
16: -
17: gained, regales, relied, lined,
18: moral, speeds,
19: enlarges / generals, repute, 
20: redress,
21: pressed.
22: -
23: -

ringleaders, dereliction, predestines, Moses, pedigreeless, cherubs, Magi, redemptionless, gentle, Jesus, modestness, appearing, durationless, Pelasgi, Aganippe, Aegipan, Aegina, island, presidents, angiometer, roaming, chamber, Perseides, Perseids, vortices, gentile, breach, underlies, relists, deepen, axunge, gundealer, nubiles, vices, reputed, vipers, nebuliser, burns, releasing, granule, pastel, Bernuis, enigma, aroma, elapsing, Irelands, reaping, moral, redress.


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