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Nostradamus C10 Q51: Names and places affected by damage to the genes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is one of eight verses containing the anagrams for guide or guides. The tone of its text suggests that it is concerned with place names and the prominent families in them. The anagrams provide confirmation and detail with many specific names and places identified. The anagrams for cornerstones is also found in the fourth line thereby reinforcing the fundamental nature of the information included in this verse The event that affects these named places and families is also named and it is a production of neutrinos that impacts on the male lineage. See my paper on geneva 2065 for the source of these problems.

This verse and C6 Q48 both contain anagrams for guides but both also share anagrams based on evangelism which provides a foundation for the nature of Nostradamus' guide.

Nostradamus Cornerstone verse C10 Q51This verse has one of the rare anagrams for cornerstones and it is found in connection with a singular anagram for Caxton. The other dominating anagrams invite the mind to form a picture of royal lineage  and religious institutions involved in a seed-line controversy.

Once again the cipher for cornerstones has a religious context but it covers a different but equally important aspect of that theme.

This theme delivers the defining names needed to confine the stories about the ongoing and evolving controversy over Christ's parentage and blood-line.

DATA section
Some of the lowest places of the land of Lorraine
Will be united with the Low Germans:
Through those of the see Picards, Normans, those of Maisne
And they will be joined to the cantons.
Des lieux plus bas du pays de Lorraine
Seront des baſſes Allemaignes vnis
Par ceux du ſiege Picards Normans du Maiſne
Et aux cantons ce ſeront reunis

L1: <oLder arseniDe><deLays reorDain><seeD-line uxe>

L2: <All genevanism (Calvanism)><male genivs ASSessable>] <adsorbent Sins> <evangelism Seals Sins not based><enigmas verSions]>angelim angevins male-lineAges

L3: <ePicurianS Musandam (Oman-peninsula) Nords iSxued><ePic excur (extend) PerSian Musandam guideS><dracoNis arm> ramPancies

L4: <caxton (15thC Eng Publisher) Scenes><caxton reunitEs cornerStones><uxa cannot receSs neutrinos><norSe consent rEunites><antons auxEtics (increase of cell size)><receSs neutron sitE><constance See><uxa-cEnturies>

1: evangelism, Genevanism, rampancies, Gallamine, assessable, Musandam, Caxton,
2: Gamaliel, auxetics, neutrino, versions,
3: cornerstones, Epicureans, Constance, adsorbent, Draconis, millage, vignes, delays,
4: Angevins, splayed, seedline, iudges / guides, cards,
5: Rosamund, liegeman, reordain, norse-tree, Sudam, debts,
6: reunites, neutron, Aeneid, days,
7: consents, Angelim, cannot, image,
8: enigmas,
9: enigma,
10: acrid, based,
11: Lorraine, arsenide, bases,
12: Norman, magi,
13: guise, bass (2x),
14: denial / Daniel, amuse,
15: damns, lasses, pays,
16: epic,
17: dyes,
18: excur,
19: norms,
20: consent,
21: -,
22: giant,
23: Sudan,

evangelism, Genevanism, rampancies, Gallamine, assessable, Musandam, Caxton, Gamaliel, auxetics, neutrino, versions, cornerstones, Epicureans, Constance, adsorbent, Draconis, millage, vignes, delays, Angevins, splayed, seedline, guides, cards, Rosamund, liegeman, reordain, norse-tree, Sudam, debts, reunites, neutron, Aeneid, days, consents, Angelim, cannot, image, enigmas, enigma, acrid, based, Lorraine, arsenide, bases, Norman, magi, guise, bass, Daniel, amuse, damns, lasses, pays, epic, dyes, excur, norms, consent, giant, Sudan.

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