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Nostradamus C3 Q43: Attempts to divert a meteor lead to a rise in mutations.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q43 People from around the Tarn, Lot & Garonne Rivers are warned not to go to the Apennine mountains since from that site a tonb at Ancona shall emerge.From the anagrams of this verse emerge the story of man's attempts to divert the meteor (Rome et) that would otherwise rain proline (Le noir p) / amino acids upon the earth. When combined with the story in the text the picture becomes one where people who are passengers (nes paſſer G), non-voters (onne Voſtr) and non-delegates (e Gens d'alento), that is visitors, die from the legacy of the meteors and from the Deuteron (entour de) beam (mbea) possibly employed to reduce the meteors impact.

With this setting it becomes apparent that it fits to the consistent story about fire from the sky found in the text, the anagrams, Nostradamus' 1555 Preface to Cesar and his 1558 Epistle to Henry. The preceding verse C3 Q42 also tells part of this story.

The anagrams that provide the framework for understanding this verse include:

1. Nondelegates gather on ghetto Norn lands organ genes Deuteron tolerant
2. Passengers regard nine psalmtones  as past sapiens solemn omens 
3. Ventrose tomb anecdote persuade voters meteor announced beam
4. Pericles heed Seers forepart redress proline oil

# Pericles: Leading Athenian statesman of ancient Greece. Gens d'alentour de
proline: one of the 20 DNA-encoded amino acids  (CCU, CCC, CCA and CCG.)
People from around the Tarn, Lot and Garonne
Beware of passing the Apennine mountains
Your tomb near Rome and Ancona,
The black frizzled beard will have a trophy set up
Gens d'alentour de Tarn Loth et Garonne
Gardez les monts Appennines paſſer
Voſtre tombeau pres de Rome et d'Anconne
Le noir poil creſpe fera trophee dreſſer
L1: <~Tudor lands Learnt the orGan Gene tone~><none Gather ToLerant lands Gene><~lands Gene Gather on Tarn Lot~><the orGan Gene deals unroTated> <nondeleGates rued norn hot Gate><a norn learnT lands Ghetto Gene><danes lent deTour>

L2: <sapienS reGardS><nine paSSenGers readz solemn pAst><read pAst omens in paSSenGers pen><paSSes in reGard>leaderz

L3:<notRedAme persuade><persuade moRe nonVoterS tomb enActed><Anecdote persuade mob moRe><~to de-notRedAme beam reSt on oVen~><And meteoR persuade><VentroSe (belly-like expansion) tomb persuade cAnon demoteR>

L4: <Seers heed pericleS proLine forepart><prophet-fear relicS><after peerS hope redreSS proLine> <Lesser iron>rifleScope recoilS
1: nondelegates, de Nostredame, riflescope, larghetto, ghetto, nonvoters, voters / strove,
2: anecdote, regards,
3: passengers, Pericles, gather,
4: notredame, tolerant, psalmtones, forepart,
5: unrotated, ventrose, cannon, Teth,
6: proline, razed,
7: enacted, sapiens,
8: ovens,
9: demoter,
10: persuader, recoils,
11: recoil, hope,
12: Deuteron, canon, creeps, Apeps, Clio,
13: relics, Gerard / regard,
14: -
15: retard / trader,
16: -
17: rotund, meteor, remote, beam,
18: repasses,
19: -
20: redress,
21: -
22: Tudor, passes, Argo,
23: tomb, relic.

Key Ideas:

de-Nostredame, anecdote, regards, Pericles, passengers, ghetto, nondelegates, nonvoters, voters, gather, tolerant, psalmtones, ventrose, forepart, enacted, sapiens, demoter, persuade, trader, ovens, regard, unrotated, proline, relics, Deuteron, cannon, riflescope, recoils, hope, beam, redress, meteor, passes, Tudor, Argo, tomb, relic.


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