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Nostradamus C3 Q42: Maffia carry out an attack that changes man's fortunes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q42 At a time when a prominent child born with two teeth is mounc Tuscany suffers from rain ans poor cereal crops.The text of this verse places it in the period when the remnants of a meteor change the fertility of the land. The verse that follows (C3 Q43) also tells part of this story but here in this verse a more exact location of Tuscany in Italy is specified. The anagrams of this verse also convey similar story lines with transit (t naiſtr), radiates (iſtra a de), protein (ront Pie), borne (beron) being examples of this correspondence. There is also another familiar pattern that places the blame on gangsters and mobsters but if this case it is the Maffia (faim fa) that is the name given for the mob.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Infantas transit radiates exuded strain extends along ogre leg
2. Centuries paper enterprise purely scrutineers Yule tomb borne protein 
3. Unpresaged  unappeased bareness Balder bled Gironde Essene region
4. Raouls mafia familial portion as trillion protrusion
# Gironde: name for the the estuary and province in southern France where the mouths of the Garonne and Dordogne merge.
Aeolus: name for the Greek wind gods.
The child born with two teeth in his mouth
Stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany
A few years after neither wheat nor barley
To satiate those who will faint from hunger.
L'enfant naiſtra a deux dents en la gorge
Pierres en Tuscie par pluye tomberont
Peu dans apres ne ſera bled ni orge
Pour ſaouler ceux qui de faim failliront.
L1: <infantas start longeer angles adduxe><ten angles uxed aS-radiant><triStan / tranSit fan><entangles ogre><extends along>radiateS longer-age

L2: <~auspice purely reenTers tomb Pointer~><paper scruTineers inePt><yet mob Pointer err><paper scruTineers yule tomb Pointer<yule not remob aruspice enTerPrise ><sunseT Pointer err><yule trombone rap epics Tune>epics epulary Tunes>borne reenTries

L3: <~bandolier unPresaged rapes Seen~><ignore blade><negoid / gironde / ignored unaPpeased><bareneSs lined sudan ogre rapes><unPresaged bandolier esSene><aeoluS (wind god) not pour><on atroPuS> bodleian

L4: <familial ProtruSion fed><familial Portion fed urSa><mafia trillion fed alSo-Pouuer excur ><aim fail><Proton fed filial aim><urSa ill Proton><maffia ill iron sprot> louuercaSe StuPor diffame
1: protrusion, scrutineers, unappeased, familial, Bodleian, Maffia,
2: louuercase, bandolier, trombone, diffame,
3: trillion, infantas, portion, reentries, bareness, extends, Mafia,
4: trueness, 
5: unpresaged, entangles, aruspice, auspice, purely,
6: enterprise, radiates,
7: instant, epulary, epics,
8: Balder, sunset, goal,
9: Gironde / ignored / negroid, transit / Tristan, gorge, endx,
10: Angelo, Raouls, Aeolus, Essene,
11: pointer / protein, Serpens,
12: stupor,
13: tangles, exuded / deduxe,
14: borne,
15: reprint / printer, serener, rebase,
16: proton, respans, reenters, Lepuy, epic,
17: lined, bled, 
18: blade, excur,
19: -
20: respire, inept,
21: taints, 
22: quid, Argo,
23: ignore / Origen / region, Sudan, tomb.

scrutineers, unappeased, enterprise, Bodleian, Maffia, familial, bandolier, lower-case, trombone, protrusion, infantas, bareness, portion, extends, trillion, reentries, trueness, entangles, instant, unpresaged, aruspice, auspice, purely, radiates, Balder, epics, sunset, goal, transit, Gironde, region, Essene, gorge, exuded, proton, taints, protein, borne, inept, Lepuy, printer, Sudan, tomb.




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